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Some P.O.S Videos..

POS - Bleeding Hearts Club

Hands On: POS - Never Better

POS - Drumroll

Platinum Pied Pipers - Triple P Instrumentals (2006)

1. Shotgun (Instrumental)
2. Your Day Is Done (Instrumental)
3. Deep Inside (Instrumental)
4. Stay With Me (Instrumental)
5. Fever (Instrumental)
6. No Worries (Instrumental)
7. After the Worries (Instrumental)
8. Act Like You Know (Instrumental)
9. Now or Never (Instrumental)
10. The Pee's (Instrumental)
11. Lights Out (Instrumental)
12. One Minute More (Instrumental)
13. Detroit Winter (Instrumental)
14. I Got You (Instrumental)
15. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Instrumental)
16. The Bounce (bonus) (Instrumental)
17. Joy (bonus) (Instrumental)


DJ Premier - Penalty Records Promo Mix Fall (1995)

Side A
Side B


Here is something that is recently found back, it's ripped from a tape back in 1995. Penalty Records just started in that year if I think correct. Premier was asked to make a promo tape for the record label the same year. He mixed artists like Shabazz the Disciple & Lord Finesse

P.O.S. - Meat Tape 2 (2009)

01 P.O.S. Crispin Glover
02 Prof + P.O.S. + Mux Mool Broadcasting
03 Building Better Bombs We Need We Wii Bong
04 P.O.S. What's That Buzzing
05 Themes + P.O.S. The Soldier Trade (booka b remix)
06 The Plastic Constellations We are Genius Millionaires
07 Minus the Bear Knights (P.O.S. Remix)
08 2Mex + Die the Hunter ft. P.O.S. I'm Coming Back
09 Heiruspecs 5ives (P.O.S. Remixcuts by Turbo Nemesis)
10 Tornavalanche Only the Nerds Got Pissed
11 Mel Gibson & The Pants ft. P.O.S. Collars Popped and Loaded
12 Solid Gold ft. P.O.S. Sound Asleep
13 Grayskul Scarecrow (P.O.S. Remix)
14 Beret Vache Va... grrr!
15 The Velvet Teen Noi Boi
16 Big Quarters + P.O.S. Grab Hands
17 William Elliot Whitmore Does Me No Good (daytrotter session)


Friday, January 30, 2009

The Boss Hog Barbarians - The Hogs Sing The Hits Pig Parodies EP

The Boss Hog Barbarians - The Hogs Sing The Hits Pig Parodies EP

01. Baby U Burnt Me
02. Humm On My Balls
03. Strobelight Lady
04. Bitch Get My Pay
05. Chocha Sucia

Download Here

Questlove - Instrumental Album

01 Distortion to Static
02 What They Do
03 Proceed II
04 Concerto of the Desperado
05 Adrenaline!
06 Clones
07 The Lesson Pt. I
08 Section
09 The Lesson - Part III
10 U.N.I.Verse at War
11 Respond_React
12 Sweetback (Au Natural)
13 Represent
14 Proceed Without a Pause
15 Distortion to Static (At Ease Remix)


Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable: The Notorious Edition (2009)

01. Diddy Intro
02. Biggie and The Clipse - Blow
03. Biggie and Jay Z - Brooklyn We Go Hard
04. Biggie, Game and Darien Brockington - On Top (Produced by The Kickdrums)
05. Biggie and Az - Brooklyn
06. Biggie, Craig Mack and LL Cool J - The Flavor (produced by Frequency)
07. Biggie and Big L - Let The Games Begin
08. Biggie & Redman - Machine Gun Funk (produced by DJ Premier)
09. Diddy Interlude
10. Biggie and Fashawn - Going Back To Cali
11. Biggie and Kanye West - Kicks Open Doors
12. Biggie and Jadakiss - All Day Every Day
13. The Madd Rapper - Still Mad Interlude
14. Biggie and Lil' Kim - Only One Thing
15. Biggie and Young Chris - Young G's Part 2 (Produced by Moss)
16. Diddy Interlude
17. Biggie and Jay-Z - The Commission
18. Biggie and Prodigy - Escape From NY
19. Biggie and Sheek - Things Change (produced by nVMe)
20. Diddy Interlude
21. Biggie and Lil Wayne - If You See Me (Produced by Garbs)
22. Diddy Outro
23. Biggie, Big Daddy Kane and Ms. Jade - Set It Off


Think Twice - Rock To This Beat(2008)

01 2:54 Morning After Blues feat. Velvet Trench Vibes & Johnny Griffin
02 4:07 All I Do feat. Schubert & Eternia
03 4:09 Tell Me feat. Fineprint & Schubert
04 3:36 So Hard To Say Goodbye feat. Manchilde
05 3:26 Supernova feat. Coates
06 3:42 Back Then feat. Karma
07 3:42 Do You Want Me feat. Schubert
08 2:32 Aj's Instrumental
09 3:27 Money In The Rhymebook feat. Coates
10 3:37 God Bless The Childe feat. Manchilde
11 3:13 Hands Clap feat. Lotus & Golden Boy
12 3:59 They Don't Know feat. The 49ers & Kosha Dills
13 1:22 Piano Break
14 3:20 Do You Want Me (Reprise) feat. Schubert & Nantali


Hudson Mohawke - Polyfolk Dance EP (2009) [320.kbps]

1. Polkadot Blues (3:03)
2. Monde (2:52)
3. Overnight (2:50)
4. Speed Stick (2:06)
5. Velvet Peel (2:20)
6. Yonard (3:12)


With the increasingly crowded Wonky movement threatening to implode before it's even begun, Hudmo turns up with his much touted and long-awaited debut for the Warp imprint, featuring 6 impressively tight sequences from one of the more exciting producers of the moment. For our money the good stuff's buried away towards the end of the EP, starting off with B-Side opener 'Speed Stick', shoving the detuned synths way up in the mix with an edgy plucked vibe and nervous stop-start routine that you just about get used to when the track comes to an abrupt end. Just try and dance to that one homeboy. Next up - 'Velvet Peel' ushers in helium vocals for some multicoloured good times, before 'Yonard' ends the Ep with arguably it's finest moment, a rugged, antisocial beat pummels itself into a joyous cacophony before those trusted synths emerge from the mess to make some kind of sense of it all. It's loose, filthy, joyous next-level business and hopefully just the start of a beautiful relationship between Warp and one of its more exciting signees of recent times. Limited to a measly 400 copies only - act sharp!!!!!

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Samon Kawamura - UnFold (2008)

01 Intro
02 Sugar Hill (feat. Om'Mas) (from SA-RA Creative Partners)
03 Love And Sex
04 Still Significant (feat. Kev Brown)
05 0804-005
06 Right Here (feat. Oh No)
07 Morioka Sunset (JS Love)
08 Night Will Fall
09 Interlude
10 Try (feat. Aloe Blacc)
11 Let's Do It
12 Lovelude (feat. Ta'Raach)
13 Get down (feat. Ta'Raach)
14 No te puedo ver (feat. Laura Lopez Castro)
15 Y.W.A.G.D
16 cp2sk (feat. Christian Prommer)
17 Playground
18 Outro

I just love it when Japanese guys rock the beat! I think I quite expressed it when Sniper posted the Latin Quarter record. Krush, Shingo, Mitsu etc. All of them are very unique and the best thing in their music is that they aim to create perfect. And it obviously happens so. You may hear now very fine beats from Samon Kawamura, a gifted beatmaker from Japan with the finest guest appearances. Listen and love it!

Powell - Beatnicks Tape #02 (2009)

01 Lo-Fi
02 Find The Time
03 That's Right
04 Coded Language
05 Vitamin
06 Deck Floor
07 Rise
08 Private Cassie
09 Heavy
10 Error Data
11 Surface
12 Anti MC
13 All & All (Rockie Robbins Dub)
14 Party
15 Fabric
16 Riding
17 Aleatory
18 Outro

Powell is hitting us now with his second Beatnicks tape. What can you expect? Hardcore tones, cruel beats and ghettotech sounding straight from Paris.

Dj Day - The Day Before (2007)

01 Four Hills
02 A Place To Go
03 Glue - Making A Mess (Day Remix Interlude)
04 What Planet What Station (Instrumental)
05 Manha
06 Koolude
07 Close Your Eyes
08 Lucien
09 Day and Exile live
10 Lovebug
11 Gone Bad
12 Mo Horizons - Ay N'ama (Day Remix)
13 Closer (feat. Aloe Blacc)
14 Make You
Californian beatmaker and turntablist Dj Day is one half of the duo Daily Bread (the other half is Aloe Blacc) which I heard first on Sniper's recently posted Dj Ryow mixtape. The beats he produces are influenced by a wide spectrum of different kinds of music. The result is a smooth, soulful and pleasant sound. Peep the guest appearances from Exile and Aloe Blacc as well!

Deep Rooted (Mr. Brady + Johaz) - Crazy

Aim - Hinterland (2002)

01 Intro
02 The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice (feat. Kate Rogers)
03 What Do People Do All Day
04 No Restriction (feat. Souls of Mischief)
05 Fall Break
06 Guimar
07 Good Disease (feat. Stephen Jones)
08 The Omen (feat. Diamond D)
09 Linctus
10 Vipco
11 A Twilight Zone
12 From a Seaside Town
13 Hinterland

Aim (Andrew Turner) is an English Dj and producer whose style is on the burden somewhere between electronic and hip-hop music. He has produced already 3 solo albums, and in the meantime he also made beats for Niko, whose debut album was posted by Sniper already. This one now is his second album released at Grand Central Records with unique features like Diamond D or the Souls of Mischief. Peace to Chiara in Innsbruck!

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Sankofa-Music with Friends 4(2009)

1.Invisible Guns
2.Piece of Paper
3.Rapping Force
4.Silly Sadists
6.Iowa to Indiana



For More

P.O.S. - Never Better (2009)

01 Let it Rattle
02 Drumroll (We're All Thirsty)
03 Savion Glover
04 Purexed
05 Graves (We Wrote the Book)
06 Goodbye
07 Get Smokes
08 Been Afraid
09 Low Light Low Life
10 The Basics
11 Out of Category
12 Optimist (We Are Not for Them)
13 Terrorish
14 Never Better
15 The Brave and the Snake



Pay Day Link
Where U Been Link
Whatever Link

Asheru - Insomnia Vol. 2 (Sleepless In Japan)(2006)

For Old Time's Sake
Holdin It Down (feat. Priest & Kokayi)
You Don't Have To Worry
The Hotness (Interlude)
Black Moses Live
Truly Unique (Live In Amsterdam)
Let Me Hold You (feat. Momentan)
Idea (feat. Agent 006)
w/Me (feaet. Heron Gibran)
Get Money
If (feat. Kenn Starr & Talib Kweli)
Do It (Just As Long remix)
Emotional Content (feat. Blue Black & Djinji Brown)
You're So Vain
Invitation (feat. Crossrhodes)
Ash Sands Luva (feat. J. Sands & Grap Luva)
Rockin With The Best
The Hustle (feat. Agent 006 & Heron Gibran)
If I Die (feat. Agent 006)


VA - DJ Ryow aka Smooth Current - Optical Axis (2009)

01. Smooth Current - Introduction
02. Dinner At The Thompson’s - Vegas
03. Daily Bread - That’s That
04. Y Society - Setting The Example
05. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Lunchcorner
06. Andrew J & Kaltenecker - Inch
07. Quantic - We Got Soul
08. Jazz Liberator - Music In My Mind Part 2
09. The Dining Rooms - Existentialism (Milano Bossa mix)
10. Thievery Corporation - Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus remix)
11. Zeb - Toe To Toe (original version)
12. Drum Brothers - C2C/Beat Torrent (feat Pfef & Atom - Live & Uncut)
13. Smooth Current - Re: Strain Of Stairs (Unmixed Demo version)
14. Mo’ Horizons - Green Day
15. DJ Alibi - One Day
16. DJ Cam Quartet - Rebirth Of Cool
17. E Reece & Core Elements - What U Need (Smooth Current remix)
18. Liquid Spirits - If You Don’t Love Me (feat Phonte)
19. Liquid Spirits - Stepney
20. Smooth Current - Outro


Cradle Orchestra-Velvet Ballads(2009)

01. Talk it Out feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
02. All I Want In This World feat. CL Smooth
03. Mountain Top feat. Aloe Blacc
04. Live Forever feat. Black Thought (of The Roots)
05. Bubbles feat. Jean Curley
06. So Fresh feat. Talib Kweli
07. Nothin For Nothin feat. CL
08. Only One feat. Need Not Worry
09. Jag Jam Jazz
10. The World Outside In feat. Othello
11. Cheers feat. Asheru
12. Food For Thoughts feat. O.C.
13. Yin Stacks feat. Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples)
14. Velvet Ballads


CRADLE is a groundbreaking Japanese unit specializing and leading a beautiful revolution in mellow and jazzy Hip Hop track making.
Through their stunning first release “MAKE IT LAST (feat. Aloe Blacc (Emanon)” in 2005 CRADLE were immediately propelled into the spotlight through outstanding success in Japan. MAKE IT LAST was later released in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Their long-awaited debut album “ATTITUDE” streeted in June, 2006 and the albums immense popularity elevated CRADLE in the top tier of Japanese mellow Hip Hop artists, alongside the internationally acclaimed NUJABES and NOMAK at the forefront of the genre in Japan.

As DJs CRADLE play with some of the biggest major and underground Hip Hop artists in Japan including NUJABES, DJ KRUSH, YASUHARU KONISHI (Pizzicato Five), SHUYA OKINO (Kyoto Jazz Massive, DJ KIYO, DJ JIN (Rhymester), DJ MILES (Breakestra), STARVING ARTIST CREW, DJ MITSU , THE BEATS (Gagle), DJ RYOW etc etc.

Pursuing their dream sound (and also partly due to the risks and limitations using sampling) CRADLE (aka CRADLE ORCHESTRA) commenced working hard on creating their own unique “LIVE SOUND”, an exciting, new sound that they have always wanted to create.

By collaborating directly with some amazingly skilled and high profile musicians in Japan CRADLE now incorporate live violin, flute, piano, saxophone, bass, and many more instruments into their track making. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of amazingly beautiful and unique melodies with an incredibly original orchestra type sound……the CRADLE ORCHESTRA sound!

To test the new sound out on the public CRADLE remixed a track by New York’s THE GOOD PEOPLE that was released by the then emerging Japanese label GOON TRAX. When the vinyl release featuring CRADLE’s remix sold out in one day they knew that the Japanese music fans were ready for more of their exciting new sound.

To further hone their skills and define the new sound CRADLE produced an album for internationally acclaimed Japanese pianist HIROKI MIZUKAMI in 2007, by successfully complementing Hiroki’s amazing piano skills with their own orchestra sound the collaboration hit a sweet spot on the Japanese music fans radar and the release was a great hit in Japan.

In 2008 CRADLE has made several remixes (NIEVE , THE ANITIDOTES, INCISE etc) including a remix of New York identity SAINT’s song titled CANT RELATE which appeared as the lead track on the hit Various Artist compilation titled “IN YA MELLOW TONE” released by GOON TRAX by now the new emerging powerhouse label in the Japanese mellow Hip Hop scene.
IN YA MELLOW TONE captured the imagination of fans in Japan and is the biggest selling mellow Hip Hop compilation released in Japan to date and is continuing to sell strongly and introduce thousands of new fans to the genre. The amazing remix by CRADLE played a big role in the success of the release.

CRADLE has continued to work hard on their masterpiece, a new album “VELVET BALLADS” due for release in January 2009 on GOON TRAX and featuring some of the biggest international names in scene, the CRADLE revolution is coming. please stay tuned.

Jabee-Blood Is The New Black(2008)

01 01:24 Hemoglobin
02 02:10 Quintanilla 1995
03 03:37 Thin Line Ft Jumakae
04 03:11 The How Ft Emcee Hype
05 02:29 Over The Under Ft LMNO Of Visionaries
06 02:29 Funky She
07 04:07 Boombox
08 00:48 Classix Servings (Interlude)
09 04:05 Flea Market Girl
10 03:40 Deadutante
11 04:46 Zoe Isabella Ft Emcee Hype
12 03:45 Pain Ft Othello Of Lightheaded
13 01:21 One
14 03:03 Domino Domino
15 02:56 Somanypieces Ft Breez Evahflowin
16 05:02 Picture On The Waoll
17 03:35 Nothin Ft OB-One
18 04:19 Platinum Hooks


J Dilla - Yancey Boys Instrumentals (2008)

01 Timeless
02 We Here
03 R U Listenin'?
04 Alien Family
05 Strugglin
06 Showtime
07 Swagger
09 All Good
10 Sounds Like Love
11 Everytime
12 Illasoul
13 Air Signs

It was just a question of time to drop the bare instrumental version of last year's Illa J release. No one should get me wrong though: no word against Illa J, not at all. The standard vocal version of Yancey Boys was just not enough to satisfy the thirst of Jay Dee fans who may hear now the eternal Dilla sounds in their own intactness.

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Dj Heat & Blu - (So)ul Amazing pt. 2 (2009)

01 Wake Up
02 Never Be Another Me
03 For Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Evidence, Phonte & Will.I.Am) (prod. by Khrysis)
04 The Classy Man
05 We Got You (prod. by Sene)
06 I’m Gonna Need You
07 Change (Ya World)
08 Lear Jet (feat. and prod. by Folk & Stress)
09 On Mars (feat. Sene)
10 Vibrate (prod. by Dela)
11 The Times (feat. Fortilive & Nino Moschella) (prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
12 All The Kings Men (feat. Tiron)
13 Gone
14 Therapy (feat. Evidence, Talib Kweli & Kid CuDi) (prod. by The Alchemist)
15 Baby Don’t Leave Me Now (feat. Mainframe)
16 Angelic (feat. Co$$) (prod. by Alphabet 4)
17 Nuts Hang
18 Hard Times (prod. by DJ Cadik)
19 Mars (Original) (prod. by Dela)


Some new tracks from one of my favourite MC's compiled by Dj Heat again.

One more maybe ?!?!? or two? :)

K'Naan - ABC's (feat. Chubb Rock)

Joell Ortiz - Modern Day Slavery (Feat. Immortal Technique)

Some Videos..

B.A.M. - My City (feat. Lil Fame)

Rampage - Pump Up The Volume

Nipsey Hussle - Hussle In The House

Thanks To Lampis

Latin Quarter - Lost (2008)

1. Untitled.01 (1:47)
2. Untitled.02 (1:06)
3. Untitled.03 (0:46)
4. Untitled.04 (1:53)
5. Untitled.05 (1:04)
6. Untitled.06 (2:14)
7. Untitled.07 (1:26)
8. Untitled.08 (1:03)
9. Untitled.09 (1:23)
10. Untitled.10 (1:29)
11. Untitled.11 (0:58)
12. Untitled.12 (0:55)
13. Untitled.13 (1:55)
14. Untitled.14 (1:34)
15. Untitled.15 (1:23)
16. Untitled.16 (1:40)
17. Untitled.17 (2:05)
18. Untitled.18 (0:46)
19. Untitled.19 (1:47)
20. Untitled.20 (1:07)
21. Untitled.21 (1:44)
22. Untitled.22 (0:36)
23. Untitled.23 (1:02)
24. Untitled.24 (1:26)
25. Untitled.25 (2:30)
26. Untitled.26 (1:50)
27. Untitled.27 (0:57)
28. Untitled.28 (1:25)
29. Untitled.29 (1:33)
30. Untitled.30 (2:11)
31. Untitled.31 (0:58)


Earatik Statik-Clean(Single)

Peace friends and a-alikes, I'm back in '09 with a mighty jewel to kick off the new year. Brand new heat from Chi-Town underground stalwarts, Earatik Statik, the crew that dropped one of my favorite 12 inches back in 2004, the joint "Evil Is Timeless" b/w "People Like Us." In 2009 they have reupped again and hooked up with the Soul Brother #1 himself, Pete Rock for the soulful banger, "Tearz" the first single off their forthcoming LP, "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly," which also includes beats by Large Pro, J-Zone, Kaz-1, K-Kruz & Single Minded Pros and guest appearances by Sadat X (on two tracks) & Sean Price. Definitely an LP to watch out for when it drops early this year. You can download the Digi-12" using the link below, which also includes the instrumental.


Blue Impression Blue Note DJ Mix by Mitsu the Beats(2004)

1. Montara
2. Montara (The Roots Remix)
3. Montara (The Roots Remix)
4. Distant Land
5. Uno Esta
6. Tuesday Heartbreak
7. New York Times
8. New York Times (Dj Spinna Remix)
9. Clap!
10. Koko And Lee Roe
11. Abdullah And Abraham
12. Think Twice
13. Tidal Wave
14. Ode To Billie Joe
15. Rain Every Thursday
16. Who Knows What
17. Crying Angels
18. Alfie`S Theme
19. Sweet Pea
20. Cirrus


Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch Present - Skeleton Crew Diaries (2009)

1. It's Raining Outside
2. City With No Name
3. Resurrection
4. Post Script to Mars ft. Hypoetical
5. Night Before Christmas
6. $5 Shake
7. Revenge of the Puppets ft. Brian Moon
8. Mad Hatter
9. Nightmares
10. Smile of the Black Dahlia
11. Eschaton
12. Goldfishin'


The Glitch Mob - Crush Mode (2008)

01. The Glitch Mob - Intro
02. Boreta - Bubblin’ In The Cut
03. ediT - The Game Is Not Over
04. Fine Cut Bodies - Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix)
05. Kraddy - Steppin’ Razor
06. Ooah - Hacksaw
07. The Glitch Mob - ?(new track)
08. Nalepa - Monday (Glitch Mob Remix)
09. Kraddy - Android Porn
10. Evil Nine - All The Cash (Glitch Mob Remix)
11. Nasty Ways - Lollipop feat. Lil Wayne
12. The Glitch Mob - West Coast Rocks


Buck 65 - Cretin Hip-Hop (Volume 1)

01 - Buck 65 - Intro (00:39)
02 - Slight of Hand (02:19)
03 - Indestructible Sam (03:43)
04 - Copshades (Demo) (03:55)
05 - Chokehold (02:47)
06 - Sore (Dub) (01:17)
07 - All There is to Know About Love (03:55)
08 - Spooked (03:30)
09 - Dirtywork (03:01)
10 - Big Trucks (03:52)
11 - Heather Nights (03:33)
12 - Double Header (04:09)
13 - The Year that Was (NHL '02-'03) (03:25)
14 - The Abandoned Cars of Inverness County (03:02)


Nero - Alive & Vibrant (2009)

1. Rugged & Raw
2. I Get Lyrical
3. Buck ‘Em Down
4. Straighten It Out (Ft. J.Rocwell & TreaZon)
5. Alive & Vibrant
6. Dead Residence
7. Legends
8. Feeling Good
10. Can’t Wait
11. Everything Remains Raw
12. With Great Power (Ft. Hassaan Mackey)


The Grouch - Success Is Destiny (1997)

1. Intro
2. I Wanna Know
3. Neglected feat. Eligh
4. Fork in the Road
5. Dreamer 2000 feat. Sunspot Jonz,Aesop
6. Giventake
7. Act Concerned
8. We Keep Pressing
9. Stuck
10. Success is Destiny
11. The Enchanted feat. Luckyiam


Monday, January 26, 2009

Kasha - Coming Back With It


Kasha is an unsigned English rapper from Charlton, London and part of a production team called Vivid Imagery. Kasha has been labelled ‘the strongest lyricist in the UK’ by Kiss100, he has been likened to Tupac and has been described as a breath of freshest air for Hip Hop. His style of rap is warm yet raw, emotional yet

punky. He tells serious stories of his surroundings, the problems in the world and his dreams but he still has time to throw in some fun every once and a while. Unlike most hip hop the music is melody driven, choosing only the most energetic or soulfulness of beats. This is international Hip Hop but with all the excitement of the UK sound.

Sophisticated & Mature – 7 Digital
Kasha Excels – Touch Magazine
Strongest Lyricist in the UK – Kiss 100

Jazz Liberatorz - Clin d'oeil (2008)

01 Clin d'oeil
02 Easy My Mind (feat. Tre Hardson, Fat Lip & Omni)
03 I Am Hip Hop (feat. Asheru)
04 When The Clock Ticks (feat. J Sands)
05 Genius At Work (feat. Fat Lip & T. Love)
06 Indonesia (feat. Tableek from Maspyke)
07 The Process (feat. Apani b Fly Emcee)
08 The Return (feat. Sadat X)
09 U Do (feat. Stacy Epps)
10 Cool Down (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
11 Take A Time (feat. Buckshot)
12 Vacation (feat. J-Live)
13 Speak The Language (feat. Lizz Fields)
14 Qidar (feat. Soul Clan)
15 Outro

French producing trio Dj Damage, Dusty and Madhi are the Jazz Liberatorz. They worked with many different artists through the past couple of years (among others Wildchild, Declaime orAloe Blacc) , however it is their first full-length album. Live instruments, jazz samples and great MC's. This record is only for the true music lovers.

Pete Rock - NY's Finest Instrumentals (2008)

01 Pete Intro
02 We Roll
03 Till I Retire
04 914
05 Questions
06 Best Believe
07 Don't Be Mad
08 Bring Ya'll Back
09 The Best Secret
10 That's What I'm Talkin About
11 Rock The PJ's
12 Made Man
13 Let's Go
14 Comprehend

Even if it hasn't been posted yet, I don't think anyone needs an introduction to the latest release of Soul Brother #1. This time you can also have the chance to enjoy the pure beats of Pete Rock. Peace to Spherule in Budapest!

Scott Down & DJ Cutler-Blue Collar Funk II: The 716 Lesson (2009)

01 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - 716 Lesson
02 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Lesson 716
03 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Heart Of Buffalo
04 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Do The Hot Pants
05 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - I'm A Man
06 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Your Name
07 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - James Brown
08 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - The World Is A Ball Of Confusion
09 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Nuku Penda
10 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Keep The Beat
11 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Outlaw
12 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Anticipation
13 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Night Life
14 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Marijuana, Wild Women and Sweet Apple Wine
15 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Ruff Buff Interlude
16 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Do You Like It?
17 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - The Boy Is Fierce
18 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Nothing Like Hip Hop Music
19 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - It's Def
20 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Get On Down
21 Scott Down & DJ Cutler - Rockin' Funky Watergate




Heres an exclusive new download from Royce Da 5'9" and Busta Rhymes as both the M.I.C. and Flipmode connect for the first time for Streetsweeper's DJ Kay Slay on this 5 minute freestyle, which premiered on his Shade 45 radio show last week, enjoy!

Theo3 - Make It Big


Dpek-Sofa Bits(2009)

01 - Cassette Warmupper (Original) 00:21
02 - La Ricerca (Original) 02:11
03 - Stoned Spacemen (Original) 01:26
04 - The Juice (Original) 02:45
05 - Kjeri (Original) 02:35
06 - Asleep Near You (Original) 02:59
07 - Grey Tea (Original) 02:37


Juganot: A Culture VI Experience (freestyle & interview)


01. Olive Oil - Yellow Apple
02. Roundsville - Bewitched (Amazing Remix)
03. Shin-Ski of Martiangang - The Gods of The Yoruba (Shin-Ski's DP Sextet Remix)
04. Azzurro - Onda Anda O Meu Amor (Azzurro Sax Remix)
05. Bulljun - dutumultuousnite
06. Earp - Walking in The Snow Day
07. Hikakin - Human Beat Box Break
08. Inner City Jam Orchestra - Free Spirit feat. Yukari Onishi
09. Grooveman Spot - Some Kind of Blues (Grooveman Spot Classical Mix)
10. Eccy - Reflection feat. Predawn
11. DJ Yas - Mikoto
12. September Note - Six feat. Yusuke Shima
13. Kan Takagi - No Trouble On The Mountain (Remix)


Roddy Rod - The Bluntpark Sessions (2008)

01 Intro (feat. Grap Luva)
02 Rude Squire (feat. Muhsinah & Hanis Hum)
03 Whip (feat. Kaimbar)
04 Take In Stride (prod. by J. Laine)
05 Goins On (interlude - feat. Choppy Choppe)
06 Neva Find Me (feat. Y.U. & Finale)
07 Geeda Speaks (interlude)
08 Mouth Water (feat. Cy Young & Cronkite)
09 Get Down (feat. Kaimbar, Kev Brown & IQ)
10 Money On The Clock (feat. Oddisee)
11 Rated R (interlude)
12 Original Sound Buoy (feat. Cy Young)
13 Troubles Lurkin Low (feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young)
14 Living Conditions (feat. Eric Krasno)
15 Geeda Speaks II (interlude)
16 1 Min to ReP [(plainfield) feat. Ekoz The Bounty]
17 Lil' Louder (feat. Asheru)
18 Actions Show [(Ya Talkin) feat. Y.U.]
19 Exit Thee Park! (feat. Grap Luva)
One of my favourite records of 2008 is from Maspyke's producer and Dj, Roddy Rodd. His debut solo album is colorful both in terms of beats and MC productions. You'll get the finest blend of samples accompanied by witty rhymes from Oddisee, Kev Brown, Grap Luva, Cy Young etc. Btw. Maspyke should also drop something new, right?

Stanton Warriors - Stanton Sessions vol 2 (2006)

01 Stanton Warriors - Intro
02 Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Cork (feat. Twista)
03 Stanton Warriors Shake It Up (feat. The Beatnuts)
04 Stanton Warriors -Blue
05 Metro Area - Miura
06 Sharon Philips -Want To Need To (Trentemøller Mix)
07 Roman Flugel - Geht's Noch (Moguai Mix)
08 LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator 
09 Mike & Charlie - I Get Live
10 PMT - Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors Remix)
11 Stanton Warriors - Still Here (vocals by Eska)
12 Stanton Warriors - Hope Time
13 Stanton Warriors - Dip & Get Low (feat. Rodney P)
14 Stanton Warriors - Get Wild Off This (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
15 Coburn We Interrupt This Program (Stanton Warriors Remix)
16 Stanton Warriors Complex

Moondog requested a couple of days ago to add some more electronic stuff. That's the reason I posted the mixtape of the English duo, Stanton Warriors. We are apparently not getting so far away from hip-hop music, you may find some well known vocalists rapping on energetic breaks and tough electronic tones. The legendary London club Fabric itself is brought to you here by these guys.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Platinum Pied Pipers - Abundance (2009)

01 Angel (feat. Coultrain)
02 Smoking Mirrors (feat. Karma Stewart)
03 On A Cloud (feat. Karma Stewart)
04 Luv Affair (feat. Coultrain)
05 Go Go Go (feat. Jamila Raegan)
06 Sanctuary (feat. Coultrain and Jamila Raegan)
07 Ain't No If's And Maybe's (feat. Coultrain)
08 Pigeon Hole (feat. Coultrain)
09 Lovers And Haters (feat. Coultrain)
10 The Ghost Of Aveiro (feat. Coultrain)
11 Countless Excuses (feat. Coultrain)
12 American Pimp (feat. Neco Redd)
13 Dirty Secrets (feat. Karma Stewart and Coultrain)
14 Rocket Science (feat. Karma Stewart and Coultrain)
15 Goodbye / Abundance (feat. Coultrain)

Link is down after request of the Artist.

When I first heard the previous album of the Detroit producer duo Waajeed and Saadiq back in 2005, I remember I wanted the album to continue after the track "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover". It was, nevertheless, the special appearance of Jay Dee that made that album more remarkable. Some years passed and PPP dropped an album again. The record is different but there are still many similarities to the first one. Neo-soul tones strengthened by the vocals of Coultrain, Karma Stewart and Jamila Raegan.

Joell Ortiz - Who’s Nice? (Hosted By J-Love) 2008

Joell Ortiz - Who’s Nice? (Hosted By J-Love)

01. 125 Pt 5 Man I’m 05:17
02. Memories 02:21
03. Night In My P’s Remix (Feat Big Noyd) 02:42
04. Lil Fun 03:03
05. Hip Hop Remix (Feat Jadakiss & Saigon) 03:20
06. 4 In A Clip 04:28 (Feat Nino, Bless, Kool G Rap & Styles)
07. Stomp Thru (Feat Smiff & Wessun & Ruck) 03:12
08. Chyna White (Feat Kool G Rap) 02:31
09. 50 Shots (Rip In Sean Bell) 02:25
10. Relax 03:06
11. Ups And Downs 03:13
12. 125 Pt 4 The Finale 05:41
13. Letter To Obama 01:37
14. Here The Next 02:05
15. 125 Pt 1 The Bio 05:25
16. Chances 03:19
17. Legend Of Big Pun 05:57
18. Doing It (Feat Gloria Velez) 03:29
19. Warfare (Feat Joe Buddens) 02:43
20. Brooklyn Lets Go 02:55 (Feat Mad Rapper, Maino, Red Cafe & Papoose
21. Summertime In Bk 03:27
22. You Lose 01:26
23. Tag 03:13
24. We Run Ny 02:27 (Feat Tru Life, Tony Touch & Lumidee)

Download Here

Dj Jazzy Jeff - Hip Hop Forever III (2006)

One of my favourite mixtapes from the Magnificent. He selected from quality again, just to name a few: Pharcyde, Little Brother, Masta Ace, Gang Starr, Royce Da 5'9", J-Live... However good music is not everything if you don't have the ability to put them on each other in a way the audiance go crazy. I don't think anyone would demand any enlightenment of the skills of Jazzy Jeff. So just listen to it.

Nowfolk - The Moon (2004)

01 Folk Intro
02 Life-Like
03 Yo Ish (Interlude)
04 What Cha Wan Do
05 Folk Yall
06 Interlude
07 Hi-Way
08 Pushin Throo-lude
09 Take A Picture
10 Yo Ish (Part 2 Interlude)
11 Bedroom Eyes
12 How Long (Feat. Sichuan)
13 What-Cha-Wan-Do? (OG Freestyle)
14 They Are Listening
15 Interlude
16 8 Bars (Feat Stumpy)
17 Ish-A-Lude
18 Short Girls
19 Sun Comin Up 
20 Ish Break 
21 Look What's Happening
22 Clap-A-Lude
23 The Cha
24 Coffee Sips (Interlude)
25 Method 2 Tha Madness
26 The Moon Outro
27 Lovem & Leavem
28 Interview With Ish 1997

Very very smooth. This is how I could label the second album of Nowfolk if I wanna use a sole adjective. Calm clapping beats, mellow bassline and good lyrics from Moka Only and Ishkan. Sit back, relax.