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Video Therapy By Lampis..

Joell Ortiz - Food For Thought

Brother Ali - Us

Mr. Mecca - Over Here (feat. Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, A Pinks & Torae)

Beat dimensions another perspective Jay Scarlett mix(2009)


iCON The Mic King feat Awar-Fall From Grace

Ormo - Superclubs(2009)

Sucker Free 09 1:37
Pressure 1:20
Thick Sun 2:31
Religious Gold 3:36
Shoot Your Door Up 2:13
Them People 3:10
On My Block 3:20
Young Cops 4:23
White History King 3:32
Cern Bombers 4:47
Golden Future 2:14
Your Money 1:01
Petrol Aid 5:01
Came Through Broke 2:51
West Palm 3:17
Touch the Bubble 1:11
Cern Bombers 2 4:40
Cern Bombers 3 3:27
World Chiefs 3:26


Superstar Quamallah - 88 Soul Video

Thursday, July 30, 2009

DJ Four One One & L 1 - The Quality of Jazz(2009)

01.Intro - four,one,One
02.Insomnia - Make a Mark (four,one,One Remix)
03.Interlude One
05.We've Got Jazz
06.Interlude Two
07.Round Midnight
08.Interlude Three
09.Little Shawn - Check It Out Y'All (L/1 Remix)
10.Night Harbor
11.Interlude four
12.You're So Beautiful
13.Highest Melodies
14.Strike the keys of a piano
15.Interlude Five
16.I Got Rhythm
17.The Night Wanders
18.Coming To Town
21.Emanon - Detour (four,one,One Remix)
22.Pete Rock - Trumaster (four,one,One Remix)


Dim Mak (Oldominion) - Seperated Joints Vol.1 (2006)

  1. Dust to Dust
  2. Holy Yahova
  3. December Death
  4. Dragon Harbor feat. Sativa Green
  5. Heavy Metal feat. Foreing Language
  6. Everyday Life
  7. Ayo Ayo
  8. Five Years
  9. MXTP
  10. War Crimes (Miles Long RMX)
  11. Bang Bang feat. Gash
  12. End of Days feat. Azrael & Grayskul
  13. Respect
  14. Belly of the Infidel
  15. Patriot Act
  16. Bomb over Hades

Dim Mak (Oldominion) - EPoch (2003)

  1. Death Eternal feat. JFK & DJ Scence
  2. Hell Hunters
  3. Halloween
  4. War Cry
  5. Breathe feat. Onry Ozzbron
  6. Burnin'
  7. Long Road

Comunalien (Oldominion) - Phillipino Ninja Superstars (2003)

  1. Cafe 80s
  2. Endor
  3. Rock Steady
  4. Situations
  5. Subtractive Nature
  6. Surreal Hiphop
  7. Theatrix
  8. Wish Be MCs
  9. Watching A Cloud Die
  10. A Door in the Air
  11. Asikhatali
  12. You're So Hip-Hop (Looking Glass mix)

Comunalien (Oldominion) - Manifest Destriny (2002)

1 Masterpiece (Intro)
2 Comunalien
3 Interlude: 'I Want To Be A Man'
4 Fear Year
5 Shroud Of Turin
6 Pseudo-Escatology
7 Y 4
8 Interlude: 'Webpage, Homepage'
9 Godspel
10 Silent Screams 2
11 Shows We've Done
12 Who Alone
13 Mine Eyes
14 Interlude: 'Intervrewin' Ya'
15 You're So Hip Hop
16 Typical
17 Sword Storms (Outro)

Coley Cole (Oldominion) - Goldplated Straightjackets (2007)

Coley Cole (Oldominion) - It'a Hustle Vol.1 (2006)

Skyzoo - The Beautiful Decay Video

Frank Ramz - Falling Up (2009)

01. iGot To Get It
02. Holy Ghost
03. Out The Blue
04. The Winner Of Losers
05. Kick Rocks
06. Dr. Scholl's Soul
07. Hear Her Cries
08. Unmeasurable
09. Instant Gratification
10. Unpredictable
11. No Rehab (Bonus Track)
12. Tired Of You (Bonus Track)
13. Superhuman (Bonus Track)
14. Bad Luck (Bonus Track)


Frank Ramz - Make The Road By Walking (2009)

01. This Journey
02. Make The Road By Walking
03. Tired Of Fighting
04. Home Again!
05. Montego Sunset
06. Karina
07. The Traitor
08. The Contender 1
09. Birds
10. Esma(relda)
11. Going The Distance
12. Heartbeat



Tru Quality - Collect N' Cool (2009)


"So what WE are are two music lovers that create music on a daily basis. only the real, never the fake. we dont gun our music doesnt have anything to do with us busting guns. we dont slang drugs, so drug slanging isnt in our music. we are what we are. Tru Quality." More info on MySpace

Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology 2,The Chip (2006)

  1. The Oracle
  2. The Chip
  3. Keep it Moving feat. Dion,Q-Tip & Kurupt
  4. I Think i Got a Beat fat. Lil'Tone
  5. Can We Go Back feat. Talib Kweli & Ayak
  6. Josephine feat. The Willie Cottrell Band,Ghostface Killah & Pretty Ugly
  7. March feat. Common
  8. Where it Started at (NY) feat. Dion,Jadakiss,Papoose,Talib Kweli & Raekwon
  9. 1-800-Homicide feat. The Game & Dion
  10. Money don't Make You Rich feat. Strong Arm Steady
  11. Baby We Can Do it feat. Czar*Nok
  12. Let it Go feat. Dion & Talib Kweli
  13. People Going Down feat. The Willie Cottrell Band
  14. So Tired feat. Dion,Bun B,Devin the Dude & Pretty Ugly
  15. Music for Life feat. J Dilla,Nas,Common,Busta Rhymes & Marsha
  16. How We Do it feat. Snoop Dogg,Talib Kweli & Slim Thug
  17. Time is Know feat. Reflection Eternal
  18. We Get Down feat. Mos Def,Raphael Saadiq & Bootsy Collins

Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology (2001)

Eternia & MoSS - Road to Release: Episode #8 feat. AGALLAH & BIG ZOO

Eternia - The Mega


Thanks To DJ.SAV.ONE

AbcDEFiend? - Into The Sea(2008)

Battle The Universe 1:33
New Beginning/Chaos Theory 4:20
Dark Water 3:55
Lost World (Clear Thought Transmission) 3:11
Rendezvous Moon Attack 4:46
Pink Sky Adventure (Remember?) 2:29
Blakout (Instrumental Version) 4:29
Put Yourself In Your Own Shoes (Inner-mission) 3:29
The Sun Dream 2:11
Circles 4:42
The Monsters' Sad Heart 4:04
My Perfect Wasteland 3:03
Another Kind of Blues (Witch Poison) 4:22
Bonus Track (Tragedy Unfolds/Farewell)


Obba Supa - To:am/Free:am(2009)

01. Escapade Escaping [ 02:15 ]
02. Am But Not [ 02:15 ]
03. Barefaced [ 01:46 ]
04. Fly On Turntable [ 03:06 ]
05. Twighlight Featuring Hennessy [ 02:27 ]
06. Kushon Peng [ 01:29 ]
07. Interlude [ 01:33 ]
08. Chanelist Featuring Floating Points On Keys [ 05:16 ]
09. Chanelist Part 2 Featuring Ray Vendetta [ 04:40 ]
10. Laser Surgery [ 00:28 ]
11. Free Am Yesterday [ 00:07 ]
12. Monotonous Cycles [ 02:57 ]
13. The Evolution Of Dreams Featuring Bad-Fx [ 03:46 ]
14. At Any Given Timee [ 02:04 ]
15. Blue Xmas [ 03:04 ]
16. Ty Lowe Interlude Featuring Ty Lowe [ 01:21 ]
17. The Bass Is [ 01:58 ]
18. The Last Clouds Of The Cosmics [ 01:34 ]
19. Sicker Side Of Poetry [ 02:31 ]
20. Cosmic Blast [ 01:54 ]
21. Killing Souls In Style [ 02:22 ]
22. Tek Tell Tales [ 03:10 ]
23. Gris De Gris [ 01:56 ]
24. Wot You Chattin Bout Featuring Ray Vendetta [ 03:34 ]
25. Free Am Today [ 03:11 ]
26. Zeus And Tek sh*t [ 02:51 ]
27. Free Am Tomorrow [ 01:25 ]
28. Bring You Back [ 03:56 ]


Emperor Bohe - The Fantastic (2009)



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medina Green - Crosstown Beef CD Single (1998)

01. Crosstown Beef (Radio Version)
02. Crosstown Beef (Street Version)
03. Crosstown Beef (Instrumental)
04. Fla-La-Lashe (Street Version)
05. Fla-La-Lashe (Radio Version)
06. Fla-La-Lashe (Instrumental)


Classic release on Rawkus by Medina Green (Kash Rule, DCQ & Mos Def).

Luckyiam PSC feat. Imani & Pep Love - Sumpthin 2 Say

Luckyiam PSC feat. Imani & Pep Love "Sumpthin 2 Say"
(Produced by Kruse, cuts by DJ Icewater)


"I teamed up with Diamond Supply Co. and am bringing you guys my version of a mixtape (I don't know how to make a "regular" mixtape), called "The Present". I named it that because it is a present from me to you on my birthday, and it represents where I'm at right now...the present, duh! I'm leaking two songs before the mixtape drops on Sunday, August 2nd. The first one, "Sumpthin 2 Say" is below, and the second one "Luck-EEE" will be leaking on Friday, so make sure you doots and dootette's come back!"
More info here

CMA (The Grouch & Luckyiam PSC) - Overall (1999)

01. When??? (Skit) feat. Arifa & Christian
02. The CMA
03. Luke Warm feat. Izadoe
04. Overall
05. My Shoes
06. Free Will
07. Why I Crew feat. Pep Love
08. Road Trip
09. Bored In The O (Skit) feat. Shymel
10. Whatchahere4?
11. U Might Knock This feat. Murs
12. The Best (You Never Heard Ov)
13. 2 Help The Weak.End
14. No Easy Way feat. Pep Love
15. Introspections
16. Pre-Sale (Skit) feat. Arifa & Zack Twist
17. SouledOut feat. N8 The Gr8


The CMA (The Grouch & Luckyiam PSC) - All Over (2004)

01. CMA 2
02. Windows
03. Raise Up The Levels feat. Brother Ali
04. Tactics feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
05. Bad Side feat. Slug
06. Good Side feat. Murs
07. The Immigrant
08. Fuel To The Fire
09. Thas Whus Up! feat. JC
10. Jane Is A Groupie
11. Are We There Yet?
12. Make It Mine feat. Reese One
13. Canustaycool?
14. Bye, Bye


Boom Bap Project (Oldominion) - Welcome to Seattle MIXTAPE (2005)

Boom Bap Project (Oldominion) - The Trade Remix 12'' (2002)

A The Trade Remix (Street) (4:26)
The Trade Remix (Radio) (4:26)
The Trade Remix (Instrumental) (4:24)
The Trade Remix (Accapella) (3:19)
B Writers Guild (Radio) (3:37)
The Trade (Radio) (4:20)
Writers Guild (Instrumental) (4:22)
The Trade (Instrumental) (3:39)


Boom Bap Project (Oldominion) - Rock the Spot 12'' (2005)

A1 Rock The Spot (Clean) A2 Rock The Spot (Street) A3 Rock The Spot (Instrumental) A4 Rock The Spot (Accapella) B1 Wyle Out (Clean) B2 Wyle Out (Street) B3 Wyle Out (Instrumental) B4 Wyle Out (Accapella)


Boom Bap Project (Oldominion) - Reprogram (2005)

1. "Resurrected"
2. "Welcome To Seattle"
3. "1,2,3,4"
4. "Wyle Out" (feat. Gift of Gab; prod. Vitamin D)
5. "Get Up, Get Up"
6. "Tha Label Guy"
7. "Followin' Formulas"
8. "Rock The Spot" (prod. Jake One)
9. "Cut Down Ya Options" (feat. Rakaa)
10. "The Back Bone Of Hip Hop" (feat. VinRoc)
11. "Sho Shot"
12. "Ammunition" (feat. Lifesavas)
13. "Reprogram (feat. Choklate)"
14. "War of the Roses" (feat. Grayskul)
15. "Sound of the Street"

Barfly (Oldominion) - I've Been Worse (2007)

01 – B-Boy Extravagant (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
02 – Explaining Myself (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
03 – Gloomy Gus (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
04 – Fight Music f/ Onry Ozzborn, NyQwil (J. Newton, M. Martinez, Q. Fluger)
05 – The Orange Seats (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
06 – Springtime In Seattle (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
07 – Rappers & Peelers (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
08 – Entry Level Pimping (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
09 – Our Town f/ Snafu (J. Newton, T. Webber, M. Martinez)
10 – Beauty Mark (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
11 – Where Are They Now (J. Newton, M. Martinez)
12 – It’s A Beautiful Day (J. Newton, J. Buchanan, M. Martinez)
13 – Where Dreams Go To Die (J. Newton, M. Martinez)

Azrael the Silent Angel (Oldominion) - An Introduction to Silence (2005)

Azrael The Silent Angel - Anon (dont be afraid)
Azrael The Silent Angel - Balance Of Power
Azrael The Silent Angel - Epiphany (As if...) Feat Malachi the Shadows
Azrael The Silent Angel - Fatal Wisdom
Azrael The Silent Angel - FootPrints In The Sand
Azrael The Silent Angel - Gothic Horror
Azrael The Silent Angel - Ill-imitations
Azrael The Silent Angel - In A Silent Way
Azrael The Silent Angel - Its So Quiet In Here
Azrael The Silent Angel - Loctae Grata
Azrael The Silent Angel - Paradise Lost
Azrael The Silent Angel - Say Nothin At All
Azrael The Silent Angel - Season Of The Dead
Azrael The Silent Angel - Silent Death
Azrael The Silent Angel - Somewhere Out There
Azrael The Silent Angel - The Pendulum
Azrael The Silent Angel F.Lswhere - A Quiet Sleep
Azrael The Silent Angel F.Malaki The Shadows Crow - Broken Moments
Azrael The Silent Angel F.Oldominion - Nsomnia
Azrael The Silent Angel F.Onry - Beloved
Azrael The Silent Angel F.Pale Soul & Lswhere - Season Of The Dead

Blazo Tracks

Blazo - Little Piano

Blazo - Rebirth

Blazo is a very dope polish producer similar artist to nujabes, fan jon, nomak, ayur.

Thanks To Rob

City Scholar-All I Need Ft Drawzilla

City Scholar-All I Need Ft Drawzilla


Here's an exclusive banger from City Scholar of the Bronx, New York to keep ya heads nodding and ears ringing this summer. The name of the joint is "All I Need" featuring and produced by Drawzilla. Lookout for that full length City Scholar project droppin later on this year!

Raekwon New Album “Only Built For Cuban Linx 2″ Official Cover & Tracklisting

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II is the upcoming fourth solo album from Wu-Tang Clan rap artist Raekwon. It will serve as a sequel to his 1995 album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, and is scheduled to be released on September 8th, 2009.

Official Tracklisting:
01. Return To The North Star (Feat. Papu Wu) (Interlude)(Prod. Bt)
02. House of Flying Daggers(Feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah & MethodMan)(Prod. J-Dilla)
03. Sonny’s Missing(Prod. Pete Rock)
04. Pyrex Vision(Prod. Marley Marl)
05. Cold Outside (Feat. Suga Bang & Ghostface Killah)(Prod. Atl)
06. Godfather (Feat. Inspectah Deck)(Prod. Rza)
07. New Wu (Feat. Method Man & Ghostface Killah)(Prod. Rza)
08. Penitentiary (Feat. Ghostface Killah)(Prod. Bt)
09. Criminology 09 (Feat. Ghostface Killah)(Prod. Bt & Rza)
10. Fat Lady Sings(Prod. Rza)
11. Canal Street
12. 10 Bricks (Feat. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)(Prod. J-Dilla)
13. G-hide (Feat. Ghostface Killah)(Prod. Negro)
14. Rockstar (Feat. Inspectah Deck & Gza)(Prod. Rza)
15. Catalina (Feat. Busta Ryhmes)(Prod. Dr. Dre)
16. 40 Deuce (Feat. Jadakiss & Styles P)(Prod. Scram Jones)
17. Walk Wit Me(Prod. Scram Jones)
18. We Will Rob You (Feat. Slick Rick, Gza & Masta Killah)(Prod. Allah Justice)
19. Have Mercy (Feat. Beanie Sigel)
20. Surgical Gloves(Prod. The Alchemist)
21. Nigga Me(Prod. Dr. Dre)
22. Mean Streets (Feat. Inspectah Deck)(Prod. Allah Mathematics)
23. Kiss The Ring (Feat. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killah)(Prod. Scram Jones)
24. Ason Jones(Prod. J-Dilla)

Kev Brown - Random Joints (2009)

01 - Listen…
02 - The Random Joint
03 - No Time (feat. Bilal Salaam)
04 - The Versatility Joint (D.J. Rbi On the Cuts)
05 - The Alternative Rock Joint
06 - The Marvelous Joint(feat. Yu and D.J. Marshall Law On the Cuts)
07 - The Hennessy Joint(feat. Kenn Starr, Wayna, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson and Dre King On the Keys)
08 - From My Porch(feat. Sean Born)
09 - Lord Help Me(feat. Eye-q, Cy Young, Zo! On the Piano and Dre King On the Wurlitzer)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

King Coz (a.k.a DJ Cozmos)-The Observations of King Coz Vol. I(2009)

1. The Beast
2. The One featuring Joe The Plumber
3. Feasting On A Luther
4. Never Die featuring H.I.S.D.
5. Dreams featuring D. Rose (The Foundation) & Median
6. Four Men featuring Tanya Morgan & Kay (The Foundation)
7. Barock with Us
8. The Maxwell
9. The Maxwell Part II
10. The Caldwell featuring H.I.S.D.
11. The Caldwell Part II
12. Eddie
13. What U Want featuring D. Rose (The Foundation) & Damien (KO)
14. No Fears featuring D. Rose (The Foundation)
15. Summer So Good featuring H.I.S.D. & KO
16. Spitterlude featuring Scottie Spitten (H.I.S.D.)
17. Lil’ Big Yung
18. A Kimmy J
19. A GM
20. Planet X


Videos From Lampis

Rock City - Hip Hop Props

Termanology - Nobody's Smilin'

Buck 65 - The Rebel Video

Audible Amelioration - Audible Amelioration EP(2009)

1. OdiousDin - Ear Bleed (Ft. Coherent Motion)
2. Abject Theory - Stage Is Set (Ft. Coherent Motion)
3. Relent - I Sit Alone (Ft. Farma G, Coherent Motion, Billy Butler Yeats & DJ Para)
4. Abject Theory - Memories (Ft. Coherent Motion & Bigg Jus)
5. Relent - Turn It Off (Ft. Brad Strut & DJ Para)
6. Abject Theory - Future Theories (Ft. Coherent Motion)
7. OdiousDin - Reign Drops (Ft. Coherent Motion & Billy Butler Yeats)
8. Abject Theory - Intruders (Ft. Coherent Motion)


J. Howell Werthman - We Are Making Plans (2009)

01. Intro
02. Here We Go feat. Mercury
03. The Beginning Of The End feat. The Project
04. Clamato feat. Javelin
05. Interlude I
06. Get Out Of The House feat. Gif
07. Biking Home On The Tail End Of Something Good (The Humming Song)
08. Interlude II
09. Down The Road feat. Iller Than Theirs
10. Axe Effect feat. Starpower & Cavalier
11. Interlude III
12. This Moves Fast feat. Lu…Rreals
13. Cliche feat. Tone Tank
14. Interlude IV
15. The Band Plays On feat. Probe
16. Exit
17. We Are Making Plans feat. K-Swift, Loer Velocity & Baje-One



Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheek - Destined To Be(2009)

01. Intro (prod. Genius Enis)
02. Science Of Creation (prod. Genius Enis)
03. What’s Your Name (prod. Prime Stash)
04. Eloheim Skit (prod. Genius Enis)
05. Lab Report (prod. Prime Stash)
06. Fellow Chipchop (prod. Genius Enis)
07. Pennybridge Spitters f/ Narkimic Metazun (prod. Prime Stash)
08. Countdown (prod. Prime Stash)
09. Positive Negative f/ Narkimic Metazun (prod. Prime Stash)
10. Phone Home (Teraq Tribute) (prod. Prime Stash)
11. Lab Report Remix (prod. Genius Enis)


Chipchoppin Order produly presents the album "Destined To Be" by Cheek Eloheim! The album was recorded in 2008, but due to problems with mixing & mastering it took a while to get it completed! But now it's finally here and features 11 tracks of fire from the Chipchoppin High-Chief with help from the whole crew.

Cheek Eloheim is a rapper from Pennybridge, Sweden and has previously released everything from 12-inches to CD-R mixtapes to cassettes. Production comes from Chipchoppin producers Prime-Stash & Genius Enis, who brings a whole new fresh sound to the table!

The album is dedicated to fellow member Teraq, who returned to the essence a year from today (27th July), and features a track called "Phone Home" dedicated to him.


Session-Who The F*ck Are You?


Straight off its exclusive premiere on DJ Eclipse Halftime Radio Show this past week, QN5 brings you the first preview from Session’s forthcoming project entitled I’m Worth Millions – the precursor to his long-awaited debut album Spicasso.

“Who The F*ck Are You?” is produced by newcomer Broadway and is a prime example of the BX-native doing what he does best – raping the living fuck out of beats with a rusted spiked-bat. And we mean that in the best way possible. Strictly for fans of hardcore Hip Hop.

I’m Worth Millions will be released this August on QN5 Music and features production by Cool & Dre, Kno, Celph Titled, Tonedeff and more. Stay tuned for project details and pre-order info. Alot of people have asked us where Session’s been… well, here he is.

Kankick-Serious Business This!(2007)

1. S.O.S.
2. O.X. Bully
3. Africa: World's #1 Super Power ( '03)
4. Blood In I Eye
5. Black Agony ('99)
6. YES,YES suite 3
7. O.X. Trinity ('02)
8. Budweiser 'N' Stress
9. You Better Know It ('96)
10. True Adore
11. Voltage Of Dust ('02)
12. Alien Herb ('03)
13. Serious Biz
14. Break Of Dawn
15. Samba Prints ('01)
16. Anti-Y All (4080)


Zwart Licht - Bliksemschicht (2009)

01. Bliksemschicht
02. Back Up Staat Klaar
03. Vanaf Nu/Rauwe Hop
04. Links/Rechts/Midden
05. Guillotine
06. Wat’s De Naam feat. MC Fit, Juiceisdunaam & Jae
07. Fair Play
08. Blind
09. Ter Plekke
10. Wat Sorry/Nereid
11. Onderschat Niks/Overschat Niks
12. Aan De Overkant
13. Dubtrip Bonus Track
14. Fair Play (Transformers Air Mix 1) Bonus Track


The Grouch & Eligh feat. Slug - Boom Video

DMC - Electronapoli(2009)

01 New Duke/Flashback
02 My Best Friend John
03 The Fog (Feat Teddy Faley)
04 In The Silent Night
05 Apocalypse (Feat Argento Vivo)
06 Electronapoli
07 Battle of SanS
08 Talon Medalion(Feat Cave Mammoth)
09 NV Minimal
10 Rack


Thanks To DMC

Trends-The Electronic Tape(2009)

1) Electronic Intro
2) Thinking Out Loud
3) People Get Ready
4) Until She Cums
5) It's A Fine Day
6) Your Face
7) Rainbow Convo
8) Mr. Romantic
9) Switch it Up
10) One More Time
11) Electronic Outro


Trends is back with his 12th mixtape titled "The Electronic Tape". This is a Rap/Electronica mixtape with Trends over Electronica production from groups such as Daft Punk and Sterolab.

Anaxagorus (Oldominion) - U Wanted? (2001)

Label: Momentum Studios
Origin Year: 2001

03.Da Fuck?
04.Shit Bags
06.Black Porn feat. Andy B & Bleek
07.Babblin Monkies
08.New Milli feat. JFK & Snafu
11.Gauntlet feat. Destro & NyQwill
14.Leave Me
15.Do Rey Me
16.Shoker feat. Sleep
17.Toy Story

Nite Owls (Barfly & of Oldomion) (2006)

Joint project between beatmaker Mr. Hill (Grayskul, Kool Keith, etc.) and Barfly of Oldominion. 12 tracks in all with appearances by Coley Cole, Gatsby of Cancer Rising, Hyena, Destro and Snafu of Oldominion.

01.The Cuffs're off feat. Coley Cole
02.Blah Blah Blah
03.Beware of Song
04.More Power to Young America feat. Gatsby
05.Not Good Enough feat. Hyena
06.Another Day in Paradise
07.Spirit of Bushwood
08.Some of Us
09.Wha'happ'n? feat. Destro & Snafu
10.Whoop Whoop Whoop
11.Save It
12.Young Zero

Barfly (Oldominion) & Mr. Dibbs - The Barfly Mix CD

Label: Self Core Records
Origin Year: 2006

Mr. Hill (Oldominion) - The Darkest Hour

01. Intro [0:22]
02. Ball and Chain [2:58]
03. The Darkest Hour [3:18]
04. Adelaide (The Celebration) [3:34]
05. Operation Razorteeth [3:35]
06. Whenever We're Together [3:14]
07. No Tresspassing [3:22]
08. Beyond The Darkness [3:55]
09. If You Go Away [1:08]
10. Fatal Rescue [3:34]
11. Nightmare In The Sun [2:47]
12. Upon Us [3:06]
13. CPH [3:31]
14. Soul Desert [2:52]
15. The Letter [3:14]
16. Outro [0:48]

Norman (Onry Ozzborn & Barfly) - Polarity (2003)

02.One Man Band
04.Normandy feat. Pale Soul
Human Traffic
(I Can't Live Without My), Ghetto Blaster
Weastwick United F.C.
10.Bling Kong
12.Opiate feat. Hyena
Hardheaded feat. Sulfur
14.Martyr feat. Toni Hill
ony Perkins
ockstar Fraternity Initiation

Pale Soul (Oldominion) - Fear is a Mind Killer (2003)

Pale Soul Fear is the Mind Killer.... Tragically was never fully released and has only been avaialable online or from Pale himself. You know his work with Sleep, The Chicharones, Onry, Grayskul as well as many other artists.

Fear is the Mind Killer is considered by many as one of the best Oldominion releases ever.

02.Altered Species
03.FM Twister Fader
04.Out Of The Frame feat. Sleep
05.Brotherly Love feat. Anaxagorus
06.Shallow End feat. Onry Ozzborn
07.Vanity feat. Sirens Echo
08.Fear Is The Mind Killer feat. Toni Hill
09.AM Twister Fader
10.Want Beef?
12.Sound Mind
13.Moon Raker feat. Zelly Rock
14.Passin Me
15.My Soul feat. Roosevelt
16.Our First
17.Off The Chain feat. D.O.S.