Monday, April 30, 2012

Lona i Webber - Miej Watpliwosc (Video)

The Herbaliser - The Remix According (2012)

01. DJ Food - Mella (Drive Faster Mix By The Herbaliser)
02. Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000 (Post-Nuclear Afterlife Lounge Mix)
03. Little Axe - Storm Is Rising (The Herbaliser Remix)
04. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (The Herbaliser Remix)
05. The Invisible Pair Of Hands - Sloppy's Not Sloppy Any More (Herbaliser Remix)
06. Mulu - Pussycat (The Herbaliser Mix)
07. DJ Vadim - Conquest Of The Irrational (Vads Dad Diversion)
08. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup (The Herbaliser Remix)
09. Jaffa - Elevator (Herbaliser Remix)
10. The Meateaters - You Were My Sunshine (The Herbaliser Remix)
11. Nils Petter Molvaer - Platonic Years (DJ Fjord Mix By The Herbalizer)


Vinnie Paz feat. Block McCloud - End Of Days (Video)

PremRock & Willie Green - Diary Of A Dreamer (Man Mantis Remix)


Second single from the remix album "Reassembled", available here

Mr. Brady x Tajai feat. Just Brea - That Soul (Video)

Bunty Beats - BBQ Beats Mixtape (2012)

01. Grand Puba - Little Of This
02. Jamal - Keep It Real
03. Jamal - Fades Em All (Pete Rock Rmx)
04. KRS-One - A Friend
05. Large Professor - Still Hangin’ Out
06. INI feat. Pete Rock - Think Twice
07. Bunty Beats - March 2012 Beat
08. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents II
09. Nas - The World Is Yours
10. Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
11. Apollo Brown - The 11th Hour
12. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Night Time
13. Da Grassroots feat. Remy Rezzin' - Pylar Sanchez
14. Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo
15. Binary Star feat. One Be Lo & Senim Silla - Reality Check
16. Celph Titled & Buckwild - Where I Are
17. Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto
18. Mc Eiht - Where U Goin 2
19. Dela - Mars Pt. III
20. eMC - Winds Of Change
21. DJ Cam feat. Afu-Ra - Voodoo Child (DJ Premier Rmx)
22. Bunty Beats - March 2012 Beat 2
23. Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - Cliff Notes
24. Bunty Beats - March 2012 Beat 3
25. Masta Ace & Koolade - Beautiful
26. Keith Murray - Manifique (Original Rules)
27. Fresh Daily feat. Suede Jury - Field Notes
28. Kurious Jorge feat. Sadat X & Mike D - Mansion And A Yacht
29. Down South - Southern Comfort
30. Headnodic feat. People Under The Stairs - Surgeon General
31. Cella Dwellas feat. Pharoahe Monch - Ill Collabo
32. Torae - For The Record
33. SciFi Stu feat. Ill Poetix - Can't Leave
34. Bahamadia - Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)
35. Miles Jones feat. Shad - Say What
36. Thad Reid - Ownma Mind (Bunty Beats Remix)
37. Nutso feat. Panchi, Torae & Punchline - Street Corner (Bunty Beats Remix Pt. 2)
38. Bunty Beats & Chox Mak - Sublime Innovation
39. Swiss Precise & Bunty Beats feat. Dizzy Dustin & LMNO - Three Emcees Remix Pt. 2


Bunty Beats

Sincere & Nima Fadavi feat. Pep Love - Let Me Be Me (Video)

Angelz INC - The Book Of Angelz Vol. 1 (2012)

01. (Intro) Get Dat Do
02. Equality
03. Hate Us (7 Of The 200)
04. We Rep
05. Survive feat. T.Bell
06. The Movement feat. Yasin
07. SoulJahz
08. Wrong Place
09. Skit (Jersey Jah)
10. Bonk
11. Welcome To The Ghetto
12. Skylyne
13. World Of Destruction
14. Outro / Hip-Hop



Awkword feat. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - Bars & Hooks (Video)


I Self Devine - Exist To Remain

I Self Devine "Exist To Remain"


From the upcoming album "The Sound Of Low Class Amerika", out May 8th.

Psalm One feat. Thaione Davis - Night Games (Video)

Trebles and Blues - The Reason Why

Trebles and Blues "The Reason Why"

"Another one of my experimental "from scratch" joints, hope you enjoy!" Trebles and Blues

Tab-One (Kooley High) & Sunshine J - Socialize

Tab-One (Kooley High) & Sunshine J "Socialize"


From the upcoming album "Madflowridiculous", out May 29th.

Undeniable feat. L.I.F.E. Long - Can't Believe That (Video)


2 Hungry Bros - Escaping The Day (2012)


"If you haven't guessed, it's Boogz with another masterfully soulful excursion to help your mind ease into the week and weather with unbelievable exuberance. Or! This is 1 crazy Akai compilation of sounds taking it back to the essence and I'm sure your Mondays will never be the same when we're done with this. Be sure to tune in next week for Secret Faces (Deep is going back to the motherland, Puerto Rico but there's still going to be a mean face of a beat waiting here for you Monday morning)." 2 Hungry Bros

Mad One & Kizersöze feat. Aarophat & Lawjick - Get Off The Porch

Mad One & Kizersöze feat. Aarophat & Lawjick "Get Off The Porch"

Taken from the album "In The Spirit Of Jack Johnson", available here

Venomous2000 & Kingshon - Walk On By (Video)

Visuals for "Walk On By" from the album Still Connected

ManOnWire x Nextwon - The Lonely Road

ManOnWire x Nextwon "The Lonely Road"


ManOnWire | Nextwon

Ka - Mr. Officer (Marink Remix)

Ka "Mr. Officer (Marink Remix)"


Ka | Marink

Open Mike Eagle - Rent Party Extension EP (2012)

01. 5ree Thinkers (prod. by Hot Sugar)
02. Amped feat. Eagle Nebula (prod. by Alpha MC)
03. Neighbor (prod. by Infinity Rock)
04. Boss Fight feat. Milo
05. Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)


Open Mike Eagle

Havoc Softener - Music Maker (2012)

01. Music Maker
02. Relaxationstashun
03. My Beat Labratory
04. Happy Days
05. Jackbequick
06. My Philosophy
07. The Drive
08. Drum Siesta
09. The Truth
10. Romeo & Beretta
11. Cherry Blossoms
12. Doowop
13. Universail
14. Party Life
15. The Green Room
16. Sharing Is Caring



MF 911 - The Rukus EP (2012)

01. Come On
02. Indian Tents
03. Last Man Standing
04. The Marvelous Eclipse
05. The Burner
06. Real Live Shit
07. World Wide
08. 45s & 38s
09. Fair Play
10. We Bring The Rukus

Link | Buy

Black Pegasus Music

Mononome - Fools Rush In

Mononome "Fools Rush In"


Handbook - For The Love

Handbook "For The Love"



Nuttkase - Tight Beatz (2012)

01. Conspiracy Theory
02. Faulties
03. Resist
04. Mesropka
05. Skit 1
06. Apple Bottom
07. Phat Shitt 2012
08. Asian
09. Puto
10. No Turning Back
11. Skit 2
12. Okolozeema
13. Aurora Borealis
14. Crap
15. Stop What Ya Doin
16. For Example
17. U40C2012
18. Skunk
19. Skit 3
20. Chewy
21. Between Heaven And Hell
22. Preemakov
23. Hooitah
24. Putin
25. Thoughts
26. Hell On Earth
27. Darkwing Duck
28. Still Ill



MF Doom - My Favorite Ladies (ManOnWire Remix)

MF Doom "My Favorite Ladies (ManOnWire Remix)"



Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought - Bring It

Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought "Bring It"


Non-album bonus track. "Attractive Sin" drops June 19th.

Redman feat. Ready Roc - Sour Deezal (Video)

David McCallum - The Edge

Nas - The Don (Video)

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.23 29-4-12

01. TiredEyes - Nahh Break
02. Atmosphere - Someday Soon
03. MA Doom - Slow Down
04. The Beatnuts - Props Over Here (Funky DL Remix)
05. John Robinson - In 2 The Sunshine
06. Shurikn - Le Sud feat. Akhenaton
07. Rashad & Confidence - The City (Evil Needle Remix)
08. PremRock & Talpas - Love Of The Drum
09. Gangstagrass - Gunslinging Rambler
10. Dark Billy - Beautyfool
11. Action Bronson - A Simple Man
12. Strong Arm Steady - So Hard
13. Apollo Brown & OC - Disclaimer
14. One Be Lo - Pontiac's Rebellion feat. Gwaii
15. Ons El Sonador,Rob West & Coh Leone - Palabras Callejeras
16. Gangrene - The Odditorium
17. Bigg Jus - Food For Thought (Shit Sandwiches)
18. El-P - Oh Hail No feat. Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire & Danny Brown


1982 - Up Every Night (Video)

Blu - Kiss The Sky feat. Mela Machinko

Hollohan - My Lost Love And Bruce (Video)

VA - Funky DL's Remix Deluxe The Album (2012)


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thirstin Howl III - I'm Living (Video)

Jus Ra & A​.​P​. ​- Duality Complex (2012)

01. Intro
02. Whats The Word
03. Soul To Soul
04. The Greatest
05. Radio Rock
06. Interlude
07. Illuminati Rap
08. Never Know
09. So Much 2 Say
10. Duality Complex


Jus Ra | A.P.

Keor Meteor - Sabotage (2012)

01. Balanced
02. Pinheads & Patriots
03. Self-Defense
04. Angela
05. Investigators
06. Sabotage
07. Trayvon Martin
08. Stepbrothers
09. Brandon Roy
10. Debriefing
11. First Lights
12. Moons (cuts by DJ Ivan6)
13. Kiyani x Keor Meteor - Megalithic Structures



Busta Rhymes - Light Ya Ass On Fire (King Boom Remix)

01. Light Ya Ass On Fire (King Boom Remix)
02. Light Ya Ass On Fire (King Boom Remix Instrumental)


Da Kings Quarters

Suff Daddy - Pattern Select / Giscar Sob (Video)

The Mellowtones - Overdue (2012)

01. Heater
02. Hookie
03. Ciphers
04. Sand & Sea
05. No. 46



M'pilah - Virus Virulent (2011)

01. Intro
02. C'est Qui La C'est Qui Ca
03. Contaminé feat. Fizzi
04. Inévitable feat. Boogy & DJ Kmr
05. Mon Quotidien feat. Asco (Bunzen) & Phileas Flow (GameHoover)
06. Pas D'Horaire Pour L'Horreur feat. Pyaz & Movila (Illicite Team)
07. Coup D Etat Sur L Ame Humaine
08. Get Ur Vaccine feat. Supreme (Representativz), Venomous2000 & DJ Hush
09. Appel Moi Coach
10. Mais Où Est Le Rap Français feat. Youcef (La Risposte)
11. Guette Mon H.i.p H.o.p



BBRS Interviews: ManOnWire

Who is ManOnWire? Where did you get your name from?
ManOnWire is my production name, my real name is Jamie Whitehead. I got the name from a 2008 documentary Man On Wire which tells the story of Philippe Petit whom in 1974 illegally performed a high-wire walk between the twin towers in New York.

What was your first encounter with Hip Hop?
I would say probably around 1993. I was mainly listening to grunge/metal & I heard a soundtrack from the film Judgement Night where Hip Hop artists collaborated with artists from the grunge/metal scene such as Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul, Biohazard & Onyx, Pearl Jam & Cypress Hill etc. Around the same time Beastie Boys released Ill Communication, Wu Tang released 36 Chambers & Cypress Hill released Black Sunday, three amazing albums which are now considered by many as classics. Early 90's was a great time for Hip Hop.

How long have you been producing?
I've been producing for about 8 years but it's only in the last year or so that I've made a concerted effort with it.

Who influenced you to start producing?
Listening to producers like Madlib & Dilla, how they flipped old soul samples got me wanting to produce. I have a passion for all things soulful which is mainly down to my parents playing old motown & 60's soul music when I was growing up. My father used to be a record collector so when I started producing I had a library of vinyl at my disposal which was a massive help.

What inspires you?
I would say just listening to good music made by humble people. Since I joined SoundCloud I've discovered loads of talented producers/artists, so everyday I hear some amazing music which inspires me to get better & try harder.

What equipment do you use?
I use a MacBook Pro, Ni Maschine, Roland SP-404sx, Akai mpk49, Digi 002 Rack, Ludwig drum kit, Ableton Live 8, Reason 6, Technics 1210's & a tonne of vinyl.

How much time do you invest in making music?
If I'm not working or watching sport then you'll probably find me either digging for samples or making beats.

Who have you worked with? Who do you want to work with in the future?
I've been blessed to work with loads of talented people, Ibn Hasan, Kid Icarus, Handbook, B.Lowe, YourManManic, Mez, Byrdversion1, Keith Price, MadColour just to name a few. In the future I'd love to produce an album for someone like Brother Ali, Talib Kweli or a UK artist like Jehst but at the same time I'm more than happy to keep producing for underground artists on SoundCloud.

What project are you currently working on?
I've been working on my own album for probably a year now so hopefully I'll finally get round to release it at some point in 2012. You can also expect some collaborations with various different artists & producers from SoundCloud in the next couple of months & there's talk of a possible production for a fairly big artist but I can't really say more than that at the moment just in case it doesn't happen. I've recently started a hip hop collective called Pragmatic Theory & so far we've released 2 free albums on Bandcamp & will be starting a new project with them in the coming months.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
It's hard to say really, as long as I'm healthy & enjoying the music I'll be happy. I've been talking with a couple of people about setting up an independent record label but what with the economy & the state of the music industry it hasn't felt like the right time, so I'd like to get that up & running in the next few years.

Any advice to upcoming producers?
My advice would be just immerse yourself in the music & dedicate as much time as possible to learning the trade as like anything in life the more you put into something the more you get out of it. I'd also recommend to any producer to get on SoundCloud & network, there's loads of independent labels & bloggers on the site so if you consistently release good music you will be noticed.

Any last words?
I'd like to firstly thank everyone at BBRS for your support & interest, I'd also like to thank anyone that has taken time to listen, download or comment on my SoundCloud page. All the amazing comments & reviews I get really does inspire me & I'm truly humbled by the love & generosity people have shown me.

Thanks to ManOnWire for the interiew.

Progress Report - Don't Know What To Do (Video)


VA - Fresh Produce Vol. 1 (2012)

01. Nadir Khan Durrani - A Path We Once Walked Together
02. Styxmen - She Drives Me Wild
03. Ozmoses - Chinese New Year
04. Flawless - God Help Me
05. Trist - Brain Grinder
06. Mad Genius - XXL Cypher Mad Genius
07. Long Fox - Ice Church
08. Czheck - Odyssey
09. King Boom - For Lord Quas
10. Dantes Bruhtha - Duduah
11. Tsar Megha - Overslice
12. Rob 51/50, Dirty J & 8th Life - Cyphers In The Matrix
13. SR388 - Run Tunnel
14. Dune - Namaste


The Freshest Product

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sene - Brooklyknight (WEB) (2012)

01. The Feel Real feat. Sly5thave (prod. by Nogames)
02. Brooklyknight feat. Jay Jennings (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
03. Spoiled Rotten Apples (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
04. Backboards feat. Blu (prod. by Sene)
05. Footprints (prod. by Nogames & Sene)
06. Time! (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
07. Holyday feat. Denitia Odigie (prod. by J57)
08. Cult Classic (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
09. Artificial Family feat. ScienZe & Co$$ (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
10. We Are Couleurs feat. Soul Khan (prod. by Fonetik Simbol)
11. It’s Been Said feat. Jay Jennings (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
12. The Fortunate Passport (prod. by Dr. Illingsworth)
13. Music Man (prod. by Sene)

Link | Buy


Truth By Design - The Truth Podcast Episode #5 (2012)

01. Apollo Brown feat. Kenn Starr & Oddisee - Lower The Boom
02. Stik Figa - What You Know
03. The Doppelgangaz - Schemes
04. M.I. (Constant Deviants) - Allnighter
05. Yak Ballz feat. Cage - Detox
06. King I Divine & ScienZe feat. Maffew Ragazino & QuESt - Organic
07. Wee Bee Foolish - Times Change
08. The Artifacts - Easter
09. Lone Catalysts feat. All Natural - Renaissance
10. Redlife - Who's Talkin Weight
11. Mars Ill - Change Your Ways
12. Kaze - Spirit Of 94
13. Little Vic - Second Coming
14. Chubb Rock - Games We Play
15. Deda - Markd4death
16. Damu The Fudgemunk - Wonka Beat 5
17. Natural Elements - Bust Mine
18. De La Soul - Wasn't For You
19. Presto feat. Dhurti - Let It Circulate
20. yU - The Earn
21. Jazzy Jeff feat. J-Live - Practice
22. Shadowz In Da Dark - Shadow Boxing
23. Large Professor feat. Q-Tip - In The Sun
24. The Slum Brothers - Stop Frontin
25. Kev Brown - The Versatility Joint
26. Beneficence feat. Roc Marciano - Monetary Policy


Truth By Design

Fliptrix - Drifting (Video)

Visuals for "Drifting" from Third Eye Of The Storm

The Beatnuts - Props Over Here (Funky DL Remix)

The Beatnuts "Props Over Here (Funky DL Remix)"


Funky DL

VA - DuzzUp Vol. 4 (2012)

01. mono:massive - jegg daniels
02. dusty crates - do sum
03. b.visible - spirograph
04. ra-b - funky message
05. pdf a.k.a phil da funk - familiar stranger rmx
06. minor sick & simp - karthago
07. karail - atom
08. menatamps (jakova x nomad) - blaq cougar
09. chrisfader & testa - the moon
10. simp - grim reaper vs. belmont clan
11. mosch - nash bryson
12. mistah gikko - lord of the eyerings
13. japandrew - break it
14. form - spiritus rectum
15. mirac - heavenue


Duzz Down San

Babylon Warchild presents The Gatekeepers (2012)

01. The Light feat. Lord Lhus, Black, & Qualm
02. The Gates Of Babylon feat. Profit Pre & KDB
03. The System
04. The Towers Of Babylon feat. Chief Kamachi & Wordsworth
05. The Hellbound feat. Kaotny
06. The Nighthawkz feat. King David
07. The International feat. Sadat X, Mr. Merak & C-Rayz Walz
08. The Threat feat. Tragedy Khadafi, KDB & D Tha Suspect
09. The Karma
10. The First Warning feat. PSL & J-Spine
11. The Broadcast feat. Primacy, Black, Elohem, L.I.F.E. Long & Syntax
12. The Return feat. Daddy Rose
13. The Sacred Source feat. Twin Perils
14. The Injustice feat. Kain Slim & J-Spine
15. The Countdown feat. J-Spine
16. The Requiem feat. KDB

Link | Buy

Babylon Warchild

The Legion - Automatic Systematic (Video)

Visuals for "Automatic Systematic" from the Straight Flow 7"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Global Platoon - No Man's Land (Snippets)

Global Platoon "No Man's Land" (Snippets)

"Snippets of No Man's Land taken from the upcoming Global Platoon EP G8 Summit. The snippet features the version of the wax release and also the remix on the cassette release. The entire track features Bosch, M.I. (Constant Deviants), Fla Fla and Rome." Debonair P

House Shoes - The Makings Pt. 1 (2012)

01. Rich Medina Intro
02. Proof feat. Journalist 103 (The Left) & Mu - Broken (2002)
03. Danny Brown - High (2009)
04. MarvWon - Stomp (2010)
05. MED feat. Poke - Purest (cuts by DJ Romes) (2011)
06. Quelle Chris feat. Roc Marciano - Slaves (2011)
07. Moe Dirdee - Let It Bang (2010)
08. Invincible feat. Finale - Locusts (2008)
09. Outro Pt. 1 feat. V-Stylez, Boog Brown & Rich Medina


"A collection of House Shoes' previous productions, with words from Rich Medina, Black Milk, Gaslamp Killer, Khrysis, Blame One, Phife, Exile, Prodigy, Brenk Sinatra, Boog Brown, and V-Stylez. The Makings Part 2 is due out next week! Stay tuned." Tres Records

Homecut - Homecut Remixed (WEB) (2012)

01. Time Difference feat. J-Live (Marc Mac Remix)
02. Bring It All Together feat. Ad Apt (Social Beings Remix)
03. YKTE feat. LeeSun (Capstone Re-version)
04. City Song (Lotek Remix)
05. Time Difference feat. J-Live (Herma Puma Remix)
06. I Dont Even Know feat. Corinne Bailey Rae & Soweto Kinch (DJ Vadim Remix)
07. All For Now (Kidkanevil Remix)
08. Not Far To Go (Souleance Remix)
09. No Freedom Without Sacrifice (Blue Daisys In Memory Of Remix)
10. Not Far To Go (Planas Remix)

Link | Buy

First Word Records

Bruce Wall'As (Da Big Five) - Foupoudav (Video)

Visuals for "Foupoudav" from Da Big Five 's album Battle Royale

PremRock & Talpas - Love Of The Drum


"I am currently in the Czech Republic working on a joint EP with Czech producer Talpas to be released through Everydays label based in the Czech Republic. I would love to share with the promotional single available for stream right here: "Love Of The Drum". Sure this collaboration could have been done on the internet by trading files... but if you know me, then you know why I did this and continue to do outlandish things for my art. Whether or not this makes the album cut remains to be seen." PremRock

Showbiz - The Cloth (Video)

Junclassic - Mr. Nice (prod. by Wunderkind)

Junclassic "Mr. Nice"
(Produced by Wunderkind)


Final leak from "Better Than Fiction", entirely produced by Wunderkind.

I Self Devine - Exist To Remain (Video)

Venomous2000 & Kingshon - Still Connected (WEB) (2012)

01. Intro
02. Soul Journey
03. GPS feat. Kingshon
04. Walk On By
05. Stress Relief feat. Kingshon, DJ Hush & Phonetic
06. Open Doors
07. Oral Tradition feat. DJ MentPlus
08. Breathe Easy
09. Raise It Up
10. Satisfaction feat. V.White
11. Searching feat. Twilight
12. God’s Prison (Remix) feat. Ony Oz & Smif-N-Wessun
13. Grill Paper feat. S.U. & Twilight
14. Lost Love
15. Step 1, Rock 2 feat. DJ Hush
16. Each Time feat. Nalm Myerz, RealEyez Mystic & Poet Substratum

Link | Buy

Thanks to Danksta

Truth By Design - True B-Boy Demeanor (Video)

Following up on the release of their well-received 2011 EP, Timeless, Truth By Design returns for 2012 with a teaser entitled: "True B-Boy Demeanor". As a visual representation of each group member in their element, this video acts as a fitting precursor to their new single "Major Damage" dropping on May 15.

Classic The Legend & Pawcut - The Hungry People (2012)

01. Cleveland Fitted & Brown Nikes
02. Talking 2 Those Starving
03. Steve
04. Time To Dine
05. Whats Coming
06. Now
07. Let Dem Go
08. Love In Blood
09. Going Thru
10. Detached
11. Nada Permission
12. Presence


Classic The Legend | Pawcut

Falside - Billy Idol

Falside "Billy Idol"

First leak from Falside's upcoming instrumental project "East Toast" dropping this summer.

Solid Vs. Green - SolidGoldGreen (Promomix by DJ Lamont)

Smimooz & DJ Grazzhoppa collaborative project available on vinyl only May 10th.

Senses Overloaded

Eyas - It Will Become(2012)

1. Cinema
2. Los Osos
3. First Light
4. It Will Become
5. Let Her Go
6. No Need to Think
7. Instantaneous
8. Summer #1
9. Smoke from the Ivory
10. Unfold in Dreams
11. Underwater


Scratch Bandits Crew - Heart Beat (Video)

Nas - Daughters

Psycho Realm - I'm Gone (Video)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TiredEyes - I Used To Be (2011)


9th Uno - Blue Night (2012)

01. Fast Livin (Prod. By Thought Product)
02. Start The Fire (Prod. By MoSS)
03. Feelin’ High (Prod. By 9th Uno)
04. Mergers and Executions Feat. K-Dot (Prod. By MoSS)
05. Nihilism Feat. Fatski (Prod. By Phat Tony)
06. Don’t Do It (Prod. By Sproxx)
07. Lady Heroin (Prod. By MoSS)
08. I’m Sayin’ Feat. D-Sisive (Prod. By 9th Uno)
09. Space Cowboy (Prod. By Arkeologists)


VA - Dopeshit Records Presents - A Clean Dose Of Music (2012)

01 Main Flow - Changes (feat. MC Complex)
02 Tablek (Maspyke) - The Way I Feel
03 Doap Nixon - Never Die (feat. Chief Kamachi & Rick D.)
04 I.N.F. - Oldskool To Newskool (feat. Rampage)
05 Block Mcloud - I Told You Twice (feat. Vinnie Paz & King Magnetic)
06 Smooth Da Hustle - Freestyle
07 Kingpin - Lives and Breathes
08 Ruste Juxx - This That Dope Shit (feat. I.N.F. & Born Talent)
09 Moka Only - Forward and Back
10 E.Q. and Destruct - I Don't Know Why
11 Planetary (Outerspace) - Buckets of Blood
12 Words & Rhymes - Special Update
13 Reain - Interlude
14 Rhymes - Faces to Faces (feat. King Magnetic & Ill Tone)
15 Born Talent - Aggravated
16 Imagery - Visual Lies
17 Pacewon - Just For the Records (feat. Main Flow & Rhymes)
18 Words - Cocky Type (feat. Copywrite)
19 Larynx - Never Loose Touch (feat. Imagery)
20 Think - Interlude
21 Buddha Monk - Fright Night
22 Destruct - The World We Livin In (feat. E.Q. & Planet Asia)
23 Insight - Looking Back

Link | Buy

Thanks DJS