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Mr Nemo-Nemomusic(2009)

01 01:11 Instroduction
02 03:59 American Music Theatre Ft Himself
03 04:34 Not Yet Ft Z-Man
04 03:55 I'll Be Around Ft Sunspot Jonz
05 03:26 Nemomusic
06 03:41 On The Sidewalk Ft Kruse
07 03:56 Band Aid Ft Heard
08 03:37 Liars and Cheats Ft Bicasso
09 03:25 So Pretentious Ft Kruse
10 03:47 Do What We Do Ft Himself
11 03:20 Emilys Song
12 04:33 Submerge Ft 2mex
13 03:59 Music Is My Heart
14 04:53 Wrong Wit Ya Ft Moka Only
15 03:16 Shes Serious Ft Anacron


The latest producer themed album to feature a carefully selected list of guests to maintain the vibe. Mr. Nemo's production is smooth with a traditional West Coast feel and features Sunspot Jonz, Anacron, Z-Man, 2Mex, Moka Only and label mates Kruse and Himself to round it out.

GETEYE - Above The Clouds (2009)


Thanks To GETEYE

Jackson Jones - Exquisite Corpse (The Instrumentals)(2006)

01. Bread & Circuses Instrumental
02. Half Past Midnight (Lamp Post Instrumental)
03. Dark Days Instrumental
04. Baby Steps Instrumental
05. Stone Soup
06. Fallout Instrumental
07. Glass Box Instrumental
08. 1221 Instrumental
09. LifeLikeMovie Instrumental
10. Doctoring Time Instrumental
11. Spider On The Web
12. The Ladder Builder Instrumental
13. Blood From The Stone Instrumental
14. Hearts Is Hard Remix (A Dishin Instrumental)
15. Someday Your Price Will Come (Never Silent Instrumental)
16. Open On The Left (A Beautiful Thing Instrumental)
17. The Glass House Effect Instrumental
18. Subterfudge Instrumental
19. No Reward
20. The Long Exile (Brainstorm Instrumental)


MF Woolly - Chrome and Ivory (2009)

1. The New Villain Intro (0:43)
2. You Need To (3:25)
3. Good Morning (4:32)
4. Sci Fi Channel (3:07)
5. Jasper and Otis Talk Mammoth (1:30)
6. Drop (4:16)
7. The Box Ft Shy Inkwriter (4:51)
8. D.M.G.C (5:35)
9. 41st Street (4:19)
10. Tuskanee Talks Mammoth (1:28)
11. Battle Rap Galactica (3:48)
12. Celebration On A Bandstand Ft Jedi Hymie (3:32)
13. You Cant Sell Records (3:51)
14. Midnight Marauders The Heist (3:36)
15. Repetition Heart Sickness Ft Shy Inkwriter (0:55)
16. Letter To The Princess (1:48)
17. Bleinstein and Funnybone Talk Mammoth (2:04)
18. The Mutumbo (4:04)


This collaboration between producer/emcee DOOM(or Metal Fingers)and 21 year old up and coming emcee T-Woolly is a refreshing and innovative revisiting of some of DOOM's most acclaimed projects from the perspective of Woolly. With DOOM's innovative production and Woolly's amazing lyrcial skills this is an album all hip hop fans will enjoy from start to finish.

Gabriel Teodros - Lovework(2007)

1. Sacred Texts (Intro)
2. Do U (feat. Jerm)
3. No Label (Esma Remix)
4. Beautiful (GT Version)
5. Sexcapism
6. Racoon Rock (feat. Toni Hill)
7. East Africa
8. Don't Cry For Us (feat. Khingz, Toni Hill)
9. In This Together
10. The Dirty 6 (skit)
11. It's That (feat. Geologic)
12. Third World Wide
13. Warriors (Lovework Reprise)
14. Chili Sauce
15. Find A Place (feat. Rajnii Eddins)
16. Lovework (feat. Toni Hill)
17. Rest O' Me Dayz (feat. Khingz)


Gabriel Teodros-Third World Wide

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Interviews: Kero one: 'I am an early believer', Speech (Arrested Development): 'We are the change we want to see', Sabzi (Blue Scholars/Common Market): 'I definitely thought about doing a solo record'.
Featured Artists: The Roots, Black Milk, Sabzi, J Dilla, Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), Kero One, AmpLive (Zion I), Jake One, Speech & way more.
Articles: Vinyl: we're still diggin' in the crates, Mainstream; a rapper's main dream?, Tupac: overrated or underrated?, Battle of the Beats: DJ Premier vs. Pete Rock, Africa: word from the motherland, Hip Hop and Materialism & more.
Reviews: Kero One - Early Believers, The Eternal Top 10, Time Slip: Hip Hop from 1989-2009 & more.


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Guru-Guru 8.0 Lost & Found(2009)

01. Lost & Found ( 3:42)
02. Fastlane ( 3:22)
03. Ride (Feat. Omar) ( 3:28)
04. No Gimmick Shit (Feat. Doo Wop) ( 2:58)
05. Read Between Tha Linez (Feat. Solar K Born & High Power) ( 3:29)
06. Best Of My Yearz ( 3:03)
07. Divine Rule ( 2:23)
08. When U Least Expect (Feat. K Born and High Power) ( 2:57)
09. After Time (Feat. Solar) ( 2:32)
10. Those Dayz R Gone ( 2:42)
11. Stop Frontin ( 2:48)
12. Own Worst Enemy ( 3:54)
13. Cee What We Do ( 3:23)
14. Love-Hate Thang ( 3:23)
15. It's A Shock ( 2:27)
16. 6 Cipher (Feat. K Born and Highpower) ( 3:29)
17. 7 Grand Off Tha Chain ( 3:18)


On May 19, 2009, legendary emcee Guru (GangStarr, Jazzmatazz) and producer
Solar will release their latest collaboration Guru 8.0 Lost & Found(7 Grand
Records).“Solar and I have produced three classic albums (Version 7.0: The
Street Scriptures, Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 and The Timebomb / Back To The Future).
It was necessary for us to follow-up with another classic to keep real
hip-hop alive. It’s been lost and needs to find its way. Here at 7 Grand,
real hip-hop can still be found. We are keeping it very much alive!”
exclaims legendary emcee Guru. “Our new album, Guru 8.0 Lost & Found,
produced by Solar is like your GPS navigating you towards a higher place.””
Solar adds, “8.0 represents that next level of growth; the next evolution of
intelligent hip-hop.Lyrically and production-wise, it’s on another level.”

Krumb Snatcha - Hidden Scriptures(2009)

01.05:09The Way (Prod. By Nickel Plated)
02.03:36Triumph (Prod. By Karimbo)
03.04:05L.O.V.E (Prod. By Karimbo)
04.03:39Hold It Down (Prod. By Nickel Plated)
05.03:21Still Be Me (Feat. Lex Boogie & Blackastan)
(Prod. By DJ Stress)
06.04:00Street Merchant (Prod. By Sam Thoro)
07.03:55Secret (Prod. By Nickel Plated)
08.04:07Feeling (Prod. By Mr. Walt Of Da Beatminerz)
09.03:19Hidden Scriptures (Prod. By Statik Selektah)
10.04:28The Light (Prod. By The Asmatik)
11.03:54Mind Power (Prod. By Xtra P (The Large Professor))
12.04:22Explanation (Feat. Lex Boogie & Pops)
(Prod. By DJ Stress)
13.04:11Garden Of Eden (Prod. By DJ Ace)
14.04:11Heaven On Earth (Feat. Lauren Of I.Q.)
(Prod. By Nickel Plated)
15.04:59Yesterday (Prod. By Pete Rock)
16.04:10East Is Back (Prod. By Nickel Plated)
17.02:44Underground Ambassadors (Feat. Afu-Ra) (Prod. By Karimbo)
18.03:50Leavin (Prod. By Nickel Plated)
19.03:58Begins (Prod. By Pete Rock)


Lateef & Z-Trip - Ahead Of The Curve(2007)

01 All Night Intro.
02 Mass Hysteria.
03 LTDJ.
04 Devil’s Detail.
05 Time.
06 Wreckoning.
07 Latyrx.
08 The Overlord.
09 On My Side.
10 Get Down.
11 Old Pair of Jeans.
12 Grammy Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
13 Tell Me When to Go.
14 Enuff.
15 Best.


DJ Kevlar-The Pursuit Of Funkyness(2009)


Thanks To Dj Kevlar

Azzurro-The B-Side(2009)

01. 20000 Light Years From Home
02. Flute Madness feat.Sarah Elia
03. I'm Not Playing 2009 feat.FREEZ (RAMB CAMP,EL NINO)
04. Pleasure
05. Vital Signs
06. From NYC To Onsa
08. Rendez-vous feat.Volfoniq
09. The 3rd Impact
10. Floating Dub
11. Kaikou feat.Mili (FU-TEN)
12. Blind Alley Pt.2 feat.DJ K-OGEE
13. Buonissimo feat.Shigeru Tanabu
14. The B-Side Remix
15. Berlin 2001
16. Mystic Remix


Qwel & Jackson Jones - Jump the Gun(2009)

1. Jump the Gun (3:19)
2. Future Shock (Postmodernism with an Australian Accent) (3:33)
3. Red C (4:14)
4. Getting Over (4:38)
5. Straight Edge (3:44)
6. The CD Exchange (3:57)
7. Magazine MCs (4:06)
8. Envy Greens (3:12)
9. See You When, I See You (2:21)
10. The Fist Buff (3:48)
11. Scholar Vomit (6:57)


Jump The Gun, the brand new full length limited edition album from Qwel & Jackson Jones. Produced, recorded, directed & mixed over 2 furious weeks in March 2009 by Dallas Jackson of Jackson Jones, this is high powered hip hop at it's finest. The MC/producer combo, also responsible for the albums "Dark Day", "20th Street Rich" & "Sideweighs", return here with a vengeance, showing raw skill and intense prowess on both sides of the coin.

Abstract Rude - Rejuvination (2009)

1. Hip Hop Ryde (Produced By : Vitamin D)
2. Rejuvenation (Produced By : Vitamin D)
3. Nuff Fire (Produced By : Vitamin D)
4. The Conch (Produced By : Vitamin D)
5. Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D’Etat Mix) (Produced By : Vitamin D)
6. Tv Show (Produced By : Vitamin D)
7. Sadly Ever After (Produced By : Vitamin D)
8. Tomorry (Produced By : Vitamin D)
9. Diggin’ It ? (Produced By : Vitamin D)
10. Aaron, Ab, Abbey (Produced By : Vitamin D)
11. Rsvp (Wanna Party) (Produced By : Vitamin D)
12. Man Down (Produced By : Vitamin D)
13. Is What It Is (Produced By : Vitamin D)
14. Parables (Produced By : Vitamin D)


As a product of the legendary Goodlife open mic sessions, Abstract Rude splashed onto the scene in 1994 as part of the famed Project Blowed crew that included LA’s Freestyle Fellowship and Aceyalone. As one half of the A-Team (with Aceyalone), one third of Haiku D’Etat (with Aceyalone & Myka 9) and frontman of his group Abstract Tribe Unique (ATU), Ab Rude has endeared himself to fans worldwide through consistent touring and genre defining albums such as 1999’s South Central Thynk Tank (currently out of print). Once signed to the Beastie Boys Grand Royal imprint, Ab has readied himself to re-emerge with Rhymesayers Entertainment and his most consistent and focused work to date, Rejuvenation.Produced entirely by Seattle super producer Vitamin D (G-Unit, Redman, Young Buck, Gift of Gab, Choklate, Lifesavas, Black Sheep, etc.), Rejuvenation is a hard hitting soulful ryde showcasing Ab Rude’s distinct and unlimited vocal stylings.

Dulcet - Like a Glow(2009)

01. VEE / Nowhere To Run feat. Kunstruct of Natural Habitz
02. DJ OKAWARI / The Hero
03. KENSHU / Sunshine feat.Aliya Miharu
04. DJ OKAWARI / Supatight feat. Natural Habitz
05. VEE / Clonal
06. tsunenori / Nocturne.2
07. KENSHU / Hold Out feat. Natural Habitz
08. VEE / Oriental Beautify
09. tsunenori / That's what its all about feat. Natural Habitz
10. KENSHU / LUV 2 U
11. DJ OKAWARI / Memory of Moldau
12. tsunenori / Raindrops


Video And Songs

Murs - The Science

Thanks To Lampis

The Latin Blues Band feat. Luis Aviles - I'll Be a Happy Man

The Apples - Killing

Special Songs From Strakastruka,Thanks..

Rascalz - Reloaded [2002]

01. Intro
02. Jungle
03. Crazy World (feat. Notch and Sazon Diamonte)
04. Stop Drop
05. One Shot (feat. K-OS)
06. Warrior (feat. Notch)
07. Dun Did It (feat. IRS & Tara Chase)
08. (Interlude)
09. Movie Star
10. Flithy (feat. Checkmate & Concise)
11. Clash (We Don't Play) (feat. Sugar Prince & Jah-Fus)
12. Fiyah! (feat. East Juvi & Kardinal Offishall)
13. Send Fi Dem
14. Hit Em Up (feat. Kardinal Offishall, Solitaire & Ylook)
15. Respect It (feat. Mag-T from Grimmi Grimmi)
16. Murderah (feat. Jah-Fus)
17. Politricks (Outro)

Listen: Rascalz - Warrior (ft.Notch)

Downlaod Here

Z-TRIP - All Pro Soundtrack (2007)

01 - all pro intro
02 - something different (feat. chali 2na and keno 1)
03 - sudden death (feat. dj faust)
04 - let the rhythm hit em 2007 (feat. rakim and chevelle)
05 - doin it like this (feat. clutch)
06 - automatic at it (feat. aceyalone)
07 - go hard (feat. gift of gab and dub trio)
08 - on my side (feat. lateef and slug)
09 - i dont need this trouble (feat. natural self)
10 - sure shot (feat casual and pep love_
11 - rock shock break (feat. backyard bangers)
12 - locked and loaded (feat. deftones and dead prez)
13 - rush tom sawyer (z-trip remix)

Listen: Z-Trip - On My Side (ft. lateef & slug)

Download Here

Rascalz - Northern Touch 12" (1997)

01 Northern Touch(Dirty)
02 Northern Touch(Clean)
03 Northern Touch(Instrumental)
04 Northern Touch(Acapella)

In 1998, Rascalz wrote a special one-off single called "Northern Touch", which they recorded with guest rappers Checkmate, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust and Choclair.

Listen: Rasclaz - Northern Touch(Dirty)

Download Here
Check Video Clip Here

Keith Murray & Canibus Connect In Studio For New Collaboration Album

After releasing albums that were not the best received, 2007’s Rap-Murr-Phobia and 2008’s Intellectual Violence, Keith Murray has joined forces with longtime friend and fellow onetime Def Squad affiliate Canibus to focus on restoring hard-nosed lyricism in Hip Hop. After Erick Sermon initially spilled the beans to MTV News about the project being well underway, the Long Island spoke about the status and sound of this historic union of ’90s masters of simile.

Coming on Sound Records & Entertainment, the collaborative album is almost finished entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth, intended for strategic release after Def Squad affiliates Method Man and Redman release Blackout 2.

Lateef The Truth Speaker - Truth Is Love(2009)

1. Empress (Intro) (1:44)
2. Take You Out Tonight (feat. General Elektriks) (1:56)
3. Without Her (feat. Mike Relm) (1:51)
4. Illuminate (feat. Herve Salters and D-Sharp) (2:12)
5. Baby Doll (feat. G-Koop) (2:45)
6. So Sexy (2:45)
7. Beautiful You (feat. Joyo Velarde and Chief Xcel) (2:04)
8. The Remedy (2:03)
9. The Situation (feat. Killa Kela) (2:58)
10. I Want You Back (2:10)
11. 5th Gear (feat. Kid Kaneival) (2:21)
12. 24k Love (feat. Joyo Velarde) (1:58)
13. Broadway (feat. Amp Live) (1:35)
14. Champion Sound (feat. Fatboy Slim) (1:36)
15. Brightest Star (feat. Vivica Hawkins and Lyrics Born) (1:45)
16. Catamaran (2:15)
17. Side To Side (2:10)
18. Everything I Am (2:12)
19. On, On & On (feat. Headnodic and D-Sharp) (2:10)
20. Cool (feat. Amp Live and Clyde Carson) (2:55)
21. Hey Baby (feat. Headnodic) (3:43)
22. Look At The Sky (feat. Herve Salters) (2:18)
23. Losing My Control (feat. Freeform 5) (1:39)
24. Ay! (2:50)
25. That Old Pair Of Jeans (feat. Fatboy Slim) (8:31)


Lateef the Truth Speaker (Latyrx, Maroons, The Mighty Underdogs), is proud to present his latest Mixtape, Truth Is Love. Mixed by DJ D-Sharp, this mix is a collection of exclusive new tracks and classics. Guests include: DJ Shadow, Lyrics Born, Chief Xcel, the Gift of Gab, Headnodic, The Mighty Underdogs, Blackalicious, Latyrx, Fat Boy Slim, Clyde Carson (of the Team), Kid Kanieval, Killa Kela, General Electrics, Freeform Five, Joyo Velarde, Amp Live, Vivica Hawkins, Omega, & More!

De La Soul teams up with Nike for new album

De La Soul quietly released “Are You In,” the Amityville-based trio’s first new album in five years, today on iTunes – not through a major label, but through a partnership with Nike.

The album, which comes as a single 45-minute track meant to play as a soundtrack for a workout, was produced by Flosstradamus and features plenty for De La fans to enjoy. “When we first heard about this project we were psyched on the challenge,” says rapper Posdnuos. “We pride ourselves on being able to get bodies moving, so it was cool to do it with a specific goal in mind – giving runners the sonic fuel to clock some miles.”

In the hands of lesser rappers, rhymes like “Run! Pick up the pace! Know that life is just a race, y’all!” might not work, but when paired with a pounding, old-school Public Enemy-ish beat crossed with some electro, it turns into inspirational stuff, as does the mantra "We OD on F-O-O-D."

Funky Videos

C-Mon & Kypski ft. Kyteman - Spirits High (part 2)

C-Mon & Kypski - Shitty Bum

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The Vultures - 7 Rings Of Saturn (2008)


Thanks To The Vultures

Blueprint - 1988(2005)

01 Intro (0:27)
02 Anything Is Possible (1:30)
03 1988 (3:03)
04 Inner City Native Son (3:24)
05 Tramp (4:45)
06 Boom Box (5:18)
07 Trouble On My Mind (3:39)
08 Lo-Fi Funk (3:31)Featuring - Aesop Rock
09 Big Girls Need Love Too (4:02)
10 Fresh (2:44)
11 Where’s Your Girl At? (3:03)
12 Kill Me First (5:01)Featuring - CJ The Cynic
13 Liberated (5:05)

Listen: Blueprint - "Big Girls Need Love Too"


1000 Names - Toys Room Combat (2009)[320]

1. Intro (2:10)
2. Whiz Bang Scienze (3:01)
3. It Started As A Remix (1:29)
4. Rhythmatic Train Behaviour (2:40)
5. Cloudride (with 215 TFK) (2:28)
6. Meee-Loooo-Deee (1:34)
7. Remixing In The Block With Dena (1:46)
8. Pum (3:31)
9. Monobinate (3:17)
10. What Is Like (2:21)
11. Roccin On Ur Radio (2:30)
12. NN (with Jackhigh) (2:30)
13. Plush Save (3:07)
14. He's just Who! (2:38)
15. In Unfunky UFO (3:15)
16. Three That Shift (3:23)
17. Puppies (2:37)
18. We Can Only Speculate (2:27)
19. Ant On My Button (3:31)
20. Sonotron (2:24)
21. 80's Debut (2:29)
22. Simmer Down (with C.Monts) (3:35)
23. Toys Room Combat (3:19)
24. Distant Call (3:51)
25. Outro (1:54)

Link Is Down After Request From The Artist

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Mr. J Medeiros - The Art Of Broken Glass EP(2009)

01. (00:03:31) Mr.J.Medeiros - Love Is All Feat. Tara Ellis
02. (00:03:00) Mr.J.Medeiros - Umpire State
03. (00:03:07) Mr.J.Medeiros - The Measure
04. (00:04:00) Mr.J.Medeiros - Tower Of Cards
05. (00:02:54) Mr.J.Medeiros - Broken Windows


Snob Scrilla - Day One (2009)

1. Already Gone (3:43)
2. ......... (2:41)
3. The3secondrule (1:34)
4. It's On You (4:14)
5. Spaceship (4:14)
6. Hardest Times (6:30)
7. Nuclear Sunrise (2:51)
8. Houston (4:00)
9. Timmy Declares War (0:41)
10. Alienation (2:50)
11. Chasing Ghosts (4:02)
12. Heartbreak Scorsese (3:22)
13. There You Go Again (3:17)
14. King John (7:19)


To describe the trademark fusion sound of Snob Scrilla is like trying to describe the CD collection of the weird kid in school. Alone in his room he might bust out Gangstarr word-for-word followed by System Of A Down then Imogen Heap, and even throw in some Justice and Andre 3000 just for fun. Snob's music is written in such a world of musical ADD, far too varied to have just one solitary influence.

Snob Scrilla- Houston

Thanks To Keytolife

PackFM - Absolutely Positive

1.Absolutely Positive(DIRTY)
2.Absolutely Positive(CLEAN])
3.Absolutely Positive(INSTRUMENTAL)


“Absolutely Positive” is actually a bonus cut from the disc – which should go a long way to demonstrate the calibur of insanity that awaits you on the actual album. You may have gotten a taste of in the video from Pack’s recent visit to P.O.W. Radio. So, we decided to play nice and make sure you had a crispy-clean copy to bump in the whip to tide you over until the record’s release this summer.

Lowkey Videos

Lowkey & Wretch 32 - In My Lifetime

Lowkey-License To Kill


Diamon D & Sadat X Live @ Athens Greece 1st May

Στην Αθήνα, Παρασκευή 1η Μαΐου στο ARTHOUSE θα εμφανιστεί για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα ο ‘Diamond D’ από τους ‘D.I.T.C’ (‘Diggin In The Crates’), μαζί με το γνωστό σε όλους μας ‘Sadat-X’ από τους ‘Brand Nubian’. Ο Diamond D είναι ένας αυθεντικός ‘Bronx Legend’. Ως ‘DJ’ του Jazzy Jay πρωτοεμφανίστηκε στα ‘Park Jams’ και ‘Block Parties’ στης αρχές της δεκαετίας του 80. Ο Diamond D είναι από τα αρχικά μέλη του θρυλικού συγκροτήματος D.I.T.C (Big L, Diamond D, Buck Wild, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, O.C, Showbiz & A.G). Είναι ένας διαχρονικός MC και Παραγωγός. Ο Diamond D χάραξε το δρόμο, και την πορεία του Hip Hop τη χρυσή δεκαετία του 90. Το ‘release’ του πρώτου ‘solo’ άλμπουμ του: "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop" παρουσιάζει της πρώτες εμφανίσεις των ‘Big L’ και ‘Fat Joe’, και είναι ένα ‘album’ μεγίστης σημασίας για την Ιστορία του ‘Hip Hop’. Ο Diamond D έχει συνεργαστεί με συγκροτήματα και καλλιτέχνες όπως : KRSone, Tha Alkaholiks, the Fugees, a Tribe Called Quest, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, the Pharcyde, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Rass Kass, Mos Def, Pharaoh Monch, Xzibit, Outkast και πολλούς άλλους. Ήταν ο δημιουργός και παραγωγός του ‘The Score’ των ‘Fugees’, αλλά και των : "Build Ya Skillz," και "Squash All Beef," του ‘KRS one’ στο ‘Sound Bombing 2’ (μια κλασσική ‘Hip Hop compilation’ της “Rawkus records”) και μας άφησε άφωνους με το κομμάτι, “When it rains it pours”. Το φαινόμενο από το ‘Bronx’ Diamond D έχει βάλει το χέρι του παντού στο είδος, από την ανατολική έως την δυτική ακτή έχει κρατήσει τις παραδόσεις του Bronx ζωντανές μέχρι σήμερα.

Ο Sadat-X είναι απλά απo τους κορυφαίους M.C όλων των εποχών και αυθεντικός εκπρόσωπος της boom bap σχολής. Είναι και το κορυφαίο μέλος του συγκροτήματος ‘Brand Nubian’ (Sadat X, Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, DJ Alamo και DJ Sincere). Επίσης είναι από τα πρόσωπα που δημιούργησε και καλλιέργησε τις βάσεις του Hip Hop ώστε να υπάρχει έως σήμερα ως μια μορφή διαμαρτυρίας στο τι γίνεται γύρω μας. The Notorious B.I.G, Big L, KRS-One, Nas, D.I.T.C, Lord Finesse, Kool Keith , Diamond D , Prince Paul, K.M.D, A Tribe Called Quest, Vast Aire, Everlast και House of Pain, Saïan Supa Crew και R.A. The Rugged Man είναι κάποια από τα ονόματα που έχει συνεργαστεί. Μετά από 4 ‘solo’ άλμπουμ και 6 άλμπουμ με ‘Brand Nubian’ ο Sadat-X συνεχίζει να ευλογεί το μικρόφωνο με άπιαστα ‘rhymes’ και ‘Flows’. Κάποτε διάλεξε το Hip Hop πάνω από μια καριέρα στο ‘Basket Ball’. Σήμερα μετά από 20 χρόνια παραμένει αυθεντικός και πιστός στην παράδοση του Hip Hop και ένας διαχρονικός M.C.

More here

Paul White-FACT Mix 43(2009)

Ian Lloyd & Stories - Hard When You're So Far Away - Kama Sutra
The Cecil Holmes Orchestra - Pillow Talk - Accord
Rhinoceros - Apricot Brandy - Elektra
Kapt. Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds - Things Yet To Come - Epic
Fairport Convention - Autopsy - Island
Myriam Makeba - Kadeya Deya - Philips
Eek-A-Mouse - Unknown - Greensleeves
Barrington Levy - Under Me Dub - Time
Dennis Brown - Children Of Israel - D.E.B.
The Possie - Betcha Dub - Black Roots
Todd Rundgren - If Six Was Nine - Bearsville
Lenny White - Pursuit - Elektra
Planet Gong - New Age Transformation Try: No More Sages - Charly
SBB - Pamiec W Kamien Wrasta - Muza
Zodiac - The Other Side Of Heaven - Unknown
Roland Rat Superstar - Rat Rappin Instrumental - Rodent Records
Paul White - Juicy & Sweet - Unreleased
Paul White - Synth March - Unreleased
Paul White - A Weird Day - Unreleased
Paul White - Trying To Tell You - Unreleased
Paul White - Who's Laughing - Unreleased
The Tubes - Pimp - A&M
Laboratorium - Ikona - Muza
Diga Rhythm Band - Magnificent Sevens - Round Records
Dave Liebman - Goli Dance - ECM
Jaylib - Champion Sound - Stones Throw
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) - EMI
Utopia - The Ikon - Bearsville


Paul White- A Dragon Fly/ A Silent Cry (7") (2007)

01. The Dragon Fly
02. A Silent Cry


Paul White - For You And For Me / We Want It All (7") (2008)

01. For You And For Me
02. We Want It All


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well(Cleen + Demune )-Dreamers(2009)


Beatbox Radio Show Presents Tracklist 26-4-09

1.Jel - Sole & Sage Heads Hurt
2.Alias-Jovial Costume
3.The Hip Bop Experiment-Count Of Three feat. True Funk Soldiers And Realeyez
4.The Roots-Dynamite
5.D-Sisive-Lost Sight Remix feat. Abdominal
6.Lord Supreme-Futuristic B-Boy
7.The Pharcyde-Runnin
8.Method Man- They Say(dub floyd screamixx) feat. Lauren Hill&Cl Smooth
9.DJ Deckstream-Life Is Good feat. Mos Def
10.Rise Of The Revolution-My Own Two Eyes
11.MC Paul Barman-Radiation
12.Matt G-Meet Me At The Station
13.Visual-Super Man
14.Buju Banton-Magic City
15.Rappin 4-Tay-Ill Be Around
16.Kurious - Benneton ft MC Serch & MF DOOM
17.The Grouch & Eligh - Say G&E!
18.Dj Lord Ron , Derek Strong-Hard To Make
19.Rise And The Avid Record Collector-Aint Nothing feat Celph Titled And J-Love
20.T-K.A.S.H.-American Nightmare
21.Sean Strange-Not Fiction But Fact
22.Babu-Turntablism feat. Melo-D and D-Styles
23.Delinquent Habits-Cuervo
24.Nomis-Groove ft Thebreax And Wonder Brown Of Scribbling Idiots
26.Medusa,Ariano,LMNO-Get Up
27.Mr SOS-Bionic
28.XienHow-I Survive feat Canibus
29.Q Unique-Bring Back The Raw Hip Hop


DJ Pain - The Odd Side of The Sun(2009)

No tracklist


The mix features all beats by producer Odd Nosdam throughout his career with the Mush and Anticon labels minus the Clouddead output that I didn’t want to focus on for the mix. I went through all of his beats that I had and wanted to do something that stayed close to his original work, yet at the same time throw my own twist on it. There’s almost 40 tracks mixed together in about 51 minutes. The mix is a little A.D.D on steroids, but I think it’s a good point for people to learn and hopefully enjoy Odd Nosdam’s tracks as much as I do… Elektro4 did the artwork.

Thanks To Pain

Alexipharmic - American Beauty(2009)

1. American (3:26)
2. Colossus (4:10)
3. Sun (3:20)
4. Sex (4:16)
5. Beauty (3:53)
6. Stardust (4:53)
7. Atefah (3:58)
8. Innocence (1:32)
9. Homecoming (3:58)
10. Kings (5:17)
11. I (2:48)
12. Bend (3:40)
13. Life (3:23)
14. Elephants (5:04)


Alexipharmic's official sophomore album is finally here!
American Beauty co-stars P.O.S., Braille, Cas One, and Grynch, features masterfully handled production from MGI, Budo, Elliot B, Infekt, and DJ Figure, and stunningly-composed graphic artwork by Sponge.
American Beauty is 14 brand new tracks, beautifully woven together to serve as a reflection of the voice of America.

Passage - Tennis,Piano,Other Primary Sightings(2004)

1 Untitled (2:38)
2 Untitled (3:16)
3 Untitled (2:17)
4 Untitled (5:16)
5 Untitled (3:30)
6 Untitled (4:12)
7 Untitled (1:04)
8 Untitled (3:34)


Earlier version of "The Holy Phony Haunt" CDr. Unfinished EP according to the inscription on the CD; with some different tracks, lyrics and mixes. This CDr surfaced briefly and exclusively during the Restiform Bodies European tour in 2004. It was released with 12 different cover illustrations and the hand written CD text also varies.
Some of these CDr's are missing track 7 and have the rest of the songs in a different order.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Designed People - Let's B Free (2009)

01 Intro
02 City Lights feat Adriana Evans
03 W.I.O feat Dub Rock Allstars (Light and Mr. Man from the Bush Babees)
04 Radio 808 Saturn
05 My Favorite Things feat Mutsuko Kawamoto
06 Traffic Infomation
07 Breathe feat Monday Michiru
08.Radio 808 Mars
09 Melo feat Pudgee
10 Breaking News
11 Lets Be Free
12 Radio 808 Earth
13 Beautiful World feat Mutsuko Kawamoto
14 Weather Report
15 Best of Me feat Spectac
16 Outro

Link Is Down After Request From The Artist

Louis Slipperz & RawDog - Bareback Instrumentals (2006)

01. The Swamp
02. Analogic Partisans
03. Slugger Punch
04. The Peruvian Goat Herder
05. Sid Stains
06. Spooky 2 Shoes
07. Agrobotic
08. JD on Ice [Live Band Version]
09. Eleventh Hour
10. Organ Grinder
11. Saturn 3
12. Death Wish
13. Summer Outro
14. The Brigadier
15. Desert Rats
16 Confucian
17. Annapurna Sherpa
18. Stompeed
19. Jackie
20. For The Love Of
21. Out Of Here


a 21 track album, finding Louis Slipperz departing from his DJ roots and delving into the musician, arranger, producer and songwriter within him. The results are a truly unique journey into off beat, dub infused, hip-hop that draws upon a plethora of live instruments to underline the fact that Rawdog are a band...

OSB'z - Class Hay Thugz(2009)

01 OSB'z - Intro
02 OSB'z - Can't Touch
03 OSB'z - Fire!
04 OSB'z - Hate You
05 OSB'z - What We Rep For
06 OSB'z - Gettin' It In
07 OSB'z - You Need To Bounce
08 OSB'z - Rum Music (Featuring Vecks)
09 OSB'z - Lay Down
10 OSB'z - Bangin' Raw Shit


Fdel - Audiofdelity(2006)

01 That's His Name Intro
02 Rocksteady
03 Dusty Fingers Feat. Downsyde
04 Instrumental Profeciency
05 A Fuller Culture
06 Get Up On Ya Feet
07 Shake Ya' Pants
08 Ladies & Gentlemen
09 The Crew 04:31
10 Bring It On
11 Let The Beat Kick


Thanks To Faganas

Paul White - One Eye Open EP (2009)

01. Paul White - One Eye Open
02. Paul White - Alien Nature
03. Paul White - Time Wars
04. Paul White - Phone Pest
05. Paul White - Hustle


White is one of the UK's most hyped young producers right now, with a string of 7"s for One-Handed getting tastemakers like Mary Anne Hobbs and Benji B very excited; and while he's undeniably part of the post-Flying Lotus instrumental hip-hop renaissance, his music stands alone, and speaks for itself.

Promoe - Kråksången (2009)

01. Du Kommer Ihåg
02. Detta Har Hänt
03. Lev Nu
04. Svennebanan
05. Inflation m/ Afasi
06. Kråksången
07. Mammas Gata m/ Timbuktu, Supreme & Grega
08. Några Nollor Efter m/ Organismen
09. Dekadansen
10. Papper
11. Rötmånad
12. Onskan m/ Pst/Q
13. Problem m/ Vincent
14. Yta m/ Magnus Betnér
15. Imperiet


Friday, April 24, 2009

Kurious - Benneton ft MC Serch & MF DOOM

DJ Andy Smith Presents: The Trojan Document (2008)

1. Hey Bartender - Aitken, Laurel
2. Unknown Instrumental - Reid, Duke All Stars
3. Blazing Fire - Morgan, Derrick
4. Watermelon Man - Baba Brookes
5. Get Up Edina - Dekker, Desmond
6. Carry Go Bring Come - Hinds, Justin
7. Man In The Street - Drummand, Don
8. Dance Crasher - Ellis, Alton
9. Blazing Fire (1) - Morgan, Derrick
10. Train To Skaville - Ethiopians
11. Tighten Up - Untouchables (1)
12. Fire Corner - King Stitt
13. Ba Ba Boom - Jamaicans
14. Don't Stay Away - Dillon, Phyllis
15. Take It Easy - Lewis, Hopeton
16. Rock Steady - Ellis, Alton
17. Bangarang - Cole, Lester & Stranger Lewis
18. Live Injection - Upsetters (1)
19. Better Must Come - Wilson, Delroy
20. It Must Come - Dennis Alcapone
21. Ali Baba - Holt, John
22. I Trim The Barber/Cuss Cuss - King Tubby/Lloyd Robinson
23. Soul Scorcher - Bryan, Karl & Harry J
24. Roots/Kingston 12 Tuffy - Morwells
25. Jammin' For Survival - Prince Jammy
26. Blood Dunza - Clarke, Johnny (1)
27. Blood Dunza - Clarke, Johnny (1)
28. True True - U-Roy
29. It Must Come - Dennis Alcapone
30. Dub Organiser - Dillinger (1)
31. Stalag 17 - Techniques All Stars
32. Fist Of Fury - Prince Jammy
33. Channel One Dub - Thompson, Linval
34. Young Lover - Scientist (1)
35. Thompson In Dub - Thompson, Linval
36. Public Eyes - Isaacs, Gregory
37. Nigrea African Dub - Thompson, Linval
38. King Tubby's Explosion Dub - King Tubby
39. Out Of Order Dub - Prince Jammy
40. Channel One Feel It - King Tubby
41. Acapulco Dub - Sly & The Revolutionaries

The Document series has been given a reggae flavour with the release of The Trojan Document. This release presents another mix album first – with Andy Smith giving the listener a live sound system experience complete with rewinds, shout outs and reverb sounds. The Trojan Document takes you on a journey from early Ska, Rocksteady, Roots, Dub, DJ tracks and Dancehall

Download Here

Ava Leigh - La La La (2009) Single

01. La La La 3:13
02. La La La(instrumental) 3:14

Ava Leigh sings reggae pop style. Nothing special fellaz. Although i like that's relaxing

Download Here

You can also check the video:

Mr. SOS - Bionic


QN5 Music is proud to announce the release of “Bionic”, the lead single from Mr. SOS’ forthcoming debut album How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb. Produced by Tonedeff, with a progressive use of synths and sampled industrial machinery to illustrate society’s increasing reliance on technology which is seemingly leading down a road to the loss of our humanity.

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb will be released 06.02.09, with pre-order details available this week.

Sick Jacken New Album “Stray Bullets” Official Cover & Tracklisting

Sick Jacken of the world famous Soul Assassins is set to unload some “Stray Bullets” a collection of tracks featuring the likes of B-Real, Planet Asia, Snowgoons, DJ Muggs, Immortal Technique, Killah Priest, Supernaturel and many more. The new album will hit shelves on April 28th, so support real hip hop music and pick that up!

Official Tracklisting:
01 Live From The Caves - Donnie Castro
02 The Sickside - B-Real
03 Praying Mantis (Goon Life Remix)
04 The Fall of Us - Black N Brown Underground
05 Ceremonial Slang - Planet Asia
06 Out Here (Remix) - Concrete Saints
07 Death Frees Every Soul - DJ Muggs & Planet Asia
08 The Society of Psychos - T.S.O.I
09 Sick Life - The Snowgoons
10 Hollywood Drive By (Remix) - Immortal Technique
11 Trial and Adversity - Cynic & Concrete Saints
12 Angels & Demons (DJ FM Remix) - Killah Priest
13 Metal Rain - Cynic
14 Black & Brown Army
15 Sinister - Swollen Members
16 Death Or Retirement - Toomer
17 Born in L.A. - Evidence & Chace Infinite
18 Life, Luv, & Pain - Young Sicc
19 Paid Dues - Murs & Supernatural

Gravity (A Song Book Of Origami Productions) (2008)

1. Shingo Suzuki and Ol' K - Avenue (3:13)
2. 45 - Right Now feat, Amphibious Underground with Youngs (3:43)
3. mabanua - love sick feat, Eshe of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (3:58)
4. thirdiq feat, Hanah - all things in the universe (5:22)
5. OVALL - Take U to Somewhere (3:31)
6. thirdiq - mood (7:56)
7. 45 - Theme From The Chase (5:08)
8. mabanua - chase the answer feat, Hiddy (3:51)
9. Shingo Suzuki - Caramel for The Caramel (4:33)


The Gaslamp Killer - Gaslamp Killers (2007)

70 minutes of mixed abstract hip hop