Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marcellous Lovelace - Giving You Me As I Am (2011)

01. How To Instructions
02. Like I Said
03. My Me Vs Your Somebody Else
04. Ready Set Record
05. Spray Paint
06. Update Yours
07. Broken Fragments

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Marcellous Lovelace - From The Out Side Listening In (2011)

01. Down Up
02. Fu$k Certain People (Sept 8th)
03. Dead September
04. 1st G Beat
05. After Note
06. Gorgeous Babe
07. Faith Unknown (May 5th)
08. Can't Register (20th August)
09. Dead Beef Cold
10. Cancer Cause (Stop Smoking People)
11. He's A G 2 (Wild 100's)
12. Dam School Shit
13. Fuel
14. Infinite Situation On 4 feat. Infinito 2017, Psalm One & Pugs Atomz
15. Dog Mack
16. Holdpussy
17. Electron Microscope (Jan 2002)

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Writer's Guild - The Droogies (Gotta Go) CDM (2011)

01. Writer's Guild - The Droogies (Gotta Go) (Album Version)
02. Writer's Guild - The Droogies (Gotta Go) (Radio Edit)
03. Writer's Guild - Grumble
04. Roqy Tyraid - Put It On Wax
05. Pennywise - Have A Lil Fun
06. Random aka Mega Ran - Push
07. Mr. Miranda feat. DJ Madd Rich - Key To Success
08. Roknowledge - Last Dayz

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BeNeVoLeNcE - Behind The Scenes Instrumental EP (2011)

01. Respond Sweetly
02. Behind The Scenes feat. Amina
03. Silent Wave
04. June Love
05. Pulse Fantasy feat. According To Legend
06. Another Story
07. Lost In Thought
08. Prisoner Of The Word
09. Favorable Moment feat. Shank


MasterPeace Music

DJ House Shoes - Rapping With Paul White The Mixtape (2011)

Life Is Flashing Intro
Trust featuring Guilty Simpson
A New Way
Get Down RMX* -Nas
One Of Life's Pleasures RMX* featuring Danny Brown
Hype Strings*
In The Good RMX* not featuring The Visionaries
The Doldrums
Run Shit featuring Marv Won
Holla RMX* featuring Prince Po
Guitar Riff Pt. IIII*
What's That Funny Smell?
Dirty Slang featuring Guilty Simpson
Classic RMX* featuring MED and Talib Kweli
Rotten Apples featuring Tranqill
Love To Japan*
Never Too Late*
Stressed Out RMX* featuring ATCQ
Guitar Racing*
Getting Lucky*
Wiltering Heat*
Up Close*

*non-album exclusives


One-Handed Music

Saturday, July 30, 2011 - What's Up


IV the Polymath

From the album "Spill", available here

InDeLiBLe - Dusty LP (2011)

01. Golden
02. One More Hour
03. I Love Music
04. Fuck U
05. Untitled
06. The Drop
07. Chinese Takeaway
08. 4 My People
09. Funkadelik Women
10. No Rules Just Music



The Custodian Of Records - Cypher Bed Music

The Custodian Of Records "Cypher Bed Music"

The Custodian Of Records

Banish - Tell Them Again (prod. by Vherbal)

Banish "Tell Them Again"
(Produced by Vherbal)


From the upcoming album "Dredgar Cayce".

Strong Arm Steady - Gangstas feat. Kobe (Video)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Maylay Sparks - Graymatter (2004)

01. Intro
02. Legacy
03. Robin Hoodz
04. The Square feat. Crush
05. Head Check
06. 5034
07. 1st Semester
08. Konnichiwa
09. Al Dia feat. 100% aka D Brown & Stamma
10. Black Sheep feat. Imillitant aka Malik B (The Roots)
11. The Method
12. Outro

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One Be Lo - Laborhood Part 1 (2011)

01. Laborhood Welcome
02. Bassline feat. T Calmese, Kodac & RoSpit (prod. by Zhao)
03. Break Of Dawn feat. Deep Rooted (prod. by Mr. Brady)
04. Lettin You Know feat. The AZTexts (prod. by Dub Sonata)
05. Detroit Riots feat. Fat Ray, RoSpit, T3, Phatboy Chef, Marvwon, Buff1 & FattFather (prod. by Black Milk)
06. Alphabet Soup Remix (prod. by 14KT)
07. Learn feat. Longshot & Ka Di (prod. by K Kruz)
08. Take It There feat. Black Milk (prod. by Black Milk)
09. Must Be The Way feat. Buff1 & Jackson Perry (prod. by Forecast)
10. Fly Like Wings feat. Futuristic (prod. by WideTrax)
11. Lap 2 feat. Decompoze (prod. by Decompoze)
12. Tweeny One feat. Stik Figa, Richard Wright, Lou Rip, Les Izmore, Ubi & Dominique Larue (prod. by DWill)
13. You Think You Know feat. Moe Dirdee (prod. by Chanes)
14. We Over Here feat. RoSpit, Decompoze, Magestik Legend & T Calmese (prod. by RoSpit)
15. Smash (prod. by Miles)

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Thanks to Mutley

J. Sands - I'm Hood feat. Zae Live & L.F. Daze / 10th Letter (Video)

Visuals for "I'm Hood" & "10th Letter" from the mixtape "K.R.Sands", out August 8th.

Hexsagon - Beat Flip Tuesdays Vol. 1 (2011)

01. Intro
02. Waiting
03. Nothing Stronger
04. Don't Make Me Over
05. Raindrops
06. Amor Por Ti
07. Just Over
08. The Look Of Love
09. It's Possible Again
10. Aprendi A Reir
11. How Can I Love You



The Pricks - Ghettoblaster feat. B-Real & Smoke DZA (Video)

Blazo - Jazz Format Mixtape Vol​.​1 (2011)

Donnie Darko - Faces (Video)

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic - Bust Ya Melon (Amiri Remix)

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic "Bust Ya Melon (Amiri Remix)"


Remix for "Bust Ya Melon". Original version appears on "Mode 7", get it here

Th3rdz (JFK, Candidt & Xperience) - WylOut (prod. by BeanOne)

Th3rdz (JFK, Candidt & Xperience) "WylOut"
(Produced by BeanOne)



FlexFab & Chief - Invazion (Video)


Die-Rek - Remember (Digi-Single) (2011)

01. Remember (Single)
02. Remember (Instrumental)
03. Remember (Acapella)



Single from The Die-Version Project, visuals coming soon.

DTMD - Loan For The Lonely x The Struggle Is Real (Digi-Single) (2010)

01. The Struggle Is Real
02. The Struggle Is Real (Akapelah)
03. Loan For The Lonely
04. Loan For The Lonely (Instro)



Infinito 2017 - My Boom Box (Kenautis Smith Remix) (Video)

Marchitect (The 49ers) - Clas(sic) Now In Session (WEB) (2011)

01. The Flutro
02. Movements
03. Nadaplaya
04. Mr. T
05. Tell Me Where You @???
06. Crazy Hip Hop Ish feat. Jas Mace & Kosha Dillz
07. Killemceez4fun
08. Haters For Ever And Ever
09. Dusty
10. Don't Make Me feat. Jas Mace
11. The Wiz
12. Horny
13. Inventors
14. Jolly Freestyle

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Raashan Ahmad - Lighters

Raashan Ahmad "Lighters"


Raashan Ahmad

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crown Royale - Say What feat. Eric Bobo (Video)

Outerspace - My Brother's Keeper


"My Brother's Keeper" is the lead track from Outerspace's new album of the same name, which is available in stores and online on August 23rd.

Actual Proof - The Talented Tenth (2011)

The Martin Luther King, Jr Experience

1. Dream [prod. 9th Wonder]
2. Let Me Ride [prod. 9th Wonder]
3. Coast 2 (ft. Tyler Woods) [prod. Eric G]
4. Light it Up [prod. Eric G]
5. Peace Zulu (ft. Halo) [prod. Sinopsis]
6. Like That [prod. Eric G]
7. Letta’ to Correta (ft. Bird & The Midnight Falcons) [prod. Khrysis]
8. All in My Mind [prod. 9th Wonder]
9. The March [prod. Khrysis]
10. The Talented Tenth [prod. 9th Wonder]

The Malcolm X Experience

11. Super Genius (ft. Cutlass Reid, Skewby, Naledge, Add2theMC, Kendrick Lamar, Brittany Street, The Kid Daytona, & Laws) [prod. 9th Wonder]
12. Detroit Red [prod. Khrysis]
13. Great Minds [prod. AMP]
14. All Basic [prod. AMP]
15. It’s Simple [prod. Ka$h]
16. Let Cha Know [prod. Khryis]
17. Breathe (ft. Rapsody) [prod. AMP]
18. Whole Crew [prod. AMP]
19. Desegregation (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog) [prod. Khrysis]
20. The X Factor [prod. Khrysis]


P.W. Esquire, Don Ladin & Equipto - Frisco Chillin' (Video)

Nayles - Eye Still Grow (2008)

01. Tie That Will Bind Us
02. A Pad And A Ink Stick feat. Ghettosocks
03. Work Is Hard
04. Mikerafone feat. Mic Boyd
05. Time
06. Suckas Who Fronted feat. DJ Kas
07. I Wanted You
08. Tighten My Grip
09. Down feat. Shade & Lottie
10. Thank You feat. J-Bru
11. Things You Do feat. Moka Only
12. For The Day
13. Get Intuit feat. Intuit

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kondor - Beyond The Clouds (2011)

00. Intro
01. Above The Planets
02. Pure Thoughts
03. Day Dreamin’
04. Light Of Reflection
05. Sky’s Not The Limit
06. Clannad Remix
07. Peace Of Meditation
08. Eternal Life
09. Path Of The Samurai
10. Mind Gate
11. Rainbow Of Love
12. Astral Journey
13. Calm Evening
14. Key To Your Soul
15. Reflect Tier
16. Piano Story (Pt. 2)
17. Silent Love
18. Together For Tomorrow
19. Implicit Faith
20. Love Your Life (Outro Track)


The Find Magazine

Mr. Green - Live From The Bedroom Pt. 6 (Video)

Philosophy Cole (aka Warpath) - The Warpath Chronicles Vol. 1 (WEB) (2011)

01. Duck Season (prod. by Emphasized Beats, cuts by Blak Maul)
02. Passing Judgement (prod. by Joe)
03. This Is Hip Hop feat. Trillogy (set up by Doc Holiday)
04. Crystal Ball (prod. by The Beat Freaks)
05. Mass Appeal (prod. by Emphasized Beats)
06. Yes, Yes Yall! (prod. by Jazz Spastiks)
07. W.A.R.D. (prod. by Blak Maul)
08. Infinite Mindstate (prod. by Emphasized Beats)
09. I Come In Peace (prod. by Emphasized Beats)
10. All The Talk (prod. by Emphasized Beats)

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Philosophy Cole (aka Warpath) - The Warpath Chronicles Vol. 2 (WEB) (2011)

01. Truth Serum (prod. by Resource)
02. Polishing Darts (prod. by Says Who?)
03. Abstracts (prod. by KYBI)
04. Impervious (prod. by Lerrie Beats)
05. Sweat Sublime (prod. by DStans)
06. The Escape (prod. by Resource)
07. No Justice (prod. by Emphasized Beats)
08. Landmines (prod. by Says Who?)
09. The Choke Hold (prod. by Juan Lobo)
10. Catch Me If You Can feat. Miles (prod. by Blak Maul)
11. The Anthem (prod. by Undastyla)

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Slaine - Trail Of Blood (Video)

Zilla Rocca feat. Has-Lo - Full Spectrum (prod. by Dr. Quandary)

Zilla Rocca feat. Has-Lo "Full Spectrum"
(Produced by Dr. Quandary)


The lead single off Zilla Rocca's "Nights & Weekends EP" features fellow Wrecking Crew member Has-Lo (Mello Music Group). Colorful dressings, vivid shades of cinema, solids for the winter, brightness in the summer. Y'all fade to black, this is full spectrum.

If you enjoy this song, please visit Zilla Rocca's Kickstarter page before July 31st. Amongst pressing up CDs and t-shirts for "Nights & Weekends EP", purchasing Super 8 film to shoot the official video for "Full Spectrum" is one of the items on the checklist. Get involved

The Custodian Of Records - Greek Ballad

The Custodian Of Records "Greek Ballad"

The Custodian Of Records

ADaD - It's Mine (Video)

"MC ADaD promo video for September's "P.S....IM NEXT" mixtape featuring production from Wajeed, Exile, Illmind, Tensei Beats, Ta-Ku (Australia), ADaD and many more." All Natural Inc.

Late Bloomers - Save Room

Late Bloomers "Save Room"


"It's been a while since our EP, Three Shades Brown, was released on TRES Records but we are glad to let you know that the Official TSB t-shirt, as well as our Initials t-shirt, are finally available on our online store. To celebrate the release of our tees, we have just put out a brand new single titled, "Save Room". This track was recorded early this year." Late Bloomers

Blu - Jesus LP (Mastered)(2011)

01. New Shit
02. What If Was
03. On The Porch
04. Lucky
05. DMV
06. Burgandy
07. 4 U
08. Doo Whop (feat. Planet Asia)
09. Birdz N Beez
10. Jesus
11. Do the Knxwledge


One-2 - Half Man feat. Crooked I (Video)

Infinito 2017 & Dirt E. Dutch - A Place Called Truth (Remix)


Remix for "A Place Called Truth", the original version appears on the EP Withoutpermission

Gods'Illa - CPR BlendTape (hosted by DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu) (2011)

01. Intro
02. Sal's Pizzeria
03. God feat. Kaimbr
04. You Don't Have To Be A Star feat. Maimouna Youssef
05. Glaciers II feat. Joe.D
06. Everybody feat. Substantial & Kingpen Slim
07. Stay On (MMM Mix) feat. Substantial
08. Happy Trinity feat. Dirty Water, yU, Ra The MC & Pro'Verb
09. Fine Line feat. Joe.D
10. Family (Intermission)
11. Eternal Mind
12. About That Time feat. Uptown XO
13. IllaLoop feat. Laelo Hood & K Beta
14. Rockin' Wit yU feat. yU
15. Another Day feat. Lyriciss
16. Silent Weeper
17. Our Lane (To The Table) feat. Substantial
18. You Owe Us feat. Dirty Water
19. Grey Skies
20. Outro
21. Light The Way feat. Kokayi

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Thanks to DRE

DustyJoints Vol. 20 (Silk Session)(2011)

Tall Black Guy – Thrill Seeker
Beat*Society – Ladder of Success (Instrumental)
Jneiro Jarel – Breathin’
14KT – T&A
Nameless - Dream On
JuSoul – LetMeDoWhatIWannaDoToYa
J DIlla – Come Too Far
14KT – 97-07
JuSoul – Please
JLaine - The Four (Brikka Brakka)


M.O.P. Announces Collaborative Album With Production Team The Snowgoons

M.O.P. has announced a collaborative album with production team The Snowgoons. The untitled LP, which sees M.O.P.’s Lil Fame and Billy Danze joining forces with Snowgoons’ Det and DJ Illegal, is currently scheduled for late 2011 release via Babygrande Records.

“[Snowgoons] just sent us some fire… Me and Fame is in there right now just pulling it all together. We should be done with the project by the end of next week," Danze told Conspiracy Radio. "We gon’ get everything mixed up. We gon’ try to shoot a video for every record, so we’re going to shoot maybe at least 10 videos for this project and push this as hard as we can.”

With roughly eight tracks record for the project so far, M.O.P. plans on going light on features for the LP. “We may get some features, but I think M.O.P. on a Snowgoons project and Snowgoons producing a whole project for M.O.P. is enough featuring.

“Those dudes are incredible,” he continued. “When you hear this project, you’re going to be satisfied as an M.O.P. fan and a Snowgoons fan. I think you’re going to flip your wig,” he continued. “They’ve got everything… It’s amazing to me because most of the time, producers have a signature sound. These guys already sent me like 50 tracks. They sent me 50 tracks and they’re blazing through and coming from different angles."


Canibus - Lyrical Law 3CD (2011)

CD 1 Lyrical Law
01. Lyrical Law Intro
02. Lyrical Noir
03. The Art Of Yo
04. Fight With The Champ
05. The Emerald Cypher
06. The Golden Cypher
07. The Cypher Of Agartha
08. Cypher Of Steel
09. Cypher Of Five Mics
10. The Cypher Of Bread And Butter
11. Bis And Sun Ruck And Rock
12. The Ghost Of Hiphops Past
13. Cypher With Self
14. Rip Vs. Poet Laureate
15. Bonus Track

CD 2 Lyrical Law
01. Money
02. Brainwash Reversal (Remix)
03. Emergency Broadcast
04. Dead By Design (Remix)
05. We Go Hard
06. Gold And Bronze (Remix)
07. The Spitboss Cypher
08. Melatonin Magik (Remix)
09. Dread Alert Part 2
10. The Emerald Cypher
11. Dragon Of Judah (Remix)
12. Summertime Heat
13. Where's The Love
14. The Golden Cypher
15. Who You Know
16. Cypher Of Five Mics
17. Ripperland (Remix)

CD 3 T.H.E.M. (Unreleased album from 1993)
01. Introduction To The Group Home
02. New York Never Sleeps
03. Distortion
04. Vocab
05. No Doubt
06. Fuck A Yard
07. Sprite Commercial
08. Literate Lyricists
09. Cypher Dialect Pt. 1
10. Cypher Dialect Pt. 2
11. Shout
12. 5 Lines
13. Lyrical Warfare
14. Real Muthaphukaz
15. Spit A Verse
16. Mad Drama


Thats Not My Link,Props To The Original Uploader..

Wu Tang - Drunk Tongue

Freestyle Fellowship To Release "The Promise” On October 4th

The Left Coast crew is back in action after nearly a decade since its last release.

Los Angeles, California quintet Freestyle Fellowship has announced its new album The Promise, releasing October 4th via Decon Records. The LP, led by the single “We Are,” features production from Eligh, Exile and Black Milk.

The crew, consisting of Aceyalone, Myka 9, P.E.A.C.E., Self Jupiter and DJ Kiilu Grand, last released its 2001 studio offering Temptations. After performing at a 2009 reunion show in L.A., the group was inspired to write and record its first album in nearly a decade.

Check the tracklist below.

1. Introduction
2. We Are (produced by Eligh)
3. The Write Here
4. Step 2 The Side (produced by Exile)
5. Ambassadors
6. Dart
7. Gimme
8. Government Lies
9. Introspective
10. Daddies
11. Candy (produced by Black Milk)
12. Know The Truth
13. Popular
14. Promise

Freestyle Fellowship - 'We Are' by DeconRecords


Nems-My Own Worst Enemy

Doomstarks (MF Doom & Ghostface Killah) - Victory Laps (Digi-Single) (2011)

01. Victory Laps
02. Victory Laps (Instrumental)
03. Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix)
04. Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix Instrumental)
05. Victory Laps (Clean)
06. Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix Clean)



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, FaMo$o, Nutso, FT, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof & Climax - Southpaw Cypher (prod. by DJ Concept)

Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, FaMo$o, Nutso, FT, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof & Climax
"Southpaw Cypher"
(Produced by DJ Concept)


"The creation of this joint was 100 percent organic. One night in BK all the pieces lined up perfectly to manifest this epic 10 man cypher. Bekay was throwing a show at Southpaw (Brooklyn) featuring performances from everyone on the joint and many more : PR Dean (Hardtimes Records) rolled up with an entire studio set up, ready to record : DJ Concept (Bash Brothers) was spinning for the night and had the perfect track : A monster was born..." More info here

Pietja feat. Earthworms & Sadat X - Souls On Fire


From Pietja's upcoming debut album "State Of Mind".

9th Prince & MidaZ THE BEAST - ThunderCats (prod. by TzariZM)



Tha Alkaholiks - The Flute Song (King Katalogas Remix)

Tha Alkaholiks "The Flute Song (King Katalogas Remix)"


TBP Records

Scarub - The California EP (2011)

01. California Dreaming
02. That's What's Up feat. Toni Scruggs
03. California Sunrise feat. Dirty Gold
04. Just Like The Sun



Headnodic - Red Line Radio Ltd. Ed. Bonus 5" (2011)

01. Noddy By Nature feat. Mighty Underdogs
02. Nodstradamus

Link | Buy


Headnodic feat. Raashan Ahmad & Moe Pope - Red Line Radio (Video)

Visuals for the title track from the album Red Line Radio

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own (Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix)

Amy Winehouse "Tears Dry On Their Own (Organized Noize Dungeon Family Remix)"


"Previously unreleased. R.I.P. Amy." Big Boi

Wu-Tang Clan feat. Reverend William Burk & RZA - Robbery (Revelations Remix)

Wu-Tang Clan feat. Reverend William Burk & RZA "Robbery (Revelations Remix)"


iTunes bonus track for Legendary Weapons

Thanks to FeLo

Illus - Born Criminal (Video)

Dr. Oop & Budamunk - Black Love Oriented Teaser

Dr. Oop & Budamunk "Black Love Oriented Teaser"

Snippets from the upcoming album "Black Love Oriented", out August 3rd on Jazzy Sport.

Double H feat. Rosanna - Relations

Double H feat. Rosanna "Relations"

From the upcoming album "Afterwork", out soon.

Cris Prolific feat. Phat Kat - To My Man J Dilla (Video)

Visuals for "To My Man J Dilla" from the album Art / Money Vol. 1

Monday, July 25, 2011

OTiS CLaPP - Wasting Away Ft ScienZe (Produced by Miles)

The Queens emcee drops another track off his upcoming "Welcome Home Ralphie Mixtape". This time he teams up with Brooklyn emcee ScienZe and Queens producer Miles.


Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic - The Mission

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic "The Mission"

From the album "Mode 7" available tomorrow at digital retailers & UGHH

AstroLogical - Far Far Away (2011)



OnlyOne - Duet

Headnodic - Red Line Radio (2011)

01. You Can Call It That (The Introduction)
02. Red Line Radio feat. Mission (Raashan Ahmad & Moe Pope)
03. Movin' On Up feat. Latyrx (Lateef The Truth Speaker & Lyrics Born) & Kat O1O
04. Surgeon General feat. People Under The Stairs
05. The Mondays feat. Kat O1O
06. Haven't You Heard feat. Sadat X & Scienz Of Life (John Robinson & ID 4 Winds)
07. These Days Ahead
08. The A.M. feat. Othello, Aima The Dreamer & DJ Vajra
09. Turn Your Radio Up feat. Mr. Lif, Gift Of Gab & The Grouch
10. Russian River
11. Cough Drop feat. Raashan Ahmad
12. The Mush feat. Moe Pope & Benzito The Village President
13. Truth feat. Destani Wolf & The Jazz Mafia Horns
14. Durty Diamonds feat. Moe Pope, Bru Lei, Very, Jern Eye, Nightclubber Lang & One Be Lo
15. Carpe Noctum
16. Viles feat. Myka 9 & P.E.A.C.E.
17. Mr. Incomplete feat. The Jazz Mafia Horns
18. Pepper's Lullabye
19. Thanks

Link | Buy