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Some Videos Just To Get By..

Method Man Freestyle

Beanie Man - In The Streets Its Gettin Hot Freestyle

UGK - Da Game Been Good to Me


Back 2 1984...DUB IT!!!

Dead Prez Announce New Album 'Pulse of the People'

Hip-Hop duo dead prez have announced they have combined with DJ Green Lantern to release Pulse of the People, the third installment of their independent album series, Turn off the Radio.

Pulse of The People will be produced by DJ Green Lantern and released via his Invasion Music Group in conjunction with dead prez’ label Boss Up Inc.

The group’s third album will feature appearances from Chuck D., Bun B., Styles P., K’Naan, and Johnny Polygon.

DJ Green Lantern and dead prez entered the studio in February, after developing chemistry on the Rock the Bells Tour.

“Pulse of The People is presented in a format that reps the streets and what’s happening in the hearts and minds of the people that don’t get represented in the mainstream,” dead prez group member stic.man told AllHipHop.com in a statement.

In addition to a “green” message, dead prez will release the album in an eco-friendly package.

Pulse of the People is due in stores on June 23 2009 via Invasion Music Group/Boss Up Inc./The Orchard.


Juggaknots - Use Your Confusion (2006)

1. Here Comes...
2. Hey
3. Namesake
4. Leon Phelps
5. Strip Joint
6. Liar, Liar (feat. Wordsworth)
7. Use Your Confusion
8. Smile (feat. Castro)
9. New $$$
10. Vows (feat. Slick Rick)
11. Daddy's Little Girl
12. 30 Something (feat. Sadat X)
13. Movin' The Chains
14. Never (feat. Nine)
15. Crazy 8's (feat. Big Tone, B-Slim, Che Logan, J-Treds, Jax, Lil' Sci, Pop, Rob-O, Subconscious, Wordsworth)


One Be Lo - S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.(2005)

01. : Intro (1) : 01:37
02. : The Underground : 02:53
03. : Enecs Eht No Kcab : 03:35
04. : Questions Ft. Abdus Salaam and Charmaine Gib : 01:48
05. : Oggie : 01:36
06. : Propaganda : 02:41
07. : The Ghetto : 04:09
08. : Axis : 03:04
09. : Sleepwalking Ft. Ka Di : 04:05
10. : True Love Ft. Decompoze : 04:15
11. : Interlude : 00:18
12. : Used 2 Be Fly : 04:39
13. : Deceptacons : 03:26
14. : Cant Get Enough Ft. Magestik Legend : 04:56
15. : Assassinations : 00:48
16. : Evil of Self Ft. Abdus Salaam : 04:24
17. : The Future : 03:26
18. : E.T. : 03:36
19. : The Capital IST : 00:57
20. : Rocketship : 04:23
21. : Unparalleled Ft. Magestik Legend : 04:09
22. : Follow My Lead : 04:02


DOOM Interview in Rolling Stone

Reclusive Rapper Doom Talks New LP Born Like This and Responds to Fan Rage

American underground rap iconoclast Doom (formerly MF Doom) releases his new album Born Like This on Lex Records on March 24th. The U.K.-born, New York-raised rapper’s LP features contributions from Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and the beats of late production genius J Dilla, and represents seven years of work recorded on and off at home in Atlanta. Thom Yorke recently remixed sexy single “Gazillion Ear” and funky, Jake One-produced “Ballskin” is bouncing across the major music blogs. The centerpiece of the record is “Cellz”, which explodes with apocalyptic fury. On it, the late, great American poet Charles Bukowski reads of one of his best poems, “Dinosauria, We,” for almost two minutes while missiles fire and the Earth is laid to waste.

“Don’t freak with old Buke. Buke is nice. He’s as good as the rest of the rappers on there,” Doom says. “He kind of sets the tone for the record, being that we’re living in what he was kind of describing. He might’ve been reaching for the worst description based on what he saw us heading to, but it happened and that made me go, ‘Wow, that’s ill. Kinda prophetic words.’ ”

With a career modeled on the Marvel comics arch-villain Doctor Doom, the metal mask-wearing fortysomething remains characteristically cryptic about future live dates. “I tell you one thing: when you come to a Doom show, come expecting to hear music, don’t come expecting to see. You never know who you might see. It has nothing to do with a visual thing. Use your mind and think. I might be there. Next time I do a show, I might tell everybody to close they eyes. Use your own mind’s eye. That’s better than a camera phone, know what I’m sayin’?’ ”

He says Michael Jackson — who just sold out 50 shows in the U.K. — might be doing the same thing. “Word. That nigga was crazy as hell. How do you even know he’s still him? He might’ve been doing the technique.”

The Doom live experience caused controversy in 2007, when the highly acclaimed lyricist behind Madvillainy and The Mouse and the Mask allegedly sent an impostor to perform several of his dates in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Furious crowds booed and took their rage to the Internet, reporting that the impostor lip-synced to MF Doom’s songs. Self-proclaimed super-villain Doom posted no response to his fan’s rage until now, when he tells Rolling Stone that he couldn’t care less.

“Everything that we do is villain style,” Doom says. “Everybody has the right to get it or not get it. Once I throw it out, it’s there for interpretation. It might’ve seemed like it didn’t go well, but how do we know that wasn’t just pre-orchestrated so that we’re talking about it now? I tell you one thing: People are asking more now for live shows and I’m charging more, so it must’ve worked somewhere.”

Such weirdness is par for the course for the erratic artist, born Daniel Dumile. In the late ’80s, Dumile signed to major label Elektra with his sibling. But his brother was killed in a car accident, Elektra dropped him, and Dumile vanished.

In the late ’90s, a metal-faced rapper spitting inimitable flow on debut underground LP Operation: Doomsday materialized named MF Doom. More than a dozen LPs and two dozen EPs later, Born Like This is highly anticipated hip-hop eclecticism; a follow-up to 2004’s widely lauded Madvilliany with producer Madlib and 2005’s The Mouse and the Mask with platinum producer Danger Mouse. Those hits cracked the Billboard 200 — commercially and critically validating Dumile’s brutal, funny, literate, street style.

Lasering in on Armageddon on his new disc puts Doom smack in the middle of a morbid trend, with the Dow melting away, Watchmen blowing up the box office and the globe warming. But the ending of “Dinosauria, We” also posits a beautiful new beginning, begging the question: is the apocalypse actually cleansing?

“No doubt,” says the father and admitted McCain voter. “If something ends, then something’s gonna start. So it’s like, what side are you on? Do you feel like your world is ending? Or do you feel like, ‘Wow, it seems like that’s ending and it’s the start of something new.’”

Born Like This is about the next chapter, he says and more is coming. “I got a hundred albums in me. I’m gonna rock this shit forever.”

BO2 - Behind the scenes meth & red

Del The Funky Homosapien - Funk Man (The Stimulus Package)(2009)

01. (00:04:52) Del The Funky Homosapien - Get it right now!
02. (00:05:11) Del The Funky Homosapien - And they thought that was hell
03. (00:04:41) Del The Funky Homosapien - Fit like a glove
04. (00:04:21) Del The Funky Homosapien - Go against the grain
05. (00:03:51) Del The Funky Homosapien - Hardcore punks can’t take it
06. (00:05:04) Del The Funky Homosapien - I’m smellin’ myself
07. (00:05:41) Del The Funky Homosapien - King of Fighters
08. (00:04:15) Del The Funky Homosapien - News Alert
09. (00:03:04) Del The Funky Homosapien - Simple Satisfaction
10. (00:01:52) Del The Funky Homosapien - Sometimes i gotta get stupid
11. (00:05:28) Del The Funky Homosapien - Straight from the big bad west coast
12. (00:04:52) Del The Funky Homosapien - Land of funk
13. (00:04:21) Del The Funky Homosapien - Young Adrenaline


Del The Funky Homosapien Set To Release New Album “Funkman” For Free!

With growing fears over a slumping economy growing by the day, many people are cutting back on the small things in life—which often include the legal consumption of music. Luckily, fans of Del the Funky Homosapien can enjoy the emcee’s upcoming album without having to bootleg it. Del’s upcoming album, Funkman will be available to the masses free of charge. Accompanying the album will be a 13-point “stimulus package” which is designed to “revive the public at large” that is “over the whole rap era,” according to Del.

Fans who cannot get enough of Del can also find two other works—The Leak Pack Series Vols. 1 and 2—available for free as well. With Funkman, Del aims to bring back the feeling of newness that fans experienced when Hip Hop began to get popular. The new album “Funkman” will be available for download April 7th @ delthefunkyhomosapien.bandcamp.com.


DJ Vadim-U Cant Lurn Imaginashun(2009)

01. Soldier ft. Big Red & 5Nizza
02. R3 Imaginashun
03. That Lite ft. Juice Lee & Rjay
04. Thrill Seeker ft. Sabira Jade
05. Beijos ft. Heidi Vogel
06. Saturday ft. Pugz Atomz
07. Strictly Rockers 215
08. Under Your Hat ft. Kathrin deBoer & Governor Tiggy
09. Game Tight
10. You Are Yours ft. Yarah Bravo
11. Maximum ft. La Methode
12. I Want To Shout Out ft. Sabira Jade
13. Always Lady ft. Pugs Atomz & Wes Restless
14. Pink Stiletoes ft. Sunny
15. Thrill 103
16. Rock Dem Hot
17. Hidden Treasure ft. Sabira Jade & Kwasi Asante
18. Tu He Ma Ne Toddy


K-os - Yes (Advance)(2009)

01. Mr. Telephone Man
02. The Avenue
03. The Aviator
04. Uptown Girl
05. 4 3 2 1
06. Whip C.R.E.A.M
07. Astronaut
08. Zambony
09. Burning Bridges
10. Fun


Kan Kick - Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh (2009)

01. The Bomb Butterfly
02. Thursdays At The Good Life
03. Herb Honey
04. Black Women Candle Wax
05. This Is A World Export
06. Continued Togetherness
07. Pop Tunes, Morning Paper
08. Don't Lock My Heart Away
09. Shrooming Birds Morning Song
10. NightTime Beauty
11. Serenade The Outdoor Visitors
12. C'Mon Love, Let's Dance
13. Take My Hand
14. Warped Dayz
15. O.X. Coming At Ya
16. I'm Going to Take U Out To Dinner
17. Can't Escape Space (Love Quakes)
18. Enter The Inside (Yeah)
19. The Revelations Of Sadness
20. Westwinds Of Truism (For Otis)
21. The Tribes Chant


Kankick has made a name for himself in the West Coast hip-hop scene alongside fellow Oxnard natives Madlib and Oh No, crafted laidback, smoky instrumentals, occasionally releasing an album with guest spots ("From Artz Unknown").

"Beautiful: Opus of Love Deeper Than Flesh" continues Kankick's tradition of low-key loops and fuzzed-out jazziness. "Thursdays at the Good Life" rocks a lounge piano and background bells, "Black Women Candle Wax" uses a little static to augment the simple synth melody, and a river of bubbling crowd noise percolates under the mellow loop that powers "Continued Togetherness."

Piano figures heavy on "Beautiful," and some of Kankick's best work throughout the disc's 58 minutes is anchored on lilting, mid-range keywork ("NightTime Beauty," "Serenade the Outdoor Visitors," and what kind of sounds like an electric piano played in reverse on "OX Coming at Ya").

If you're looking to get your party started, "Opus of Love Deeper Than Flesh" might not be quite the right vehicle. But once the party's winding down, and you and your people are just settling in during the late night hours, it's the perfect accompaniment for slowly nodding your head and drifting into a daze on the couch.

CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Vol. 1 (2009)

1. Departure (Intro)
2. Nothing But Strangeness (feat. Looptroop Rockers & Hilltop Hoods)
3. Linguistics (Live In Stockholm)
4. Move
5. Inverse - Spark My Soul (feat. Substantial)
6. Never Come Down (the Brownie Song)
7. Hypnotized (feat. PackFM & Club Dub)
8. Dance For Me (Remix)
9. Mr. SOS - Die For You
10. White Guy Mind Tricks
11. Georgia (Remix) (feat. Killer Mike & Khujo Goodie)
12. KKKY (Remix) (feat. Skinny DeVille, Fishscales, Young Chu & Sheisty Khrist)
13. Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes) (feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
14. Tondeff - The Distance
15. Broken Van (Thinking of You) (feat. Mac Lethal)
16. Billy Joe’s Garage (To Be Continued…)
17. Nothing But Strangeness (Instrumental)
18. Move (Instrumental)
19. Inverse (Instrumental)
20. Never Come Down (Instrumental)
21. Die For You (Instrumental)
22. Don’t Leave (Instrumental)
23. The Distance (Instrumental)
24. Broken Van (Instrumental)

Link Is Down After Request From The Artists

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Illogic-Diabolical Fun(2009)

01- whats my name
02- diabolical fun
03- violent verbage
04- what happened
05- i know you
06- lets go
07- crash ft. ill poetic
08- get up or get down
09- time
10- right here
11- feel the beat
12- walk into the sunset ft. ill poetic


Last Emperor's New And Rare Tracks

Last Emperor - Gotta have love

Last Emperor - Do you remember?

Last Emperor - Gangster Groove

Last Emperor-Keep Pushing

New Mixtape Is Set To Be Released In April

Thanks To Rob

VA - Melancholic Jazz (2009)

01. Harmonious Day / LUSRICA
02. the delta / DJ Whitesmith
03. leave / Float 11
04. ID-01-37-22-8923A / Hidetake Takayama
05. Universal Healing Song / LUSRICA
06. BlackBook / DJ Whitesmith
07. sulf / Float 11
08. ready-set-go / Hidetake Takayama
09. Mono / DJ Whitesmith
10. falling / Float 11
11. madorom / Hidetake Takayama
12. Sleeping Hours / LUSRICA


Emanon (Aloe Blacc & DJ Exile) – Imaginary Friends (1996)

01. Assume Not
02. Emanon
03. What’s N A Name
04. Everylittlething
05. Interlude
06. Deadly Venom
07. The Circle
08. Hideout
09. AmeriKKKan Dreams
10. Interlude
11. Dream Sequence
12. Situations
13. Me vs $
14. Cheating


Offwhyte - Squints(2001)

1. Listen, Listen
2. Reallocated Resources
3. Juicy Pulp feat. Pugsly Atoms Alaska
4. Nitpicker
5. Staticling!
6. Beyond Comp feat. Cosmo Galactus
7. Approach
8. The End
9. Galapagos Four
10. Streamlined Petite Cut Slab
11. Just One Vex feat. Centric i,e
12. Outro
13. North To Broadway


3582 (Fat Jon & J.Rawls) - Situational Ethics (2003)

1. Intro
2. The E
3. Look At You
4. Loser Type
5. Take It To The Face
6. I Would Change
7. Bad As They Come
8. Vanessa From Venezuela
9. Outro
10. The E (Remix)
11. Bad As They Come (Remix)
12. Late Night


Showbiz and A.G.-Broken Chains[Vinyl](2009)

01 03:15 Instrumental 1
02 05:15 Diggin' In The Crates (Original Version)
03 02:15 Instrumental 2
04 02:52 Instrumental 3
05 03:42 To Each His Own
(More Than One Way Out The Ghetto Original)
06 03:04 Instrumental 4
07 01:33 Instrumental 5
08 04:58 Hard To Kill (Original Version)
09 02:51 Instrumental 6
10 05:38 I'm Convinced
11 02:05 Instrumental 7
12 03:34 Untitled Feat.D. Flow & Party Arty


Previously thought lost forever, these masters recently
resurfaced and have yielded a treasure trove of unreleased
vocal and instrumental tracks from the incredibly fruitful
recording sessions leading up to one of the most important
Hip Hop albums of all time.

DJ Cogit-The International J. Rawls Mix(2008)

01 J Rawls - Intro
02 J. Sands & Grap Luva - Check The Clock
03 El Da Sensei - We Bouncin'
04 Last Emperor - Time Tunnel
05 BJ Digby - Love Is Beautiful
06 Count Bass D - Ohio Players
07 Lone Catalysts - On Course Ft. LG
08 3582 - The Living Soul
09 Dose One - Spidfire Ft. Lionesque
10 Makeba Mooncycle - Judgement Day
11 Phife Dawg - Lemme Find Out (Remix)
12 Tavaris - Without You
13 Main Flow - Roulette Ft. Donte
14 Grand Agent - I Need A Girl
15 Lone Catalysts - L.I.F.E. Ft. Asheru, Grap Luva &
16 Moka Only - String Beans
17 Daily Planet - Paragon
18 Five Deez - Wow
19 Asheru & Blue Black - Dear You
20 Lone Catalysts - Due Process Ft. Talib Kweli
21 3582 - I Would Change
22 Wizdom Life - The Night Belongs To Music
23 J-Live - Ships Pass
24 Lone Catalysts - Rush Hour Ft. Showtime
25 Venus Malone - One On One
26 Jonell - Miss You
27 Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To Dilla
28 Declaime - Thank You


Sick mixtape of J Rawls produced beats! DJ Cogit on the
one's & two's here with big tracks from El Da Sensei, Count
Bass D, Phife Dawg, Five Deez, J-Live, Declaime, Lone
Catalyst, Main Flow, Grand Agent, Daily Planet and plenty

Steph Pockets - Can't Give Up (2007)

01.Steph Pockets Feat. Speech - Can't Give Up 04:39
02.Steph Pockets - Thank You 04:14
03.Steph Pockets - Put 'Em Up 03:32
04.Steph Pockets - Get Up 04:27
05.Steph Pockets - It Hurts 03:06
06.Steph Pockets - Stay 04:44
07.Steph Pockets - Highway To Heaven 04:03
08.Steph Pockets - Doing What We Do 03:36
09.Steph Pockets - Roll With Us 04:24
10.Steph Pockets - There For You 03:39
11.Steph Pockets - Rockstars 04:23
12.Steph Pockets - Mr. DJ 03:53
13.Steph Pockets - The Beginning 02:29


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Beatbox Radio Show Presents Tracklist 29-3-09

1.Tablo & Pe2ny-White
2.Artcrime a.k.a Circo Inverso-Jedi Mind Tricks Animal Rap(2.1 mix)
3.Sunspot Jonz-Dip Down
4.Indefinate Etticate-Swimming
5.Dead Poet&Wildcard-5150
6.Superstar Quamallah And Taj The Infinite-Favorite Things
8.X Clan-Thru My Eyez ft Tony Henry And Bun B
9.Sandpeople-Roll Call feat. DJ Bonez
10.Cesar Comanche-Die In Your Lap
11.F.T-Frontline Feat. El The Sensei, Organized Konfusion, Mike Zoot
12.Melodious Monk-Whenever I Can
13.Hired Gun-Originated
14.N.A.S.A.-The People Tree feat. David Bryne Chali 2na Gift Of Gab and Z Trip
15.Nowfolk 2(Moka Only-Ishkan)-Lovem Leavem
16.Dj Vadim-Soldier
17.Kero One - Keep Pushin
18.Donny Goines-What Happened
19.Dj Sarasa a.k.a. Silverboombox-Bullet Train feat.Elzhi,Masia One
20.Method Man,Redman ft UGK-City Lights
21.Inspectah Deck - Rec Room (P-Plan Rmx)
22.Biggie and Jay Z- Brooklyn We Go Hard
23.D.One-Wrong Ones (feat Royce Da 5 9)
24.Git Beats-Controllet Demolition ft Goretex of Non Phixion
25.Rasco-By Myself
26.Fokis-Gladiators(Feat Hell Razah,Killah Priest)
27.Stoupe-When The Sun Goes Down feat. Saigon
28.Viceversah-What You Got


Feux&Mirac-Mastaplan Snippet

Feux&Mirac-Mastaplan Snippet


Feux &Mirac are going to release their first album on the 18th of April on Duzz Down San Records.

Black Spade-Shining

Yo! So this is the beat Charles Hamilton CLAIMS he created. In short, when I was in Austin to perform and check out SxSW, I caught his set. He performed one of his tracks, "Shinin'", which I thought was dope. However, come to find out the instrumental that he used for that track is a beat I produced a while back. After he was done performing, I let him know that I produced the beat and asked him where he got it from. In the back of my mind I know that the only place he really could have gotten it from was off my MySpace page. When I told him I produced the track and liked his lyrics, he still continued to say that HE produced the track with some dude....FALSE. He said he cleared the sample and that he is the one singing 'Shinin' in the background and also that his homeboy was playing the keys on the track.

Now mind you, the background 'Shinin' vocals that he claims he laid were not laid in the studio at all. I know this because I sampled them by singing directly into the MPC.

Basically, the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample at the beginning is from when I put the beat up on MySpace. The whole point of putting that part in the track was to show that I was about to produce, from that part, my own version of the sample. So, if you don't hear the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample in the MP3 I am sending you, that is why.

Black Spade aka Stoney Rock

Charles Hamilton-Shinin'



Support Black Spade

Vee - State Of Mind (2009)

01. Tweet
02. Da Piano (feat. C.L. Smooth)
03. Ill City Breezy Snippet (feat. Strange Fruit Project)
04. Atmosphere
05. World Is Yours
06. Peace & Humor (feat. Pase Rock)
07. Push (feat. NEX!!! of Natural Habitz)
08. Miracles In Meidaimae
09. Decor
10. Like This Whole Song (feat. Nautural Habitz)
11. Le Vent
12. Eyes On The Prize (feat. Natural Habitz) (Vee Remix)


Damu The Fudgemunk -Live Beats At Fat Beats(NYC)

Kero One - Early Believers [2009/MP3/V0(VBR)]

1. Welcome To The Bay
2. When the Sunshine Comes (feat. Ben Westbeech)
3. Keep Pushin'
4. Let's Just Be Friends (feat. Tuomo)
5. Bossa Soundcheck
6. Love and Happiness (feat. Tuomo)
7. Stay on the Grind (feat. Ohmega Watts)
8. A Song for Sabrina
9. This Life Ain't Mine
10. I Never Thought That We
11. Goodbye Forever (feat. Ben Westbeech)
12. On and On


An avid fan of soul, disco, electro, and Brazilian beats, Kero One creates music that embraces these diverse genres without abandoning his hip-hop foundation. Now, nearly 3 years after Windmills of the Soul, Kero One has returned with a mission to renew the sounds of modern hip hop by melding together bits of various genres of music. In the creation of Early Believers, Kero One has enlisted the talents of some of his favorite singers and vocalists such as Giles Peterson's UK singer protege Ben Westbeech, Finland's own modern day "Stevie Wonder," Tuomo, and Portland's Ohmega Watts, to name a few. Pairing vocals with the warm tones of analog compressed drums, vintage synths, and live instruments, Kero One has created a 12 track album exhibiting his live instrumentation abilities, and growth and maturity as a writer, arranger, and vocalist.

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Art Espace - Tokai no Kaori(2009)

01. Kondor / Life'S Influence
02. Ryuichi Sakamoto / 美貌の青空
03. Malus / Watersides Proof
04. Nujabes / Im Aginary Folklore
05. Hideo Sasaki / 夜光虫
06. The D Ining R Oom S / V Erso Il Sole
07. Speedometer / Signs Of Fish
08. Mabanua / Liquid
09. Art Espace / 都会の香り
10. The Opus / Roads Seldom Traveled
11. Young, Holdt A Nd Bess Unlimited / Something'S Wrong With Me (Interlude)
12. Bonobo / Ketto
13. Kondor / Silent Steps
14. Count Bass D / Seven Y Ears
15. Hiroki M Izukami / Human Race (Original Instrum Ental Version)
16. Valentin / A Gainst
17. Dj D Ay / Make Y Ou
18. Le Hammond Inferno / Art Police
19. Gen / 信 - Tegami
20. Poodles / Come On Poodle
21. Nomak / Recalm Intro
22. Nujabes Feat. Shing02 / Luv(Sic.)(M Odal Soul Rem Ix)
23. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk / Crocodileleather T.I.E.
24. Weekenders / St A R Sig N
25. D *N Ote / D *V Otion
26. G .P. / Homme Et Une Femme Un (Can U Feel Dis Remix)
27. Theory Hazit / I.O .U . Feat. Braille (R Em Ix)
28. La Melodia / T Im E (Dj D Eckstream Remix)
29. A Sayakeproduction Feat. Eelman / Oh! Yes!
30. Jilt Y So U L / Shining
31. Calm Featuring Spiritual African Nova / Running On The Sand From Somewhere To Anywhere
32. Robert De Boron / Fines
33. Jazztronik / 影
34. A Driana Evans / Hey Now (Electric Remix)
35. Michita Feat. Arupachikabuto / 頭”
36. Brian Eno / Always R Eturning


Art Espace - Tokai no Kaori


DJ Revolution - Wake Up Show Mix Archives Vol. 5-6(2004)

Disc: 1

1. Intro - DJ Revolution
2. Ain't No Half Steppin [Remix] - Big Daddy Kane
3. Pump It Up - Joe Budden
4. Lets Git Dirty [Revs Mix] - Redman
5. No Letting Go/Everything's a Go - Memphis Bleek, Wayne Wonder
6. Put Ur Hands Where... [Revs Mix] - Busta Rhymes
7. Can't Stop Won't Stop - Young Gunz
8. Lights Out - Westside Connection
9. Realist [Revs Mix] - 50 Cent, Biggie
10. Get Down [Revs Mix #2] - Nas
11. Magic Scratch - DJ Revolution
12. Off the Wall - Skillz
13. Midnight Creep - Mobb Deep
14. Where da Hood At - DMX
15. Ya Feel Dat
16. No Coast All Stars - Asia, Baby Blak, Obie Trice
17. Never Scared [Revs Mix] - Bonecrusher, , Jadakiss
18. Many Men [Revs Mix] - 50 Cent
19. Another Execution - Above the Law
20. Gotta Luv It [Revs Mix] - Nas
21. Gotta Luv Scratchin - DJ Revolution
22. Act a Fool - Ludacris
23. Booyaka [Revs Mix] - Sly Boogy
24. Its Been a Long Time [Revs Remix] - Rakim
25. Dead Wrong - Biggie
26. Cut Up - DJ Revolution
27. Stunt 101 [Revs Mix] - G-Unit
28. Out da Box - Extra Prolific, Masta Ace, , Pete Rock, Tony Touch
29. Marathon [Revs Mix] - Dilated Peoples
30. Get It on the Cut - DJ Revolution
31. New York, New York [Revs Mix] - Rakim
32. Thats Hot It Is - Black Moon
33. Dowhutchalike - Digital Underground
34. Only When Im Drunk - Tha Alkaholiks
35. Pay Dues - Low Profile
36. Kill a Man [Blunted Remix] - Cypress Hill
37. Jackin for Beats - Ice Cube
38. Posse

Disc: 2

1. Hey Ya, I Like the Way U Skratch - DJ Revolution
2. Quik to Back Down [Revs Mix] - Nas
3. Pass the Dutch/Scratch - Missy
4. Got Some Teeth [Revs Mix] - Obie Trice
5. Saturday Skratch - De La Soul, Ludacris
6. Get Low [Revs Mix] - Elephant Man, Lil Jon
7. This How They Do It [Revs Mix] - Big Tymers
8. Lets Get High - Dr. Dre
9. Hyphy [Revs Mix] - E-40, , Federation
10. We Dont Stunt
11. Blows My Mind - Snoop Dogg
12. Bow Down/Gangsta Nation [Revs Mix] - Westside Connection
13. Times [Revs Mix]
14. Unassisted - Rasco
15. Love & War [Revs Mix] - Dilated Peoples
16. Take Notice - Kev Brown, , Cy Young
17. Clientele Kid [Revs Mix] - Raekwon
18. Gangsta Shit [Revs Mix] - G-Unit
19. Just Dont Give a Fuck [Revs Mix] - Eminem
20. Throwback [Revs Mix] - Royce da 5'9"
21. Ridiculous - Sly Boogie
22. T.O.N.Y. - C-N-N, Capone-N-Noreaga
23. Poisonous - Dilated Peoples
24. Touch da Sky - Vitamin D
25. Day One - D.I.T.C.
26. 12 Guage Barrel - Black Moon
27. Triumph - Wu-Tang Clan
28. Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
29. Step
30. Hip Hop Drunkies - Tha Alkaholiks
31. Pimp Strut - Dr. Dre
32. Dear Yvette - LL Cool J
33. Thats the Way Shit Is - Black Moon


DJ Vadim-Hidden Treasure(2009)[320kbs]

1. hidden treasure ft. sabira jade & kwasi asante (3:30)
2. soldier ft. big red & 5nizza (4:14)
3. saturday ft. pugz atomz (4:17)
4. hidden treasure ft. sabira jade & kwasi asante (dj vadim re rub) (3:58)
5. soldier (instrumental) (3:28)
6. hidden treasure ft. sabira jade & kwasi asante (acapella) (4:14)
7. soldier ft. big red & 5nizza (remix) (3:42)


DJ Vadim-Hidden Treasure

Friday, March 27, 2009

VA - Attack of the Brooklyn Super Ninjas

VA - Attack of the Brooklyn Super Ninjas

1. (00:02:16) Reakwon Ft. Busta Rhymes & Uncle Murda - Stick Up Music
2. (00:02:52) Killah Preist Ft. Timbo King & King David - One Day
3. (00:04:05) G-Clef Ft. Minnesota Slimz & Rooka Rukus - All Seeing Eye
4. (00:03:13) J.Wells Ft. Method Man & J-Ro - It Don’t Stop
5. (00:03:16) Sabotawj Ft. Blame One & RH Bless - Hey Dj’s
6. (00:03:10) Fes Taylor Ft. Shyheim & Mr Prezident - Jumpin
7. (00:02:55) Redman Ft. Oh No - Lay You Out
8. (00:03:58) Killah Preist Ft. Hell Razah & Shabazz The Desciple - Black Angels
9. (00:03:37) Raekwon - Heat Rocks
10. (00:03:22) Ghostface Killah Ft. Doom - Chinatown Wars (Remix)
11. (00:03:55) Cilvaringz - Man, Woman & Child (Unreleased)
12. (00:02:48) Chi King - Order
13. (00:03:24) Method Man & Redman - Ayo
14. (00:03:37) Raekwon - Staten Go Hard
15. (00:01:44) Raekwon - Want In (Freestyle)
16. (00:01:59) Raekwon - Letter To B.I.G
17. (00:02:34) Ghostface Killah - Message From Ghostface

Music Instructor - Electro City (1998)

1 Electric City (4:49)
2 Planet Earth (5:02)
3 Let The Music Play (3:47)
4 Super Sonic (3:45)
5 Breakdance (4:25)
6 Get Freaky (3:08)
7 Jam On It (3:40)
8 Technical Lover (4:30)
9 Rock Your Body (3:30)
10 Don't Stop The Rock (3:51)
11 Funky Nation (5:15)
12 Galaxy Jam (5:10)
13 Pack Jam (3:35)
14 Rock Your Body (Brainbug Remix) (5:48)
15 We Are The Robots (3:20)
16 Music Instructor MegaMix (13:00)

B-boys, Fly Girls, throw your hands in the air and... Download this Here

Stoupe (Of Jedi Mind Tricks) - Decalogue (2009)

01. Allison James (feat. Slaine) 04:11
02. When The Sun Goes Down (feat. Saigon) 03:42
03. Evil Deeds (feat. Demoz, Des Devious, & Jus Allah) 03:16
04. The Truth (feat. Supastition) 03:13
05. That’s Me (feat. Joell Ortiz) 03:54
06. The Torch (feat. King Magnetic & Reef The Lost Cauze) 03:48
07. Speakeasy (feat. Outerspace) 03:26
08. Transition Of Power (feat. M.O.P.) 03:05
09. Independence Day (feat. Block McCloud) 04:08
10. Find A Way (feat. Lorrie Doriza) 04:07


Thursday, March 26, 2009

WALE - 100 Miles & Runing

01. Wale ft. Daniel Merriweath - Let's Ride [3:45]
02. Wale - DC Gorillaz (Prod. By Best Kep) [3:57]
03. Wale - Breakdown (Prod. By Best) [2:18]
04. Wale - Ice Cream Girl (Prod. By Best) [2:07]
05. Tasty Skit [1:34]
06. Wale - Payback [3:17]
07. Wale - Jay Joint (Prod. By Judah) [2:33]
08. Wale - Please Listen (Prod. By Judah) [3:19]
09. Wale - The People [3:10]
10. Wale - Daytona Squared (Prod. By Judah) [5:23]
11. Wale ft. Tabi Bonney - Bonified [1:49]
12. Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. [3:49]
13. Wale - Good Girls (Prod. By Teamwork) [3:07]
14. Wale - Work [3:50]
15. Wale - Warming Up Cane [3:06]
16. Wale - Smile (RMX) (Prod. By Mark Ron) [4:01]
17. Wale - Camp Lo [5:03]
18. Wale - Nobody (Prod. By Osinchi) [4:53]
19. Wale - Rehab [5:37]
20. Wale - Rediscover Me (Prod. By Aqua) [5:17]


In an era when critics and rappers themselves jump to declare the death of hip hop, 23 year-old Wale Folarin has been breathing new life into the genre through dazzling wordplay, a fresh sound steeped in DC’s legendary go-go scene, and boundless on-stage energy. 2006 saw Wale conquer DC, Maryland and Virginia with a slew of original radio hits and electrifying shows that solidified his buzz in the Mid-Atlantic. 2007 has been even brighter, with Wale garnering press in The Fader, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, The Source, Vibe, Complex, HipHopGame.com, AllHipHop.com, a news piece on MTV and even the cover of URB, all without a major label deal. With heavy radio rotation in DC, Maryland and Virginia, along with mixshow spins on both costs, Wale has sold out shows in LA, New York, San Francisco, Philly and Atlanta. Wale took the European music festival circuit by storm, touring with world-famous DJ and superproducer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen) in 2007. The response was so great, Wale ended up signing a production deal with Ronson’s Allido Records. With well over 2 million plays on MySpace, Wale is an organic hip hop and lifestyle phenomenon, and the release of his third and most widely-distributed mixtape, 100 MILES AND RUNNING (30,000+ downloads since July), has taken his global buzz to new heights. Top streetwear label 10Deep has come on as a sponsor of 100 MILES mixtape as well as future apparel collaborations. Starr African Rum, The Hundreds, LRG, Stussy, Jordan Brand and Nike have all co-signed Wale, and he was recently tapped to participate in a free Nike Boot concert along with Lil Wayne in DC sponsored by Nike and Footaction. Wale was also contributed to the album commemorating the 40th anniversary of BBC’s Radio 1. Every once in a while an artist comes along and completely changes the game: Jay-Z, Nelly, Pharrell, Kanye West. Wale’s got next.

Le MAVT VS Sick Jacken

01 - The Initiation
02 - Land Of Shadows
03 - God's Banker
04 - Reptilian Renaissance
05 - Praying Mantis
06 - Unorthodox Blocks
07 - The Hole (P.O.W.)
08 - Stairs To The Beast
09 - Black Ships
10 - 2012



MondayJazz Presents Do You Know The Tenjin St mixed by Olive Oil and Still Human Being mixed by Soloal One

Part 1. Do You Know The Tenjin St mixed by Olive Oil
1. intro
2. re revolution slow ver
3. skit
4. i am singin
5. skit
6. pianity
7. golden pig was given
8. everything medium
9. bounus beat
10. my way feat k.b
11. rooty oliv remix
12. yeah

Part 2. Still Human Being mixed by Soloal One
1. intro
2. who r u
3. orchezz
4. untitled
5. sell out country boy
6. soloal-waltz
7. sambaphop
8. positiv=negativ
9. suck my tune
10. april04 olivoill remix


The Foreign Exchange: SiriusXM Live Session(2009)

1. House of Cards
2. Sweeter Than You
3. All Or Nothing > Coming Home To You
4. Nic’s Groove
5. Sincere
6. I Wanna Know
7. If She Breaks Your Heart
8. Take Off The Blues
9. Daykeeper
10. Raw Life


Backed by the talented full live band, Zo! & The ELs, and the soulful voices of Yahzarah and Darien Brockington on background vocals, this was truly a great set.

Foreign Exchange at XM Sirius Radio [Behind the Scenes]

Once Again Videos..

Slaughterhouse (Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" & Crooked I) - Move On

The Grouch - Hot Air Balloons (feat. Bicasso & Scarub)

Tonedeff – Deffinitions Vol.1 (Instrumentals)(2008)

01. Intro
02. Don’t Do It
03. U Talk 2 Much
04. Stoopid
05. Rising
06. T.H.E.Y
07. Alive
08. Route of Evil
09. Stomp
10. Bring It
11. Give It Away
12. Bluesbub


Born Jamericans - Yard Core (1997)

1. Prodigal Sons
2. Yardcore
3. State of Shock IV
4. Superstar
5. Rassclot
6. Back for Good
7. Send My Love [Midtro]
8. Send My Love/Send One Your Love
9. Cyaan Done featuring Merciless
10. Wherever We Go
11. Venus
12. Follow the Pace
13. Gotta Get Mine featuring Mad Lion, Shinehead, Sleepy Wonder

Born Jamericans was a reggae ensemble popular in the middle of the 1990s. The group was comprised of Mr. Notch and Edley Shine.

Download Here

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Method Man & Redman - City Lights (feat UGK)

Method Man & Redman - City Lights (feat UGK)


Crew54 - Crew Deep [Mixtape] (2009)

01.Son God Yamaha (Skit)
02.First Things First
03.Get Up
04.Can't Lose Feat. Random
05.Blue Rain (Skit)
06.Grown Man Muzik
07.Still Strugglin Feat. Pugs Atomz
09.Come Ride With Me
10.Silky Christ (Skit)
11.Who Dat Is
12.Feel Me Feat. Alpha 20/20
13.Get Ready
14.Keep Shining Feat. Unlearn
15.Knocking Doors Down Feat. V-Zilla
16.Champion Radio (Skit)
18.Ghetto Is Our Home Feat. Donny Goines
19.Good Day Feat. Bavu Blakes & Beaute
20.Too Late (Bonus Track)


Rapper Big Pooh - The Delightful Bars (Candy Apple Edition) (iTunes Exclusive)(2009)

01.) Intro
02.) The Release (produced by Illmind)
03.) Power f/ O. Dash (produced by Khrysis)
04.) The Comeback (produced by Khrysis)
05.) Radio (produced by OhNo)
06.) Hands Up f/ Chaundon and Roc C (produced by Khrysis)
07.) On The Real f/ Jozeemo and E. Ness (produced by Khrysis)
08.) Nothing Less f/ Ab Soul, Jay Rock and K. Dot (produced by Young RJ)
09.) Move f/ Darien Brockington (produced by Phonix)
10.) Roll Call f/ Jozeemo, Chaundon, and Joe Scudda (produced by The Co-Op)
11.) The Life f/ Mushinah (produced by Khrysis)
12.) Rearview Mirror (produced by 9th Wonder)
13.) Outro


Big Pooh’s latest vehicle is a street-LP entitled, Delightful Bars, and there will be four different versions of Delightful Bars made accessible, including a special iTunes only version (referred to as the Candy Apple version), which will be released on 3-24-09 and the North American retail version of Delightful Bars (referred to as the North American Pie Version) will be released on 5-5-09.

Delightful Bars lead-single is the Khrysis produced “The Comeback” and its accompanied by the OhNo produced B-Side “Radio” and is further bolstered by guest spots from Pooh’s Justus League cohorts (Chaundon, Joe Scudda, Jozeemo, Big Dho & Darien Brockington) Jay Rock, Torae and production from Khrysis, 9th Wonder, Jake One, Illmind, Young RJ, The Co-Op and OhNo.

For Pooh, what he initially planned to be a mixtape took on a new life after a few particularly productive studio sessions as he affirms “this is some of my best work to date as a solo artist. I started off recording for a mixtape, but I had a plethora of material that deserved a presentation much larger than a mixtape. Delightful Bars was born from the Dirty Pretty Things, Rapper’s Delight, and The Recipe recording sessions. The fans will find that this project serves as the perfect bridge between Sleepers and my upcoming sophomore solo album Dirty Pretty Things.

Atari Blitzkrieg - The Central Parking Lot Rangers EP

1. The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire
2. Midnight Earth Defects
3. Silence 1.0/Free Radicals Verse
4. Third Finger Salute (Cuts by Mr. Len)
5. The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire and Krohme (Krohme's Snake Charmer Remix)
6. Build & Destroy/Reseyelintz
7. Assassins, Creeds and .45's
8. Strangers Online
9. The Subconscious Tales of Dream Kids in Utero (Krohme's Sandman in Dreamland Remix)
10. Touch the Big Star/Red Giants
11. WTF!!!
12. Blood Pudding
13. Letmedownnow
14. The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire (Live at the Rox Box 2000 with The Mutant Ensemble Evangelical Band)




Thanks To Godsendant Music

Dj Logilo, Dj Kaze: Respect The Architect 2(2001)

1. Side A:
A1 DJ Logilo - This Beat's Fresh
A2 Unknown Artist All A The Cut #1
A3 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #18
A4 Unknown Artist All Famous Scratch #1
A5 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #19
A6 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #20
A7 Unknown Artist 4 Ridiculous Attitude
A8 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #21
A9 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #22

2.Side B:
B1 DJ Kaze - 4 My Fader
B2 Unknown Artist All 4 The Cut #2
B3 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #23
B4 DJ Logilo - I Don't Play
B5 Unknown Artist B-Boy Symphony
B6 Unknown Artist All Famous Scratch #2
B7 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #24
B8 Unknown Artist Hip Hop Masterpiece #25


Shaq-You Cant Stop The Reign

Dulcet Featuring Kenshu - HiphopxClassic (2008)

1. Forest Of Piano (3:52)
2. Eyes On The Prize feat. Natural Habitz (5:16)
3. Light To You (4:59)
4. Expansion feat. Natural Habitz (3:56)
5. Chillin' everyday (2:49)
6. meiso (1:51)
7. Graduation feat. Natural Habitz (5:16)
8. Under Sun (5:28)
9. hugtime (1:41)
10. Never Gonna Stop feat. Meda of Natural Habitz (4:17)
11. Got Is Mine (4:32)
12. Espresso (4:40)


Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)(320kpbs)


01. Intro
02. Ghetto Musick
03. Unhappy
04. Bowtie
05. The Way You Move
06. The Rooster
07. Bust (feat. Killer Mike)
08. War
09. Church
10. Bamboo (Interlude)
11. Tomb of the Boom (feat. Ludacris)
12. E-Mac (Interlude)
13. Knowing
14. Flip Flop Rock (feat. Killer Mike)
15. Interlude
16. Reset
17. D-Boi (Interlude)
18. Last Call (feat. Slimm Calhoun)
19. Bowtie (Postlude)


The Love Below

01. The Love Below (Intro)
02. Love Hater
03. God (Interlude) Lis
04. Happy Valentine's Day
05. Spread
06. Where Are My Panties?
07. Prototype
08. She Lives in My Lap
09. Hey Ya!
10. Roses
11. Good Day, Good Sir
12. Behold a Lady
13. Pink & Blue
14. Love in War
15. She's Alive
16. Dracula's Wedding
17. Take Off Your Cool (feat. Norah Jones)
18. Vibrate
19. A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre (Incomplete)
20. Untitled Hidden Track


Outkast - The Way You Move

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tanya Morgan New Album “Brooklynati”

The album is based on the creation of a fictitious city combining elements from both Cincinnati, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York. To Promote the album, the group has created a multimedia campaign with a city website including a digital city map, video newscasts and other Brooklynati themes. The album is set to hit stores May 12th via iM Culute / Fontana Recordings.

Official Tracklisting:
01. On Our Way
02. Alleye Need
03. So Damn Down
04. Bang N Boogie
05. Don’t U Holla
06. Hardcore Gentlemen
07. Plan B
08. Intermission
09. Without U
10. Never Secondary
11. Just Not True
12. Morgan Blu
13. Never Enough
14. We’re Fly
15. Just Arrived
16. Forgot To Say


Mr Scruff and Roots Manuva-Nice Up the Function(2009)

01- mr scruff & roots manuva-nice up the [03:56]
function (remix)
02- mr scruff & roots manuva-nice up the [03:56]
03- mr scruff & roots manuva-nice up the [03:56]
function (remix instrumental)
04- mr scruff & roots manuva-nice up the [04:18]
function (instrumental)
05- mr scruff & broke n english-listen up [03:29]
06- mr scruff & broke n english-listen up [03:27]


One of the 'Ninja Tuna' highlights featuring vocals
from Roots Manuva. Including a quality B-side and
brand new remix.

Genre mashup but with manuva and broke n english on
board defo a hiphop direction

Dj Sarasa a.k.a. Silverboombox - Bullet Train feat. Elzhi (Slum Village), Masia One & Cymarshall Law

Dj Sarasa a.k.a. Silverboombox - Bullet Train feat. Elzhi (Slum Village), Masia One & Cymarshall Law


Thanks To Route To Heaven

Dj Chorizo FM: 4 Finger Ring Rap(2009)

1. Flying Lotus - Play Dead
2. Snowman Jack -Street Corner Music
3. Mickey Factz & Cool Kids - Rockin & Rollin remix
4. Sean Price & Tame One - Haha da Rah Rah
5. The new royales ft. Jay Electronica-Posers
6. U-N-I - The Launch
7. Johnson & Jonson ft. Be Young - La La Land
8. Skyzoo ft. Oddisee - Stay Soul Fresh
9. Jay Electronica - Exhibit A (Transformations)
10. Kid Cudi ft. Wale - Is There Any Love
11. The Knux - Cappuccino
12. Jake One ft. Black Milk - I'm Coming
13. Kidz in the Hall - Drivin Down the block
14. Shawn Jackson ft. chachi - Dirty Old Man Shit
15. A-Trak ft. Lupe Fiasco - Mastered
16. Black Milk ft. Fat Ray - Hell Yeah
17. Shawn Jackson - Countdown
18. C.R.A.C. Knuckles - Mr. Big Fizz
19. Illa J ft. debi Nova - Sounds Like Love
20. Q-Tip - You
21. Reks - Rise
22. Theo - Won't do
23. Moe Pope & Headnodic - Garbage
24. Outkast - royal Flush (Chorizo Funk Blend)
25. Termanology ft. Bun B - How We rock
26. U-N-I -Beautiful Day
27. Black Milk - Tronic Summer
28. B.O.B. - Generation Lost
29. Guilty Simpson & Madlib - Blow the Horns on Em
30. Moe Pope & Headnodic - today
31. Wale - Roof
32. Knaan - Soobax
33. Shawn Jackson - How Ya'll Feel?
34. C.R.A.C. Knuckles - Pop Them Boyz
35. Johnson & Jonson -Been Such a Longtime



Thanks To Eddie

2 Cam-Na.Sa(2009)

01. Electrocam
02. Imagination
03. Matrix
04. NA.SA
05. Sound Check 09
06. Violently Happy




Thanks To Gianmarco

Octane (Ro from Burn Rubber)-Leave Me Alone

DJ Muro- Incredible! Blue Note(2001)

01. Afrodisia - Kenny Dorham
02. Fiesta - Stanley Turrentine
03. On the Street Where You Live - Peggy Lee
04. Deus Brasileiro - Jackie Cain, Roy Kral
05. Recado Bossa Nova - Hank Mobley
06. I've Had a Little Talk - Horace Silver
07. Avila and Tequila - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
08. Love for Sale
09. It Was a Very Good Year - The Three Sounds
10. Nica's Dream - Horace Silver, Horace Silver Quintet
11. I'm Related to You - Willie Tee
12. Space Spiritual - Cannonball Adderley
13. Stormy - Duke Pearson
14. Gospel Truth - Les McCann
15. Brother Isaac - Donald Byrd
16. There Will Never Be Another You - Tony Sandler, Ralph Young
17. Sampaguita - Moacir Santos
18. Soul Searchin' - Horace Silver, Horace Silver
19. Theme from Electric Surfboard - Jack McDuff, Jack McDuff


YT - Straight Outta Britain (2006)

1 Album Intro
2 Real Life
3 Mind
4 Longtime Featuring - Luciano (2)
5 Innit
6 Special Delivery Featuring - Patchino
7 Intro
8 Wicked Act
9 Real Girl
10 Surround You
11 Domestic Affair Featuring - Bongo Chilli
12 England Story
13 Right Time Featuring - A.R.P
14 Intro
15 Featuring - JD
16 Aint No Stopping Featuring - Horseman (2)

I heard fi di first time this UK-reggae-man, at SoulJazz's "An England Story - The Culture of the MC in the UK " spitting his AMAZING ragga-hiphop flow at "England Story" tune. I also check him at "Every Day" riddim with "Mr.Politician" track.
This is his only solo album.

Download Here

Mungo's Hi Fi - Soundsystem Champions (2008)

1. Divorce a L'Italienne
2. Don't Let Them Break Your Heart
3. Herbalist
4. How You Bad So?
5. Under Arrest
6. Old Time Dance
7. Ruff Mi Tuff
8. Rasta Meditation
9. Rooster
10. Songs of Zion
11. Around the World
12. Did You Really Know?

I am a lot into this Dubstep sound lately. I like these heavy weight basslines. It brings me a feeling from the electronic past, so i am gonna Upload some nice stuff next days to this blog.
Let's make a start with Mungo's Hi Fi reggae-dub-dubstep band from Glasgow, Scotland & United Kingdom...

Download Here