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General Monks (Planet Asia & TriState) - Bar Season (Video)

Visuals for "Bar Season" from Each Step Becomes Elevated

Great Scott - I Shall Lack Nothing (prod. by Lex Boogie From The Bronx)

Great Scott "I Shall Lack Nothing"
(Produced by Lex Boogie From The Bronx)


From the upcoming album "Ex Cathedra", out August 10th.

The Jazoburbs - Weight Of Soul (2007)

01. How To Swim feat. Seth Walter
02. Love It Or Leave It feat. Charizma Davinci & DJ Bizkid
03. Light In The Dark feat. Azael
04. In The End feat. Seth Walter
05. Special feat. Seth Walter & Ees
06. Where We Stand feat. Riddlore & LMNO
07. Mindstate Like This feat. Azael
08. Unhappy feat. Seth Walter
09. Mixed Emotions feat. Seth Walter
10. Full Service feat. Riddlore
11. Hate North feat. Seth Walter
12. The Lift feat. Riddlore & Awol One
13. Explorer feat. Seth Walter
14. Strange Night feat. Charizma Davinci, Azael & DJ Bizkid
15. Bastards & Bitches feat. Seth Walter
16. Opposite Day feat. Konverse & DJ Bizkid
17. Everytime feat. Charizma Davinci
18. Imperfection feat. Seth Walter
19. Dreamlight feat. Azael
20. Thank You Song feat. Charizma Davinci
21. I Am feat. Seth Walter



Apollo Brown - Tao Te Ching (Video)

Jinesis - Long As I Ask

Epsilon Project - KO (prod. by Nerak)


As featured on Assault & Battling's Deserved Respect compilation album.

Wu Tang - Laced Cheeba feat. Ghostface Killah, Sean Price & Trife

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rythmatical, Ascience, Illoquence & Aud.One - Fellowship Beat Tape (2011)

01. Ascience - A Fool
02. Illoquence - A Little Blue
03. Rythmatical - Attitude
04. Ascience - Beautiful You!
05. Illoquence - Beertrop
06. Aud.One - Buttersoft
07. Illoquence - Fall Apart
08. Ascience - Green Tea
09. Rythmatical - Heartless
10. Ascience - Hill Top Blues
11. Illoquence - Hypnopomic
12. Aud.One - I Feel You
13. Rythmatical - I Try
14. Ascience - Knowledge Interlude
15. Illoquence - Letting Go
16. Illoquence - Memento
17. Ascience - More Than Ever
18. Aud.One - Oohs And Ahhs
19. Rythmatical - Our Deepest Fear
20. Aud.One - Recollect
21. Rythmatical - Sitting Lonely
22. Ascience - Strange World!
23. Rythmatical - Sunrise
24. Aud.One - The Innerlude
25. Aud.One - Thought Of
26. Rythmatical - Trippen
27. Aud.One - Undisputed
28. Illoquence - You


"For those who don't know this is a collaboration beat tape between Rythmatical, Aud.One, Illoquence and myself. We each did 7 tracks, so 28 CRAZY BEATS!!! Completely for your listening enjoyment and it's all 100% free." Ascience

Apathy - Check To Check (Video)

2Pac-Watch Ya Mouth

“Watch Ya Mouth”, an infamous diss record from Pac that finds him coming at the heads of Dr. Dre, Nas and De La Soul over a decidedly East Coast blap.

Doc Hollywood ft. Ras Kass - 90210


Astronote – The Raw Tape(2011)

On the heels of his recent full length release “Weapon of the Future”, Astronote presents The Raw Tape. Although most of Astronote’s current production is loaded with live instrumentation, for The Raw Tape he used an analog sampler to revisit a much more raw and gritty sampled sound. The result is an epic 21 track soundscape that delivers even more proof of why he’s considered one of the best new producers in the game.


Raekwon Reveals Wu-Tang Clan Working on New Album

Though it's still early days for the recently 'rebirthed' Wu-Tang Clan, founding member Raekwon the Chef has revealed that the group has begun work on their sixth studio album (and first since 2007's '8 Diagrams').

"It's kind of early to announce a new album right now," he tells Spinner. "We've been working on some things, though."

Pressed for details, the rapper, whose production disagreements with producer and fellow Clan member RZA over the divergence from the 'classic' Wu-Tang sound on the collective's last release led to Raekwon's RZA-less album 'Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang,' was quick to add, "As far as Wu-Tang goes, it's something that we really got to get together first for."

The insinuation backs up the speculation that, despite recent touring, all is still not fully healed in the camp.

To add further fuel to the fire, Raekwon, whose working on his own tell-all autobiography, admits he was frustrated at the accuracy and promotion of last year's group-approved behind-the-scenes documentary, 'Wu-Tang Saga.'

"It gets a little weary because everything don't be really so much facts [sic]," he sighs. "But that be the other guy's opinions on how they want to promote it. I'm used to it. My life ain't a movie, so I just got to let it run out."


Sean Price Talks Random Axe And New Album With Ill Bill

Sean Price and his Random Axe group members—Black Milk and Guilty Simpson—released their self-titled debut earlier this month, and during a new interview with The Come Up Show TV, the Brownsville rapper touched on his current and upcoming projects.

Price talked about the music he’s recorded for his solo album Mic Tyson explaining that the songs weren’t aimed at radio success. “I just make what I make and I stick with it,” he said. “I’ve done other songs, I’ve done a remix with the Destiny’s Child, 'Girls,' but that ain’t my shit. I did it but that don’t mean I like it. I wanna do shit I like. I don’t make girl songs and all that shit man.”

In regards to the anticipated Random Axe album, Sean P revealed that one of his favorite songs is the track “Chewbacca,” before he detailed some of his experiences recording with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. “Black will play the beat and he’ll be like, ‘Yo, you should write a verse to this.’ I go ‘yeah,’ and I go on a roll,” he said.

Following the release of his long-delayed Mic Tyson LP, fans can expect yet another album from the outspoken rapper. “I got one more project with Ill Bill called The Pill," he said. "After that I don't know what I’ma do."


Cody McClaine - The Constant (prod. by magOwl)

Cody McClaine "The Constant"
(Produced by magOwl)

Cody McClaine | magOwl

DJ Kryptonite - STBB#225

DJ Kryptonite "STBB#225"


Timbo King - Tombstone


From the upcoming album "From Babylon To Timbuk2", out August 30th.

Wu-Tang Clan - 225 Rounds

Erykah Badu Dons New Alias For Dance Project

Erykah Badu will release her first mixtape next month, under the name DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown.

We don’t know too much about the mixtape, but it will be both mixed and produced by Badu, and according to claims at a recent live show, “will melt any DJ’s face off” and represents more of a “dance project” than what fans are used to.

Badu has been DJing at various Stateside shows recently under the Loretta Brown alias; colour us intrigued as to how this side of her will sound.

And you never know, maybe Flying Lotus will be involved.


Mecca:83-The Life Sketches EP(2011)

1.Together(ness) 02:51
2.Around Midnight 03:03
3.Detroit Twilight 02:51
4.The Message 01:26
5.ScopeSight 02:30
6.Loungin 02:23
7.Godbless & Goodnight 01:04
8.Untitled #174 (Bonus Beat) 02:35


Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun-That's Hard feat. Sean Price & Styles P

The Doppelgangaz - Lone Sharks (2011)

01. Happy Face
02. Nexium
03. Get Em
04. Doppel Gospel
05. Dumpster Diving
06. The Gods
07. Pack Kevorkian
08. Wench Rench
09. Rap $ Unemployment
10. Like What Like Me
11. Lush
12. NY Bushmen
13. At Night
14. Dead Already
15. Suppository

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Props to Hairy Testicles

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DaiKatamy - Darkest Before The Dawn (2011)

01. Before The Dawn
02. The Broken (Story Of A Child)
03. L'État Critique Du Samurai (The Plight Of The Samurai)
04. Exhibit A: Moulin (R.I.P.)
05. The Thunder Road (First Flight)
06. The Magnificent Seven
07. Think It Could Be Love
08. The Contemporary Party Joint
09. Waiting For The Night (H.E.R.)
10. I'm Flying Away (Cloud of Reflection)


Sol Precision

Jermiside - Live And Let Live (2011)

01. Jerm From Cincinnati
02. Just Like You
03. The Cookout feat. Donwill & Spec Boogie
04. I Been Down
05. Big Ohio
06. Give Up Again
07. There's A Lot Going Down
08. I'm A Man
09. Every Time feat. Nicky Guiland
10. Hurry Up
11. Living On
12. Moving Slow


Phill Most Chill - All Cuts Recorded Raw (2011)

01. Phill Most Chill Is Great
02. Bozo Meko (Get Involved)
03. Out To Kill
04. That Girl
05. On Tempo Jack
06. Phill Most Chill On The Hype Tip
07. Release Yourself (Alternative Mix)
08. Be Intelligent
09. I Gotta Have It
10. Radio
11. Rhythm
12. Pride (Remix)
13. Get Into It
14. Scratchmaster Rob On The Cut
15. Pmc Outro



Harper Rose - Listening Pleasure For You Alone: Overdose (2011)

01. Oh If
02. Playhead
03. Arrow
04. Hard Symphony
05. How Much I Love Ya
06. Coppers
07. Finding


Fourth and last installment of the "Listening Pleasure For You Alone" series.

Sene - exit​,​us.


MumboJumbo - Cut N Paste Chemistry (2011)

1. Intro
2. Butter
3. Limbo
4. Junglestrut
5. Folly
6. Jigsaw
7. Macdaddy
8. Feather
9. 96
10. Thing in a Jar
11. Witches
12. Three
13. Snap Crackle


Keny Arkana - De l'opéra à la plaine 2

Alias - Collected Remixes vol. III(2007)

01 - minus the bear - pachuca sunrise
02 - themselves - only child explosion
03 - son lux - weapons vi
04 - darc mind - outside lookin in
05 - my brightest diamond - golden star
06 - bracken - heathens ft. yoni wolf
07 - the delta mirror - he was worse than the needle he gave you
08 - dextro - the pacifist
09 - alias - divine disappointments
10 - project dark - the demise
11 - dextro - hearts & minds
12 - why - one rose
13 - themselves - gangster of disbelief


Thats Not My Link..

Alias - Collected Remixes vol. II(2007)

01 - steve & rob - how i learned to hate myself ft. sole
02 - sole - plutonium
03 - sole - pretty
04 - sole - bottle of humans
05 - slug, eyedea & sole - saviour
06 - sole & the skyrider band - hello cruel world ft. yoni wolf
07 - anticon - we ain't fessin'
08 - sole - plutonium (instrumental)


Thats Not My Link..

Ichiro-Noon EP(2011)

1.noon noon 02:07
2.camille 02:10 02:00
4._EL DUKE 02:57
5.juju_ 02:08
6.miyane 02:27
7.glow 02:54


VA - Boomshell presents The Premix (2011)

01. Two Gunz Blazin feat. Inspectah Deck & Timbo King
02. Go Ahead feat. Outerspace & Gaza Smith
03. Murda On The Daily feat. AZ & Cormega
04. Geeez
05. Static feat. Shiz & Gaza Smith
06. Illadelph Mindstate feat. Rasul Allah
07. Solar Powered Emcees feat. Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Cosmic Crusader & Rich Raw
08. Horns
09. Drums Of War feat. Gaza Smith
10. Damaged
11. Stellar Gravity feat. Rsun
12. Stone Cold feat. Gift Of Gab & Brian Williams
13. All I Had feat. Tamaro
14. Control
15. Let It Reign On Em feat. Reef The Lost Cauze
16. The Highest feat. Junior Reid & Wize Intelligent
17. Blueberry Remix
18. Lights Out feat. Cosmic Crusader



Viro The Virus - Virohazard (WEB) (2011)

01. Desperate (Snowgoons Remix)
02. Passion Of The V (Sicknature Remix)
03. Starlight (Black Luger Remix)
04. Who Are You (Snowgoons Remix)
05. Rear Naked Choke (prod. by Sicknature)
06. Heat (prod. by Snowgoons)
07. Slumdog (prod. by Snowgoons)
08. Kid U Not (Snowgoons Remix)

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Thanks to Delars

4th Assassin feat. Big O - Pot Hole Poetry

4th Assassin feat. Big O "Pot Hole Poetry"

From the upcoming album "Bloodmoney", to be released this summer. Presents: DopeSoup (2011)

1. Freddie Joachim- All I Need (Intro)
2. Hail Mary Mallon- Grubstake
3. Death Grips- Guillotine
4. Mexican With Guns- Jaguar
6. Sahtyre- The Buddha
7. aDaD & Illmind- Wishful Thoughts
8. Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah- Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away
9. Moe Pope- Alone
10. Aleon Craft- Look Twice
11. Open Mike Eagle- Bright Green Light
12. Icona Pop- Manners ft. Intuition
13. Outasight- Figure 8
14. Anacron- Party Animal ft. Sarah Jane
15. Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire- HuzZah!
16. Dom Kennedy- Playas Punch
17. MumboJumbo- Jigsaw
18. Reks- This Is Me ft. DJ Corbet
19. Co$$- Only When I Dream ft. Sene & Aloe Blacc
20. Writtenhouse- Sticky
21. DJ KO- Til I Go ft. MadKem & Jared Sanders
22. Open Mike Eagle- No Body Nose
23. MumboJumbo- Three (Outro)


BandSoup is back with another exciting and eclectic hip hop compilation featuring some of independent hip hop's finest established and emerging artists.

DopeSoup is the epitome of a compilation. With this mix, we cover everything from odd electro experiments and pop party jams to loud lyrical bangers and mellow musings. Each North American time zone is represented as we spotlight artists from California, New York, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, and even one hailing from the United Kingdom.

98% of this compilation features music from 2011. So, if you are a hip hop fanatic or merely a curious listener looking to expand your musical consciousness, DopeSoup will instantly get you up to date with the best hip hop has to currently offer.

Here are a few samples from the compilation below, as well as the link to the free download. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Wax Tailor - Live 2010 a L'Olympia (2010)

Tracklist CD 1:
01 In the mood for live (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)
02 No pity (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)
03 Dragon chasers (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
04 To dry up (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
05 Until heaven stops the rain (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Mr Mattic]
06 Where my heart's at (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Mr Mattic]
07 Hypnosis theme (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)
08 There is danger (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)
09 The games you play (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Voice]
10 The man with no soul (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
11 Fireflies (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary&Mr Mattic]
12 Walk the line/Level the sound (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Mr Mattic]
13 Sit and listen/The tune (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)

Tracklist CD 2:
01 Dry your eyes (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
02 Go without me (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
03 I own you (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlie Winston]
04 House of wax (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Mr Mattic]
05 B-Boy on wax (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Mr Mattic]
06 Seize the day (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
07 Que sera (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10)
08 Guaranteed (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. A.S.M.]
09 Say yes (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. A.S.M.]
10 This train (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Voice&Ali Harter]
11 Our dance (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Charlotte Savary]
12 Positively inclined (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. A.S.M.]
13 Leave it (live at L'Olympia, Paris 26-03-10) [Feat. Dionne Charles&Mr Mattic]


Thanks To Whitee

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Infrared Style..

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Sean Price Likes NO Female Rappers

Shag-Volume 10: Identity Crisis(2011)

1.Roots (Where Did This All Stem From?) 02:57
2.Complacent (Why Am I Okay With This?) 04:19
3.Crime (Why Am I So Hung Up On This?) 03:26
4.Parted (What Will I Do Without You?) 04:16
5.Lost (Where Do I Go From Here?) 04:02
6.Empty (What Will Fill This Void?) 03:41
7.Don't Ask (Why Do I Put Up A Front?) 03:45
8.Solitude (Why Do I Enjoy Being Alone?) 02:13
9.Confusion (Who Should I Trust?) 02:43
10.Solace (Who Will I Be 10 Years From Now?) 03:17


T3 - Gimmie a Beat

Wizard-Chill Pill 3(2011)

1.I'm Hooked (Featuring Jack Flash) 03:13
2.Big Shades 02:46
3.Help Me (Featuring Kelakovski) 02:41
4.Diamond (Featuring S-Type) 02:59
5.I'm A Fool 02:32
6.June (Featuring Pete Cannon) 02:18
7.Chix 02:55
8.Uh!...Bounce (Featuring Apatight) 02:50
9.Southern Man (Featuring Evil Needle) 02:19
10.Roses 02:40
11.Fresh Prince Nod (Featuring Kosyne) 03:31
12.Round & Round (Featuring Scizzahz) 02:10
13.Groove Joint 02:31
14.Billy (Featuring Myke Forte) 01:56
15.Dance (Featuring Budgie) 02:52
16.Hammock Shit (Featuring Shears) 02:50
17.Pimp Slap (Featuring Jeeks) 03:16
18.Take It Off (Featuring Sivey) 03:14
19.Dreaming 03:13
20.Spacecraft (Featuring Dockmini) 03:38


Action Bronson - Brunch (Video)

Visuals for "Brunch" from the album Dr. Lecter

MidCoast Most - Plastic Cups (Eddie Logix Remix)

01. Plastic Cups (Eddie Logix Remix)
02. Plastic Cups (Eddie Logix Remix Instrumental)


Remix of "Plastic Cups" from the album The Coast Is Clear

C-Rayz Walz - All Blvck Everything: The Prelude (2011)

01. Blvck Genesis (prod. by Goke)
02. All Blvck Everything (prod. by Labrinth)
03. Blvck Soap feat. M1 (prod. by The Beatnikz)
04. Blvck Like Burt Reynolds feat. MC NoCando, Outwrite, Icon The Mic King, Psalm One & Mike Eagle (cuts By DJ True Justice, prod. by 9th Wonder)
05. Blvck Blanka (prod. by Homicide)
06. Blvck Hole feat. Hap Hathaway & Himp C (prod. by Hap Hathaway)
07. Blvck C.O.T.S. feat. Alice The Goon (prod. by Hybrid Grey)
08. Blvck Rain feat. Gon (prod. by Isma’il Mitchell)
09. Blvck Rosaries (Celebrate) feat. Freddie Bunz (prod. by The Cratez)
10. Blvck Gifted (prod. by Marley Marl)
11. Blvck Rock Lockdown (prod. by Taj, Charlie-G & Hybrid Grey)
12. Blvck Glory (prod. by LexZyne Productions)
13. Blvck Red & Blvck (cuts by DJ True Justice, prod. by 9th Wonder)
14. Blvck Russians feat. LoDeck & Complex (prod. by Will Taubin)
15. Blvck Gangstaz (prod. by Wiley)
16. Blvckspot (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)



Dirty Dickens-The Big Balboa:Back On A Mission

Divine Rights-The Blue Tape(2011)

1.Divine Rights (Prod. By Dirty Stanz) - Alien 02:13
2.Divine Rights (Prod. By Rico Beat) - Drettruno 02:10
3.Divine Rights (Prod. By Manu Beats) - En Forma 03:00
4.Divine Rights (Prod. By MindTwist) - It's all magic 02:41
5.Divine Rights (Prod. By Manu Beats) - The Ritual 04:02
6.Cystic (Prod. By Dirty Stanz) - Foregone Conclusion 01:17
7.Divine Rights Ft Phoebe & Nanci (Prod. By Divine Rights) - Why do we live this way 04:59
8.Inna ya soul 03:31
9.Divine Rights (Prod. By Dirty Stanz) - Fish Hop 04:32
10.Divine Rights FT Iron 'Dread (Prod. By Cystic) - Show up 03:43
11.Divine Rights Ft Iron Dread (Prod. By Bamalam) - It's all the Same 03:16
12.Divine Rights (Prod. By Dirty Stanz) - Bodybag 03:52
13.Bamalam - Spliffed up 01:58
14.Divine Rights (Prod. By Dirty Stanz) - F U 04:22
15.Clockwork freestyle 03:45
16.Divine Rights (Prod. By The Cratez) - Ong Bak 04:33
17.Divine Rights FT Iron Dread & Potent Whisper (Prod. By DJ Mileage) - D.D.C 04:48
18.Dirty Stanz - Chug Away 02:30
19.Divine Rights FT Rico (Prod. By Rico Beat) - Faranda 03:00


Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.26 26-6-11

2.Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic-Bust Ya Melon
3.DanaHarmon - Somebody Say Yea feat. MF Doom;
4.The Black Opera-Sleep Tight
5.ManOnWire - Creature From Another Time (RIP Gil Scott Heron)
7.Apathy-Check To Check
8.Trebles and Blues-In The Darkness Lies The Stars feat. No Alias
9.ScholarMan & Jonesy - Stranger
10.DJ JS-1-Hung Over ft The Brown Bag Allstars
11.Dub MD And C-Rayz Walk-Blvck Red + Black
12.Emancipator-Anthem(Nym Remix)
13.Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun-Thats Hard ft. Sean P and Styles P
14.The BrainStormers - Let Me In
15.Bumpy Knuckles & Statik Selektah-Blast Yourself
16.Trilian - Soldier Of Fortune feat. Amadeus the Stampede,Pryme Prolifik,Soulkeeper & Rich Mahogany
17.14KT-The Sound Of People Burning


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Canibus - Lyrical Law (WEB) (2011)

01. Lyrical Law Introduction
02. Lyrical Noir
03. The Art Of Yo
04. The Emerald Cypher feat. Killah Priest
05. The Golden Cypher feat. Ras Kass
06. The Cypher Or Agartha feat. Copywrite & Planet Asia
07. Cypher Of Steel
08. Cypher Of Five Mics feat. Chino XL
09. The Cypher Of Bread & Butter feat. Royce Da 5′9″
10. Bis & Sun & Rock feat. Heltah Skeltah
11. The Ghost Of Hip Hops Past
12. Cypher With Self
13. Rip Vs Poet Laureate

Link | Buy

Thanks to SiN

Pep Love - The Strum

Pep Love

Skitzo - Afternoon Kush (prod. by Clay Hillman)


Station-Dont Break A Computer String(2011)

1.push over 02:11
2.same place as always 02:44
3.words unheard of 01:34
4.putting house hoes to work 01:38
5.steady rampage 01:18
6.having to much love 02:01
7.people pushing people 01:50
8.randle cunningham 03:34
9.totally locked down 01:47
10.flocks of hawks 01:57
11.examined 01:55 close 02:02
13.achors for acres 01:24
14.another place 02:40
15.ten a.m. tears 01:32
16.somewhat 01:20
17.for the hell of it 02:00
18.too little too early 01:29 quake 03:00
20.goodman 01:09


Dominique Larue - We Are feat. M-Dot & Revalation



DELOSBEAT - BRONX by delosbeatdigitaleprod

BeatEvolution - Present Sound Relaxe(2011)

01. DNM - Peace Lights
02. Judubre - Te Espero Donde Siempre
03. Unek - Red Cigarrete
04. DelosBeat- Menos 0 Grados
05. DNM - Preludio De OtoÑo
06. Judubre - Noches De Insomnio
07. Unek-Soft & Dope Sex
08. DelosBeat - Adios Por Un Momento


Emancipator – Remixes (2011)

01. Anthem (Nym Remix) [4:03]
02. Ares (Big Gigantic Remix) [4:42]
03. Bury Them Bones (Marley Carroll Remix) [7:22]
04. Nevergreen (Blockhead Remix) [4:19]
05. When I Go (Michal Menert Remix) [3:21]
06. First Snow (Ooah Remix) [7:43]
07. Jet Stream (D.V.S* Remix) [5:08]
08. Old Devil (Kept Blue Remix) [4:41]
09. Rattlesnakes (saQi Remix) [6:23]
10. Black Lake (Emancipator Remix) [4:05]
11. Safe In The Steep Cliffs (Erothyme Remix) [5:02]
12. Siren (Tor Remix) [4:53]
13. Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires (Aligning Minds Remix) [7:34]
14. Vines (The Great Mundane Remix) [4:05]


Spinach Prince-Spinach Prince(2010)

1.Dead Man's Shoes 04:06
2.Frantic Session 01:49
3.Seen 04:11
4.Ghanina 01:48
5.Hoodrats 03:21
6.Woodbine Twineth 04:20
7.Bad News 05:42
8.Favors 01:15
9.Rawdigger 03:35
10.Rhodopsin 02:51
11.Far Cry From Bedstuy 04:14
12.Nightcaller 02:30
13.Lost Explorer 03:35
14.Big Stevie's Cornah 02:19


Half stepping from Chicago Illinois,
these boys peddle that live instruments as
samples groove in a seriously heavy way.
The band is made up of
Elliot Ross - guitar/keys/bass,
Thomas Faulds - drums,
Charles Gorczynski - woodwinds/keys,
Chris Merrill - bass.

Inspired by the sounds of Madlib, J Dilla and Yesterdays Quintet
their sound is raw and heavy yet very organic thanks to the use
of live instruments over a purely digital set up.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

D.L. Jones & DJ 2nd Nature - Off The Cuff Vinyl EP (2005)

01. Intro
02. Whoa Bobby
03. Cokane
04. Longer Than This
05. Southpaw Style
06. Notice



Company Flow - N2N Burners (Lost Mix)

Company Flow "N2N Burners (Lost Mix)"



Skeem Price - Everyday (prod. by J. Bizness)

Thievery Corporation - Culture of Fear (2011)

01. Web of Deception
02. Culture of Fear
03. Take My Soul
04. Light Flares
05. Stargazer
06. Where It All Starts
07. Tower Seven
08. Is It Over
09. False Flag Dub
10. Safar (The Journey)
11. Fragments
12. Overstand
13. Free


Portishead - I'll Be Your Mirror[mixtape](2011)

ATP I'll Be Your Mirror London Mixtape by All Tomorrows Parties

00.00 “…They Don’t Sleep Anymore on the Beach…” / Monheim – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
* 13.19 We Carry On – Portishead
* 19.44 A Cold Freezin’ Night – The Books
* 23.04 Gazzillion Ear – Doom
* 27.15 You Fucking People Make Me Sick – Swans
* 32.20 Yang Yang – Anika
* 35.11 Real Love – Factory Floor
* 42.32 Infinity Skull Cube – DD/MM/YYYY
* 45.51 Untilted – Helen Money
* 51.42 “Four Spirits In A Room” Excerpt – Alan Moore & Stephen O’Malley
* 56.50 Plaster Casts Of Everything – Liars
* 60.43 8 Steps To Perfection – Company Flow
* 65.23 Written On The Forehead – PJ Harvey
* 68.49 Arabic Emotions – The London Snorkeling Team
* 71.27 Wulfstan – BEAK>
* 77.28 When My Baby Comes – Grinderman
* 84.09 Paris Signals – S.C.U.M.
* 88.30 Lovers With Iraqis – Foot Village
* 92.18 Gratitude – Acoustic Ladyland
* 96.29 Violence – The Telescopes
* 100.01 Hannibal – Caribou
* 106.15 Walk In The Park – Beach House

On the weekend of 23rd and 24th July 2011 at the stunning Alexandra Palace, London, All Tomorrow's Parties will present the first UK I'll Be Your Mirror event, which will be curated by the mercurial Portishead (who headline both nights) and ATP will be curated by the mercurial Portishead (who headline both nights) and ATP. Acting as sister events to the world famous ATP Festivals which usually take place in holiday resorts, I'll Be Your Mirror is a new series of artist curated music, film and art events taking place in cities worldwide.

As well live performances from all of the bands in the mixtape below (+ others), the event will also feature DJs, Film (including director introduced screenings of Richard Ayoade's Submarine and Mark Cousins' The First Movie), Quality Food Stalls and more...