Monday, November 30, 2015

The Black Opera – Protect The Code [The Creative Compilation] (2015)


Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.08 29-11-15

1.Jisah-Mugon Zaka
2.Apollo 13 & Dirty Dane-My Producer's Soulful
3.Dumhi-Sacred Papercuts feat Scanz, Nico the Beast, Rich Quick
4.King RA & Bunty Beats-One Of The Best
5.DJ Hoppa-Mistakes feat Dizzy Wright,RA The Rugged Man and Devon Lee
6.Blu&Bombay-The Ρeturn
7.Markis Precise-Kiss the Ring feat. Elzhi & Fashawn
8.Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution-Baby Got Me Good feat. Jammaroots BNC
9.Kuzco-Fire On The Horizon
10.Prince Original & J-Love-Tearz Of A Soldier feat. Knowledge
11.Solomon Childs-Tried So Hard feat. G-Clef,Quayshaun and Eric Drayven
12.Merc Versus and Falling Down-King Of Beasts
13.Maticulous-That Ain't U feat. Rock & Guilty Simpson
14.Sim E-Bang feat Planet Asia,Chace Infinite,Meccagodzilla and Prince Po
15.80's Babies-Man's World feat. Yng Sin
16.S.A.M (Clarity,Crucifix & Badhabitz)-The Curse of Victory


Saturday, November 28, 2015

A.G. & Ray West - The Nickel EP (2015)

01. Intro
02. Red Apples
03. U Ain't Me
04. Don't Ya Baby
05. Alfa Romero feat. L Fudge & Dave Dar
06. Red Apples Kings feat. Roc Marciano
07. Die Another Day
08. The One
09. Common Man
10. We Go Hard feat. John Robinson & Dave Dar


Friday, November 27, 2015

Cappadonna-The Pillage 2 (2015)

01. Let's Get Free feat. Hashous Clay
02. 4 Leaf Clover
03. 52 Blocks
04. Black Woman feat. Jay Rush
05. Clap If You Hustle
06. Get Money
07. The Have Nots
08. Hip-Hop Never Died feat. Skillz, Lounge Mode & Mr. Cheeks
09. Poppi Wardrobe King feat. Hashous Clay
10. Raven Hair
11. Tell the Truth feat. Jay Rush & Lazy Bone
12. Story of My Chance
13. We Forever feat. Rampage & Spliff Star
14. That Gallo Flow


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Zavala-Memory Traps EP (2015)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PRhyme-Highs And Lows DOOM and Phonte

KRS-One - Now Hear This The Album (2015)


Blu-$200 Dollar Beats(2015)


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blu-$100 Dollar Beats(2015)


Monday, November 23, 2015

Agallah the Don x DirtyDiggs – Flight of the Cranes (2015)

1. My Mind
2. Don Shooter
3. Underground
4. Still Rising
5. Wildstyle
6. Medicinal Thoughts
7. Thug Thizzle


Jel - Greenball 6(2015)


Wun Two & Hubert Daviz-Paseadero EP(2015)

Prince Original & J-Love-One Life To Live(2014)

01. Long Way Home
02. Sacrifice
03. Justice League feat. Take-It, Gee Dubs & J-Love
04. Verbal Matrimony feat. Science
05. Dream Chaser
06. Dream Chaser Words
07. Serengeti feat. J-Love
08. Acclaimed Ambiance
09. Straight Queen Talk feat. Straight Jacket
10. Beautiful Queen
11. Prince Of Steel feat. Jay Steele
12. Tearz Of A Soldier feat. Knowledge
13. Warrior Status feat. Meyhem Lauren, Whyz Ruler & Ag Da Coroner
14. Straight Battle Call
15. Predatorial Music feat. Timeless Truth
16. Lost Hour feat. Gee Dubs
17. Master Of Ceremony


People Under The Stairs – The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 1 (2015)

01. 100 Miles
02. Runaway feat. Greg Nice
03. #asapfreedumwillyum$
04. Saturday Again
05. Alleys (Bada)
06. The Love


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.07 22-11-15

1.Mr. Moods & Lou Mistrau - Jazzamataz
2.Crate Divizion-Parisian Pistolier
3.Starvin B-More Bottles
4.Moka Only-Steppin In The Sunset
5.iNK-Bondi Sunday ft Swayze
6.Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose feat. Blueprint & Aesop Rock
7.Ilyas-Inner Conflict (Ego Vs. Soul)
8.Motive-Dont Want It ft Blacastan and Soutpaw Jones
9.Sixfingerz - The Devil man
10.L'Orange & Kool Keith-This New World feat. Blu, Montage One & DJ Trackstar
11.Dann Niggaz-Boom Bye Bye (Remix Ghetto Concept) ft Lil Supa
12.Cyrus Tha Great-The Most Marvelous Bunch Of Niggaz feat. JuneLyfe, SPNDA & The Black Opera
13.A-F-R-O-#CODE 829
14.New Breed-Long Suffering
15.Detane-Bomb Bomb feat. Block Mccloud and Capitol I-Man


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A-F-R-O – Tales From The Basement (2015)


Freestyle phenom and R.A. The Rugged Man signee A-F-R-O (aka All Flows Reach Out) returns with his most cohesive project to date. "Tales From The Basement" finds the 18-year-old Cali spitter blessing a host of classic instrumentals with his otherworldly flows and razor-sharp rhymes.

Ilyas Nashid & Quintessence James – Transformation Part 1: Ego (2015)


A-F-R-O - Code #829

K-Def & The 45 King - Back To The Beat, Volume 2 (2015)


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Joey Bada$$-Teach Me ft. Kiesza

VII - Eloge De L'Ombre (2015)

01. Je Reviendrai Avec La Pluie
02. Printemps Tardif feat. Euphonik
03. Epilogue
04. Le Masque De Nô
05. Entre Leurs Murs
06. Les Yeux Pour Pleurer
07. Chiens De Pavlov feat. Stratégie De Paix, Lax, Mydjack, Nzo Et Original Tonio
08. L'Ange En Décomposition
09. Infréquentable
10. Les Armes Miraculeuses
11. Lit De Mort
12. Une Touche D'Invisible
13. Ronin
14. Temps Modernes (Interlude)
15. Léningrad
16. Cénotaphe feat. Névro
17. Fleur D'Équinoxe


Sabotawj – The West (2015)


MoSS - Marching To The Sound Of My Own Drum (2015)

01. Introduction (feat. Ill Bill & Inspectah Deck)
02. Started (feat. AZ, DJ Premier, & Joe Budden)
03. Who (feat. Chuuwee)
04. Loner (Interlude) (feat. Witch)
05. Lost In My World (feat. Reks)
06. Day & Night (feat. Eternia)
07. Nobody Move (feat. Havoc & Onyx)
08. Jealousy & Envy (feat. Slaine & Termanology)
09. Arm & Hammer Man (feat. Red Cafe)
10. Boombastic (feat. Slum Village)
11. Sex (feat. AKA & Deuce Wonder)
12. B.Q.P. (feat. Illa Ghee, Peedi Crakk, Royal Flush & Sean Price)
13. Kids (feat. Joell Ortiz)
14. Hard Hitters (feat. Skyzoo & Supastition)
15. Emotional Redux (feat. Big Gov, Guilty Simpson, Jon Connor, Vstylez & Willie The Kid)


Nuages Records Presents: The Remixes - DJ Krush vs. DJ Shadow(2015)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Talib Kweli & 9th Wonder - Indie 500 (2015)

01. Which Side Are You On (feat. Tef Poe & Kendra Ross)
02. Every Ghetto (feat. Rapsody)
03. Pay Ya Dues (feat. Problem & Bad Lucc)
04. Lo-Fi (feat. NIKO IS)
05. Prego (feat. Pharoahe Monch & Slug)
06. Life Ahead of Me (feat. Rapsody)
07. Great Day in the Morning (feat. Add 2)
08. Don't Be Afraid (feat. Rapsody, Problem & Bad Lucc)
09. These Waters (feat. K'Valentine, NIKO IS, Chris Rob & Jessica Care Moore)
10. King Shit (feat. NIKO IS & GQ)
11. Bangers (feat. MK Asante & Halo)
12. Technicolor Easels (feat. NIKO IS)
13. Understand (feat. Brother Ali & Planet Asia)


Yasiin Bey - NO Colonial Fiction

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.06 15-11-15

1.Lord Finesse-Cinematic Soul
2.Erykah Badu-Phone Down
3.Mc Shinobi 7 - Back To The Old School Feat. Metrix
4.Res One-No Managers feat. Two Tungs
5.King Rem & Peerless-Uptown Musick
6.Tha Grandson-Cross and Necklace
7.Relic-Breathe Easy
8.Joe Kickass - Walk That Water
9.Juju Rogers-Dreams feat. Oddisee
10.Pete Rock-Play Yo Horn
11.L'Entourloop-Time To Grow Feat Gavlyn
12.King Magnetic-UGLY feat. Big Shug
13.Black Knights-Hood Liberator feat. The Reverend Willy Burks
14.Gilead 7- Monolith Chameleon
15.Vitality-Don't You See  featuring Mental Devil Slay
16.Jedi Mind Tricks-Destiny Forged in Blood (Badtape Remix)


40 Winks - Sound Puzzle Deluxe Edition (2015)


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gavlyn - Make Up For Your Break Up (2015)

01. The Tutorial
02. What's The Plan feat. Mia Coleman
03. Tell You How
04. Black Cherry Kool-Aid
05. Yall Ain't Shit feat. Olivia Braga
06. Wear Heels With Me
07. Friendzone feat. Anderson .Paak
08. Take It There feat. Mia Coleman
09. Sad Grl feat. Olivia Braga
10. Soulful
11. Ungrateful Humans feat. Blimes Brixton & Mia Coleman
12. My Bad
13. Right Now


J-Live – How Much Is Water (2015)


Noah23 – Aquarian Alien (2015)

Sage Francis-ID Thieves

Funky DL-Le Emporium De Jazz(2015)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Lucio Bukowski et Kio Itachi-Kiai Sous La Pluie Noire(2015)

01 Premieres Cendres 0:57
02 Arte Povera 2:25
03 Notes D'un Souterrain 2:55
04 Grand Roque 2:30
05 Pates Au Beurre feat JP Manova 2:29
06 Kiai Sous La Pluie Noire 2:54
07 Kokyu 1:15
08 Jean 2, 13-21 2:39
09 Transmigration Des Anes 2:40
10 1% feat Juxx Skanks et Dylan Thomas 3:31
11 2pac, Moliere et Les Licornes 2:32
12 Transitoriis Quaere Aeterna 2:44
13 Apres La Pluie 1:09


Erykah Badu-Phone Down

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Redman – Mudface (2015)

01. Dr. Trevis Intro (feat. Josh Gannet)
02. Wus Really Hood
03. Beastin (MCA)
04. Gettin Inside
05. Muddy Island (Skit)
06. N a Like Me
07. Dopeman (feat. StressMatic)
08. Let It Go
09. Bars
10. High 2 Come Down
11. Wont Be Fiendin (The Dez Remix)
12. Undeniable (feat. Runt Dog & Ready Roc)
13. Go Hard


A Tribe Called Quest – Peoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm (Remastered) (2015)

01. Push It Along
02. Luck Of Lucien
03. After Hours
04. Footprints
05. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
06. Pubic Enemy
07. Bonita Applebum
08. Can I Kick It?
09. Youthful Expression
10. Rhythm (Devoted To The Art Of Moving Butts)
11. Mr. Muhammad
12. Ham ‘N’ Eggs
13. Go Ahead In The Rain
14. Description Of A Fool
15. Footprints (Remix) (Feat. CeeLo Green)
16. Bonita Applebum (Pharrell Williams Remix)
17. Can I Kick It? (J. Cole Remix)


Ol' Dirty Bastard-OBEY ME (Shash'U Remix)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lekta & Bugz-Pushing Forward(2015)

Mr Brady & N95 (UK) – The Vibe Complex Ep (2015)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pen Pals – Pen Pals (2015)


Busdriver – Thumbs (2015)


Logic - Fade Away

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Gstats (of Bankai Fam) – Syke Ward (2015)


Ancient Astronauts - Risin High feat. Raashan Ahmad (Nickodemus Remix)

Snak The Ripper - Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.05 1-11-15

1.Defizit-Like This
2.Ki-One Time
3.Juju Rogers-Dreams feat. Oddisee
4.Isaac Apollo-A Vivid Picture Feat. Blame One & Charles Grant
5.Lawkyz-Parasites Feat. Pumpkin
6.Gen-The Good The Bad Bad And The Ugly
7.Grand Daddy I.U.-Soviet Scratches ft. DJ Jackhammer
8.Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge-Blackout feat. Raekwon
9.Widowmaker-Smoke Noir
10.Jemini The Gifted One-Cant Stop Rockin(Tribute)
11.Statik Selektah-Hood Boogers feat. Your Old Droog and Chauncy Sherod
12.Blabbermouf-Come Correct feat. Ellmatic
13.Onyx-Fuck Da Law
14.Equipto and Otayo Dubb-The Essence feat. White Mic
15.Zagnif Nori-Natural High feat. P. Genz
16.Planet Asia & DJ Fresh-Gangsta Excercise feat Killer Ben
17.Venomous2000-Will Power feat. DJ End K