Sunday, May 31, 2009


01. One More Stone
02. Downhill feat Anouk
03. They Know
04. Worry
05. Insight
06. Dutch
07. You Make Me Feel
08. Firing
09. All Gone
10. Rendezvous Point
11. Conflict
12. Confrontation
13. Showdown
14. Fine


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Postman featuring Anouk-Downhil

Fakkelbrigade-Colucci Era(2009)

01. Intro (Niet Normaal)
02. Collucci
03. Daar met ons
04. Kostbaar
05. Gezegd en Geschreven
06. Levensgroot
07. Hitte
08. Groen Gras
09. Kosmos
10. Zo Fris
11. Corazón
12. Karavaan
13. Fakkels en Bananen
14. Medicijn
15. Tot hier
16. Exclusief


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01. The hobby 04:26
02. Long time 03:47
03. People-black 04:01
04. Not a day 04:53
05. S.d 01:11
06. Free world 04:25
07. Trust 05:05
08. Children's song 03:46
09. Blue 00:32
10. Warning 04:12
11. Play your position (ft E-Life & U-Niq) 04:20
12. All rise 04:04
13. Begging you 04:11


Postmen - Not A Day

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mac Miller - Cruisin'

Pugs Atomz- Winners Featuring 6th Sense

Pugs Atomz- Winners Featuring 6th Sense

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Parable's mini-EP


Llamabeats ft. Parable (Think Tank) - "Money Kulture"

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Llamabeats - Hello My Name Is Llama EP


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Dj Deckstream-Soundtracks 2(2009)

1. Screwtape - feat. L-Universe
2. Unconditional Love - feat. Nice & Smooth
3. Exit Sign - feat. Nikki Jean
4. Around We Go - feat. Novel
5. Recall The Scene - feat. Junji Chiba
6. For My Ladies - feat. Melodee
7. Real Thang - feat. N'Dea Davenport (From The Brand New Heavies)
8. Life Is Good - feat. Mos Def
9. This Is - feat. Spree Wilson
10. Destination Sky - feat. Substantial
11. Someday - feat. T-Boz (From the legendary TLC)
12. Funny Love - feat. Milka


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Choze - Room 222 ft. JustNice & Voice

Choze - Room 222 ft. JustNice & Voice

Choze- Kinda Like A Big Deal(Snippet)

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R.I.P. Camu Tao Mixtape(2009)

1. camu tao - you hear me talking to you (2001)
2. camu tao - wireless (2001)
3. camu tao - plot for-a-little (2007)
4. cage ft. el-p aesop rock tame one & yak ballz - left it to us (prod camu tao) (2005)
5. weathermen - gut you (2003)
6. copywrite ft. camu tao & form one-three poisonous darts (2003)
7. vast aire ft. masai bey camu tao, el-p and copywrite-same as it never was (2001)
8. el-p ft camu tao-jukie skate rock (2004)
9. yak ballz ft camu tao- mic fight
10. mhz- magnetics (1999)
11. sa smash-devil in the hole (2004)
12. camu tao & dj przm-hold the floor (2001)
13. el-p & camu tao-wmr (2004)
14. prefuse 73 feat camu tao-now you’re leaving (2005)
15. tame 1, copywrite, j-zone, cage, mr. eon, skillz & camu tao - eastern conference all stars (2001)
16. copywrite-ft camu tao tage proto-three words (2002)
17. slow suicide stimulus ft camu tao- cutty sharks (2006)
18. vast aire featuring camu tao & copywrite-watch your mouth (2003)
19. cage and camu-night hawks (2002)
20. blockhead feat aesop rock & camu tao - jet son (2004)


R.I.P. Camu Tao


01. Burn Dem Feat. Myka 9, Woes & Existereo
02. Legalize Feat. Myka 9 & Woes
03. Fighting For Feat. Kemst & Jroz
04. To The People Feat. Pow Shadowz, Kemst & The High Sun MC
05. Burn Dem (Instrumental)
06. Legalize (Instrumental)
07. Fighting For (Instrumental)
08. To The People (Instrumental)


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Blood Cuts Vol. 3 (2009)

dj baby stiff
dj bust
dj crossover
dj jet cutdj jet cut
dj ken one
dj ratbeat
dj speed
dj swet
dj unkut
funkonami 1
mc dermott
nj nery
turntablist eko


Blood Cuts Vol. 3 is a free scratch / turntablism album put together by They put these compilations together to help spread the word about the style of music & the artists. So get your download on and share this with anyone that will listen.


Soul Assassins - Classical (feat. Evidence & Sick Jackson)

Jake One - Home (feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B & Ish)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Infinito 2017 - Divided Souls Africans in America(2009)

1 - The Just Us
2 - Vengeance Is Mine
3 - Reappearance
4 - Meander (Wonder)
5 - How To Create A Slave
6 - Out With The Old
7 - Grown Folks Stuff (Love Make Remix)
8 - Frozen In Motion
9 - Black Is Beautiful (Original Ones)
10 - Injection (Deprogrammed) [feat. Howard Nkozi]
11 - Bright Idea
12 - White Imagination
13 - This Vs. That
14 - Battle Psychological Behemth (Beast) [feat. Ahhgothis]
15 - Forget Yesterday
16 - Stop Before It Gets Ugly (Write Remix)
17 - Tangle In Nots
18 - May 1st (Return Mix)
19 - Who Reports His Story


Polyrhythm Addicts - Break Glass... (2007)

1 Poly Poly (0:31)
2 Smash (4:18)
3 Kerosene (3:42)
4 Zonin' Out (4:02)
5 Reachin' (4:42) [Featuring] - Pharoahe Monch
6 Ugly World (4:37)
7 The Purist (4:26) [Featuring] - Large Professor
8 Get Ghost (4:44)
9 Goin Down (4:31)
10 Revamp (4:22)
11 Thoughts Of You (4:32)
12 We Kno (4:19)
13 One Chance (4:13) [Featuring] - Planet Asia
14 What The Problem Is (3:22)
15 It's My Life (3:59) [Featuring] - Phonte Producer - Joc Max
16 Four Corners (4:05)
17a Zonin' Out Remix (9:29)
17b Poly Idol


Beatwize - X, Y, J-Z (Featuring Jay-Z & Coldplay)

1. El Bis (The Encore)
2. Fallin' & Broken
3. Izzo (Clock's Tickin')
4. High Speed Threats
5. Moment with the Scientist
6. Politikal Takeover
7. Praying for the Lost
8. American Dream (The Fix)
9. Crying in Place
10. December 4th (Everything)
11. No Daylight
12. Allure (The Warning)


Dear Fans, Friends, & Listeners,

First things first. This album was inspired by Viva La Hova, a mixtape done a few months back by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. I decided that I wanted to make my own version because I felt that Coldplay was too much in the background. You'll see more Coldplay on this album than that one. A special thanks to those two and all those that helped make that album.

I want to thank everyone to checking this album out and for those who have waited - thanks for your patience. All tracks are completely mixed & produced by me.

This album has been a long-time coming. Numerous delays and little problems have made this probably the longest effort for me. Hopefully all the hard work paid off and you enjoy it!

If you like what you hear, you'll be happy to know that there's more already and more coming in the near future. For released albums, check out WWW.BEATWIZEMUSIC.TK. If you would like a download of any of them or have have questions etc., contact me at BEATWIZE@GMAIL.COM.

Here's an outlook of what's to come! (all titles tentative, and albums listed in no order):
-Classical Reinvention: an album remixing hip-hop songs with beats sampling classical songs
-Summer Days Blends: an album with blends..the blendmaster is BACK!
-Super-Secret Special Album: you'll see :)

Look out world! Beatwize is at it again!

Yours with true graditude,

- Beatwize

Thanks To Beatwize

Snowgoons with Savage Brothers and Lord Lhus - A Fist in the Thought (RETAIL)


01.   04:13     Who Are You
02. 03:57 Get Down
03. 04:17 Platoon Goons Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze
04. 04:15 Trapped On Earth Feat. Brainstorm
05. 03:45 Run Run
06. 04:04 At War Feat. Sean Price
07. 03:22 Knuckle Up
08. 03:02 One Shot
09. 03:49 Pray Hard Feat. Sicknature
10. 03:08 South Carolina Struggle Feat. Vibez
11. 03:18 Michael Nobody Aka Poetic Death
12. 04:00 Planetary Takeover Feat. Planet X
13. 05:07 All In Your Mind Feat. Viro The Virus
14. 03:49 Capital City Streetz
15. 03:33 Snakes
16. 05:05 Hip Hop Crusaders Feat. King Syze & Kev Turner
17. 04:01 Been Fighting Devilz
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M.Will - Bright Lights, Big City(Ft. El Prez)

M.Will - Bright Lights, Big City(Ft. El Prez)

A Journey Through Space And Time which is slated to drop this Saturday.

Thanks To dav6sant

Raekwon Interview Part 2

Deeskee - Audiobiograffitti(2009)

01. Radiate feat. Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Key Kool of The Visionaries & Matre cuts by LD
02. Combustible Compounds feat. Fatlip (formerly of The Pharcyde), P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship, Scarub of The Living Legends & Volume 10
03. Indymand feat. LMNO of The Visionaries, 2mex of The Visionaries & Liferexall of The Shapeshifters
04. West Coast Business feat. Maleko of JKC & Z-Man of One Block Radius
05. Relative Work feat. Premonition, Nocando, Subtitle & Joe Dub cuts by WD4D
06. Wontwenny feat. Radioinactive of The Shapeshifters & Busdriver
07. Daydreaming feat. Existereo of The Shapeshifters, Xololanxinxo & Rozzi Daime background vocals by Talia Mays Keyboards by Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta and Look Daggers
08. Eye Thingk feat. P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship & Awol One of The Shapeshifters cuts by Tha Goonie
09. Hip Hop Legends feat. Ellay Khule & Murs of The Living Legends
10. Look Out! feat. Rakaa Iriscience Of Dilated Peoples & K984 of C2D
11. Metronome Click feat. 2mex of The Visionaries, Lord Zen of The Visionaries, Liferexall of The Shapeshifters, Brother J of X Clan & Sach of The Nonce
12. False Hope feat. Barfly, Existereo of The Shapeshifters & Fatlip (formerly of The Pharcyde)
13. Life Like (Graffiti On The Wall) feat. Akuma of The Shapeshifters, Dannu of The Visionaries, Awol One of The Shapeshifters, background vocals by 2mex, Medusa & Bleek
14. Motel Six feat. Qwel Of Typical Cats, Bishop I, Sleep & Mestizo
15. Mad World feat. Neila, Isaiah & Die Del Amor of The Shapeshifters and The Returners
16. Space Needle feat. Existereo of The Shapeshifters, Gel Roc, Longevity of Darkleaf & 2mex of The Visionaries cuts by Roach the DJ
17. How Many MCs ‘09 (BONUS TRACK) feat. Joe Dub, Subtitle, Premonition, Doc Lewd, Maleko, Metfly, Existereo, Akuma, Liferexall, Awol One, Tommy V, Neila, EVS, Raj, Spaceranger, Die Del Amor, Thesis Sahib, , Nocando, Topic, Matre, Ceschi & Xololanxinxo


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Word To The Wise (2009)

01. Intro
02. A Word To The Wise feat. Grap Luva
03. Ridin’ Around feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young
04. (UNTITLE) feat. LMNO
05. Play Wit Crime feat. Maspyke
06. Promise In Love feat. Jose James
07. Night in Vienna
08. The Way feat. Colonel Red
09. Hard Candy feat. Mathematik
10. The Game Changer Feat.Wild Child & Georgia Anne Muldrow
11. Free Your Mind feat. Black Spade
12. Tokyo Girl feat. Maspyke
13. (UNTITLE) feat. elzhi (Slum Village)
14. Dim Skyline feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe
15. Impulze feat. Mathematik
16. Re-Estimate
17. Ex Lovers feat. Dynamic Duo
18. Playing Again feat. Ivana Santilli


Big Apple Rappin'- The Early Days Of Hip-Hop Culture In New York City (1979-1982) (2006) [2CD]

Disc: 1
1. Spoonin’ Rap - Spoonie Gee
2. Sure Shot - Xanadu
3. How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise - Brother D
4. Rapping Dub Style - General Echo
5. Catch The Beat - T Ski Valley
6. Dancing Heart - Universal 2
7. Funkbox Party - Masterdon Committee
8. Weekend - Cold Crush Brothers


Disc: 2
1. Big Apple Rappin’ - Spyder D
2. DJ Style - Mr Q
3. Fly Guys Rap - The Fly Guys
4. Get The Party Jumping - Solo Sound
5. Rock The Beat - The Jamaica Girls
6. Standing On The Top - Super 3
7. Are You Ready - TJ Swann, Peewee Mel & Barry B
8. Ultimate Rap - Nice & Nasty 3


Rudy and the Rhetoric - The Gutterbrook (2008)


01. The Gutterbook (Petulance)
02. Lose One
03. The Graves Are Empty
04. Bladerunners (ft. Grayskul)
05. Infernus
06. Lucid
07. Metal Joints
08. Amen
09. Levitate
10. Phaser
11. I Kinda Wanna Punch You In Your Stupid Face
12. I Felt The Blood
13. Scurvy
14. Whose Hearts Heavy
15. Adam Meets Evil

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Paul White-The Strange Dreams Of Paul White(2009)

01. Cheese Special & A Draw 1:45
02. Flying Across Tokyo 1:44
03. The Uprising Of The Insane 1:16
04. Time Wars 1:44
05. City Bright Lights 1:56
06. Alien Nature 2:48
07. One Eye Open 1:23
08. The Composers' Comeback 1:35
09. Burnt By The Sun 2:16
10. Waiting For Time 3:19
11. Sugar Free Airlines 1:32
12. Floating Free 1:49
13. Looking Out To See 1:50
14. Surfing Off The Coast Of Mexico 2:05
15. The Magic Tunetop 0:54
16. Road Rage 1:28
17. Sea Life 1:20
18. The Punch Drummer 2:13
19. Sleep Clapping 2:14
20. Let Your Imagination Go 1:00
21. Can't Sleep Make Music 1:39


Paul White's debut album (and the first on One Handed) is a 21 track
magic carpet ride of crate-digging psychedelia that takes in film
soundtracks, hip hop, reggae, and his beloved progressive rock. 'The
Strange Dreams Of Paul White' matches the hazy ambience of Boards Of
Canada with the spontaneity and ruggedness of Wu Tang Clan's RZA or
Madlib, showing just why the young South Londoner is so widely admired
by his peers in the increasingly fertile beats scene. A
peculiarly-talented library producer with BBC and Channel 4 credits to
his name, Paul White's earliest transmissions took the form of a series
of mesmerizing beat tapes: rapid-fire scrapbooks of rough-edged audio
artifacts passed between small circles of music-loving friends and
aficionados. A couple of sought-after 7"s and a handful of remixes
later and Paul's was the name to drop amongst the cognoscenti, from
old-schoolers such as Ashley Beedle and Danny Breaks to new heads on
the block like Gaslamp Killer and Hudson Mohawke. Amongst his most
vocal champions is Mary Anne Hobbs, who has invited him to perform as
one of three cutting-edge producers at Londonгs Roundhouse on 15th May.
Benji B and Gilles Peterson have also widely broadcast his skills, the
latter recently featuring Paul in his 'Beat Generation' special amongst
the pick of the new breed. In print, Dazed & Confused enthused that he
'embodies all that is good about a new generation of producers' while
FACT magazine have tipped Paul as a key practitioner in the renaissance
in abstract instrumental hip hop. This last phrase is perhaps a key to
distinguishing Paul from much of the pack: while he appeals to lovers
of prog rock, electronica, and a multitude of bass-heavy hybrids,
there's something unmistakeably 'two turntables' in his approach and
sound, even if he hasn't looked for where the microphone plugs in.
Reviews and features confirmed in Dazed & Confused, Hip Hop Connection,
FACT, and more to come. 'White really knows his stuff and has an
uncommon lightness of touch, resulting in an album which ultimately
flies free of genre constraints and expectations into a realm
altogether more cosmic and dreamlike, strongly influenced by Boards of
Canada and their peerless synthesis of pastoral textures and
gut-punching electronics. One of the best albums yet from the current
wave of smart hip hop producers - although you can draw myriad
connections to peers and influences, you also get the impression that
nobody else could've made this album, and you need to check it.'

Raekwon Interview Part 1

Thanks To 7Thirty Promo

Marco Polo And Torae - Double Barrel (2009)

01. intro feat dj premier 01:17
02. double barrel feat dj revolution 03:25
03. party crashers 03:46
04. smoke feat lil fame of m.o.p. & rock of heltah 03:54
05. lifetime feat dj revolution 04:15
06. but wait 02:43
07. rah rah shot 04:07
08. danger 03:01
09. stomp feat guilty simpson 04:02
10. coney island 03:32
11. word play 03:30
12. hold up feat masta ace & sean price 03:08
13. get it 03:41
14. crashing down feat saukrates & s-roc 04:27


DJ Mitsu The Beats-A Word To The Wise(2009)Vinyl 7"

01 A Word to the Wise (ft. Grap Luve)
02 Promise In Love (ft. Jose James)


Thanks To Core4Squad

Sandpeople - Roll Call

Sandpeople's "Roll Call" video. Directed by Christian Hansen. Produced by DJ Bonez

Smooth J - Smooth Sound Collection Vol. 2 (2009)

01. Snow Fantasy
02. Remember? ft. Dizzy of Ugly Duckling
03. Okuribito ft. Mayumi Bandou
04. Haru yo, Koi
05. Quench ft. Agape of Isosceles/TWIN
06. Humanity
07. Haru no Symphony
08. Aki no Symphony
09. Tabibito ~Dai 1 shou~
10. Bee
11. Tabibito ~Dai 2 shou~ ft. Agape of Isosceles/TWIN
12. The Loop
13. Tabibito ~Dai 3 shou~ ft. Agape of Isosceles/TWIN
14. California Mind
15. Tabibito ~Dai 4 shou~


Fatty Down-Soup[Bootleg](2009)

01.Sippin A Beer [03:41]
02.Soda Pop Feat. Suga D [02:35]
03.Sick About it Feat. Dani & Lizzy [03:52]
04.No Foolin Me [03:22]
05.Rewind Feat. Dani & Lizzy [03:09]
06.Loizy Sunshine [03:05]
07.Love Love Love [03:11]
08.Dust Might Land Feat. Snak the Ripper & Mos Eisley [02:47]
09.Hot Like 4 Sweaters [02:15]
10.Did Ya Find Ya Feat. Moka Only [02:17]
11.Rock Rock Feat. Suga D [03:05]


Hilltop Hoods - Chase That Feeling EP(2009)

01. Chase That Feeling (Radio Edit) (3:28)
02. Chase That Feeling (3:28)
03. Chase That Feeling (Instrumental) (3:28)
04. Chase That Feeling (Remix) (3:27)
05. Chase That Feeling (Remix Instrumental) (3:29)


Sandpeople - Long Story,Short... (2009) EP

One from the best works for 2009.Sandpeople crew is a dynamite.Love them.
Album Rate: 10/10


01. Strands [ 03:18 ]
02. Hate Aside [ 03:43 ]
03. Oh My God [ 03:55 ]
04. Beyond Us [ 04:16 ]
05. Control Panel [ 04:14 ]
06. Money is on Their Minds [ 03:21 ]
07. Goodbye World [ 03:37 ]
08. Left [ 03:58 ] |
09. The Dapper Mob [ 05:30 ]

Download Here

Cralias - Music Tape of The Beats

01 Wholesome
02 True
03 U.D.I
04 Brasil
05 end
06 im made for you (uncle boris)
07 Something 2
08 Look
09 back to
10 Come on now
11 beaterz
12 World
13 Socks
14 Ricky Bobby
15 Take
16 Scitzo
17 help
18 Tim
19 Something
20 Rangers
21 Beginning


Thanks To Nicholas

The Primeridian-Drop The Needle

1.drop it
2.drop the needle remix


Thanks To Race

Dasanto - Flying Boat

Dasanto - Flying Boat

Thanks To dav6sant

Nation of Elzi-Earth Like Zion Is EP (2009)

1. Intro
2. Back In Tim
3. Lost In Translation
4. Don’t Leave
5. Take It Easy Girl
6. Party Over Here
7. Mellow Sunday


The Nation of Elzi is the newest hip hop formation to come out of Amsterdam.
They are not just one out of many, but the first English rapping Dutch hip hop formation that make music in the neo Hip Hop style. International legends such as Pete Rock, Mos Def, and the men of Slum Village precede them. But now, through the likes of the Nation of Elzi, Neo-HipHop has set foot on Dutch soil.

The group consists out of 3 members who are all producers. Two of the members, Rome & Profetic call themselves the MC’s of the group where as Dangarus. C, has found his groove at the turntables. The Nation of Elzi started in May 2008 under the guidance of Studio West, and are currently finishing up 2 tracks that will be used to promote their EP which comes out in May 2009.
Urban terms such as: hip hop, laidback and soul will soon be mentioned in one breath when people talk about the Nation of Elzi. As luck would have it, the Nation of Elzi got off to a good start and undoubtedly they will take over a large part of the hip hop scene

Thanks To Alexander

Dead Prez New Album “Pulse Of The People” Official Cover & Tracklisting

Dead Prez, already among the most thoughtful artists working in hip-hop, are adding the environment to the list of underrepresented parties they rep in the their music. Produced by DJ Green Lantern, Pulse of the People features appearances Chuck D., Bun B., Styles P., K’Naan, and Johnny Polygon. Dead Prez is also taking its own message to heart, as the album will be offered in an eco-friendly packaging.

Official Tracklisting:
2 Runnin Wild
3 Don’t Hate My Grind featuring Bun B
4 Warpath featuring Ratfink
5 Gangsta, Gangster featuring Styles P
6 Afrika Hot!
7 NYPD featuring Johnny Polygon
8 Summer Time
9 Refuse to Lose featuring Chuck D and Avery Storm
10 Life Goes On
11 Helpful
12 Pulse
13 Stimulus Plan
14 My Dirty Valentine

Disiz-The End (2009)

01. La Fin Du Debut (Intro) -4:28-
02. Alors Tu Veux Rapper -6:49-
03. Bête De Bombe 4 -2:44-
04. C'est La Vérité -3:08-
05. Quand Le Peuple Va Se Lever -4:21-
06. Odysee feat Okacha -5:51-
07. Derriere L'arbre (Interlude) -0:51-
08. L.O.V.E feat Humphrey -5:01-
09. Papa Lova -4:18-
10. Le Temps Precieux -5:12-
11. 27 Octobre -4:48-
12. Il Est Déja Trop Tard -4:35-
13. J'ai Changé feat Ribeage -4:29-
14. Le Monde Sur Mesure -3:33-
15. Disiz The End -3:34 -


Diego Bernal - For Corners(2009)

01. Diego's Donut (RIP J. DIlla)
02. Armor All'd Out
03. Bring It On Home
04. Damn You
05. Dusty Sanchez
06. Father's Son
07. Fat Sal
08. Go Diego Go
09. I Have a Long... Resume (Interlude)
10. May Day
11. Momma's Boy
12. Money Cash Woes (Interlude)
13. MC Rakim Cool Kane and the DJ Furious Boyz Crew (1986)
14. On4
15. My Friend Wants to Know (Interlude)
16. The Pause Tape Trainer
17. Velcro Flow
18. Summer's Over (Interlude)
19. The Way It Was


Le Klub Des 7-La Classe De Musique (2009)

-1 N'importe quoi ! 01:12-
-2 C'est le Klub des 7 04:08-
-3 Le chiffre impair 03:37-
-4 Il vous reste une minute 01:00-
-5 Pouilleux massacreur 03:04-
-6 On aura tout vu 02:14-
-7 Le jeu des 7 différences 01:13-
-8 Le conseil de discipline 02:21-
-9 Quand je serai grand 03:06-
-10 Martine 01:18-
-11 Ana Emoi 02:35-
-12 En route 02:41-
-13 Non Monsieur 02:54-
-14 C'est Bibus au téléphone 01:50-
-15 Boule de cristal 04:29-
-16 L'appel 03:29-
-17 L'école est finie 03:32-
-18 La Cour Des Grands (Bonus Track) 3:17-


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LoveJones & Phys Edison - Sunday Drive(2009)

01.Sunday Morning(Still Thinkin' About Saturday Night)
02.Sunday Drive
03.New World
05.Phys Edison's Brunch
06.Sit On The Moon
07.The One(My SV Shit)
08.Sunday Drive (Midnight Mix)
09.Had a Dream
10.B.I.G. Dreams
11.The Get Up
12.They Gon Hate
13.Sucka MCs
14.Roll Call(Top City)


Tiye Phoenix - Half Woman Half Amazin'(2009)

01. TIYEtanium 02:05
02. The Award 03:30
03. Stop Right There 02:42
04. Just Go! (Feat. Dynas) 03:58
05. Master Plan 04:32
06. The Bored Room (Skit) 02:56
07. Half Woman Half Amazin' 04:04
08. Bless Me 04:36
09. Revolving Door 05:38
10. Killin' Everybody 03:06
11. Go Even Harder (Feat. Chip Fu) 03:02
12. Shinin' Star 04:58
13. Too Late For Us (Feat. Phonte) 05:11


Babygrande is pleased to announce the signing of Tiye Phoenix, former Rawkus artist and member of the supergroup Polyrhythm Addicts, for her solo debut “Half Woman Half Amazin” due out on May 26th, 2009.

Classically trained in Piano since she was seven years-old, Tiye Phoenix has always been musically, creatively and artistically inclined. In the late 90’s, Tiye was a part of S.O.U.L. Food Symphony, a DC based group that
performed with artists like, Nas, Gill Scot Heron & more. During the “Golden Years” of hip-hop, Tiye was a member of the Rawkus family, collaborating with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek & many more. Tiye also worked with fellow Rawkus artists DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Mr. Complex as part of the super group The Polyrhythm Addicts.

Striking a nuanced balance between sensuality and sophistication, Tiye’s womanhood is on full display with this mature offering. Her solo debut “Half Woman Half Amazin’” is an exploration of the duality within… and as a female producer, MC, singer and songwriter in hip-hop, she is uniquely poised to express this phenomenon.

“Tiye Phoenix is the complete package. When it comes to female MC’s she is unrivaled. There are a few other relevant females right now but absolutely none are as refined as Tiye Phoenix. As a musician, songwriter,
performer and as a woman she is the one,” says Chuck Wilson, Babygrande’s CEO.

With production from DJ Scratch, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Da Beatminerz, DJ Spinna, Apathy & more and guest appearances from Phonte (Little Brother), Chip Fu & others, Tiye is ready to take over the game as the dominant female artist in hip-hop.

Mr. SOS-How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb(2009)

01 Apocalyptic Doomsday
02 2013
03 Work Ft Zero Basement
04 Bionic
05 Dr. Strangelove
06 Save You
07 The Balance
08 I Can't Sleep
09 What's Mk Ultra
10 The Young & The Innocent Ft Cashmere The Professional
11 Expos?
12 Time Capsule Ft. Steph
13 Welcome To The Future (Chew Fu's Bionic Rmx)


Snowgoons - A Fist In The Thought (WEB)(2009)

01 Lord Lhus - Who Are You 04:13
02 Lord Lhus - Get Down 03:56
03 Lord Lhus - Platoon Goons 04:17
(Feat. Reef the Lost Cauze)
04 Brainstorm - Trapped on Earth 04:15
05 Lord Lhus - Run Run 13:16
06 Lord Lhus - At War (Feat. Sean Price 04:04
(of Heltah Skeltah))
07 Lord Lhus - Knuckle Up 03:22
08 Lord Lhus - One Shot 03:02
09 Lord Lhus - Pray Hard (Feat. Sicknature) 03:49
10 Lord Lhus - South Carolina Struggle (Feat. Vibez) 03:08
11 Lord Lhus - Michael Nobody aka Poetic Death 03:18
12 Lord Lhus - Planetary Takeover (Feat. Planet X) 04:00
13 Lord Lhus - All in Your Mind 05:07
(Feat. Viro the Virus)
14 Lord Lhus - Capital City Streetz 03:49
15 Lord Lhus - Snakes 03:33
16 Kev Turner - Hip Hop Crusaders 05:05
(Feat. King Syze & Kev Turner)
17 Lord Lhus - Been Fighting Devilz 04:01


Phil Anastasia - The Outfit LP (2009)

01. Where We From
02. The Outfit Ft. Dyverse The First, Rahsaan, Lounge-Lo, Shyheim, & More
03. Aqui Mando Yo Ft. Street Life & Rock
04. Tracks The Proof Ft. Sence, Scrap, & Lotanerv
05. The Way
06. Pass It On Ft. Lounge-Lo, Rahsaan, Dyverse The First, King Just, & More
07. P Knuckles Ft. Dr. Ama, Lounge-Lo, & Raekwon
08. Mack-A-Docious Ft. Cappadonna, Dyverse The First & Kofi Black
09. The Last American B-Boy (Skit)
10. Diesel Ft. Vin Andreassi
11. What If Ft. Rahsaan & Lazy K
12. Gangsta Pimpetry
13. We Came To Fuck With You Ft. King Just, Lounge-Lo, Paradox, & More
14. No Guts No Glory
15. Symphonies Ft. Inspectah Deck, The Last American B-Boy & Sean Price


Monday, May 25, 2009

Heltah Skeltah-Midnight Madness Remix EP(2009)

01. M-Phazes Remix
02. J Clyde Remix
03. Analogic Remix
04. Dual Output Remix
05. Slopfunkdust Remix
06. Audible Doctor Remix

Link Is Down After Request From The Artist

Thanks To Alexander

Because I know you can't get enough of Heltah Sketah, the good people over at Coalmine Records just made this Midnight Madness Remix EP available on iTunes. The project was inspired by the 1980's cult movie, Midnight Madness. The song's main purpose was to give "a real street interpretation of the movie's synopsis from the vantage point of Ruck & Rock." The original version of the song (which appeared on The Foundation LP) was produced by Shuko. With this EP you get to hear some talented up and coming producers take a crack at the track while staying true to the concept and inspiration for the song. Check after the jump for the remix streams from producers M-Phazes, J Clyde, Analogic, Dual Output, Slopfunkdust, and Audible Doctor.

New Funkdoobiest-Golden B-Boys Out At 9-6-09

New Videos..

Snowgoons ft Savage Brothers & Lord Lhus - One Shot

Lunox & Astro - Forever & More (feat. Reks)

Bike For Three - More Heart Than Brains (2009)

01. Beginning ( 1:08)
02. All There Is To Say About Love ( 3:57)
03. Lazarus Phenomenon ( 2:46)
04. Nightdriving ( 3:32)
05. There Is Only One Of Us ( 3:03)
06. No Idea How ( 4:17)
07. Always I WIll Miss You. Always You. ( 3:21)
08. The Departure ( 3:28)
09. First Embrace ( 3:36)
10. Can Feel Love (Anymore) ( 4:06)
11. One More Time Forever ( 3:39)
12. MC Space ( 3:14)
13. Lets Never Meet ( 3:50)
14. More Heart Than Brains ( 3:37)
15. Ending ( 1:49)


Bike For Three! is the cross-continental duo of Canadian indie-rapper Richard
Terfry (Buck 65) and Belgian based electronic producer Jolle Phuong Minh L
(Greetings From Tuskan). The duos album, More Heart Than Brains was
recorded without the two artists ever meeting face-to-face during the
recording process. The story goes, Jolle found Richard,Jolle sends Rich
music Rich writes to the moods and movements that shes designed Jolle
nurtures each piece into an animate whole.

News: Jay-Z Leaves Def Jam for His Own Label

After an eleven-year partnership resulting in one of hip-hop's most impressive and consistent discographies -- including 2001's classic The Blueprint -- hip-hop superstar Jay-Z has announced his departure from longtime label Def Jam.

"I can honestly say, working with [Universal Music Group CEO] Doug Morris and [Def Jam chairman] L.A. Reid has been a unique and fulfilling experience and I respect them immensely," the man also known as Shawn Carter confirmed to Rap Radar. "I've been in the family for almost my entire career. I thank [Morris] for allowing me to be a completely independent artist. Not every artist can say they own or are given the opportunity to own all of their music."

It does, however, look like his departure came at a hefty price: Hits Daily Double has reported that Jay-Z paid $5 million for the rights to the remainder of his contract, which included one more album for Def Jam.

That album -- the long-delayed Blueprint 3, which as of press time has no release date attached -- will likely be released on the newly established, Jay-managed Roc Nation label, which functions under the umbrella of the rapper's $150 million contract with music megacorp Live Nation.

Impulss-Category Shybe(2009)


Thanks To Impulss

Postmen-Documents (1998)

Foundation 02:32
02. Stolen arts 04:15
03. Homeland '96 (interlude) 00:21
04. Cocktail 04:31
05. Corrosion (ft U-Niq & Sonny D) 04:53
06. Basement '93 (interlude) 00:28
07. Crisis 04:17
08. Cocktales 03:23
09. Build on blood 03:22
10. Renaissance (ft Dignity) 04:07
11. Basement '94 (interlude) 00:37
12. This life (ft Xtravaganz) 04:44
13. Brotherly love 03:47
14. Precise '95 (interlude) 00:35
15. U wait 06:19
16. Homeland '97 (interlude) 00:44
17. When in doubt (ft E-Life) 05:01


Postmen - Cocktail

Postmen - U Wait

Postmen - Crisis

Thanks To Alexander

Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) New Album “Fish Outta Water” Out July 7th

Chali’s diverse tastes range from the blues he was raised on to the political gangsta’ rap he loved, to the graffiti art he sprayed as a teenager and they all flow from this album. A powerful and deeply personal body of work, Fish Outta Water is quite simply a life’s worth of songs in the making. Boasting production from the likes of Jake One, Scott Storch, and Cut Chemist.

The new album also features collaborations with Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Beenie Man, Anthony Hamilton, and Talib Kweli, the album feels like a new beginning of sorts for the artist who has successfully melded the bass-heavy bravado with his own life’s story, and in doing so, creates art that’s not only superb, it’s important.

Official Tracklisting:
1. Get Focused
2. International feat. Beenie Man
3. So Crazy
4. Lock Shit Down feat. Talib Kweli
5. Don’t Stop feat. Anthony Hamilton
6. Keep Goin’ feat. Choklate
7. Comin’ Thru
8. F.O.W.
9. Love’s Gonna Getcha
10. Righteous Way
11. When Will I See You Again feat. Elzhi
12. Guns Up feat. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley
13. Graff Time
14. Controlled Coincidence feat. Kanetic Source
15. 4 Be Be feat. Ming Xia
16. Fish Outta Water feat. Talib Kweli