Friday, September 30, 2011

S.C.U. (Self Contained Unit) - Ware Da Son Don't Shyne 12" (1996)

01. Ware Da Son Don't Shyne (LP Version)
02. Ware Da Son Don't Shyne (Instrumental)
03. Murder 1 feat. Shahid
04. 123... (Dirty Version)
05. 123... (Instrumental)
06. 123... (Clean Version)



Sach (of The Nonce) - Seven Days To Engineer CDR (2005)

01. Complicate
02. Poetical Me
03. Engineered In L.A.
04. One Night At The Nappy
05. Devoted To You
06. Look At Me Mean feat. Aceyalone & Yusef Afloat
07. I Never Tried To Pretend
08. 8th Day 'Good' feat. Yusef Afloat

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Originally released on cassette in 1998

Geteye - Delicious Porn (2011)

01. Skit ComingHome
02. she male
03. All rays feat. Keziah
04. Skit Pre-Op
05. Corn bread feat. d.r.e.s. tha beatnik
06. if this world were mine feat. raheem devaughn
07. Skit IdoLoveYou
08. Movers & Shakers feat. Poindexter
09. Skit The procedure
10. the clinic feat. Ishe
11. here's to the world feat. Aaron Livingston
12. Hold it down feat. Tu Phace, Criss Harris & Peedi Crakk
13. Fired Up feat. Talib Kweli & Bahamadia
14. Skit Feeling of desire
15. Raining feat. Ghingy & Tanikka



Hezekiah's Conscious Porn revisited

Jay Rock - Money (Video)

Jay Rock facebook.

People Under The Stairs - Highlighter (WEB) (2011)

01. Selfish Destruction
02. The Second Track
03. Can't Hold It Back
04. Takin' Back To The Streets
05. At The House
06. Too Much Birthday
07. We Got It
08. The Time Bandit
09. Foolish People
10. Ascension To Nowhere
11. Uprock Boogie
12. Electric Tookie
13. This Lifetime
14. Cookie's Theme
15. Dewrit!
16. Mean Spirited
17. Sonic Elders
18. WRLA
19. Left Foot, Right Foot (PL70 Exclusive)
20. Ambien Hallway Music (PL70 Exclusive)

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Thanks to Swayz

Sepalot - Chasing Clouds (2011)

01. Servus I
02. Change feat. Fashawn
03. Rainbows
04. Me & You
05. Why Don't You
06. Behind The Moon feat. Ono
07. Rollercoaster feat. Hanz Gable
08. Can't Feel Nothing
09. Poppin
10. Pick Up The Pieces feat. Ladi6
11. Clocks Ticking feat. Buff 1
12. Walk With Me
13. Baby Goodbye
14. You Shine feat. Esther Adam
15. Get Out Of My Way
16. Warum Kann Ich Nicht Mehr?
17. Too Fast For You
18. Servus II

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Katalyst - Deep Impressions (2011)

01. Day Into Night feat. Stephanie McKay
02. Black Dragon feat. Mr Clean
03. Pot Or Pills
04. Ready To Drop feat. Kween G
05. Clapping Song feat. Coin Locker Kid
06. Beware
07. Prince Of Cool feat. Jade Macrae
08. It’s A Blast
09. U Can’t Save Me feat. Buff 1 & Stephanie McKay
10. Number 1
11. The Popcorns feat. Bootie Brown & Steve Spacek
12. Who’s Doing It
13. Time Ticks On feat. Hau
14. Dreaming Of You

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King Sun - Strictly Ghetto Re-Issue (2011)

01. Humm Deez Nuts
02. Street Corner
03. BNS Sex
04. Once Upon A Time
05. Suck No Dick (Ice Cube Diss)
06. Robbin' Of Da Hood
07. Get Down With Da Get Down
08. Bonus Track: Humm Deez Nuts (Instrumental)

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Originally released in 1994

Danny Spice feat. Craig G - King Of The Beat

Danny Spice feat. Craig G "King Of The Beat"

From the upcoming album "King Amongst Thieves", out soon.
Order the limited edition 7" vinyl of "King Of The Beat"

Braille - Feel It (magOwl Remix)

Braille "Feel It (magOwl Remix)"


MySpace Braille | magOwl

F.olk (aka Ahh:Zel of Late Bloomers) - wintersummersprung (2011)

01. I.Hate.Your.Taste.In.Music.But.You.Got.A.Nice.Ass
02. Every.Time.I.See.A.Better.Looking.Girl.I.Temporarily.Forget.You.Exist
03. Im.Too.Cheap.To.Take.You.On.A.Date
04. I.Think.I.Like.This.Girl.But.She.Texts.Me.Too.Much
05. This.Is.Probably.Just.A.Fling
06. She.Smashed.The.Homies


Late Bloomers

Dirt Platoon - 1st Hand (Video)

Visuals for "1st Hand" from the album Deeper Than Dirt

DJ Concept - M99: Dexter Beat Tape (2011)

01. The Mask Is Slipping
02. Boyd Fowler
03. M99: Etorphine
04. Jordan Chase
05. You Stole My Life
06. Born In Blood
07. All I See Is Darkness
08. Butter Face
09. Explore New Rituals


While putting the final touches on the deluxe version of his album "Heavy Smoke", DJ Concept drops this Dexter themed beat tape: "M99". With the new season of Dexter premiering this Sunday night (Oct. 2, 2011), Concept comes thru with a dark soundscape created completely with samples from the score of the show.

Infinity Gauntlet - Anti Angelz (Video)

Infinity Gauntlet (Bekay, S-Dub aka Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, FT aka Fuc That and El Gant) spit over Pete Rock's "Tha Game" instrumental.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Droppin' Science Show September (2011)

01. Ta-ku - Shut It Down
02. Phonte feat. King Mez & Charlie Smarts - In The 336
03. BK-One feat MF Doom - Tema Do Canibal (Exile Mind the Gap Remix)
04. DTMD feat. yU - Keep On
05. Median - Right On
06. Apathy - Peace Connecticut
07. Oddisee - Skipping Rocks
08. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis (Cookin' Soul Remix)
09. Masta Ace & Guru - Conflict (Remix)
10. Termanology - Mama Knows Freestyle
11. Oddisee feat. yU - Still Doing It
12. Chris Lucas - Footsteps (Instrumental)
13. Sonnyjim feat. Jehst & Cappo - God Complex (M-Phazes Remix)
14. Blu feat. A-Ra & Nola Darling - Never Be The Same
15. Paul White feat. Tranqill - Rotten Apples
16. Elaquent - Teddy Bear
17. Showbiz & A.G. - God Is Force
18. The Cool Kids feat. Maxine Ashley - Summer Jam
19. yU - Memory
20. Trek Life - Due West (Has-Lo Remix)
21. Ali Shaheed Muhammed - Parady's Paradox
22. Def Dee - Know My Name
23. Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey - Volume
24. Trek Life feat. Olivier DaySoul- I'd Rather Be (a3 remix)
25. A.Dd+ feat. Mz Fortune - Getting Far
26. Kyle Rapps feat. Talib Kweli - Universe Traveler
27. Questions & Freddie Joachim - Find Another Way
28. Leonard Destroy - Sunnshine
29. Jonti - Hornets Nest
30. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Tables Turn
31. Zo! - Black Cow feat. Phonte & Sy Smith
32. Def Dee - Suit Up
33. Torae - Do The Math (prod. by Large Professor)
34. Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Elephants (Oddisee Remix)
35. Paul Nice feat. Masta Ace - We Dont Play Remix
36. Black Einstein - Duvet
37. Phonte feat. Elzhi- Not Here Anymore


Droppin' Science

BeNeVoLeNcE - Once Upon A Time​.​.​. (2011)

01. The Quest
02. Chasing After Romance
03. June Love (Part 1)
04. My Imagination (Daydreaming Again)
05. Castle In The Air
06. Dawn
07. Fairy Tale Love
08. Hero Eyes
09. Epic Memory
10. Pulse Fantasy feat. According to Legend
11. Sentimental Antiques
12. June Love (Part 2)
13. Different With Me
14. With You
15. Final Break feat. According to Legend



Akrobatik - The EP (2000)

01. The Flow
02. Internet MC's
03. Don't Fear
04. Ruff Enuff (Remix) feat. Afu-Ra & Breez Evahflowin
05. U Got It
06. Battle Royal feat. Esoteric
07. SayYesSayWord
08. The Fat Shit Pt. II feat. Mr. Lif
09. Militant Raw

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Infinito 2017 - Cold Flow (Video)

King Boom - In My Mind & The Tyrant

King Boom "In My Mind"
(Produced by LoopWhole Beats)


King Boom "The Tyrant"
(Produced by JuSoul)


King Boom's first full length album "Da Kings Quarters" coming soon.

Geteye - Delicious Porn Teaser

Geteye presents his own versions of the Hezekiah's album Conscious Porn, coming soon.

Amerigo Gazaway (of Gummy Soul) - @questlove


Since its release on September 13th, the response for our new project "Fela Soul" has been nothing short of amazing. With "Fela Soul" we hoped to showcase our production, while increasing people's knowledge of two very important artistic forces, and your support and sharing has helped us to achieve that goal.

With combined listen/downloads of over 150,000 and growing, your support proves that there will always be a place for quality music. Here @ Gummy Soul, we are dedicated to providing you with the best content that we can create, and we will work hard to maintain the level of quality and passion that we displayed on this project.

As a token of our appreciation, we have included a special "Fela Soul" bonus track featuring lyrics by Amerigo Gazaway and production from fellow Gummy Soul artist Wally Clark. We made this song as thank you note; as a way of expressing our gratitude to all of our newly acquired fans.

We are eternally grateful for your interest and continued support for our music, and we hope you enjoyed listening to the project as much as we enjoyed making it.

Gummy Soul

Mr. Green - Live From The Streets Pt. 2 feat. Peter Gaffney

Mr. Green

Diamond District - For Certain (prod. by Oddisee)

Diamond District - For Certain
(Produced by Oddisee)


Oddisee has enlisted the rhyme services of his Diamond District brothers yU & Uptown X.O. to craft a new track entitled "For Certain" over Rock Creek Park production.

SigNif & Gee Wiz - S.I.G.M.A.T.A (Video)

Visuals for "S.I.G.M.A.T.A" from the EP Significant Wizdom

GQ aka Nothin Pretty - Bon Voyage (prod. by DJ Low Cut)


Facebook GQ | DJ Low Cut

Goodman feat. Ab Zero - 4 Track (Video)

Murs x Ski Beatz - Lets Go! (Video)

Sandpeople Music presents OnlyOne & Furtado Yuen

01. Muck (feat. Chase Moore) (03:53)
02. Listen (feat. Al G, Chase Moore, KelC, SACRAlice, DJ Spark) (04:47)
03. About to Go (02:23)
04. Wait… (feat. KelC, DJ Spark) (04:00)
05. Jigsaw (03:12)
06. Interlude (01:31)
07. Tell ‘em No To Telling (feat. Chase Moore) (04:09)
08. Professional (feat. Wits) (03:08)
09. Muck(Instrumental) (03:51)
10. Listen(Instrumental) (04:42)
11. About to Go(instrumental) (02:22)
12. Wait…(Instrumental) (04:00)
13. Jigsaw(Instrumental) (03:13)
14. Interlude(Instrumental) (01:31)
15. No to Tellin’(Instrumental) (04:12)
16. Professional(Instrumental) (03:10)


Thanks to Danksta

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Axe - Chewbacca feat. Roc Marciano (Video)

Gentlemen Rule..

Michita - Ozora (2011)

01. Birdriva
02. Morew
03. Unnelf
04. New One feat. OJIBAH from SD JUNKSTA
05. Lifob
06. Some Other Tide
07. Room
08. Resill
09. Solstice
10. Ringabell feat. 072
11. Merge
12. Slower Flower
13. Disappearance


James Pants - Beat Archive Pt. 1 (2011)


I bring forth the first installment of the Beat Archive; a 51-piece vast collection of oddities, soddities, and heresies from back in the days when I thought I could be a rap producer. Never worked out so well. But regardless, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to use for your own purposes, and spread around.

[ed. note: this was originally titled JP Beat Archive #1: 2001-2007, but upon further inspection, there is only one from 2001, so I can’t fully claim that title. Mostly 2004-2008 I realized. sorry for the confusion. I also misspelled “sincerely” in the original post.]


James P

Will Sessions - The Elmatic Instrumentals (WEB) (2011)

01. Genesis
02. Detroit State Of Mind
03. Life's A Bitch
04. The World Is Yours
05. Halftime
06. Memory Lane
07. One Love
08. Represent Intro
09. Represent
10. It Ain't Hard To Tell
11. Shout

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Thanks to el jefe

Roots Manuva - 4everevolution (2011)

01 First Growth 03:10
02 Here We Go Again 03:59
03 Skid Valley 02:47
04 Who Goes There? 02:55
05 Watch Me Dance 04:06
06 Revelation 04:18
07 Wha' Mek? 04:41
08 Takes Time 03:14
09 Beyond This World 02:34
10 Go Champ 02:20
11 Get the Get 02:42
12 Crow Bars 02:55
13 The Throes of It 07:04
14 Noddy 03:51
15 Much Too Plush 03:14
16 The Path 03:14
17 Banana Skank 02:36


Sniper - A Toute Epreuve (2011)

01 A Toute Epreuve (Processus 2011) 4:11
02 Chienne De Vie Feat. L.e.c.k 4:52
03 Arabia Feat Reda Taliani 5:26
04 Blood Diamondz Feat Sexion d'Assaut 4:54
05 La Gueule De L'emploi 4:04
06 Mentalit franaise 4:51
07 Ange Et Dmon Feat JMI Sissoko 4:21
08 Blues De La Tess 4:07
09 J'te Parle Feat Soprano 4:30
10 J'essaye D'oublier 5:03
11 Fadela 4:05
12 Thrapie Feat Anahy 4:17
13 Tout Le Monde Lève Les Bras 3:34
14 Jugement Dernier 4:10
15 On Se Ment Feat Humphrey 3:47


Thats Not My Link..

Mayer Hawthorne - How Do You Do Tracklist And Cover

Get To Know You
A Long Time
Can’t Stop feat. Snoop Dogg
The Walk
Finally Falling
Stick Around
The News
You Called Me
You’re Not Ready
No String  

Bliss n Eso - Coastal Kids (Video)

Charmingly Ghetto feat. Reks - Alone In The World (prod. by Introspective Minds)

Charmingly Ghetto feat. Reks "Alone In The World"
(Produced by Introspective Minds)


From the upcoming project "Study A'Broad: The International Mixtape", out in November.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KON Sci (of MindsOne) - Pizza And A Movie (2011)

01. The Shining
02. Snatch
03. Harlem Nights
04. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
05. Hero
06. Shawshank Redemption
08. Seven
07. Tron
09. The Big Lebowski



Tragedy Khadafi - Ill-luminous Flow (Video)

Visuals for "Ill-luminous" from Thug Matrix 3

Awthentik - Foreclosure LP (2011)

01. Take A Bow
02. The World Isn't Yours
03. A Nobody feat. Laelo
04. It's My Job feat. Kutta
05. The Real Awthentik
06. #FUCKACOSIGN feat. Kutta
07. Purified Madness
08. Cereal But No Milk feat. Kutta
09. Dont Do It
10. 6 AM Rap feat. Incwell & Sleepwalker
11. Beat The Cat feat. Ethan Spalding of Violet Says
12. Cigarillo in my Pocket feat. Laelo
13. Morning Motivation
14. Lifetime's The Right time feat. Alison Carney
15. Pour Out A Little Liquor



PackFM - Want What’s Mine (BTSTU Mix)

PackFM "Want What’s Mine (BTSTU Mix)"
(Produced by GrandRiggity)



Koncept & Tranzformer - High (Video)

Visuals for "High" from the More Than Meets The Eye EP

Apathy feat. Celph Titled - Stop What Ya Doin' (Nuttkase Remix)

Apathy feat. Celph Titled "Stop What Ya Doin' (Nuttkase Remix)"



Nuttkase - T.D.Z.V. (Instrumentals) (2011)

01. Cannibalism
02. Nu Year's Adventures
03. Welcome Me In
04. Do This
05. Duplicator
06. El Barrio
07. Bermudaz Triangle
08. 7-24
09. Zalupa
10. Onion Head
11. It Will Stay In People's Memories
12. Good Evening, Russia
13. Tha Sweet Shit
14. Peruvian Snow
15. T.D.Z.V.
16. Rap About Rap
17. Hey Ho, Yo Hole Is 2 Small



Snowgoons x Reef The Lost Cauze - Boxcutter Samurai (Video)


Evidence - Cats & Dogs Bonus Tracks (2011)

18. Sleep Deprivation (iTunes Bonus Track)
19. Good Times (iTunes Bonus Track)
20. Same Folks feat. Fashawn (Fifth Element Pre-Order Bonus Track)



Large Professor - Key To The City (Bazooka Joe Remix)


Truck Jewls

Out Da Box TV - Willie Evans Jr Interview

Out Da Box TV is proud to bring you a special new interview along with an exclusive bonus track from High Water Music artist "Willie Evans Jr." Playing off of the theme of his debut album Introducin', we met up with Willie to do just that. He took the time to speak to us about his musical journey, coming from Jacksonville Florida, with his former crew Asamov to joining up with Sucio at High Water Music. He also spoke on his "Billy Lotion" instrumental project inspired by Aloe Blacc and his passion for choppin' music video. Chances are you may have already heard of Willle but didn't yet get to hear his story and what he brings to the table. This brother has some interesting things to offer as far as creativity and musical approach. Definitely, not your typical emcee/producer here! Be on the look out for more to come from Willie Evans Jr. Also, as a special bonus, Out Da Box TV and Willie Evans Jr. are proud to share with you a brand new track, entitled
"Introducin' (The Paten Locke Rebox)" which is actually the Remix to the album's self-titled cut "Introducin'".


Substantial feat. Jsoul - Would You Be Mine? (Digi-Single) (2011)

01. Would You Be Mine feat. Jsoul
02. Would You Be Mine (Instrumental)



The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy - Darling Lure (WEB) (2011)

01. Into The Mornin
02. Change The Meridian
03. High Noon Stank
04. Bucktown
05. Hang-On
06. TakeUThere
07. Countacula
08. Melodic Healing
09. Whistle While You Work
10. Let’s Go
11. Trust
12. Shoutro
13. Love Hurts

Link | Buy

The Primeridian | Tall Black Guy

Evidence - It Wasn't Me (Video)

Blu - Open (WEB) (2011)

01. Point Blank feat. JustLee
02. Good Gracious feat. Da1
03. Steel Remains (Raw)
04. Gotta Be Free feat. Aaron Smartz
05. Taking The Day Off feat. ScienZe & Versis
06. Part Time Suckas feat. Chop & Fresh Daily
07. Avenge Of The Cheap Ass feat. Sene
08. Remember Me feat. D Tail & Definite
09. The Dance feat. Tribe Of Levi
10. Ooh Child feat. Ms Guiterrez
11. The Bottom feat. Micah
12. Brown Sucre (Interlude) feat. Esmeralda Starlett
13. The End
14. Twenty Seven feat. South Broad

Link | Buy


Evidence - Cats & Dogs Instrumentals (2011)

01. The Liner Notes Instrumental (prod. by Alchemist)
02. Strangers Instrumental (prod. by Twiz The Beat Pro)
03. The Red Carpet Instrumental (prod. by Alchemist)
04. It Wasn't Me Instrumental (prod. by Rahki)
05. I Don't Need Love Instrumental (prod. by Evidence)
06. You Instrumental (prod. by DJ Premier)
07. God Bless That Man (Interlude)
08. Fame Instrumental (prod. by Charli Brown)
09. James Hendrix (StepBrothers) Instrumental (prod. by Alchemist)
10. Late For The Sky Instrumental (prod. by Sid Roams)
11. Crash Instrumental (prod. by Alchemist)
12. Where You From Instrumental (prod. by Alchemist)
14. To Be Continued... Instrumental (prod. by Sid Roams)
15. Falling Down Instrumental (prod. by Rahki)
16. Well Runs Dry Instrumental (prod. by Sid Roams)
17. The Epilogue Instrumental (prod. by DJ Premier)

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The BenchWarmers Clique - Robocop feat. Melodik (Video)

Animosity - Get Touched 12" (1997)

01. Get Touched (Radio Version)
02. Get Touched (Instrumental)
03. Get Touched (Street Mix)



Amad Jamal - The Renaissance 12" (2001)

01. S2finish (prod. by Evidence)
02. Rhetoric (prod. by Bravo)
03. Renaissance (prod. by Joey Chavez)
04. S2finish (Instrumental)
05. Rhetoric (Instrumental)
06. Renaissance (Instrumental)

Link | Buy


Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Daily Bread Bonus 7" (2011)

01. The Trenches feat. Sean Born (Apollo Brown Remix)
02. Elephants (Oddisee Remix)

Link | Buy

MySpace Hassaan Mackey | Apollo Brown

Bonus 7" that came with the vinyl edition of "Daily Bread".

The UN - D.O.A. (Deadly On Arrival) 12" (2004)

01. D.O.A. (Deadly On Arrival) (Album Version)
02. D.O.A. (Deadly On Arrival) (Clean Version)
03. D.O.A. (Deadly On Arrival) (Acapella)
04. D.O.A. (Deadly On Arrival) (Instrumental)
05. Russian Hat Wear
06. Game Of Death (Marciano)



Swollen Members - Do Or Die (Video)

Visuals for "Do Or Die" from the album Dagger Mouth

Mono:Massive x Vertual Vertigo - Stalactites EP (2011)

01. Intro
02. Elephanttrunk
03. Staletights feat. Mosch
04. Can't Let Go
05. Lucy
06. Wonder Why
07. Elephanttrunk (Suff Daddy Remix)


Duzz Down San

Praverb Dot Net x FWMJ's Producers I Know - Behind The Beats Vol. 2 (2011)

01. Keor Meteor - Oxygen 5
02. Concept - Voyage (Instrumental)
03. Silent Knight, KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC the Cynic, Soul Khan – Stayin’ Busy Remix (prod. by The Audible Doctor)
04. LX-Beats - Dig Flip Chop
05. Aloe Blacc - Move Over (Koyto Beats Remix)
06. J-88 - Look Of Love (This Is Tomorrow Remix)
07. Theory Hazit - Day 2 Day (D2P Remix)
08. Tois de Noise - Otoise
09. Osurek Bertop - #$%&’jhad7_!
10. Ali Vegas - Literature (prod. by SoundKamp)
11. Half Past Never Band feat. Jon?Doe – Letters
12. Chamillionaire – Send Me An Angel Freestyle (prod. by Blastah Beatz)
13. Wizz feat. Kool G Rap & Cy Yung – The Recipe (prod. by Centric)
14. Praverb the Wyse feat. Nametag – Back With Heat (Sourface Remix)
15. Politiks - Secret Paths
16. Agent Smith 78 – Secret Operations


Praverb Dot Net | FWMJ's Producers I Know

J-Live - S.P.T.A. (Said Person Of That Ability) (WEB) (2011)

01. As I Start (prod. by Korede)
02. From Scratch (prod. by Illastrate)
03. The Authentic (prod. by Marco Polo)
04. Watch Sun Watch feat. YC The Cynic (prod. by J-Live)
05. How I Feel Pt. 3 (prod. by Nicolay)
06. The Me And You feat. Anneice Cousin (prod. by The Audible Doctor)
07. No Time To Waste (prod. by Diamond D)
08. Pronounced Spitta (prod. by Marco Polo)
09. Life Comes in Threes feat. Rasheeda Ali (prod. by J-Live)
10. Great Expectations (prod. by RJD2)
11. Poetry In Ertia feat. John Robinson & MarQ Spekt (prod. by Floyd The Locsmif)
12. Home Or Away Remix (prod. by J-Live)
13. Half A Glass feat. Lyric Jones (prod. by Lyric Jones)

Link | Buy


Monday, September 26, 2011

Grap Luva - Neva Done (prod. by Kev Brown)

Grap Luva "Neva Done"
(Produced by Kev Brown)

Title track from the upcoming "Neva Done EP". Pre-orders for the 12" start this Saturday here

Shinobi Stalin feat. Sean Boog & Illustrate (Grey Matter) - Yes Yes Yall (prod. by Illastrate)



Supersci - Timelines Remixes (2011)

01. Timelines (Arka & Simon O Surf-O-Rama Remix)
02. Timelines (Erik L Remix)
03. Timelines (Broken Campsite Remix)
04. Timelines (Stray Remix)
05. Timelines (Arka & Bezou’s Juketard Remix)
06. Timelines (Bezou Tripstep Remix)
07. Timelines (Erik L Original Album Mix)


The Find Magazine

Remixes of the title track from the album Timelines

Apathy feat. Celph Titled - Stop What Ya Doin' (Wizard Remix)

Cappadonna - Cuban Link Kings

Plantage Middenlaan 1:22