Monday, October 31, 2011

yU - Disturbed (feat. B. Jamelle)

Disturbed is the result of watching a whole lotta sci fi/horror joints and loving how the stories played on your senses. check out the new Halloween inspired track of yU (Diamond District) who's now working on his new album The EARN to be dropped on 13 December still this year.


Juan Deuce + Falside - Guts (Video)

Drumat!c - Skool: 1st Semester (WEB) (2011)

01. Still In Love With Her
02. Direct From Philly (Represent)
03. Brighten Up The Son feat. Need Not Worry
04. Been In Love Ever Since
05. Apartment Complex
06. Eyes Like Blue Skies feat. Need Not Worry
07. A Touch Of Madness
08. Dearly feat. Hus
09. The Land Of Spiritual People
10. Listen To What She Says
11. Stop Getting Personal
12. Basketball Court Brawl

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King Boom - Bonnie & Boom 2012

King Boom "Bonnie & Boom 2012"

Da Kings Quarters

Delosbeat - Refleccion

Goapele - Break Of Dawn (2011)

01. Play
02. Tears On My Pillow
03. Undertow
04. Break Of Dawn
05. Hush
06. Money
07. Pieces
08. Right Here
09. Milk & Honey


This Is The Life - How The West Was One


Not My Link..
Directed by Ava DuVernay, THIS IS THE LIFE chronicles "The Good Life" emcees, the alternative music movement they developed, and their worldwide influence on the artform.

Featuring new interviews and rare footage with with: Chali 2na and Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, Myka 9 and PEACE of Freestyle Fellowship, NgaFsh, Riddlore, Tray-Loc & Wreckless of CVE, Abstract Rude and Zulu Butterfly of ATU, Ellay Khule of Hip Hop Klan, Medusa of S.I.N, Busdriver, Omid, Pigeon John, 2Mex of OMD, Born Allah, Ganjah K, Fatjack, JMD, Jyant & Eve of Figures of Speech, Big Al, T-Love of Urban Props, Sheena Lester & B+ of Rappages, Mear One, Mike Nardone of KXLU's We Came From Beyond, Garth Trinidad of KCRW's Chocolate City, Monalisa Murray, Jah Orah, Hines, Monique Matthews, Keen and B. Hall & R. Kain Blaze, co-founders of The Good Life open mic nights.

Winner! Best Documentary Audience Award
Pan-African Film Festival 2008

Winner! Audience Award, Documentary
ReelWorld Film Festival 2008

Winner! Audience Award, First Place
Langston Hughes African-American Film Festival 2008

Miles Bonny x Circle Research - The Wonder Sessions

THE WONDER SESSIONS by circle research


Circle Research & Miles Bonny team up to cover a couple of Stevie Wonder Classics

New Kingdom - In Valhalla We Trust (2011)

01. - Scotty Hard, Sebstop (Sebastian Laws) Lee Quinones & El Wood - Modus Operandi
02. - ICE feat. Sebastian Laws & Sensational - Dusted
03. - Tricky feat. New Kingdom - Moody Broody Buddhist Camp
04. - New Kingdom - Frontman
05. - New Kingdom - Cheap Thrills ( Underdog remix )
06. - New Kingdom - Black Falcon DUB
07. - Scotty Hard & Sebstop - Days and Nights of Wine and Roses
08. - ICE feat. Priest & Sebastian Laws - When Two Worlds Collide
09. - New Kingdom - Terror Mad Visionary
10. - New Kingdom - Crush Your Enemies ( Panama Connection Dub Mix )
11. - Morcheeba feat. Nosaj ( Jason Furlow ) - Big Calm
12. - Bill Laswell feat. Nature Boy Jim Kelly ( Jason Furlow ) - My Style Is I Ain't Got No Style
13. - Scotty Hard & Sebstop - Spittin' in the Eye of the World
14. - ICE feat. Sebastian Laws - X-1
15. - God feat. The Lumberjacks ( Scotty Hard & New Kingdom ) - Gold Teeth ( Charles Atlas Mix )
16. - Spectre feat. Sebastian Laws - Kali Yuga ( Age Of Destruction )
17. - New Kingdom - Suspended In Air
18. - New Kingdom - Mother Nature
19. - New Kingdom - Return of the Black Falcon
20. - New Kingdom - Lazy Smoke


Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.5 30-10-11

01. Bun/Fumitake Tamura - Tremolo Moon
02. Magestik Legend - Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix) feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor
03. Koncept - Hear, Hun
04. J Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To De La
05. CYNE - Enter Killmore
06. J57 - The Main Event feat. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell
07. Blame One - The Children
08. MarQ Spekt & Kno - The Devil
09. ODP - Elastic Fantastic
10. MF Doom, Melodious Monk & Vast Aire - Da Supafriends (Remix)
11. DJ Premier - Regeneration feat. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra
12. Ill Bill & UG - We Not Playing
13. Jedi Mind Tricks - Design In Malice reat. Young Zee & Pacewon
14. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - B.A.P.
15. Shabazz The Disciple - Pankration
16. Immortal Technique - Goonies Never Die feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez
17. Reef The Lost Cauze - Fuck Rappers


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Muneshine & Vinyl Frontiers - Get So High, feat. D-Sisive (Video)

Visuals of the track "Get So High" taken from the EP Larger Than Life.

Thanks to Aka.

Jondis - Cool Off

Jondis "Cool Off"



Paul White - Rapping With Paul White The Remix EP (2011)

01. Dirty Slang (Remix) feat. Guilty Simpson
02. One Of Life's Pleasures (Remix) feat. Danny Brown
03. Up Close
04. Rotten Apples (Remix) feat. Tranqill
05. Run Shit (Remix) feat. Marv Won
06. Out Of My Mind Tonight
07. Confused World
08. Trust (Remix) feat. Guilty Simpson
09. Hi There Interlude
10. Stampeding Elephants (Remix) feat. Moe Pope
11. Never Too Late
12. Gettin' Lucky


"Paul remixed six tracks from his recent Rapping With... album, slipped in five outstanding new instrumentals and an interlude, and there we have it. What's more, three of these remixes feature Paul White playing live, no samples. We'll leave you to figure out which ones." One-Handed Music

Roc C - 3 Words (Video)


YourManManic - Game Gets Old (Alternate Version) (prod. by ManOnWire)

YourManManic "Game Gets Old (Alternate Version)"
(Produced by ManOnWire)


Swann Notty - 4 Steps (In Tha Game) 12" (2002)

01. 4 Steps (In Tha Game) (Radio)
02. 4 Steps (In Tha Game) (Street)
03. 4 Steps (In Tha Game) (Instrumental)
04. Mathabetical (Radio)
05. Mathabetical (Street)
06. Mathabetical (Instrumental)
07. What If (Radio)
08. What If (Instrumental)

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Serengeti - Noticeably Negro (2006)

01. Island Bozos
02. Cauc's Remix feat. MF Grimm & Juice
03. Noticeably Negro feat. Dirty Heat
04. Dinosaur Junior feat. Hi-Fidel & Dirty Heat
05. Negro Whimsy
06. Birds Of Prey
07. T.R.I.U.M.P.H.
08. Waiting All Night
09. Puppies And Dogs feat. Chris Ill
10. South
11. Bubble's Place
12. Very Ill
13. Platinum Chains feat. Hi-Fidel
14. Bubble Bath

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Magnificent Ruffians & Owbese - Tentatively Thinking (2011)

01. Intro (Stimulate Your Mind)
02. Sound The Alarm
03. Think
04. Ridiculous
05. This Year
06. Sewer Water
07. Graffiti On The Wall
08. Flipping
09. Story Telling
10. Concentrate
11. Perseverance
12. Space Age Spitting
13. Listen And Learn
14. Rattle Test
15. Goodbye


Magnificent Ruffians

Destruments feat. Has-Lo - Another Caliber

Destruments feat. Has-Lo "Another Caliber"

Taken from the album "Surpassing All Others", available here

Friday, October 28, 2011

Reef The Lost Cauze & Snowgoons - Black Opz (Video)

Visuals for "Black Opz" from the album Your Favorite MC

J Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To De La

J Rawls presents The Liquid Crystal Project "A Tribute To De La"


From the upcoming "Liquid Crystal Project 3", out November 1st.

Paths Of Hate


A short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage. 

For More

PS: I'm Not Into Movies, But This Short Film Is Something Beyond All..
Probably The Best Animated Film I've Seen..

Blest - Cardiac Abuse (2011)

01. Rhymeskool
02. Land Of Scars feat. Complete, Dazastah, Kiel & Porsah Laine
03. Maybe Tomorrow feat. Megan Vessi
04. Do Not Wrong feat. Teach & Kiel
05. Broken Hearts feat. Megan Vessi
06. Fed Up
07. Appreciate feat. Megan Vessi
08. Bars N Cuts feat. Keno
09. We Don't Give
10. Hidden Track



MF Doom, Melodious Monk & Vast Aire - Da Supafriends (Remix)


"Da Supafriends was originally released on Vast Aire's Look Mom No Hands, this was a remix created by Monk." IGC Records

M.E.D. - Blaxican (Video)

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - B.A.P.

DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - B.A.P.


From the upcoming album "The Kolexion". Note: This beat was rejected by Jay-Z for "Blueprint 3".


Prose (Steady & Efeks) - Real Talk (Digi Single) (2011)

01. Real Talk (Radio Vocal)
02. Real Talk (Real Vocal)
03. Real Talk (Instrumental)


Boom Bap Professionals

Delusionists - Who's That? (Original Version)

Delusionists "Who's That? (Original Version)"


"The original version of Who's That? which appeared on our 1st EP, The Prolusion, and was later given an updated beat and a whole new verse from DBF. Still like this version though." Delusionists

M-Tone - Sounds Of My Own Beating Drum (2011)

01. Intro
02. exhale feat. Vortex
03. wiseguy
04. rapresent feat. Amenofils
05. the darkness
06. a mothers love feat. Mark (of Lotus Tribe)
07. cutterholic
08. sounds of my own beating drum feat. polifame & mosch
09. final war
10. talking shadow



Marcos Zotes - CCTV/Creative Control

Darkitect - Snow

Darkitect "Snow"

From the upcoming album "Nomad", to be released in Winter on Digi Crates.

SigNif - Embracing Rejection (2011)

01. Poetry In Motion
02. Let's Build
03. Soul Clap
04. Like My Style
05. Simple
06. AfterNoon Jazz Redux
07. Plain and Simp feat. Keno & IzReal
08. The Rebuttal feat. J.Nolan
09. Let's Figure It Out
10. Wish Her Well
11. Vandal
12. Welcome To The Fun House
13. Nice To Know
14. No Love
15. Weed Rap (Just Fu*king With You)
16. By Night Fall



Fresh Ski & Mo Rock - The Coarse Collectors EP 12" (2011)

01. All In The Mind (Intro)
02. Come Along (Vocal)
03. Come Along (Instrumental)
04. Down To The A.M. (Vocal)
05. Down To The A.M. (Instrumental)
06. Incredible (Vocal)
07. Incredible (Instrumental)
08. Mind Positive (Vocal)
09. Mind Positive (Instrumental)

Link | Buy

Previously unreleased material recorded in 1988-89

Magestik Legend feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor - Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)

Magestik Legend feat. Fes Roc & Audible Doctor "Feel What I Feel (Audible Doctor Remix)"


Brown Bag AllStars member the Audible Doctor has been “Stayin’ Busy” this year working on his solo projects, Brown Bag projects and producing for tracks for various artists. To hold the fans over until the upcoming releases are finished he’s decided to drop a remix project featuring some of the artists he’s currently working with. Today we bring you the first leak off the project, a remix of Magestik Legend’s “Feel What I Feel”. The full “2011: Year Of The Audible Doctor Remix” project is set to drop later this year and will feature remixes from The Brown Bag AllStars, Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic, Blacastan, Boog Brown, Trek Life, Magestik Legend & more!

Destruments feat. Alucard, IDE & Killah Priest - Deadly Fang (magOwl Remix)

Destruments feat. Alucard, IDE & Killah Priest "Deadly Fang (magOwl Remix)"

Original version appears on "Surpassing All Others", available here

Elzhi - Out Of Focus EP (Reissue) (2011)

01. Broken Frames Intro feat. Theory 13
02. Scattered Pictures (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
03. MuSick (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
04. S.A.R.A.H. Interlude feat. Dwele
05. Someone As Real As Her feat. Dwele (prod. by Magnetic)
06. Conversation Interlude feat. Dwele
07. Big F.U. (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
08. Boomerang Slang (prod. by DJ House Shoes)
09. Where It All Begins feat. Big Tone & 87 (prod. by Magnetic)
10. Bonus Track

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Originally released on cassette in 1998

Keor Meteor - Stealing Music (2011)

01. Stealing Music
02. Pack Of Lies
03. Big Lee
04. I Gotta Eat
05. Countin Cabbage
06. Art Vandelay x Keor Meteor - Left In The Dust
07. Nafissatou
08. Slavemasters (cuts by DJ Ivan6)
09. Jungle Eyes
10. Old Dirty Bastard (cuts by DJ Ivan6)
11. Coming Down
12. Intelligence & Ignorance
13. Clap Off



Melodious Monk - The Forbidden Drug Delux (WEB) (2011)

01. The Dream Of A Pretty World
02. Welcome Home (The Garden)
03. Sedative Of Sin
04. A Serial Killer
05. Deliberate
06. The Noose
07. Justine Baker
08. Faithful War
09. Sarahs Secret
10. Angel Dust
11. Victim Eyes
12. Stolen Memory
13. Side Effects Of Deception
14. Final Chapter
15. Bonus 1 (Instrumental)
16. Bonus 2 (Instrumental)
17. Bonus 3 (Instrumental)
18. Bonus 4 (Instrumental)
19. Bonus 5 (Instrumental)
20. Bonus 6 (Instrumental)
21. Bonus 7 (Hidden Gem)

Link | Buy

Melodious Monk

The Forbidden Drug Delux comes with full booklet, all lyrics, 6 Bonus instrumental tracks, and one exclusive track.

Vast Aire feat. Double A.B. - 2090 (Video)

Visuals for "2090" from the album OX 2010: A Street Odyssey

Joey Starr - Egomaniac (2011)

01. Underground Up
02. Jour De Sortie
03. Hip Hop feat. Degom
04. Dans Mon Secteur
05. Interlude Appel A La Resistance feat. Olivier Besancenot
06. On Te Voit
07. On N on feat. Nathy
08. Complexe
09. Faut S'lever
10. Interlude I Got Kimfu on My Track
11. Mon Role feat. Oxmo Puccino
12. Mamy feat. Nicoletta
13. Champagne
14. Affame
15. Je Paie Pas feat. Fdy Phenomene
16. Interlude Egomaniac
17. Jour De Sortie Kimfu Remix


CH.M "El Suizo" (Gotan Project) - Pachamama Mixtape (2011)


This mix was originally performed on october 13th 2011 @ Ya Basta Festibal in Paris, France

DJ Premier - Regeneration feat. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra

Sina - Remembrance (Video)

Bun / Fumitake Tamura - Tremolo Moon

Blu - God Is Good (A Soundtrack to Life) - (2011)

1. Blu – the innocent (1:45)
2. Blu – azulito the great. (2:33)
3. Blu – glory us deluxe. (feat l’s from glory) (3:35)
4. Blu – never dream. (pro. by exile) (4:45)
5. Blu – the gods & me. (3:23)
6. Blu – grandma’s kitchen. (2:42)
7. Blu – difficulties. (feat. cashus king & fam rep) (4:42)
8. Blu – spanish winter. (3:35)
9. Blu – be go(o)d! (feat sene) (3:52)
10. Blu – the run out. (1:43)
11. Blu – its okay! (feat definite & myth) (4:20)
12. Blu – on mars with the stars. (feat sene) (2:29)
13. Blu – smoking @ 6′n the mo’. (by cashus king) (1:35)
14. Blu – city of los(t) angel(e)s. (feat cashus king) (4:44)
15. Blu – all the king’s men. (feat tiron) (2:33)
16. Blu – a world gone blind. (feat cashus king) (4:30)
17. Blu – mello sunshine. (2:05)
18. Blu – ’til we die. (3:08)
19. Blu – crown. (4:03)
20. Blu – outro (open mind dead). (1:58)
21. Blu – (the bonus song) my boy blu! (3:41)
22. Blu – benevolent offering & benediction. (2:41)


Thanks To Mutley

Tijana Bass - Face Of Freedom feat. Public Enemy (Video)

And A Bonus One  HeHeHeHe..

Immortal Technique - The Martyr (2011)

01 Burn This
02 The Martyr (Prod. Southpaw)
03 Angels & Demons ft. dead prez (Prod DJ GreenLantern)
04 Rich Man’s World (1%) (Prod. Shuko)
05 Toast to the Dead (Prod. J.Dilla)
06 Eyes in the Sky ft. Mojo of Dujeous (Prod. Southpaw)
07 Goonies Never Die ft. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez (Prod. Southpaw)
08 Running Nowhere (Interlude) (Prod. Southpaw)
09 Natural Beauty ft. Mela Machinko (Prod. Slimfass)
10 Civil War ft. Brother Ali, Chuck D & Killer Mike (prod. Southpaw)
11 Mark of The Beast ft. Akir & Beast 1333 (Prod. The Molemen)
12 Black Vikings ft. Styles P, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen (Prod. Southpaw)
13 Conquerors ft. Dr. John Henrik Clarke (Prod. Engineer)
14 Young Lords ft. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF & Panama Alba (Prod. Southpaw)
15 Ultimas Palabras (Prod. Immortal Technique and Southpaw)
16 Sign of the Times ft. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel West (Prod. Southpaw)

Link | Immortal Technique

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wizard - Rainy Night (Instrumental)

Buddy Leroy & Jaz Infinite - Introspectrum (2007)

01. Fire Burn
02. Lil' Bit
03. Clap Ya Hands
04. Black feat. Pax
05. Can Ya Feel It?!?
06. Freedom feat. Yadira
07. KKKapitalism feat. Sun Elo
08. Changes feat. Ibrahim
09. Music Into Colour
10. Kangols And Shelltoes
11. Temptress feat. Tasz One
12. The Outro(Spectrum)

Link | Buy


The Jaz - Ya Don't Stop (1991)

01. The Sign Of The Crimes (prod. by Mark The 45 King)
02. Hypocritters (prod. by Large Professor)
03. A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2) (prod. by Chad Elliot & The Jaz)
04. Rhymes For Da Funny Farm (prod. by Mark The 45 King)
05. It's Your Nature (prod. by Large Professor)
06. It's That Simple feat. Jay Zee aka Jay-Z (prod. by Prince Paul)



LMNO & Swiss Precise - 1888 Promo

Promo video for the upcoming album "1888".

King Boom - Onwards And Upwards

King Boom "Onwards And Upwards"


From the third installment of "Beats Is Art", available here

Blueprint - Keep Bouncing (Remix)

Blueprint "Keep Bouncing (Remix)"


"Remix I did a while back for Keep Bouncing from Adventures In Counter-Culture. Thought about doing a bunch of remixes for other songs but once I started touring didn't have the time." Blueprint

Passalacqua - Rapraprapraprap Pt. 1 (Video)

Visuals for "Rapraprapraprap Pt. 1" from the album Zebehazy Summer

Tha Grimm Teachaz - There's A Situation On The Homefront EP 12" (2011)

01. Grimm Sayvas feat. MC-17
02. I Getz feat. Son Doobie
03. Melissa
04. Poobutts feat. MC-17
05. Whatchagonnado
06. Grimm Teachin



Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note (Gensu Dean Remix)

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown "The Note (Gensu Dean Remix)"


"The Note (Gensu Dean Remix) is a serious, slightly ominous toned track starts with singing in what almost sounds like a call to prayer over a sitar. Then Dean cuts up some drums, adds some bass stabs, and layers vocal chanting throughout the beat to create a thought provoking, heavy new edition of Apollo's original. Additionally Dean drops a new chorus reflecting on those who are so caught up in the grind for money that they lose sight of the everyday folks - a sort of note to self to maintain focus on what's important even while some blaze up in their pursuit of materialism." Mello Music Group

Mr. Green - Live From The Streets Pt. 4 feat. The Center City Slingers & Vinnie Paz

J57 (Brown Bag AllStars) feat. Meyhem Lauren, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino & Rasheed Chappell - The Main Event


From the upcoming "2057 EP".

Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black & Brown (2011)

01. Sound Check
02. Wake Up
03. Loosie
04. Zap
05. Jordan VIII
06. Dada
07. WTF
08. LOL
09. Dark Sunshine
10. Black And Brown

Link | Buy

Black Milk | Danny Brown

REL - Public Transit (Video)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shag - Listen (Video)


CYNE - Enter Killmore

CYNE "Enter Killmore"


From the upcoming cassette tape and digital release "Wasteland Vol. 1". Out December 6th on Hometapes

HashFinger - HalloweenedOutYaMindNuggets​.2 (2011)

01. A1.HF05
02. A2.HF05
03. A3.HF05
04. B1.HF05
05. B2.HF05
06. B3.HF05



Ralph Dog feat. Papoose, Sean Price, Sadat X, Kurious, Pacewon & Reef The Lost Cauze - We Don't Give A Fuck (Video)

VA - World Of Fondle 'Em JP (1999)

01. The Arsonists - The Session
02. Scienz Of Life - The Anthem
03. J-Treds - Praise Due (Indopepsychics Remix)
04. MHz - Camu
05. MHz - Kryptonite
06. Lord Sear - My Hindu Love
07. The Cenobites - Lex Lugor
08. Cage - The Muppet Show
09. The Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies
10. MF Grimm - Do It For The Kids
11. J-Treds - Make It Happen



Tomorrow Kings - Industrial Music Mixtape Vol. 1 (2010)

01. Hungover Driver
02. The Animators
03. Starstruck P2
04. Jean Have My Baby
05. Super Rich
06. PSA P2
07. Snotty Knowz
08. Starstruck P3 feat. The Paxtons
09. Android Killer
10. Life Is ILL
11. What Matter Of Man
12. Color Scheme
13. Fokuz... Find A Way
14. Legal Tender
15. Pastor Jon Outro