Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fats' Favorites (2011)

01. Trebles and Blues - The Tempo
02. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor - Still On The Hustle
03. Q.B.C (Quality Beat Center) feat. Wildelux - My Way
04. IV the Polymath feat. Junclassic (UnderCurrent) - Set Backs
05. Praverb the Wyse - Everlasting Struggle
06. G-DO & Xception - Sankofa
07. Wildelux & Linus Stubbs feat. Chinch 33 - The Handbook
08. Superstar Quamallah & Deqawn - The Blues
09. Rashad & Confidence - The City
10. Epidemic - Illin Spree
11. Silent Knight - Stayin' Busy
12. PaceWon & Mr. Green - Can You Hear Me? (Tribute To The People Of Tunisia)
13. Self Scientific - God's Language
14. Dela feat. Blu - WhatUWanna
15. Infinito 2017 feat. Thaione Davis - Stealth
16. J-Live feat. John Robinson & MarQ Spekt - Poetry In Ertia
17. Willie Evans Jr feat. J One DA, Paten Locke & Basic - A$amov
18. DJ Cosm feat. Insight - Beyond The Horizon
19. Rasheed Chappell feat. DJ Scratch - What I'm Here 4
20. Random Axe - The Hex
21. 9th Prince & MidaZ The BEAST - ThunderCats
22. Diamond District - For Certain
23. The Doppelgangaz - Doppel Gospel
24. Venomous2000 feat. DJ Priority - Drop Of Venom
25. Kaimbr & Kev Brown feat. Roddy Rod, Hassaan Mackey & DJ Marshall Law - Army Fatigue Rap (Redef Remix)


The title explains it all... In no particular order.

C-Rayz Walz - We Live: The Black Samurai EP (2004)

01. Opening Ceremony
02. We Live (Belief Mix)
03. Trudeau
04. Showgun
05. Crayzeebeat
06. Crayzeerock feat. Lyrikill Da Observer
07. Single Mothers
08. Amore
09. Metal Petals
10. Rain Forever
11. 3 Card Molly
12. Closing Ritual

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C-Rayz Walz - 1975: Return Of The Beast (2006)

01. First Impression
02. Who Da Fuck Are You?
03. Long Range
04. Everything
05. Balance
06. Lifetime Bid
07. Post Up
08. Get It Poppin
09. Not For Nuthin
10. New York Shitty
11. It's A Wrap
12. Keepin It Raw
13. Addiction
14. Drug In My Vein
15. Classic
16. Peroxide
17. The Last Cypher

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Viktor Vaughn aka MF Doom - Venomous Villain (2004)

01. Viktormizer (Intro)
02. Back End
03. Fall Back-Titty Fat
04. Doom On Vik
05. R.A.P. G.A.M.E. feat. Manchild (Mars Ill) & Iz-Real
06. Dope Skill feat. Carl Kavorkian
07. Doper Skiller feat. Kool Keith
08. Haberdashery (Interlude)
09. Ode To Road Rage
10. Bloody Chain feat. Poison Pen
11. Strange New Day (Interlude)
12. Pop Quiz (Bonus Extra Credit Remix) feat. Iz-Real

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Count Bass D - Mic & Ike (2011)

01. Buy The Album
02. Josephina 2012
03. Misty Eyed
04. Whole Body Green
05. Magnum Opus Dei
06. That Bump
07. I Knew She Had Another Scheme
08. I Want It All
09. Ridin' On Glenwood
10. It's Goin' Down
11. Winehouse Recovery
12. Remember The Days
13. Make No Mistake
14. Stand On It
15. Command Z

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Little Vic - Reprise

Little Vic "Reprise"


"Here's a joint I did the other night.. Didn't mix it or plan on using it for anything, but figured my true Boom Bap fans would enjoy this." Little Vic

SigNif - Vandal (Video)

Visuals for "Vandal" from the album Embracing Rejection

Venomous2000 - Write Travel (prod. by Layzee D)

Venomous2000 - Write Travel
(Produced by Layzee D)

2nd leak from the "Path Of Light" album by Venomous2000 & Layzee D.

Powda feat. Slaine & Termanology - The Program (Video)

Dreas - Dreastronaut (2011)

01 floating
02 physical astronomy
03 love strain
04 solo capacity
05 time out of joint
06 michiana noise
07 sky is smiling
08 spacecase
09 island grey
10 fly, wanderer
11 final countdown


Friday, December 30, 2011

Chlorine Free feat. Raashan Ahmad & Jalley - D'fish (Video)

Koncept - Awaken (WEB) (2011)

01. Awaken
02. Watch The Sky Fall feat. Royce Da 5'9
03. Too Late
04. October 10
05. Aspirations feat. Soul Khan
06. Getting Home feat. Sene
07. Understanding
08. The Crash
09. Save Me
10. Long Term
11. The Only Thing feat. Soul Khan

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Thanks to Doxx

Repeat Pattern - 08-09 (2011)

01. RLFS3
02. WALT
03. TRMP
04. STAB
05. RFS
06. AYHW
07. RDGA
08. FPCM
09. QEQA
10. ATH
11. ACM
13. BBB
14. V2SD
15. MV
16. TM2


Cascade Records

Venomous2000 & DJ Profecy - Microphenomenal

Venomous2000 & DJ Profecy "Microphenomenal"


First track off "The Trueschoolhiphopmusic Show" available in 2012 produced by DJ Profecy

Self the Bluest Eye - Free Verse (prod. by DJ Propo'88 of Da Shogunz)

Silent Knight - Busy's Introduction (2011)

01. The Noid feat. MeLa Machinko
02. Slow Burner feat. MadKem
03. That Knight
04. This Is It (Remix)
05. Live Right
06. Let It Be Known (Madwreck Remix) feat. Kenn Starr & Hassaan Mackey
07. Rhymes Get Written feat. Uptown XO
08. Stayin' Busy
09. Stayin' Busy Remix feat. KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC The Cynic, Audible Doctor & Soul Khan
10. Reach (M-Phazes Remix) feat. Emilio Rojas
11. Is Anyone There feat. KON
12. Forgotten Boro (Rashid Hadee Remix)
13. Walking Kontradiction (DJ Vadim Trafic Remix)
14. Ain't Friends, Pt. 1 feat. East & MadKem
15. That Dude
16. Busy's Introduction (Extended Continuous Mix by DeeJay Element)
17. Silent Exercise (Bonus Track)


Elementality Productions

Don Bo - Est 1991

Don Bo "Est 1991"


King Boom - There Is Only One Year Left!!!

King Boom "There Is Only One Year Left!!!"

Da Kings Quarters

The Four Owls feat. Jam Baxter - Life In The Balance (Video)

Promotional video for "Life In The Balance" from the album Nature's Greatest Mystery

I-Power - I-Power 93 12" (2009)

01. Play Da Back
02. Break Da Rulez
03. Alternative
04. Props, Loot & Credit (Remix)
05. Fast Cash
06. Today's Signs

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I-Power - I-Power 94 12" (2009)

01. Test Da Spirit
02. Ruff Draft
03. Da Nation's Amp
04. Rock Da Spot
05. Ruff Draft Remix
06. Rock Da Spot (Instrumental)

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I-Power - I-Power 99 12" (2011)

01. The Late Show
02. The True Divine (94 Demo)
03. The Late Show (Instrumental)
04. Black Dynasty
05. True (97 Bonus)
06. Black Dynasty (Instrumental)

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The Doppelgangaz - Like What Like Me (Live @ Highline Ballroom, NYC)

The Doppelgangaz (Matter Ov Fact & EP) performing "Like What Like Me" from their Lone Sharks album. At Action Bronson's show at Highline Ballroom, NYC on Tuesday, 12/27/11.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sound Survivors - P.E.A.C.E. LP (2011)

01. The Arrival
02. P.E.A.C.E. feat. Shogun Of Dark
03. 123
04. Ma Soul feat. Craig G
05. Hold You
06. Weltkrieg V3.0 (Bonus Track)
07. Last Hill feat. Tos El Bashir
08. Light Travel feat. Constant Elevation & 9th Scientist
09. Who Can Help Us?
10. Gloomy Days feat. Aslaam Mahdi
11. Lost Hill State Of Mind (Bonus Track)

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Sound Survivors

Question x Freddie Joachim - Find Another Way Revisited

Question x Freddie Joachim "Find Another Way Revisited"


Mellow Orange

Bumpy Knuckles - BAP (The Custodian Of Records Remix)

Bumpy Knuckles "BAP (The Custodian Of Records Remix)"


The Custodian Of Records

Classified feat. Mic Boyd & White Mic - They Don't Know (Video)

Visuals for "They Don't Know" from the album Handshakes And Middle Fingers

Juan Deuce and Falside, Repping Rhode Island Rap

Sage Francis put Rhode Island’s hip-hop scene into the national rap consciousness in the early ’00s, but Providence has struggled ever since to prove it has talent worthy of outside attention. “Rhode Island has always been a breeding ground for creative hip hop talent that is usually over-looked,” Providence producer Falside says. “Ten years ago the scene was bubbling … over time, MCs and groups moved on and the scene dissipated.” The success of local beat basher araabMUZIK has helped turn that around, but Juan Deuce and Falside are doing their part, too: Together the rapper and producer are creating swells in the Ocean State and pushing an underground scene back into the spotlight.

Apart, Deuce and Falside already have impressive discographies. Deuce’s most recent mixtape, Shits and Giggles, proved he could successfully navigate a varied range of production with playful charm, inducing ’90s nostalgia and earning a cosign from Sage himself as his favorite emcee to emerge from the state in five years. At only 22, Falside has produced beats for underground heavyweights ranging from Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) to Jeru the Damaja, as well as Stalley, Action Bronson and Apollo the Great. His newest seasonal beat tape, Snare Conditioning, was an atypically airy offering that fell somewhere between his boom-bappy and experimental production styles. Building off the buzz of their latest respective projects, the two combined forces on Mechanics, which clocks in at a tidy seven tracks.

On the opening track, “Guts,” the pair tapped director Nicolas Heller a.k.a. Ricky Shabazz to get behind the lens. “The idea for the video came to me after watching Breaking Bad while muted with the beat to ‘Guts’ playing in the background,” Heller explains. It turned out to be a good source of inspiration. “Before Nick was ready to roll he said, ‘Alright, I need you guys to look like you just smoked a bunch of meth,’” Deuce remembers. “And alI I remember was being so pumped up to try and pull this off.” Safe to say they did. Released around Halloween, the grim vision of the duo venturing through Providence on a drug-fueled night was debuted by director Rik Cordero on his new series Director’s Hub, boosting momentum before Mechanics was even released.

But according to Deuce, the title track is really the “nucleus” of the entire EP. Written from the ‘Mechanics’ beat on Falside’s Jesus Shaves tape, Deuce spits energetic alliterations over eerily building synths. Falside’s personal favorite is the horn-driven “Hey DJ,” the first track they built from scratch for the EP. “When we recorded it I could tell that we were going to have a solid project,” Falside recalls. “The creative process in the studio was fun and casual.” The Mechanics EP is only the beginning of a collaborative streak; they’re already planning on recording a full-length album this winter. Just in time for a new spring for Rhode Island’s hip-hop community. “Something is happening around here that is very unique, and I am fortunate to contribute to its growth,” Falside says. “I will always rep Providence.”


OSB'z - The Human Centipede (Mixtape) (2011)


ManOnWire - Rainbows (Ruff Draft)


Necro - No Concern (Video)

Mos Def & JS aka The Best - Most Underrated EP (2011)

01. Most Underrated 02:09
02. Space & Time 05:11
03. Evil Woman feat. JS aka The Best 03:08
04. Winter 2 Summer 03:45
05. Beef 2012 02:32


The Goondox feat. Swollen Members, Jus Allah, Impakt, ODoub, Klee Magor, Virtuoso, Meth Mouth, Psych Ward & Jaysaun - Raps Of The Titans (Video)

Dam Funk - That Special Shit

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rozewood - Asian Nights (prod. by Mr. Enok)

Rozewood "Asian Nights"
(Produced by Mr. Enok)


Single from the album "Neon Paradise", out now on Digi Crates

MoonChild - Love For The Music Pt. 2 (2011)

01. Run feat. Fellowhood, Jus Ra & Glory
02. Destiny feat. Trav Williams & P Dub
03. Im a Beast feat. Drew 32
04. Moonstrumental #1
05. Side by Side feat. Glory & Shava Jay
06. When I Come Around feat. Moe Dirdee
07. Dark Minded feat. Crom Royale


MoonChild Music

Marcus D - Parallel Universe (Instrumental)


Marcus D

Supreme & Eaze - Remember Me (Instrumental)

Supreme & Eaze "Remember Me (Instrumental)"

"A new instrumental off of my new album with Supreme Sol titled "The Meccas & Sol Brothers" we're releasing the album under the group name Supreme & Eaze. The album is nearly complete, most of the tracks just need to be mastered and recorded to. 11 out of 16 songs are completed, this was uploaded to reassure my fans with the progress of the album." DJ Ezasscul

Union feat. Elzhi - Wings (Redef Remix by Damu The Fudgemunk)

Union feat. Elzhi "Wings (Redef Remix by Damu The Fudgemunk)"

From the limited edition 7" "Coco Mango b/w Wings (Damu Remixes)". Pre-order here

Mr. Brady - Let It Go (Video)

Sugoisounds - That Mister Cee Shit Vol ? (1994)

  Side A - That Mister Cee Shit Vol ? (1994) by sugoisounds
    Side B - That Mister Cee Shit Vol ? (1994) by sugoisounds 

I'm pretty sure this is from 1994, even if it's not, it's straight-up golden era stuff. I've had this dubbed tape for over 15 years, which explains the quality of the sound. A little piece of hip-hop history. Enjoy.......

Madchild - Fuck Madchild (Video)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bugsy Da God & Falling Down - The Seven Angels Of Death EP (2011)

01. Purgatory Theory
02. Masquerade Of Killaz
03. Perfect Plot
04. Rapid Fire Snipers feat. PR Terrorist
05. Pool Of Tearz
06. Fire & Brimstone
07. Lost Souls


Facebook Bugsy Da God

Gargantuans feat. Journalist - Monkey Walk (Video)

City Slick (Decay & Fluent) - The Antique Black (2007)

01. Intro
02. Gold
03. Pressure feat. Tone Liv
04. Still Hated
05. Help
06. Until The Sun Comes Up Pt. 2
07. Blocks feat. Selfish
08. Too Stupid Intermission feat. Ill Don
09. One
10. Soul Blast
11. Heavyweight Agenda feat. Rhyme Scheme
12. What You Call It?
13. The Emcee
14. Black Composer
15. Fuck With Us feat. Selfish

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Reks - Autographs (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Reks "Autographs"
(Produced by Statik Selektah)


Showoff Records

Freddie Joachim - Sweep Away My Sorrow

Freddie Joachim "Sweep Away My Sorrow"


Freddie Joachim

Kaimbr - The Making Of The BrotherShip

Kaimbr discusses his inspiration behind The BrotherShip beat tape. Watch Pt. 2 here

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Unreleasedunmastered 2010

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie "Unreleasedunmastered 2010"



Doc Battle - Tracking (2011)

01. Maxell
02. Join the Club
03. King of The Ring
04. Focused
05. Matador Britches
06. Come Play
07. Main Squeeze
08. Alone at Night
09. Audio Check
10. Kevin Spacey
11. Hi-Fi
12. I Need a Girl Bad



Dreas - Dreastronaut 7"

01. Solo Capacity
02. Time Out Of Joint
03. Sky Is Smiling
04. Fly Wanderer

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Verse Essential - Like It Should Be (Video)

Gensu Dean feat. 7even Thirty - On & On



Moka Only & Chief - Mess Around (magOwl Remix)

Moka Only & Chief "Mess Around (magOwl Remix)"


Monday, December 26, 2011

Handbook - Faith In You

Handbook "Faith In You"



Budamunk - Swisher Blade (Video)

Lyle Horowitz - Blue Lights (Digi-Single) (2011)

01. Blue Lights feat. Loud Pack Lucy
02. Blue Lights feat. Loud Pack Lucy (MidPoint Remix)
03. Blue Lights (Instrumental)
04. Blue Lights (MidPoint Remix Instrumental)


5846 Films

HashFinger - January.12 (2011)

01. A1.January12
02. A2.January12
03. A3.January12
04. A4.January12
05. B1.January12
06. B2.January12
07. B3.January12
08. B4.January12
09. B5.January12



Orange Tree..

Brush With Death

Niazura - Contemplation (2011)


Atmosphere, Kill The Vultures, Big Quarters & Mally - Somebody, MN

taeOne - A Feature Film (2011)

  taeOne presents: A Feature Film by taeOne presents A Feature

A Feature Film is a cinematic soundscape that brings New York City scenes in symphony. On the album, voices from the past, vivid emotional mc'ing, dense beats and intensely layered audio produced over the past 2 years bring to the fore a truth that cannot be escaped: the city is in many ways no better off than it was in 1978, the year of Hip Hop's birth and thus must return to its revolutionary roots. taeOne’s work stands in direct contrast to commercial hip-hop, which he believes has grown into a hyper capitalist and offensively inauthentic industry. Produced with almost no resources whatsoever – A Feature Film was recorded on used laptops with low quality mics and pirated software – this return to simplicity forges an authenticity that once again redefines the genre as highly artistic, emotional and poignant. The best way to get back to one’s roots is to work with family. The artists rhyming on A Feature Film represent the nearest and dearest to the heart of taeOne. The Master of Midnight Specialists, Suede Jury, Sinistah Circle, C.B.C, and every other rapper you will hear on this record bring the LP its narrative. The level of emotional sustenance reached by, through and for each other is apparent in the dialogue between words and rhythm, capturing the story of one clan, in one place, standing up for everybody, everywhere.

M-1 (Dead Prez) - Solidarity To Greek People & All Struggling Communities

Sunday, December 25, 2011

VA - The GrinchTape (Drunken Uncle Music) (2011)

01. Intro
02. Mr. Sloppy - Merry
03. Terilekst - 2001
04. Bone Pesci - SantaFunk
05. Ciph Barker - Mr. Grinch
06. Interlude
07. Active - Holly Jolly
08. Lost Sun (Armyfatique) - SleighJunks
09. Ciph Barker - Southpole
10. Bizzy The Misanthrope - Boombells
11. Lockheat - Scrooge
12. Terilekst - The Eyes Of God
13. Ciph Barker - Chrissarmy
14. Beatbutcha & Ciph Barker - Down In Whoville
15. Royale With Cheese - Grey Days
16. Bone Pesci - Dreamin'
17. Ciph Barker - Dustbone 2002



BQ:RAM - ReWorked Vol. 2 (2011)

01. Blue Sand City (Kixnare Remix)
02. Station Identification feat. Punchline (Brenk Remix)
03. Playing Opposites feat. Raashan Ahmad (Shag Remix)



Stu Bangas (Brutal Music) - Stu Bangas Instrumentals (2011)

01. Blood Pool Instrumental
02. Bushmaster Music Instrumental
03. Shootouts Instrumental
04. Street Pharmacy Instrumental
05. Power Music Instrumental
06. Hood Talk Instrumental
07. Apollo Creed Instrumental


Stu Bangas Business