Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progress Report - How Progress Was Made (Mixtape) (2010)

01. Progress Report / P Dogg The Turntable Bully - Intro
02. United States Of Mind - Super Banger
03. Metasyons - Eviction Notice
04. Asylum 7 & Eddie Logix feat. MidCoast Most - Whatever You Feel
05. MidCoast Most - Night Life
06. D. Allie, 5 Ill & Draztik - Steady Shine
07. D. Allie feat. PL - Let It Knock
08. MidCoast Most - As Good As It Gets
09. Noafex feat. L' Renee - Wake Up
10. Abrasive Method - Pause For The Cause
11. Aztek - Bar Code
12. D. Allie feat. Dante Lasalle - The Dum Out
13. United States Of Mind - Distortion
14. United States Of Mind - No Hook
15. Warpath - Experience
16. D. Allie - Pop's Guitar Pt. 3
17. D. Allie feat. 5 Ill & Asylum 7 - Anonymous Posers
18. D. Allie & Dial 81 - Kosmic Karma
19. Asylum 7 & Eddie Logix - Warning
20. Progress Report / P Dogg The Turntable Bully - Outro

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Progress Report - Wake Up (Video)

Supreme The Eloheem - It's My Time (The Eloheem Project) (2010)

01. Insomniac
02. It's My Time
03. Hate
04. Da Pain
05. Bleed From My Eyes
06. Ain't Seen Nothing
07. Ah Yeah
08. That Fire feat. Steele
09. Only Way I Know
10. U Go Girl
11. Rap Messiah
12. 3 Kingz feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Tampa
13. Is It Love
14. Life So Fast
15. Still Hustle

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Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz - Freedom Express Line (2010)

01. My Platform (Express Line Intro)
02. Zion Land
03. Believe This (No Money)
04. The Flyness
05. Give i Fi i Name
06. Armagideon
07. Door Peep
08. Love feat. Mary Lou
09. Don’t Kill Your Brother feat. Skit Slam
10. Come Mek We Run
11. Where I Am
12. A Little Way Different
13. Almost Home

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MySpace Cymarshall Law | The Beatnikz

Thanks to Frank Castle

Godfather Don - Properties Of Steel: The Hydra Records Singles (2010)

1. Stuck Off The Realness
2. Status
3. Burn (Original Version)
4. Styles By the Gram
5. World Premiere
6. Properties of Steel
7. Piece of the Action
8. Seeds of Hate
9. Life Ain't the Same (feat. Sir Menelik & Mike L)
10. On the Other Side
11. Fame
12. Da Bomb Prelude
13. Da Bomb Baby
14. The Hard Way (feat. Prince Po & R. A. The Rugged Man)

Properties of Steel contains every Godfather Don 12" single on Hydra Records, originally released individually in the late 90s and early 2000s. Ten of these tracks have never-before been available on CD or digitally, and three of the tracks [Stuck Off The Realness, Status and Burn (Original Version)] are from a legendary test pressing for a single that never made it to market, which fetches $300 plus on the auction market. This album is as much about the label, Hydra, as it is about the artist Don's impeccable string of singles, released in the heyday of independent New York Hip Hop, was entirely recorded at the Hydra / Sneak Tip bunker, a subterranean fortress that housed a state of the art studio, and was frequented / favored by the Groove Merchantz, The Beatnuts, Joel Ortiz, Lakey the Kid (41st Side), Mobb Deep, Cormega, Screwball, Prince Poetry (Organized Konfusion), and many others. The studio / label had a string of 60+ releases, distribution deals with Tommy Boy and LandSpeed Records, a gold album (Screwball's Y2K) and rates high as an accurate document of the Queensbridge sound streetwise and slang-rich, aka Cormega's The Realness. Properties of Steel features guest rappers Sir Menelik, Mike L, Big Lance, Prince Po, and RA the Rugged Man, and the album is entirely produced by Godfather Don.

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Main Flow - Return Of The Castle (2010)

01. The Drawbridge
02. Return Of The Castle feat. Esoteric
03. The Gate feat. Donte (Mood)
04. All Goes Down feat. Ragga
05. The Dungeon feat. Chrissy Depauw
06. Understand feat. Just Brea
07. The Armory
08. Keep On Loving Me feat. Justin Werner
09. Dark Ages feat. Neorah Havva
10. The Drawbridge
11. Bonus Track: Thank You feat. Justin Werner
12. Bonus Track: Music feat. Chali 2Na, Donte (Mood) & The Grouch

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Non-Prophets - Damage EP (2004)

01. Damage
02. Doomage feat. Sage Francis, Slug & Brother Ali (MF Doom Remix)
03. My Girl Was A Groupie
04. Damage (Instrumental)
05. Doomage (Instrumental)
06. Damage (Acapella)



DJ Primate - The Beast Tape EP (2010)

01. Czech It Out Y'all feat. Noraa
02. Have You?
03. Black Belt Jones
04. Superman! (Bill Cosby Interlude)
05. Back When feat. Audio McSwagger
06. Primate's Theme
07. Czech It Out Y'all (Extended Instrumental) (Bonus)



Vertual Vertigo - From Up There (Mixtape) (2010)

01. Intro 03:15 info download
02. Giant Spit
03. Downtown Kid
04. Wowzerz (Demo OG Mix)
05. Gold Token feat. Stray
06. Dunce Caps
07. Rambunkshun (Analog Vers)
08. Why Why Why
09. Apeish Road Sluttin feat. Axe Hand
10. Pink Caviar (Analog Vers)
11. Steel City (Hamilton)
12. Lifes Good (Demo OG Mix)
13. General Relaxation (Interlude)
14. Hey Love feat. Whisper
15. Never Bring Sand (Zeek Vs. Powell)
16. Solid Gold
17. Basic Training (2003)
18. Forks (2005)
19. Land Of Linkin
20. Stars Or Custodians (2006)
21. S.L.E.E.P (2002)
22. Bobs Beats (Skit)
23. 14 Bottles (Mono RMX)
24. The Breakdance Room
25. Wurms (KT's Outro)



UnderSpot presents UnderBombz Vol. 9 (2010)

01. IDE & Alucard – Open Bar
02. 2Faces – Trop De Choses Dans Ma Tête feat. Canox
03. Kool G Rap – Fast Life feat. Nas (Norfside Remix)
04. K Bomb – Stories I Know
05. Falsalarma – Estar Sin Star
06. L’Skadrille – Cii La Balle Corporation feat. Tony, Fresh, Bahms, Ziko, Gill XS & Baracha$h
07. Torch – Ich Hab Geshrieben
08. Al’Tarba – Life Goes On feat. Hus Da Kingpin
09. Bliss N Esso – Destiny Lane
10. CMP Família – Regarde La Rue
11. Contribution X – Build feat. Killah Priest & Monk
12. Sean Price – You Don’t Love Me feat. Napolean
13. Sléo – Represent Part. 2 feat. Cella Dwellas
14. East – Run & Gun feat. Chaundon & Finale
15. Vinnie Paz – The Struggle
16. Jemini The Gifted One – Who Wanna Step To Dis
17. 3 Pilares – Bocada de Rimas (Bonus)
18. Contra Fluxo – Minha Prece (2006) (Prod. DJ Caique) (Bonus)



Monday, August 30, 2010

Anitek - My Lonesome


Crookram - I Saw You

So Smoooothyy & Dope, Sometimes it Remind me RJD2 !

Tab & Anitek - Last Call

Luv this !

Sapient - Barrels Of Feathers (2010)

01. Barrels For Feathers
02. Clouds Clear
03. Find Home
04. Glorious Day
05. One Of The Many Ways feat. LMNO
06. Blissless Yield
07. F… Sapient (Skit)
08. Hours
09. Playdough
10. Beauty In The Filth feat. Eligh
11. Stronger
12. Diamond Snares
13. Shoot For The Ground feat. Pigeon John
14. Universal Diorama
15. Grown Up

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Thanks to deap

Skyzoo & !llmind - Speakers On Blast

Skyzoo & !llmind "Speakers On Blast"


Leak from the upcoming album "Live From The Tape Deck", out October 5th.

Dregs One & Equipto - Generation Gap Mixtape Promo (Video)

Equipto (Bored Stiff) & Dregs One (Gas Mask Colony) speaking on "The Generation Gap", a free mixtape mixed by DJ BeatsMe (Distortion 2 Static) dropping on September 14th.


The Closers feat. Punchline, F.T., El Da Sensei, Nine & Phantasm - The Seventh Inning Stretch

The Closers feat. Punchline, F.T., El Da Sensei, Nine & Phantasm
"The Seventh Inning Stretch"
(Produced by Thorotracks)



Ill Poetic & J. Rawls - The World Is Illuminated (2010)

01. The Truman Show
02. Home (Remix)
03. One More (Roger's Remix) feat. Zone & Piakhan
04. Ohio Fantasy
05. Storytelling Of A.R.T. feat. Huntorprey
06. Woke Up feat. Jermiside
07. Sugar Shack (Remix) feat. Zerostar & Zone
08. The Beautiful
09. Beyond (Remix) feat. King Solomon & Piakhan
10. Telephone Wires
11. The Last
12. Suicide Note Reborn
13. Bonus Track: Sade - Keeps Us From Falling (Ill Poetic Remix)

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MySpace Ill Poetic | J. Rawls

The Gigantics - Die Already (2008)

01. Die Already feat. The Gigantics & Sapient
02. The Explanation feat. Aesop Rock, Reason & Eligh
03. Ball & Chain Of Squares feat. Solillaquists Of Sound
04. Biological Nothing feat. Candidt
05. Memories feat. JFK / Ninjaface
06. Ghettoblastertelevision feat. Aurora
07. Mr. Anaya feat. P.O.S. & Michael
08. 10 Brovas Strong feat. Cancer Rising & Pale Soul
09. Keep Walking feat. Macklemore & Xperience
10. Safe feat. Vursatyl, Blak & LMNO
11. Shut Up feat. Murs, Vitamin D & Mr. Lif
12. The Redtown feat. Norman & Cool Nutz
13. Grownfolks feat. Candidt, NyQwil & Anaxagorous
14. So You Suffer feat. Swollen Members
15. Memory Loss feat. Count Draven, Pigeon John & Mis'Fatale
16. Deadpeoplepeprally feat. Onry Ozzborn, A.D.F. & Awol One
17. Slicktalk feat. Reason, Karim & Gold
18. Poor Thing feat. Josh Martinez
19. Medicine feat. Onry Ozzborn, N8theGr8 & Pricey
20. Faingool feat. Azrael, Syndel & Gold
21. Don't feat. 2Mex, IAME & ColeyCole
22. Electric Men feat. Destro, Brad B. & Snafu
23. Time's Still Up feat. PeGee 13, Jace & Mako
24. Las Vegas Swimming Pool feat. Sapient & Qwel

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Isbjerg-Legend Of The Mask Redux(2008)

1.The Initiation 03:06
2.Ciclon 03:25
3.Land of shadows 03:43
4.Gods Banker 02:24
5.Reptilian Renaissance 04:07
6.Praying Mantis 03:38
7.El Barrio 04:09
8.Unorthodox blocks 03:02
9.The Hole 02:16
10.Stairs to the beast 03:12
11.Black ships 03:09
12.Silent crimes 03:56
13.Redux Redone 01:08


Thanks To Theyacz

Truth Universal, Symbolyc One & DJ Waht - Resistance Vol. 1 (Mini-Mixtape) (2010)

01 S1 Shout + Resistance Recital pt. 1
02 El Hajj Malik + Resistance pt. 2
03 El Hajj Malik + Conquer & Resist pt. 1
04 Conquer & Resist pt. 2
05 The Best Part
06 El Hajj Malik Shabazz Resistance Epilogue


Fashawn - Grizzly City 3 (Mixtape) (2010)

01. Grizzly City Boy (ft. Bravo & Grafik)
02. Santiago’s Revenge
03. California Streets (ft. The Jacka & Diego Redd)
04. Pass the Cohiba (freestyle)
05. The F (ft. Lil Wayne)
06. Ride & Smokin’ (ft. Night & Dirty Money)
07. Use Somebody (ft. Ron Artest)
08. G’s Up (So High)
09. 5 On My Dub
10. Bart Simpson
11. Give You All I Got
12. Midnight Groove (Freestyle)
13. Maybe Tomorrow (ft. Grafik)
14. I Can’t Go On This Way (ft. Bravo)
15. Remember the Times
16. Desperado
17. I Need to Know
18. Outro


Dr. Quandary - Beyond All Spheres Of Force And Matter(2010)

01. Ekbat de Sebat
02. Linear A
03. Wind Between Worlds
04. Misconceptions
05. My Soul Longs For Her
06. Ziusudra
07. A Dream of Distant Shores
08. Eleven Eleven
09. Governing Dynamics
10. The Last Syllable


Boston-based alchemist/producer Dr. Quandary didn't have the budget to make the most ambitiously weird multi-million dollar science fiction movie of all time, but he did give us the soundtrack. Beyond All Spheres of Force and Matter is a lush, cinematic album that pushes instrumental hip hop through a kaleidoscope of world music. Digging through a terabyte of samples and an attic full of vinyl, Dr. Quandary worked with Brookyln multi-instrumentalist Matt Scott to build a consistent sound for an extremely diverse album.
Never one to be pinned down by labels, the good doctor blurs genre lines with his vivid, cinematic scenes culled from an expert layering of samples. When he isn’t gallivanting about space, he can be found on Earth crafting beats for the likes of Algorhythms and Louis Mackey.


Emay – If You’re Breathing

<a href="http://emay.bandcamp.com/album/if-youre-breathing-single">If You're Breathing by Emay</a>

First off I want to thank Tonje and my dude Star Slinger for helping me out with the cover! This is a track that I semi-uploaded onto facebook a couple weeks ago and since the feedback was so positive I decided to release it as a single. I even performed it when I opened for Wax in Toronto. This song means a lot to me because it has a lot to do with taking things for granted, and what the world expects from each and every one of us. Hopefully you get to give the track a listen and tell us what you think!

Thievery Corporation - It Takes a Thief (Very Best Of) (2010)

1. Amerimacka
2. Lebanese Blonde
3. Facing East
4. Holographic Universe
5. Shadows Of Ourselves
6. Sound The Alarm
7. Until The Morning
8. Sweet Tides
9. Satyam Shivam Sundaram
10. All That We Perceive
11. Air Batucada
12. Exilio (Rewound)
13. Vampires
14. Warning Shots
15. The Richest Man In Babylon
16. The Passing Stars


Wasted Youth (87 & Big Tone) - Two Minds, One Block (2000)

01. Intro
02. The Rock
03. Prelude 2 Romance
04. Freaks
05. Get Over feat. Eluud
06. Bend Corners
07. The Setup
08. Sleepers feat. Loose Cannon


MySpace 87 | Big Tone

Originally released in early 2000 @ 200 copies max by me (87) and Big Tone, it was quickly picked up and re packaged by Waajed of bling47 and PPP the cd became somewhat a collectors item. I remember Proof buying two and Tone telling me about how much Dilla loved the project. Even till this day I get ppl via twitter or facebook asking for a copy or a download link, so I thought, what better way to get it 2 the ppl and new Detroit hip-hop fans that have never heard of Wasted Youth! So without further adieu I present to you in its orignal form Wasted Youth! Enjoy.


Freddie Joachim - I Want To Know

<a href="http://freddiejoachim.bandcamp.com/track/freddie-joachim-i-want-to-know">Freddie Joachim - I Want To Know by Freddie Joachim</a>

Kyle Rapps feat. KRS-One & Homeboy Sandman - Love, Love (Prod. by Analogic)

Fresh off his highly-acclaimed collabo with Donny Goines, "Drive Slow", Kyle Rapps is back with another heavyweight cut, this time bringing in the immortal KRS-One and the always creative Homeboy Sandman for his new joint "Love, Love", produced by Analogic. Be on the lookout for Rapp's forthcoming mixtape which will be a remake/re-interpreation of "Edutainment", produced entirely by Kev Brown...stay tuned!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

BP presents The Spill (2010)

01. I Will Rise
02. Evil Bitches
03. Raised Cain
04. Grandfather Flow
05. Snatching Pocketbooks
06. American Gangster
07. Bring It Back
08. Song Cry
09. Heaven
10. Heist Of The Recession
11. Gotta Get This Money
12. Love / Hate
13. Young Godz Part II
14. Target Practice


BP Presents… THE SPILL, the debut instrumental release/FREE digital download from the producer who has constructed critically acclaimed backdrops for artists like William Cooper, Killarmy’s 9th Prince, Shyheim, Timbo King, Nature, RZA, and Kool G Rap to name a few.

With the BP oil spill headlining every news channel and being one of the biggest
environmental disasters our world has ever seen, BP the producer, felt it was the
perfect time to release a spill of his own.

Friday, August 27, 2010

KRS-One & True Master - Meta-Historical (2010)

01. Intro
02. Murda Ya'
03. Madonna And Child (Skit)
04. Unified Field feat. Dr. Oyibo
05. Gimme Da 90's
06. Revelation (Skit)
07. Knowledge Reigns Supreme feat. True Master
08. My Mind (Skit)
09. Palm And Fist
10. One Of Them Days
11. Ancient Hip Hop (Skit)
12. Old School Hip Hop
13. Naga (Skit)
14. 1-2, Here's What We Gone Do feat. RZA
15. Freeman (Skit)
16. Meta-Historical
17. The Struggle (Skit)
18. Street Rhymer feat. Cappadonna
19. He's Us feat. True Master
20. Outro

Link | Buy

MySpace KRS-One | True Master

Juan Deuce & Little Bastard co.

Ghost – Postcards From The Edge (2010)

1.Postcards from the Edge 04:07
2. No More feat Kashmere & Jehst (Ghost remix) 04:06
3. Neon City 03:46
4. CIA 04:38
5. Hearts and Minds 04:17
6. Orion 04:03
7. Ode to AMDM 04:08
8. Time Will Tell feat Aeries 03:14
9. LDN 03:22
10. Stardust 04:44
11. Way With Words feat Aeries 03:32
12. Rainbow 04:23
13. Nightwatch 03:46


Thanks To Coolax

Afro Classics - Think

7L & Esoteric - No Shot



Detroits own Buff1 drops the free project Ghosting:

Ghosting is a project that gives listeners insight on the types of artists and music that inspires Buff1. Giving himself one week to write original material, Buff1 created this free project to be released into the blogosphere. Choosing songs that coincidentally had space for Buff1 to spit, none of the original songs have been edited.

Buff felt there were obvious similarities between the music on this project and one of his favorite Ghostface songs “Holla”; on which Ghost raps over the entire Delfonic’s song “La-La Means I Love You”. Ghosting also happens to be a game where one person follows behind another, mimicking their movements as closely as possible, without being detected.

The Ghostface homage, combined with Buff1 trying his best to follow in the footsteps of the artists who inspired him to write this project, made the title obvious. Lastly, don’t sleep on the exclusive bonus track “Better” produced by Slot-A.

Blockhead - The Music Scene

Sapient – Universal Diorama


Here is a new song, “Universal Diorama”. This is the first glimpse into my album Barrels For Feathers (coming Aug 31st). The song is about genres defining me and putting me in a box. Instead of trying to break out of those boundaries, I expand musically to build a universe within that box. Enjoy! -Sapient

Now On - All You Ever Knew

Droppin Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab (2008)

1. Lou Donaldson - It's Your Thing
2. Ronnie Foster - Mystic Brew
3. Donald Byrd - Think Twice
4. David McCallum - The Edge
5. Brother Jack McDuff - Oblighetto
6. Joe Williams - Get out of My Life, Woman
7. Grant Green - Down Here On The Ground
8. Lonnie Smith - Spinnin' Wheel
9. Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy
10. Lou Donaldson - Who's Makin' Love (To Your Old Lady)


Blue Note Records' Droppin' Science is a unique collection of the legendary label's classic late 60s through mid-70s jazz-funk tracks, all of which have featured prominently as samples in some of the greatest hip hop cuts of the late 80s, 90s and beyond. This one here goes out to the ones who like digging in the crates and tasty music, for instance my man RaZor. Enjoy the real tunes!

Thanks to spher

Canya Reial-Gainzbeats vol. 2 [2010]

01. Gainzbeat no.4 (02:07)
02. Gainzbeat no.5 (02:09)
03. Gainzbeat no.6 (01:53)
04. Gainzbeat no.8 (01:55)
05. Gainzbeat no.9 (01:52)
06. Gainzbeat no.11 (02:26)
07. Gainzbeat no.18 (02:37)
08. Gainzbeat no.24 (01:14)
09. Gainzbeat no.29 (01:50)
10. Gainzbeat no.32 (01:29)
11. Gainzbeat no.34 (outro) (00:30)


Sage Francis-Love The Lie

Canya Reial-SPECIAL WEEDZ VOL​.​1(2010)

1.01.PINK BUD 02:12
02.WHITE WIDOW 02:01
03.NLX 02:33
04.SUPER HAZE 02:04
05.BIO SKUNK 02:24
06.JACK HERRER 02:26
09.AFRICAN 02:51
11.THAI 01:44
13.SWEET SENSE 02:55
15.AMNESIA 01:48
16.16.DR KEVORKIAN 02:33
17.17.PURPLE HAZE 02:01


Q-Unique-Crack Era

AMS (Agent Mos) - Natural (Self): Where Hip​-​Hop Found Me In 2010

01. Intro (Good Morning) (prod. by Walking Shoe)
02. Descent (prod. by DJ Limbs)
03. Amnesia Lane (prod. by DJ Spinnerty)
04. Travel (prod. by DJ Limbs)
05. Spinterlude (prod. by DJ Spinnerty)
06. Transit (City Life Pt. 2) (prod. by Colossus)
07. The Wire (prod. by Damu The Fudgemunk)
08. Natural (Self) (prod. by DJ Limbs)
09. Limberlude (prod. by DJ Limbs)
10. All Your Might (prod. by DJ Limbs)
11. The NOW (prod. by Zirafa)
12. Grey (hrt-brkr) (prod. by DJ Limbs)
13. Dusted Son (Daddy) (prod. by Flying Lotus)

Link | Buy


Jinesis - Say A Prayer

<a href="http://jinesis.bandcamp.com/track/say-a-prayer">Say A Prayer by Jinesis</a>

Leak from the upcoming album "I'll Be-Sky Blue (Summertime Edition)", out 8/31.

Deux Deux feat. Nosa - Superbad (Video)

IDE & DJ Connect - What's Up With IDE!? (Apollo Cream Remix)

<a href="http://apollocream.bandcamp.com/track/whats-up-with-ide-apollo-cream-remix">What's Up With IDE!? (Apollo Cream Remix) by Apollo Cream</a>

DJ K.O. - Let It Be Known (Digi-12) (2010)

01. Let It Be Known (Madwreck Remix) ft. Kenn Starr, Hassaan Mackey & Silent Knight
02. Let It Be Known (Madwreck Remix) (Instrumental)
03. Basic Training (Madwreck Remix) ft. Silent Knight
04. Basic Training (Madwreck Remix) (Instrumental)



ScholarMan - Hopes & Dreams b/w So Origi-NOW (Video)

Visuals for "Hopes & Dreams" from the album "Free Spirit Of A Troubled Soul", b/w "So Origi-NOW", a track produced by North Carolina producer Lagbara featured on ScholarMan's latest mixtape "Indomitable Will".


Thursday, August 26, 2010

J. Pinder - Code Red EP

J. Pinder has been making a name for himself in Seattle working with most of their local heros. Folks are familiar with his work on Jake One’s White Van Music for the song Big Homie Style or from J. Pinder’s debut mixtape Backpack Wax w/ Seattle’s own Vitamin D.

This recently released EP presented by GOODS and Grand Groove, entitled Code Red features production from Jake One, Vitamin D and Kuddie Fresh, and features guests Big Pooh of Little Brother and Zach Bruce.


Versis - The Need (Video)

Hoodini & KinG! - A California Classic (2010)

01 The Welcome
02 Pomegranate Lemonade
03 Thurston Howell Part 2
04 WestWestOn8
05 The 5 Dollar Tip
06 Keep It Rollin'
07 Photoshop (Intro to the Deez)
08 Curbs
09 Thurston Howell (The Mama's and Papa's Pearl Revisit) (Live)
10 Til I'm Through
11 Interlude 2
12 Los Angeleez
13 Canada Dry
14 Humble Endings (feat. Humble The Poet)
15 The Reign
16 It Is What It Is (feat. Richie Reseda)
17 The Adlibs
18 Cliff Huxtable (Hitch) (feat. DMV)
19 To Whom It May Concern...


So once again for the sake of Sniper's request:) I listened to this record once again and my opinion hasn't changed unfortunately. I still think that it has much to show on the beat level but also a lot to prove on the lyrical side. The beats are fine, sometimes very dope, but the MC's style is very poor and sometimes rather boring. Nevertheless, let me know if anyone liked it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blame One-Stick Up


Blame One New LP, Endurance Dropping On November 9th.

DJ Mitsu The Beats — Universal Force(2010)

01. 思考品 M.T.B.D. feat. B.D.
02. 昂サバイヴ feat. HUNGER & 環ROY
03. 孤独少年 feat. S.L.A.C.K.
04. One Hip Hop feat. Zeebra
05. ハッスル feat. 鎮座DOPENESS
06. Only You feat. TWIGY
07. SAT feat. ICE BAHN
08. The weekend song feat. SOUND MARKET CREW
09. 一曲入魂 feat. RINO LATINA II
10. My Simple feat. Aruma
11. Precious Time feat. COMA-CHI & JAY'ED


A diverse set of Japanese hip hop featuring the Universal Force that is DJ Mitsu The Beats – featuring SLACK, Zeebra, Coma-Chi, Jay'ed, Sound Market Crew, Ice Bahn, Hunger, Aruma, Twigy & more! There's a range of styles at play here, from spacey funk beatcraft with soul jazzy keys, some electro steeped jams, some fairly laidback others pretty gritty. It's all produced with a timeless groove. Includes "Precious Time" feat Coma-Chi & Jay'Ed, "One Hip Hop" feat Zeebra, "Only You" feat Twigy, "SAT feat Ice Bahn, "The Weekend Song" feat Sound Market Crew and more

DJ Automatic Presents Common – Theater of the Mind (Mixtale)(2010)


No Tracklist Available

The reason I chose Common for this project is that he is not only one of my favorite MC’s of all time,” says Automatic, “but he has an entire career of music behind him that young music lovers don’t necessarily know. They see him in movies and have heard his newer releases but have no idea that Common was one of the rawest MC’s throughout the 90′s. Although I have followed his career from jump, it was still an honor to sit down with him in person and let him take me on his personal journey.

Evidence-To Be Continued...


Apollo Brown - The Reset Instrumentals (2010)

<a href="http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/track/seasons-instro">seasons instro by Mello Music Group</a>

01 Our Time
02 Hungry Instro
03 Lower The Boom Instro
04 Beauty Of A Day Instro
05 Real Detroit Instro
06 seasons Instro
07 Brag Language Instro
08 Streets Won't Let Me Chill
09 Balance Instro
10 Turn & Run Instro
11 Odds Aint Fair
12 Brainwash Instro
13 Just Think Instro
14 Propa Instro

Dope Instroz Album from Apollo Brown !

Download Bandcamp | Multiupload

King AL - King AL (2010)

01. City Limits
02. Moves I Never Fake
03. Black Cherry (Feat. Hus)
04. Tactics 4 Theatrics
05. Peanut Butter Oil
06. Cream
07. Supa (Feat. Tha Connection and Prolifical)
08. Going For Mines
09. The All Good Important
10. Double Up
11. Rap Shit (Feat. Tha Connection)
12. Looks Ill
13. Once Again
14. Love Song (Feat. Hus)
15. Ya City Rock Adder



Cut Chemist - Adidas to Addis (2010)


The sole freely downloadable piece from Cut Chemist's newest 3 tracker EP, Sound of the Police. A killing joint!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miedlev - Vans Cal (2010)

01. Karma
02. Deidrichs Answering Machine
03. Higher
04. Synesthesia
05. Daylight
06. Thunderball (Feat. Smoovth)
07. Today (Interlude)
08. Jernau Gurgeh
09. Flava
10. Interlude
11. Escape Pod
12. On Green Clouds
13. Clockwork
14. Bill Clinton
15. Take It Higher (Feat. Tha Connection)
16. Sleeper (Feat. Freddie Bruno)



Fel Sweetenberg – The Sophomore Jinx (2010)

01. Awful Pretty Pt. 2
02. Look Into The Eyes of Fel (Ft. DJ Jayski)
03. Light Em Up, Blow Em Out (Ft. DJ Panek)
04. Minor Problem (Ft. Aul Purpis)
05. Save Ya Life (Ft. Dave Ghetto & Baby Blak)
06. $$$$$$$$$$$
07. Ecetera (Ft. Ethel Cee)
08. Code of Silence (Ft. DJ Jayski)
09. The Nuthin’
10. Skyz Fallin’
11. Trubblesume
12. Before I Die
13. Panzie (Ft Tanzania Lateef)


Thanks To Technocrat

Stig Of The Dump - The Homeless Microphonist EP(2007)

1. Intro
2. The journey
3. Breakin shit down
4. The introduction
5. White rhino
6. Ill Billys feat. SUBLIMINAL
7. Marky G (Skit)
8. Fatty & specky feat. DR. SYNTAX
9. Prizzle mic check (Skit)
10. On a rampage
11. I never
12. Crack a tin (Skit)
13. Raise ya glasses feat. SKREIN


Thanks To Theyacz

Void Pedal -Follow Me

Follow Me_Void Pedal by fieldwerk

Stoupe - Trial By Stone (Instrumental)

Stoupe ! Always Dope !

Michelob - Death (Instrumental)


Stig Of The Dump-I Got Game(2010)

01- i got game (dirty) [03:49]
02- i got game (radio) [03:49]
03- i got game (instrumental) [03:59]