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UnderSpot presents UnderBombz Vol. 10 (2010)

01. Fintelligens – Valmina feat. Sean Price
02. Shadyville Allstars – Knights Of Da Round Table
03. Spontaneous – Reprezen’n Remix feat. Dj Drez
04. Equilibrium – Critical Conditions
05. Gravity – One Pearl
06. Seul 2 Seul – Tout Seul feat. La Brigade, Mafia Trece & Dontcha
07. Non Mc’s – No
08. Dr. Caligari, Doncesão, Pizzol & Roko – Caçador (Prod. DJ Caique)
09. Eldo – Podaj Pilota
10. Headtag – Ljudmattor
11. Arsenik – Partout La Meme feat. Neg’ Marrons
12. Mentekpta – Canta Outra (Prod. DJ Caique )
13. EZD – Return Of The Terrordome feat. O.C.
14. Dr. Becket – Bad Muthafucka
15. Keiyon – The American Dream
16. IV My People – Qui Veux La Peau De Mon Crew
17. Pizzol – Maioridade (Prod. DJ Caique) (Bonus)
18. 3 Pilares – Reis da Praça (Bonus)



DJ K.O. - Living Out A State Of Mind Vol. XI (2010)

53. Just Watch Us feat. MadKem, East & Silent Knight
54. Black Mamba feat. MadKem
55. Make It Better feat. Silent Knight & Jered Sanders
56. Living Out Our Dreams feat. MadKem, Silent Knight & East
57. New Known Fact feat. MadKem


Elementality Productions

C-Rayz Walz - Ravipops (2003)

01. Floe
02. The Essence
03. Guns And Butter feat. Natural K.A.W.S.
04. Protect My Family feat. Killa Kal
05. Thug Melody
06. '86
07. The Line Up feat. Wordsworth, J-Treds, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin & MF Doom
08. Buck 80
09. Battle Me feat. Natacha Elossaint
10. Elephant Guns
11. We Live
12. Yeah feat. Natural K.A.W.S.
13. Seal Killa feat. 4th Pyramid
14. Dead Buffalos
15. Camouflage
16. 3 Card Molly (BX)
17. Moses (Madd Cold) Revelations 15:2 Fuhks

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C-Rayz Walz - Year Of The Beast (2005)

01. R'Thentic
02. First Words Worse feat. El-P
03. Knowledge
04. Walk Through feat. Rob Sonic
05. The Rhyme Intervention feat. 4th Pyramid
06. Street Reppin feat. Vordul Mega
07. Paradise
08. Music Take Ovah feat. Pudge
09. Pink feat. Jean Grae
10. Carefree feat. Jeanine
11. Say Werd
12. Black Out feat. The Angel & The Preacher
13. Black Soap feat. M-1 (Dead Prez)
14. Mark Of The Beast feat. Budda Belly & Honest John
15. Officially Lost feat. Trinity (Bonus Track)

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Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz - Monster Maker (2007)

01. Birth Of Ratto Di Laboratorio
02. This Ol' Twisted World
03. My Way
04. Pain To The Picture
05. Jumping Off At The Jump Off
06. Electric Avenue
07. Might She Shoot
08. We Speak Animal
09. Forgotten
10. Loss Of Niche feat. Zooks
11. That Moment Before Crazy feat. Vast Aire
12. Slim Chances

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Group Home - Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal (2010)

01. Intro
02. G.U.R.U. feat. Jeru The Damaja
03. Pay Attention feat. Guru & Smiley The Ghetto Child
04. Get Out The Car
05. Ghetto Soldiers feat. D
06. Up Against The Wall feat. Lord Jamar & MC Ace
07. Ears To The Streets feat. D
08. Bodega
09. You Got It
10. Bright Lights
11. Brooklyn
12. The Realness 2010 feat. Blackadon & Black (Brainsick Mob)
13. The Legacy feat. Guru
14. Be Like That feat. Blackadon & Guru
15. Sista Love (Skit)

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Lyle Horowitz - Who Are We? (Part Two: Return To The 5th Dimension) (2010)

01. Return To The 5th Dimension (Intro)
02. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
03. To Serve Man
04. Mystic Seer
05. Black Leather Jackets
06. The Jungle (Reprise)
07. An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
08. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?
09. Come Wander With Me (Remix)
10. The Hunt (Interlude)
11. Where Is Everybody? (Outro)


5846 Films

Witness - The Everafter LP (2010)

1. Twenty Three Featuring - Emanicpator
2. Cheap Date (Dive Bar Blend)
3. Sunburn
4. Watercolors
5. Intermission
6. Home Tonight
7. Two Step
8. Sylvia Plath
9. Holden Caulfield Featuring - Unsung
10. Lower Case


Delosbeat-Green Delosbeat Maketa

Green delosbeat maketa by delosbeatdigitaleprod

Beatcasso-Thoughts Of A Waiter(2010)

1.Intro/How To Be A Good Waiter In Less Than Two Minutes 01:54
2.Before Waiting A Table 03:18
3.Ice Skating Waiter 02:18
4.Noyse (I Need A Raise) 03:13
5.Thoughts Of A Waiter 03:29
6.Resonance From A Fork Set 01:26
7.Snow on Clients Chair 02:33
8.Ethics In A Public Bathroom 03:50
9.The Waiter's Paycheck 02:51
10.Closing Hours/Outro 06:16


Beatcasso-Waiter Music(2010)

1.Service Sells 01:54
2.Would You Like To Dance 03:03
3.El Hogar Que Yo Robe 03:56
4.Brunchtime Spill 03:50
5.Rules Of Etiquette 02:20
6.A Glance 02:33
7.To Be A Waiter 01:55
8.I'm A Waitress 03:36
9.Empty Bus Rides 03:46
10.Check Please 03:26


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Spectac feat. Sean Boog & Khrysis - Superman (Video)

Visuals for "Superman" from the album Looks Like Another Job For Spectac

Illogic - Write To Death II: The Missing Pieces (2005)

01. They Wonder Why I'm Insane (prod. by Eyamme)
02. Stay Sleep (prod. by Drum & Knowledge)
03. Time Is Coming (prod. by Walter Rocktight)
04. An Ocean (prod. by Blockhead)
05. I Can Only Give You Love (prod. by Eyamme)
06. Yellow feat. Ill Poetic & Homeskillit (prod. by Ill Poetic)
07. Get Up Remix (prod. by Earmint)
08. Capsized (prod. by Overflow)
09. Liquid Meets Land feat. Andrew Bagadonuts (prod. by DrunkLo)
10. I've Been Here Before (prod. by Eyamme)
11. Quit feat. Fess & Bru Lei (prod. by Tru Skillz)
12. The Missing Pieces (prod. by Periphery)

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Prose (Steady & Efeks) - Life Times (Video)


Lead single from the upcoming album "Force Of Habit", out October 11.

The White Shadow Of Norway - Renegades (2005)

01. Renegades (Intro)
02. Action feat. Supastition & Raks One
03. Solid feat. Maylay Sparks
04. Hip Hop Is Me feat. Infinito 2017
05. No Sell Out feat. Mic Stylz & The Pizdamen
06. Extra Thug Sauce feat. Guttamouf, Majik Most & Celph Titled
07. Pimp Strut feat. The Rusty P's & The Pizdamen
08. When Facts Remain feat. Infinito 2017
09. Plans To Blow feat. Grand Agent
10. Roll Out #2 feat. D-Stroy & Gr8 Skot
11. For The People feat. Wordsworth & Strange Brew
12. Extra Thug Sauce feat. Guttamouf, Majik Most & Celph Titled (J-Zone Remix)
13. El In Tune With Nature feat. Infinito 2017
14. Simple feat. Azeem, The Architech
15. Glock Whore feat. The Longshots



Meaty Ogre - Leo Vs. Pisces (2003)

01. Leo Prowls...
02. Pornounciation
03. Teach Em
04. Flibbertigibbit feat. Robust
05. Amusing Ourselves To Death feat. Inf Pwr
06. Swim Or Sleep
07. Orion's Right Shoulder feat. Qwel
08. Be Me, Leave
09. Descending Son feat. Denizen Kane
10. Go Cubbie Holes
11. Raging Bull feat. Actual Fact
12. Drumbilical Cord
13. 5:00 A.M. Shadows
14. Long Dirty Word feat. Rift Napalm
15. Wheel Of Misfortune
16. Water Sine
17. Suns On The Prowl feat. Offwhyte
18. Memoirs Of The Blind
19. Mutable End feat. Mestizo
20. ...Pisces Swims Away



DJ Faust-Man Or Myth?(1998)

01 - Fragments
02 - Time To Roll My Sleeves Up
03 - Takin' It To The Maximum
04 - I've Got Rhythms
05 - Time To Get Open
06 - Broken Joints
07 - Whatever You Want (ft. DJ Shotgun)
08 - Better Than Before (Rock The Place)
09 - The Sure Shot
10 - You Wanna Battle Me
11 - Back To The Lab
12 - The Return Of Craze (ft. DJ Craze)
13 - Fresh
14 - Bring It Down
15 - You Are All Alone Here
16 - Calculations
17 - Mind Over Matter
18 - Know What I Mean
19 - Funky For You
20 - Don't Hurt Em With The Needle
21 - Would You Stop Scheming
22 - Rocking With The Best (ft. Shortee)
23 - You'll Get Murdered
24 - Neva Gets Nervous (ft. DJ Shotgun)
25 - Detonate
26 - Are You Ready
27 - The Scratch, The Bass


This 60 minute musical collage features the phenomenal turntable skills of DJ Faust. The scratching, beats and echoes are performed by hand! This was the first ever full length album released by a turntablist artist. Features guest appearances by 3xDMC Champion DJ Craze, Shotgun (former Goodie Mob dj) and female dj Shortee.

Looptroop Rockers & Timbuktu - Guru RIP

Daedelus & Teebs - LA Series #6(2010)

1. Fates Say
2. Youve Heard
3. Old Hearts
4. Youve Known
5. Vous Ites Stereo
6. Archipelo
7. Flower Drum Song
8. Anchor Steam
9. Untitled 4


REKS-This Or That

Purify - Remixes Felt 3 (2010)

01. Paul Reubens
02. deathmurdermayhem
03. Permanent Standby
04. She Sonnet
05. Felt Good
06. Ghost Dance Deluxe
07. Glory Burning
08. Protagonists
09. The Prize
10. Revisiting The Styletron
11. We Have You Surrounded
12. Whaleface
13. Give It Up

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Freeway - Beautiful Music

Amiri - The Recipe (WEB) (2010)

01. The Recipe Intro (Music Please)
02. Music
03. Sweet Soul Bro!
04. Like They Used Ta! (FM Version)
05. DILLA 4EVA!!!!
06. Rich & Famous
07. I’m Home Again (Hip Hop)
08. Boom Bap
09. Love Go Away
11. I Make Hits Too!!!
12. Blind
13. Studio 54
14. Da Hook Up
15. Grusin Down The Street
16. Vinyl Ritchie (2006)

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Jneiro Jarel-Fauna(2010)

1. Voice Of The Kayapo
2. Castaju Cajunea
3. Amazonica
4. Rio De Jneiro (Jarumba)
5. Bird Charm
6. Wave Trip
7. Dabuwe
8. Indigo Eden
9. Fauna
10. Can You Compute Bruuhzeel
11. Monkey Hustle (Man On Fire)
12. See Them Cry (Painted Tears)



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Bisc1 - The Basics EP (2005)

01. The Basics
02. Crumbs
03. 2nd Hands
04. Pieces
05. Lights Out
06. Decompression

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DJ Alibi - One Day (2007)

01. This Jam
02. Champion Sound feat. Bamboombox
03. Tenth Round
04. Nina's Song
05. For The Record feat. Theo 3
06. Guns Of Kabul
07. React!
08. Eglinton West Blues
09. Let's Ride feat. Insight
10. Live At The Rex
11. One Day
12. Round And Round feat. Giant Panda
13. Samba Internacional
14. When The Lights Get Low
15. Don't Look Down feat. Bamboombox
16. Come Home

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Dregs One & Equipto feat. FDOG - Everyday (Video)

Visuals for "Everyday" from The Generation Gap Mixtape

Genius / GZA - Liquid Swords Instrumentals (2008)

01. Liquid Swords Instrumental
02. Duel Of The Iron Mic Instrumental
03. Living In The World Today Instrumental
04. Gold Instrumental
05. Cold World Instrumental
06. Labels Instrumental
07. 4th Chamber Instrumental
08. Shadowboxin' Instrumental
09. Killa Hills 10304 Instrumental
10. Investigative Reports Instrumental
11. Swordsman Instrumental
12. I Gotcha Back Instrumental
13. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Instrumental

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Hell Razah – Heaven Razah (2010)

01. The Arrival (Intro)
02. Negro Angelitos
03. Book Of Heaven Razah
04. Medical Kush
05. Raised In Hell
06. Fear Of God
07. Cinematic
08. Return Of The Renaissance (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man)
09. Kids In The Street
10. A Brooklyn Tale (Feat. Shabazz The Disciple)
11. Selah
12. Dear Lord
13. My Testimony (Feat. Darnell McClain)
14. Heaven On Earth (Feat. Timbo King & Darnell McClain)
15. Armageddon


Thanks to deap

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown – Brown Study (WEB) (2010)

01. (01:19) – Marinette
02. (04:20) – Masterplan
03. (03:42) – Friction feat. Miz Korona & Invincible
04. (03:29) – Just Be
05. (03:22) – My Love feat. Poodie The Byz
06. (03:04) – Friends Like These feat. Kam Moye
07. (03:41) – Carpe Diem
08. (02:59) – Shine
09. (04:05) – Blink
10. (03:50) – Play The Game feat. Kenn Starr
11. (02:57) – U.P.S.
12. (03:54) – Understanding


Thanks To DRE

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Strong Arm Steady-Make Me Feel

Supersci - Timelines (2010)

01.Timelines 04:32
02.Revolutions (Feat. Henrik talnacke) 04:59
03.Snap Out Of It 04:46
04.Wristwatch 03:24
05.Sow To Reap 03:23
06.How Real Is Time 02:24
07.As Life Flashes By In Fast Forward 03:36
08.In The Now (Feat. Phonetik) 03:55
09.I Can Do Anything 03:03
10.Frozen Leaves 03:31
11.The Future Is Already Here 03:20
12.Where Have You Been (Feat. Phonetik) 05:36



What do you get when a big city phenomena like hip hop grows root in a landscape of vast northern forests
The answer is Supersci - classical hip hop aesthetics mixed with Northern melancholy Supersci, also known as Superscientifiku, have made a name for themselves as the jazziest constellation in Swedish hip hop Their soulful music has one foot in the american east coast hiphop of the 90's and the other one firmly planted in swedish jazz and folktone tradition. The texts are smart and cunning, and blend melancholy with humour in a laid back way Producer/emcee Arka and emcee Noun joined forces in 1996 and formed the group's nucleus in 1996. After a few years, jazz cat Erik L joined in, adding a more musical live feel. DJ Observe spins the wax Female crew member Remedeeh is a constant collaborator in the studio and a permanent part of the Supersci live setting

Star Wars scratch using buck65's "the centaur" sample

Interview From IDE With Platform 8470


IDE’s a rapper, producer, label owner, promoter, who worked with people from Sweden, England and even Brasil. Hailing from Brooklyn the borough, he’s affiliated with almost every hip-hop artist in NYC. But above all, the Shanty One is a hip-hop purist. Someone whose heart bled when Fat Beats closed, someone who’s mad excited about making an album with a nineties underground icon, someone who journeyed two hours away just to get a Wu-shirt when he was younger. Time to get a closer idea of who we’re talking about…


In an interview you talked about how you were into your heritage when you were younger…where do your roots lay?

My father was born in Northern Ireland, and my mom’s side is from Scotland, so I’m of Irish/Scotish decent, however I’m American first and for most. A lot of people complain about being American all the time, but wouldn’t leave if they had the chance. I have my share of complaints, and like any place in the world there is corruption and manipulation. But spending my 20s in NYC there’s no place I would rather be!

Being Irish/Scottish, which whiskey do you fancy?

Jameson, all I have to say.

Let me guess, you were a fan of House Of Pain?

Of course…who wasn’t? I was into all Soul Assassins affiliated groups, Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, House of Pain. Muggs sound was very influential to me.

What else influences you? How do you get your creative juices flowin? Any drinks, food, rituals,…?

My creative process is always different. But I do enjoy writing with a drink. Getting a little loose before hitting the booth. It makes recording seem very natural. It’s hard to just turn the switch from sitting on a chair to intense delivery. Some beers, or whiskey will def come in handy. On the new album ‘For Fuck Sake’ we drank a whole bottle of Jameson for each session. It was a bit over the top, but the end result is incredible. I used to smoke like forest fires but I have some real problems with my lounges, so I’ve cut back allot. As far as rituals; well me and Alu roshambo to see who goes first on tracks.

How much of an influence does your graffiti history still have on the way you make music today?

Graff to me is like rhyming, it’s all about intricate style. Pushing boundaries, creating your own unique form. In both elements you are trying to create a signature. Something that when people see or hear they are immediately like: ‘That’s some IDE shit right there’. There’s a thrill in going out on the streets and getting your hands dirty. That same thrill can be achieved in the booth. It’s all about what you put into it, taking risks.

What graffiti artists do you like?

I always liked Niro, he is like a ninja. Beyond having an ill style, he would hit spots that you would look at for 20 minutes and be like; ‘How the fuck did he do that?’ This cat must have like wires, and suspensions and shit. He always really stood out to me. There are so many cats I could go on. But Niro for the ‘How the fuck did he do that’-factor. To me that’s what separates a beat from a great beat. If I hear a beat and I’m baffled like, is that a loop, no wait can’t be… did he hire a live band, is that a synth played, or is it chops? How did he do that? That’s what makes a great beat. Something that you can’t quite figure out how it was done. Versus a beat that’s a loop with drums… and you hear it and are like ‘wow- that’s really lazy and not impressive at all’.


You work with producers from Sweden, Brasil, England,… has that changed your way of working,? Has it influenced your style?

This internet age has a lot of downsides. One upside is the simple ability to send files and communicate with heads anywhere. I don’t think working with foreign producers changed my way of working, or influenced my style per say. I do think it gives me opportunities to expand on my sound; and get a wide variety of production.
It’s a sample based art we do. So heads in different parts of the world will be exposed to things, heads over here might not be. So it’s ill to be able to have lots of different sources for inspiration. If anything I would say it motivates me, and keeps me driven.

So do you vary your writings or delivery according to the beatmaker you work with?

Absolutely. I generally write to the beat that I will be recording to. Every sound brings something different out of me. If you compare what I’ve done with 2 Hungry Bros, to what I’ve done with DJ Connect: it’s two completely different sounds. That’s all inspired by the beats. My personality comes with many ‘moods’, and different styles of production touch base with each one.

It was specifically you and Alucard who founded Creative Juice right? Are you still ying and yang?

Me and Alucard were the ones to start Creative Juices back in 2001. We had worked together even before that in other groups. We have grown together artistically, and personally. He’s not just some dude I link with for studio sessions. We have lived in three different apartments together, and have gone through many struggles and experiences side by side. Towards the ‘ying-yang’-reference, I would say when you build with someone on that sort of level. There is a hint of Alucard within my style and vice versa. At the same time there are aspects about us that are completely different.

Tell us more about Alucard, is he named after the character of the Hellsing Manga series?

In all honesty, Alucard never knew about Hellsing when his name came about. Two emcees we used to record with named him Alucard along time ago, because he is dark, always up late night like a vampire (he literally never sleeps). Alucard got a rep in high school for street fighting. So it was kinda a name that came to him. Dark and ruthless like a vampire. Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards.


You’re a fan of physical music carriers right? So you don’t support the fact that Apple changed its iTunes logo from a CD into a music note? What is it that attracts you in physical music products?

It comes down to this. Music is more than audio playing through your speakers. It can be an experience. Back in the day I would take journeys far and wide to record stores. The trip itself was an adventure. You would meet like-minded people at these locations, and get to build with heads. Also there was a time, that to get music that was real underground you had to go to the show and buy it directly from the artist. Your CD was more than just a CD. It was a story, it was more personal...It was an experience. You went back to your boys, and they would be like ‘How did you get that shit?’ Your response would be; ‘I bought it from the artist himself. We talked for 20 minutes, he spit a freestyle for me. I played him some beats.’ So much more came with it. That’s what molded my generation. We were out in the streets, at events, bumping shoulders with the artists we appreciated. We embraced the culture and got out there.

I remember in like 96-97 me and my boy Sam went to the Wu-wear store in Staten Island. We were the fucking shit in our hood. Everyone was stopping us on the streets like ‘How the fuck did you get that?’ You had a story to respond! ‘We went to Killa Hill 10304’… ‘We journeyed two hours away just to get that shirt or hat’. It made what you had so much more special. People are loosing so much substance these days. You download a file on your comp, and it easily gets lost in a file with 10.000 other files, and you don’t give a shit about it. Now if you spent 2 hours, and went some neighborhood you never been before. You had so much more meaning and respect for what you had gotten. Plus I love album art, credits, who someone shouted out. Breaking trees up on the new CD-case while you listened. The material aspect of an album means so much more to me. I’m a record collector. I can never settle for simply digital.

At the same time, shout out to iTunes, because they are opening gaps. They really liked Ideology so they featured it on the main page of iTunes when it dropped. Now you have my CD next to Lil Wayne and Drake etc. They are giving cats a chance. They aren’t strictly going with favoritism. That’s a powerful thing. The ‘Ideology’ digital sales were incredible. So the people at iTunes can help change the game and take the power out of the corporate labels just spoon feeding you watered down, candy coated Hip-Pop. It changes the game… instead of just Jedi Mind Trick fans buying my record, you had Jay Z fans checking it out. Its just exposure, when you take away the names.

How tragic was the end of Fat Beats for you?

Extremely tragic… I grew up there… There was a point that I would stop in weekly. I never was a DJ but always copped vinyl. Fat Beats was my haven. The people over there were always good to me. When our albums dropped they would put it directly behind the counter, always let us flood the place with stickers and flyers. It’s crazy man. It’s hard to really say. Fat Beats was real important to me. It inspired me though out my whole career as an artist. The day I got my first mixtape in Fat Beats, felt like such an accomplishment. I loved Fat Beats… and I might find myself wandering around 6th Ave just looking up at what once was the pinnacle homebase for NYC hip-hop. Peace to everyone that was involved in Fat Beats!!

Even as a label owner and musician, how hard is it to sell music in this day and age?

It’s harder than ever. But since the flood gates are open, hopefully it will weed out the half ass bullshit artists. You have to work 10 times as hard. We get a lot of credit and respect from artists from the ‘Golden Era’ because they know how tough it is. And to stand out now is real complicated. This shit will wear you down. I think it had a lot to do with me winding up in the hospital. We deal with high levels of stress. I have to take on 100 roles. There’s no such thing as just an emcee anymore. We don’t have labels, promoters and distributers catering to us. It’s on some real blood sweat and tears type shit. What you put into it is what you get out of it. We have gained a strong loyal fan base. On good months, when new albums drop we push hundreds of CD’s just through our site, than digital on top of it. Struggle purifies the soul, it builds character. So I’m happy to be doing this now. I don’t want shit handed to me. I want to take it myself. One thing is... when CJM really makes it, no one can be like… ‘Man these cats are some over night success... nah fuck that are roots that are deep. We are affiliated with every crew and artist in NYC. We worked hard for what we got and no one can take that from us.

Every company has a mission statement. What would be the statement of your label Creative Juices Music?

Work Ethic! Endurance makes gold… Perseverance, determination, and grind! Don’t Hate The Juice!

Tell us more about your album with UG…

The album with U.G. is an incredible thing. UG has been my number one supporter and mentor. It’s very humbling to have him down with our label. He was label mates with Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Wu Tang. Rocked shows with Snoop, Eminem etc… and now he’s label mates with us. The album was something that was very natural. It wasn’t forced. We built for a few years before it was like ‘Man we need to do this album!’ Portals is some real 2010 hip hop. Hip-hop is dead? Nah, it’s fucking live, thriving and better than ever. This album is personal. Everyone featured on it is friends. You got Necro, and Ill Bill…which to outside perspective may seem random. But UG, Ill Bill, and Necro grew up in the same building. They have a past. Everyone else featured on the album is apart of CJM. It’s really a great project. UG pushed me production wise, and he def feeds off the energy that is embodied in the CJM movement. He is not the type to just settle for anything, he will turn down 10 beats… but if the 11th one is THE ONE! He will destroy it. UG is the master of animated audio visual hip-hop. It’s creative, imaginative, original, unique... ‘Portals’ is me and UG giving all we got. The end result I think will be talked about for years to come. It’s definitely some of the best and most exciting material I have ever contributed to. Its about to get UGly! Yea yeaa yeaa yea yea yeaaaaaaaaaaa!

UG was a bit off-radar the last few years…also Jise, who appeared on your ‘Ideology’ album…do you have a thing with picking up artists who were temporarily out of the spotlight?

Nah it’s not like that at all. I started off working with Savage Messiah who was a member of “Scienze of Life” around the same time I met UG, and later met Jise. I don’t look for artists, it all just happens. The feedback I always get is that the vibe working with me and the CJM crew is ill, and it gets cats real hype and inspired to work on more material. We all feed off each others energy. For the past 5 years the energy has been peeking, and continues to build and draws in more and more artists.
It’s just natural progression. It always starts with: Lets do a joint, or I got a beat for you. It ends with albums. We are passionate about what we do at CJM. Some artists that were in the “spotlight” just didn’t feel inspired, or were focusing on families or personal non music related issues. When we get together it’s a good vibe. Its something you can’t ignore and want to move forward with. That’s what we do. Things happen for a reason in all aspects of life. I am a firm believer in that.

What was the first rap album you got/bought/borrowed and never gave back?

First rap album I bought? Man that goes back to Hammer, Vanilla Ice shit like that, when I was in like 3rd grade if not younger. Naughty by Nature, Craig Mack, Fu-Schnickens, Cypress, House of Pain…. I grew up as hip-hop was becoming more and more popular. I was raised in the 80’s and matured in the 90’s. I remember stealing the CREAM/Mysteries of the chess boxing cassette. One of the first albums I borrowed from a friend and never returned was Heltah Skeltah’s ‘Nocternal’.

If you would be asked to team up with the Crooklyn Dodgers and you were to pick two co-emcees and a producer from Brooklyn, what would the line-up be?

Shiat! I would keep it how it was; Buck Shot, Special Ed and Masta Ace.. I’m happy where I’m at and with whom I work. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve been very blessed.

‘Ideology’ is quite a heavy word these days…especially in NY…what’s your opinion about all the commotion around the Mosque at Ground Zero for instance?

Hmm…I don’t like addressing this sort of thing in public forum, but since you addressed it, I will answer. I look at it like this. Principles and ideologies of organized religions are supposed to be based upon brotherly love, kindness and caring for fellow man. If by creating this mosque it will bother people, I think it’s in the best interest to leave it alone. There’s plenty more places in the city for this type of structure. Out of the kindness and goodness of people’s heart they should respect that some people would have a problem with it. Also people in NYC can be lunatics. If it gets built and draws negative attention to it, and people vandalize etc. What good does it do for anyone? Especially the Muslim community, which is already been put under a microscope. Why draw more negative attention to a sensitive issue? Islam and Muslims got a bad rep after 911. I’m not stating whether that’s right or wrong. I know more than many people that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. It comes down to mass appeal. If it disturbs the masses don’t go against the grain. The inevitable will happen. Murphy’s Law.. NY has been through a lot of hard times, no need for more. I worked in the towers all the way to a month -or less- before 911. I lost co-workers, friends etc. As did everyone in NYC. No one wants to see more blood shed over these issues.

So what’s next for IDE?

Loosing my hair… possibly my sanity… hopefully a Vacation…



Thanks a lot IDE!

You’re welcome.

©pf September 2010.


Nems-Hood Superstar


LMNO-10 Pack Commandments

Kno-La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)


DJ Rahdu - Nothin' But Butter Vol. 8: The Creamy Chronicles (2010)

NBB8 Intro
Exile – Summer Song Remix feat J Mitchell
Electric Wire Hustle – Chaser
Slakah the Beatchild – Enjoy Ya Self
Spinnerty – Just Listen Pt2 feat Jacqueline Marie and K15
Green Tea – Power (prod by AppleJac)
James Brown – Blues & Pants
Hezekiah – Cornbread feat D.R.E.S. the Beatnik
Jamal – Wow, Thyere all Faded
Mos Def – Universal Magnetic
Del the Funky Homosapien – Easter Eggs
Sonicbloom – Minty
Tall Black Guy – Rock the Stage
Portformat – Scream & Shout feat Miles Bonny
Thinkloud – U Gotta Find feat Shuanise
Numaads – Now (Robot Koch Remix)
Erykah Badu – Vibrate On
B.Lewis – Day 4: First of Me feat Mar
Dutchmassive – The Realease (Breath Easy)
Theophilus London – Life of a Lover feat Jesse Boykins III
Tiombe Lockhart – Mr Johnnie Walker
Shen-7 – Autopilot
HaLo – Don’t Stop
Angela Johnson – Hurts Like Hell
Donn T – Look at (What u Startin’)
Shahrokh Sound of K. – Ilike (Future Mix)
Funkineven – You
Rick Wade – Bleach
Pezzner – Dewolfe
Moodyman – Black Mahogani
Amel Larrieux – For Real (SoFoReal Productions Remix)
Geno Young – Other Side of Life
Conya Doss – Never be the Same
NBB8 Outro


Youngblood Brass Band-Riot Instrumentals EP(2008)

01 - March Instrumental
02 - Nuclear Summer Instrumental
03 - Pala Minima Instrumental
04 - Dead Man Stomping Instrumental
05 - Bone Refinery Instrumental
06 - Will Instrumental


Juj - Slack(2010)


Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Choosen Vol.2 26-9-10

1.Hidden Orchestra-Antiphon
2.Suff Daddy-5 O'Clock Suff Feat. Miles Bonny
3.Boho Fau & Elevated Soul-Cafe Au Lait
4.J Dante&Man Mantis-Whole New World
5.Dark Time Sunshine-M&M
6.John Robinson and Damion Davis-Roots And Foundation
7.Rip Slyme-Blue Be-Bop(DJ Mitsu The Beats Remix)
8.The P Brothers-In A Zone(ft. Milano)
9.The Green Brothers - I Get Lifted
10.SAN, the Instru-Monumentalsit-Cursed blessings
11.Joe Dub and Factor-Glen Park Revisited
12.Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio-The Tenth Jewel feat. Brother J (X-Clan)
13.Fresh Daily-Rap Nowadays feat. Mista Mista
14.Bruno Mars-Liquor Store Blues feat. Damian Marley
15.Dice Raw-Doot Doo Dah Da
16.Looptroop - Looptroop Radio (Remixed By Mil)
17.Omega One-Memento
18.Soup The Chemist-Soul Music feat. Manchild & Sharlok Poems
19.Shyne - Boyz Will Be Boyz
20.The Diesel-Save My Soul feat Nature
21.Kristoff Krane, Sadistik, Eyedea, Cas One & Alexipharmic-Savior Self
22.Reks-Settin It Off feat. Slaine,JFK,Jaysaun,Steven King
23.E.D.G.E.&Jeff Spec-Atonement
24.Kyo Itachi-One Two feat LMNO & LD
25.Nems-The Walking Bad Habit
26.Dr Syntax - Careful What You Wish For
27.Eddie Meeks-Fist Fulla Biscuits
28.Boog Brown & Apollo Brown-Friction feat. Miz Korona & Invincible
29.7L & Esoteric-No Shots
30.Hitfarmers-Classic Hits feat. Randam Luck


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Showbiz presents Big L & Silky Black Double Pack VLS (2010)

01. Big L - No Endz, No Skinz (Original Mix) (prod. by Showbiz)
02. Big L - No Endz, No Skinz (OG Instrumental)
03. Big L - Give It To 'Em "L" (Original Mix) (prod. by Showbiz)
04. Big L - Give It To 'Em "L" (OG Instrumental)
05. Silky Black - Turn It Up (prod. by Showbiz)
06. Silky Black - Blow Up (prod. by Showbiz)
07. Silky Black - 163rd (prod. by Lord Finesse)
08. Silky Black - Turn It Up (Instrumental)
09. Silky Black - Blow Up (Instrumental)
10. Silky Black - 163rd (Instrumental)



Thanks to YoYo

Group Home - G.U.R.U. Feat. Jeru the Damja

Elephant Beach (Thaione Davis and J.Sayne) - Escape (2006)

01. The Gathering
02. Pelican Brief
03. Years Go Faster (Feat. Moses Davis)
04. Meditation
05. The Feelgood
06. Director's Cut (Feat. Moses Davis)
07. World Premier (Feat. Element Scripture, Cosmo Galactus and Adad)
08. The Gathering (Reprise)
09. Ghetto Children (Feat. Element Scripture)
10. Satisfaction (Feat. Harry L and Moses Davis)
11. Silent Money Pt. 2
12. Save It (Feat. Cosmo Galactus and Arizona Jackson)
13. Blow (Feat. Arizona Jackson)
14. Stampede (Memoirs of Nat Turner)
15. Escape



Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded Elite Edition 3CD (2010)

CD 1
01. Poetry
02. South Bronx
03. 9MM Goes Bang
04. Word From Our Sponsor
05. Elementary
06. Dope Beat
07. Remix For P Is Free
08. The Bridge Is Over
09. Super-Hoe
10. Criminal Minded

CD 2
01. Advance (Original 12" Version)
02. $ucce$$ Is The Word (Original 12" Success Version)
03. Say No Brother (Original 12" Vocal "Truth Mix")
04. Operating Room Interview (A)
05. The Bridge Is Over (Clean "Red Alert" 12" Version)
06. Operating Room Interview (B)
07. The P Is Free (Original 12" Version)
08. Elementary (Dub) (Original Acetate Version)
09. South Bronx (Crackhead DJ Dis Version)
10. Scott La Rock Megamix
11. Stop the Violence (Original 12" Ext. Version)
12. Essays On BDPism
13. The Bridge Is Over (Bladerunners Edit)
14. Stop The Violence (Original 12" A Capella)

CD 3
01. Poetry (Instrumental)
02. South Bronx (Instrumental)
03. 9MM Goes Bang (Instrumental)
04. Word From Our Sponsor (Instrumental)
05. Elementary (Instrumental)
06. Dope Beat (Instrumental)
07. Remix For P Is Free (Instrumental)
08. The Bridge Is Over (Instrumental)
09. Super-Hoe (Instrumental)
10. Criminal Minded (Instrumental)
11. Advance (Original 12" Instrumental Version)
12. Say No Brother (Original 12" Instrumental "Reality Mix")
13. Stop the Violence (Original 12" Instrumental Version)



Elite edition of a true hip hop classic. The first disc features the original ten album tracks, all cuts remastered from the original masters. The second disc contains rare 12" cuts and alternative versions as well as exclusive and previously unreleased radio spots and audio footage. Disc three offers all 10 album instrumentals plus 3 early 12" instrumentals available for the first time on CD.

The 49ers - State Of The Art (2007)

01. Breath of Fresh Air
02. I Don't Want No
03. Champagne
04. Music
05. Earth's Rotation
06. Mesmerized
07. Windows Down
08. The Fort Knocks
09. Puppets
10. Can You Feel That (Feat. D.O.E)
11. Collaborate (Feat. Drew Basement and Cyber Sentinal)
12. Regain Control (Feat. Midnite Bully)
13. Why, I Don't Know (Feat. Harun Karim)
14. What Ya Got
15. The Livest
16. Breath of Fresh Air (Remixed By DJ Chika For Cradle)



The 49ers - Equilibrium (2007)

01. Intro
02. Earth's Rotation
03. Too Sophisticated
04. Nausea
05. Orlando Magic
06. Mesmerized
07. Breath of Fresh Air
08. Boom Bap
09. I Don't Want No...
10. The Belts
11. Put 'Um Up II
12. Higher (We Gonna Take You)
13. Puppets
14. Save The Children
15. Windows Down
16. Outro



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cappadonna – Cappadonna Hits (2010)

01. Super Model (4:08) – Rap [Featuring] – Ghostface Killah
02. Slang Editorial (4:11)
03. Love Is A Message (3:59) – Rap [Featuring] – Raekwon
04. Oh-Donna (3:50) – Producer – Allah Mathematics
05. Run (4:00) – Producer – RZA
06. We Know (3:18) – Producer – Jermaine Dupri, Rap [Featuring] – Da Brat , Jermaine Dupri
07. Black Boy (4:13) – Producer – Goldfinghaz
08. Bread Of Life (4:32) – Rap [Featuring] – Killah Priest , Neonek
09. War Rats (4:19) – Rap [Featuring] – Neonek
10. Check For A Nigga (4:00) – Producer – 4th Disciple
11. Dart Throwing (3:01) – Rap [Featuring] – Method Man, Raekwon
12. The Grits (3:38) – Rap [Featuring] – 8-Off


Jazziel Funkard-zZzonin!(2010)

1. Kudos - Slow Tempo
2. Skipless - Alter
3. Slide Five - Streamline [Feat. Aiko]
4. bugseed - Soul Diggin' [Part 2]
5. Freddie Finger - Abyssal
6. Raedawn & Main - Session Restore
7. Twit One - Deep Draw
8. Haz - Rainbow Hush
9. Nostaljak - Last Sam
10. Quiet - Bear Up
11. Concept - Too Far
12. Lunice - Sandy Streets
13. Just Plain Ant - Little Things in Life
14. Skipless - Ashes
15. Freddie Finger - Placid Vibes
16. Deem - Luna
17. TE1 Prod. - Maybe Onderful [Feat. Yasmin Baker]
18. bugseed - Tear Loose
19. King AL - It Looks
20. EarDr.Umz - SEA 2 LAX
21. Tom - Waits
22. Last Order - Summertime
23. Raedawn & Main - Themlay
24. Headnodic - Persistence
25. DJ Mitsu the Beats - Beats of Luv
26. Freddie Joachim - Night Cap
27. K-Murdock - Herbie
28. Cosiner - Nother Kind of Silence
29. Nomak - Open Out
30. Omega One - Memento
31. Kidkanevil - Megajoy [TOKiMONSTA Remix]
32. TOKiMONSTA - Gamble
33. Cobblestone Jazz - Midnight Sun
34. ScholarMan - Passin' Me By
35. TE1 Prod. - 4:00 AM


Smokey131-Autumn Leaves(2010)

1.01.Intro (August...) 01:20
02.Get Down 01:36
03.Rain (part2) 01:56
04.Tauben 01:28
05.Burning Skies (Introduction) 01:09
06.Burning Skies 04:40
07.Bombe 03:27
08.Epistaxis 01:24
09.Killer 02:45
10.Red Sky 01:46
11.Help Me 03:42
12. ..zu Breit (skit) 02:14
13.Moonsong 04:08
14.A Lost Jazz File 04:00
15.Dead End 02:50
16.1971 04:31
17.Soul 03:48
18.Space Funk 03:10
19.Gruss an Moebius 02:58
20.Ashes 02:10
21.Danach 03:41
22.Y-Schnitt 07:0


Blu - Your My Boy Blu

VA - Tropical Blue mixed by Grooveman Spot (2010)

01 Jackson Conti - Papaya
02 Michael Henderson - Let Me Love You
03 The Pharcyde - Otha Fish
04 Lonnie Liston Smith - Renaissance
05 Latoya Jackson - Summertime with You
06 Zapp - Be Alright
07 Angela Bofill - Tropical Love
08 Randy Crawford - Look Whos Lonely Now
09 Gene Dunlap - Its Just Way I Feel
10 Earth Wind & Fire - Keep Your Head to the S
11 Shanice Wilson - Summer Love
12 Tone Loc - All Through the Night
13 Azymuth - Dear Limmertz
14 Norman Conners - Stella
15 Splendor - Special Lady
16 Jamiroquai - Blow Your Mind
17 Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye
18 Sun - Sun is Here
19 Mothers Finest - Love Changes
20 Ndugu & the Chocolate Jam Co. - Take Some T


Sapient - Universal Diorama

Pavel Dovgal-Sacred Chants Of Shiva

PMC070 - Pavel Dovgal "Sacred Chants Of Shiva" (Cassiopeia, 2010) by Project Mooncircle

Taken from the upcoming album "Cassiopeia" (Lp | Digital 2010).

Method Man - The Show

Awol One & Gel Roc-Life Before Death(2010)

1.Humanimals 04:40
2.Fear the Poet 04:01
3.Darkness 02:55
4.Reasons to be Cheerful 05:41
5.91' Octane 03:19
6.Planet Blood 03:21
7.Fall Apart 03:02
8.Headstrong (remix) 07:27
9.Staring at Death 03:33
10.Confusion 07:09
11.Cease to Amaze 06:06
12.Gull Powa 06:51
13.Life Iz... 04:19
14.Kem Eye Killers 06:12
15.Green Monster 04:10


The Lyricists – Constructicons(2010)

01.Ed E Murphicon
02.Come On
03.Time of Day
04.And It Goes…
05.Every Single Daaay!
06.That Feelin’
07.Cops and Robbers
09.Enter Action
10.Flowgasm (feat. Mike Melton)
11.Radio Active (feat. Fraction)
12.Goin Up! (feat. Auto Pilots)
13.Coming Out
14.Dope on Demand
15.Man On Fire (feat. Mike Melton)
16.We Are (feat.Tasherre D’Enajetic)
17.Blindsided (feat. Prologic)
19.Close the Door!!


B-Real–The Harvest Vol. 1 Mixtape(2010)

01. Dr. Of Death (Feat. Xplicit)
02. Certified (Feat. Provokal, Young De)
03. Crop Circles (Feat. Grand Architect)
04. Texas Hold Em (Feat. Myko, Young DE)
05. Takeover (Feat. Adil Omar, Young DE)
06. Streets Wanna Know (Feat. Yama, Young DE)
07. We On It (Feat. Lost Angel Crew)
08. Gotta Get It (Feat. Stitch, Young DE)
09. Me (Feat. Venom)
10. Money Maker (Feat. Squat)
11. Dues Paid (Feat. L.O.C.)
12. Aint Sayin Nothing (Feat. Flux)
13. Are U Ready (Feat. Aygee)
14. Step Back (Feat. Weez)
15. Get Up (Feat. 745)
16. No Competition (Feat. Victory, Young DE)
17. At Your Own Risk (Feat. Akalmu, Young DE)
18. Reckon (Feat. Acism)
19. Ride Out (Feat. Sikadime, Young DE)
20. Hustler (Feat. Luke The Dook, Young DE)


Thanks To Etze

Absent Minded & Q - Gem Cutterz (2010)

01. Intro
02. Rock The Spot
03. Doom
04. Wisemen Say feat. Illvibe
05. If You Want It
06. Soldier's March
07. Make The Most Of It
08. Task Force (Interlude)
09. My Only Love
10. Nothing's Changed feat. Jordan Croucher & Illvibe
11. Birth Of A Style feat. Shauna Z
12. Drop A Gem On 'Em
13. Well Trained feat. Poizunus
14. Ride Low
15. Sun Go Down



Thanks to graffitiwhat

9th Wonder presents Big Remo - Entrapment (2010)

01. The Cast (prod. by Khrysis)
02. What It Takes (prod. by AMP)
03. The Game (Tre 4) (prod. by 9th Wonder)
04. Go feat. 9thMatic (prod. by M-Phazes)
05. Wonderbread feat. David Banner (prod. by 9th Wonder)
06. Mo Heat (Quiet Nights) (prod. by Mo Heat)
07. Girls Most Wanted feat. Colin Munroe (prod. by Young Guru)
08. Serenity (prod. by Eric G)
09. Go Ladies feat. Robert Alred (prod. by Robert Alred & 9th Wonder)
10. Woop Woop (Stand Back) feat. Ricky Ruckus & 9thMatic (prod. by 9th Wonder)
11. Entrapment (prod. by Khrysis)
12. What Is Your Name feat. Mela Machinko (prod. by Fatin)
13. It's Like That (prod. by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
14. Grown Man Biz (prod. by E. Jones)
15. Without You (prod. by Ka$h)
16. Nothing's Gonna Stop feat. Tyler Woods (prod. by E. Jones)



MindsOne - Self Reliance (2010)

01. Earth Sciences (prod. by Kon Sci)
02. Legion Of Doom (prod. by Kev Brown)
03. Rearrange Everything (prod. by J. Rawls)
04. Shark Week feat. John Robinson & Johnbeez (prod. by Kev Brown)
05. State Of Mind (prod. by Oddisee)
06. Empty Alleyways (prod. by Kon Sci)
07. Seven Signs (prod. by Jamaculus)
08. Keep Building (prod. by Illmind)
09. Does That Make Cents? (prod. by Kon Sci)
10. Break feat. Rob Swift, DJ Excess, J Smoke & DJ Spictakular (prod. by Kev Brown)
11. Might Be feat. Kev Brown (prod. by Dunc)
12. Torchbearers feat. Seez Mics & Rcyn (prod. by Kon Sci)
13. Physical Form (prod. by Kev Brown)
14. The Voices (prod. by Kon Sci)



Friday, September 24, 2010

Fresh Daily feat. Mista Mista - Rap Nowadays

Fresh Daily feat. Mista Mista "Rap Nowadays"
(Produced by Jinesis)


This is a remix from Jinesis's "Welcome" off his instrumental project I'll Be "Sky Blue"