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Thursday, December 29, 2016

J Dilla–Jay Dee’s Ma Dukes Collection(2016)

01. 367
02. 368
03. 369
04. 562
05. 663
06. 764
07. 865
08. 966
09. 1067
10. 1069
11. 1070
12. 1071
13. 1072
14. 1073
15. 1074


Masta Ace-Good Ol' Love

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WarPorn - Worlds End

Chinese Man Ft. Kendra Morris & Dillon Cooper-Liar

Tiff The Gift – It Gets Greater Later (2016)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[Sleep] // A Bedtime Compilation(2016)

Ras Kass-ChristMESS(2016)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Killer Mike & El-P - Run The Jewels 3 (2016)

01 Down [ft. Joi Gilliam]
02 Talk to Me
03 Legend Has It
04 Call Ticketron
05 Hey Kids (Bumaye) [ft. Danny Brown]
06 Stay Gold
07 Don’t Get Captured
08 Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost) [ft. Tunde Adebimpe]
09 2100 [ft. Boots]
10 Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix) [ft. Trina]
11 Everybody Stay Calm
12 Oh Mama
13 Thursday in the Danger Room [ft. Kamasi Washington]
14 Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters


Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Flying Dutchmen (Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind & Vanderslice) – Foul Weather (2016)

01. Waterboard feat. Cappadonna
02. Sin City feat. Burke The Jurke
03. Something In The Air
04. Under Pressure feat. Ricky Fitz
05. No Police
06. Deadly Impact feat. Grand Scheme
07. The Jungle feat. Dave Vegas
08. Audio Hypnosis
09. We Did It First feat. Nasty Knuckles & Grand Scheme
10. Gas Chamber
11. Drifter
12. Kung Jew
13. Counterpoint
14. Tidwell Biddy
15. 357


Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.10 25-12-16

1.Atmosphere-If I Was Santa Claus
2.Wun Two-Marinheiro
3.Blu & Fa†e-Higher (The Cosmos) ft. Cehryl
4.Ben Beal-Good Morning
5.Junior M.A.F.I.A.-Steal and Rob ft. Notorious B.I.G.
6.Moka Only-Picture Clear feat. the Pharcyde
7.Rhinoceros Funk-Brilliant Disasters
8.Senica Da Misfit-Namaste ft. Doitall (of Lords of the Underground) and DanjahOne
9.Brous One-Y'all Know This feat. Sadat X, Matiah Chinaski, Flex Mathews & Damu The Fudgemunk
10.Nick Wiz-Milk and Honey
11.Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman-Zilch
13.Rasul Allah 7-The Scarab ft Jon Murdock,Lex Starwind and Animos
14.Kincee BabyFace Pearlis-JadeFace Assassin BFP
15.Maximus Da Mantis & MENES the Pharaoh-Let Em Knoq
16.Legitski Syndicates-The Masters Ft. Cliff Clavin, Hi-Q, Kwote, DJ TMB
17.Magnificent Ruffians-Over The Rainbow
18.A Tribe Called Red-Red feat. Yasiin Bey,Narcy and Black Bear


Rasul Allah 7 – Heru The Face Of The Golden Falcon: Rise Of The Shemsu Har (2016)

01. My Name Is Heru
02. Black Devils feat. Killah Priest & Canibus
03. The Siege feat. Lex Starwind & Canibus
04. May 8th Survivors
05. Reborn
06. The Age Of Adamites Past
07. African Holocaust (Interlude)
08. (The Lost Jedi) Interstellar Space Travel
09. The Scarab feat. Jon Murdock, Lex Starwind & Animos
10. Heresy feat. Cosmic Crusader & Canibus
11. Masked Avengers feat. Cosmic Crusader
12. Dangerous Minds feat. Lex Starwind, Jon Murdock, Judah Priest & Cosmic Crusader
13. Rise Of The King


Saturday, December 24, 2016

DJ Shadow –Hip Hop Reconstruction From The Ground Up (1991)

1st Floor

A0 Escape From Subterrania (Intro)
A1 Let The Remix Hit 'Em
A2 Laying The Foundation (Reconstruction #1)
A3 Gone In 60 Seconds
A4 The Final Breakdown
A5 Laying The Foundation (Reconstruction #3)

Sub-Level: Breakdown Revisited

A6 Make It Critical
A7 Listen Up! (Reconstruction #4)

2nd Floor

B0 Testament To A Master
B1 The Raw Fusion Of Hip And Hop
B2 From The Ruines Of Alexandria
B3 Wordz Of Wizdom (Shadow Eclipse Mix)
B4 Laying The Foundation (Reconstruction #2)
B5 Life On The Line
B6 Shadow's Theme
B7 The Mack Is Back
B7½ The Shadow Knows (Reality Check)
B8 The Raw Fusion Of A Hip Hop Instrumental


This is the first ever Shadow release, about 20 copies were recorded and sent to various fanzine and underground magazines, the one that got him a column in the June edition of The Source (Unsigned Hype, coordinated by Matty C (2)). Initial copies were sent with a tracklist and a flyer, and recorded on a TDK D90 cassette. Contact address is written inside the hand-illustrated j-card. Shadow's loops were done on a Yamaha MT-100 4-track in the same vain as the The 4-Track Era Collection (1990-1992), produced during the same period of time.

There's no timings on release, retrieved from splitting audio tracks on a computer.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

SmooVth – SS96J (Smoothest Since ’96 J) (2016)

01. My Life (prod. by Skammadix & SmooVth)
02. Iron Horse feat. Killer Ben (prod. by Giallo Point)
03. Windz feat. Hus Kingpin (prod. by SmooVth)
04. Ouija feat. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood & Sage Infinite (prod. by J.O.D. & SmooVth)
05. The Inevitable (prod. by Sharp)
06. The Love feat. Sage Infinite (prod. by Brady James)
07. Just Like That (prod. Chinch 33)
08. Amends (prod. by El Ay)
09. Ashes feat. Planet Asia (prod. by Brack Frost)
10. Wigs feat. Big Twins (prod. by Al Divino)
11. I’m The King feat. Marvelous Mag (prod. by P Body)
12. The Sequel feat. Rogue Venom (prod. by Raw Minerals)
13. Road Warriorz feat. Milano Constantine & Sean Rosati (prod. by Vic Grimes)
14. Feelin It 2016 feat. El Ay (prod. by SmooVth)
15. Stingray (prod. by K. Sluggah)


Yasiin Bey & Ferrari Sheppard - December 99th (2016)

01. NAW
02. Blade In The Pocket
04. Local Time
05. Tall Sleeves
06. Seaside Panic Room
07. Shadow In the Dark
09. Special Dedication

10. Heri


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

DJ Mitsu the Beats - Beat Installments Vol. 4 (2016)


Om Unit - Edits vol 1 - 3 (Xmas 2016)

Apollo Brown & Skyzoo -Payout feat. Stalley

L’Orange – Koala EP (2016)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Kincee BabyFace Pearlis – Dieu So Pure (2016)


JuJu Rogers & Bluestaeb - Right On!

Moka Only – Martian Xmas 2016 (2016)


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.9 18-12-16

1.Benzen Da Funkee Child-Back In Tha Days
2.Stuntdouble& enshun-Wunderbars
3.Funky DL-Autonomic (Street Remix)
4.Black Josh-Lo Fi feat. Dlyfa Reilly
5.theLOUP-Let The Horns Blow
6.Slipmat Brothers&Penpals-Oh Yes!
7.Reks-Plane Gang feat. Akrobatik,Edo Gand Termanology
8.Nathanael Blaze & Tone One-For Hip-Hop
9.NOAH23-Zero Fux feat. Supa Sortahuman (SHMX)
10.Sam Boca and Score34-Bday Loop
11.Meyhem Lauren-5 Wagon feat. Action Bronson
12.Babylon Warchild-Rosemarys Baby feat Young Zee
13.Kool Keith-Tired
14.The Herbaliser-It Aint Nuttin Feat. Mf Doom
15.Ryler Smith-Step
16.Lazy Grey-New World
17.Blaq Poet-Holding Back feat Tragedy Khadafi and B Dvine
18.Sick Jacken-Absynthe


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IDE - Breathe Easy(2016)

01. Intro
02. Method To Madness
03. Voices
04. Grudges
05. New Standards
06. Service Announcement
07. Flight Patterns
08. Interlude
09. Clockers
10. Sound The Horns
11. Deity
12. Answering Machines
13. Nirvana
14. Blue Clouds
15. Will and Test
16. No Patience
17. Outro


Atmosphere - Frida Kahlo vs Ezra Pound EP(2016)

1. Finer Things (ft. Dem Atlas)
2. This Lonely Rose (ft. Blueprint & Aesop Rock)
3. My Best Half
4. Salma Hayek
5. Trying To Fly (ft. Eric Mayson)
6. Fireflies (ft. Grieves)
7. Windows (ft. Prof)


Tha Soloist – Courageous Pages (2016)


Monday, December 12, 2016

Oh No – The Troubled

De La Soul - Memory of… (US) ft. Estelle, Pete Rock

Snowgoons – Goon Bap (2016)

01. Kick, Snare & Hi-Hats Intro feat. DJ Premier
02. Goon Bap feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Sicknature
03. The 90’s Are Back feat. O.C., DoItAll, U.G., Sticky Fingaz, Dres, Nine, Sonny Seeza, Ras Kass & Psycho Les
04. All City Kingz feat. Artifacts
05. Team Death Match feat. Diabolic, Chino XL, Lil Fame, Fredro Starr & Justin Tyme
06. Keep Runnin’ feat. Chris Rivers
07. Problems feat. Locksmith, Skrewtape & Rite Hook
08. Way Ahead feat. Dilated Peoples
09. I Reminisce feat. Intell, Sean Strange & Method Man
10. Steady Cloakin feat. The Doppelgangaz
11. We Won’t Die feat. Sicknature & Sean Strange
12. It’s A Queens Thing feat. Infamous Mobb
13. Cypher God feat. Passionate MC
14. Solid Gold Guns feat. Conway, Banish, Supreme Cerebral & Recognize Ali
15. Know What You’re Facing feat. Killah Priest, Slaine & Aspects
16. Give Me Room feat. Flatlinerz
17. Tight Team feat. Epidemic
18. New Kidz On The Blok feat. Token, TJ Brown, Big Kurt, Intell & Merkules
19. Freedom feat. Sicknature, Snak The Ripper & Block McCloud
20. Killaz Supreme feat. Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects & Sick Jacken
21. My Advice feat. Pumpkinhead

S.A.S. X Blue Sky Black Death-S.I.T.H feat Child Actor

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.8 11-12-16

1.Magestik Legend-Broken Lines
2.New Classic-Hungover
3.Lady Paradox & Gadget-Modern Reflective ft. Anna Stott
4.SkyBlew-The Ballad of Freaky Fred
5.The Verbal Hologram-Un Tiki Tempu
6.Shining Soul-Rosario
7.Chuck Cross-Whats Real- Feat Von Pea, Rapper Big Pooh, JClear and ENU
8.Ras Kass-Lose It All feat Bun B
9.Madwreck-Never Go Home
10.Sadida x Klive Kraven-Souls of Mischief ft. ILLtemper
11.Anu322-Quiet Wars feat Diabolic
12.Zoolay-Killin Fieldz
13.Bankai Fam-Neva Run Away
14.Da Great Deity Dah-Terra Reports
15.Ultra Magnus and DJ Slam-Criddown feat Dan-E-O
16.Ryu-The One
17.Invisibl Skratch Piklz-Fresh Out of FVCKS


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Madwreck – Elementality Instrumentals (2016)

01. Hawking’s Cortex
02. Best To Do It
03. Iron
04. Dayz Of Rot
05. Here We Go
06. Never Go Home
07. Basic Training
08. Get ‘Em
09. The Send Off
10. Scarred Boroughs
11. Kill ‘Em
12. Darkness
13. Time-lapse
14. Criminal Minded
15. Nobody Like Me
16. Enemies
17. Someday
18. Start It All Over
19. Heureux
20. The Covenant
21. Bacon (The Main Ingredient)
22. Work In Progress
23. It’s All Over (Or Is It)


Friday, December 9, 2016

Solid Steel Radio Show 9/12/2016 - King Geedorah Snake Charmer Mix

Planet Asia–Egyptian Merchandise (2016)

01. Egyptian Merchandise 4:17
02. In Time 3:23
03. Mack a Mill (feat. Ronello Cash) 2:29
04. Pirates of the Caribbean (feat. Killa Kali & Montage One) 4:36
05. Breathtaking 3:43
06. Pump Fake 2:34
07. Chocolate Milk for My Niggas 3:45
08. How We Choose (feat. F1) 3:40
09. Presidential Suites “Snakeskin Ribbons” 3:58
10. Take What You Got (feat. Washeyi Choir, Hus Kingpin & Tristate) 3:03
11. Vouchers 3:11
12. Egyptian Musk (feat. Lyric Jones) 3:13


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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.7 4-12-16

1.Kno-Shadowy Sphenoid
2.Pawcut & Exodus -Vulture's Picnic feat. Billy Woods
3.Infinito 2017-Adaptation feat. Thaione Davis
4.Clever One-Open Eyelids
5.Talib Kweli and DJ Celory-Great Expectations
6.DJ Concept-Remain Seated feat Chaundon and Joe Scudda
7.Banks and Steelz-Love and War feat. Ghostface Killah
8.Killgrave-The Duel
9.Ka-Mourn At Night
10.Shabaam Shadeeq-Foul Thesis feat Tragedy Khadafi and Tragic Allies
11.Widow Prizum-A Brooklyn Kind Of Life feat. Mark
12.Nature-Triple Threat feat Nas and Noreaga
13.King Syze-Golden Casket feat Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill (C-Lance remix)
14.OC from NC-The Second Renaissance featuring Bandanna Bonds
15.Little Vic-I Want It feat Critical and Roc Marciano


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Zavala - Roosevelt & Letting Go

Mark Aubert-Knight Owl(2016)

DJ Concept – Heavy Smoke (Deluxe Version) (2012)

01. Almost Forgot Intro feat. Mr. Doobie
02. Puff Puff Pass That feat. Famoso, Koncept & Rap P
03. Half Baked feat. The Day Laborers
04. Remain Seated feat. Chaundon & Joe Scudda
05. Herbal Cypher Circles feat. AC
06. Hold Up (RIP Nate Dogg)
07. High feat. Nutso, L​.​I​.​F​.​E. Long & Gab Gotcha
08. Get Off My Cloud feat. The Kid Daytona & Nature
09. Ain’t Got Time feat. T.Shirt & JR Mint
10. Sandwich Bag feat. Termanology & Typ-Ill
11. Anytime, Anyplace feat. Thad Reid
12. The Munchies feat. Mann95, Treach & Little Vic
13. Feel Alright (aka Mary) feat. Rich Rivera & Wais P
14. Cilantro feat. Roc C & Chuuwee
15. Clear Blue High feat. El Gant & CP
16. Hazel feat. INF & Allstar
17. Green! feat. Snaggapuss & Peter Leo
18. Comatose (Live On Sirius) feat. Wiz Khalifa


Friday, December 2, 2016



CJ Fly-Now You Know

Statik Selektah – The Best Of A3C (2016)

01. Action Bronson – Muslim Wedding (Statik Selektah Remix)
02. Dave East – Stretched Out (Statik Selektah Remix)
03. The Underachievers – 3hree Kings feat. Freeway (Statik Selektah Remix)
04. Jarren Benton – Skitzo (Statik Selektah Remix)
05. G-Eazy – Rebel (Statik Selektah Remix)
06. Moosh & Twist – Victory (Statik Selektah Remix)
07. Vince Staples – Vicodin (Statik Selektah Remix)
08. Mick Jenkins – Free Nation Rebel Soldier 2 (Statik Selektah Remix)
09. Michael Christmas – Salty (Statik Selektah Remix)
10. The Great Outdoors – Man Down (Statik Selektah Remix)


Thursday, December 1, 2016