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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.05 19-11-2017

1.Jazz Spastiks- Fresh Oranges (Pure Premium)
2.Melanin 9-Solace feat. JuiceBox
3.MED, Blu & Madlib-Even Though
4.Lone Catalysts-Its A Demo feat Artifacts
5.Laffreux Jojo-Changer D Horizon
7.Frank N Dank-Make It Rain
8.Talib Kweli-Traveling Light feat. Anderson .Paak
9.aCatCalledFRITZ-Everybody feat. Venomous2000
10.Budamunk-Going Underground
11.Westside Gunn & MF Doom-2 Stings
12.Cyne-Nothings Sacred
13.Ankhlejohn-Rayful Edmond
14.BlabberMouf-On Da Rise
15.Shabazz The Disciple-Raptivity
16.Zothejerk -My Negus feat Guilty Simpson
17.JR and PH7 and St. Joe Louis-Under Pressure

Monday, November 13, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.04 12-11-2017

1.Sweeps-Just Leave It There
2.Malick Da 1da and Shadowstar Boxer-On The Ground. feat. Azon Blaze
3.Nomis XVII-Dans Le Noir  Feat. Soho The Rapper
4.Kota the Friend-Pasadena feat. Asher Roth
5.Phoenix Da Icefire-Do My Thing feat MCormega Mand D Martian
6.Shadow People-Smile at da Bird
7.Dillon and Diamond D-Let The Horns Blow
8.Keizan-Strasbourg feat. Goomar & DJ Meloman
9.Company Flow-Simian D
10.Cannibal Ox-Straight Off The D.I.C.
11.ST Da Squad-Gun Clap
12.Dylan James & Rasul Allah 7-Abode of Gods feat. Canibus
13.Prodigal Sunn-Big Manufacturers feat. Ghostface Killah
14.Urbs-Hands Up Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Big Earth
15.Sair Bashir-Feeling Good feat Guy Grams
16.Mordecai-All These Walks


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.03 5-11-2017

1.Camoflauge Monk-Flyin' Outthe Cave Wit Bats
2.Tha God Fahim-Don't Go Summer
3.Burkey-Blu World
4.The Difference Machine-A Night In The Life Of The Day Tripper(Blockhead Remix)
5.Illumneye Crew-Ballpoint Buckshot
6.Craig Mack-Da New Street Language
7.DJ Premier-Our Streets feat. A$AP Ferg
8.Tha Soloist-Mariposa
10.Kutmah-Late To The Party
11.Defari-Who God Bless No One Curse
12.MC Kean-Dope Penmanship 2 feat Rakaa
13.Al Divino-52 Handblocks Feat. Mach-Hommy
14.Pawcut and Exodus-Rebels Gun feat MNomadic
15.Da Dysfunkshunal Familee-I Dont Know
16.Koss-The Rawness feat. Blaq Poet
17.Subliminal Kontrol-Superfly Sh-t
18.Flex Mathews-Galactic B-Boy


Monday, October 30, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.02 29-10-2017

2.Moka Only-Featuring Drake
3.Tha God Fahim-End Of Summer
4.Ekundayo x Spittzwell-In Life feat. Jus Blak
5.The Ol' Days-On The Map (We in Here)
6.Freshproduce-Here She Go
7.BennyBen-Indeed (What You Need) feat. OnePlusOne
8.Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black-Follow The Leader
9.Mega Ran-Defenders Thaahum, Mr. Miranda and M.P.R.E.S.S
10.Jazzinuf-Harlem Barber Swing
11.Supreme Cerebral-Silk Robes Feat. Cerrone Adrian
12.Action Bronson-The Chairmans Intent
13.D&G - Keepin On feat Sadat X & Kokane
14.PhybaOptikz x Giallo Point-Catch 22
15.Akbar-Most Rappers
16.Laster-One On One
17.Lord Lhus-Lhus Barz
18.iNTeLL-Super Saiyan


Monday, October 16, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.01 15-10-2017

1.Dj Spinna-Sun Busting
2.Mad Macks-Across the Tracks feat. Vel the Wonder
3.Krushlove feat Billacamp-Now Time
4.Def3 & Late Night Radio-El Fin del Mundo feat. Ramon Fernandez
5.Ramson Badbonez DJ Fingerfood-Hypnodic
6.LMNO & Twiz the Beatpro-Amen feat. Ras Kass
7.Wu-Tang Clan-Why Why Why feat Swnkah
8.3 The Hard Way
9.CTBZ-Syle(Shina Scratch)-Mad Scientists
10.Third Sight-Dump The Body
11.Sean Price-Negus feat. MF Doom & Ike Eyez
12.Madchild-All I Know feat. Krondon and Evidence
13.Angie Rose-Limited Vision (Black Coffee)
14.Bastard Prod-Amnesique
15.The Perceptionists-Hose Down
16.RZ Rhymeztein-Oh My Gawd feat Mugg Shot
17.Run The Jewels-Mean Demeanor


Monday, July 10, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.26 9-7-17

1.El Jazzy Chavo- Inner secrets
2.Sadevillian - Oh They Dont Know ft Mos Def
3.The Doppelgangaz-Dopp Hopp
4.BASI-B-Boy Logic
5. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Summertime (MICK + Chi Duly 2017 Remix)
6.Nonstop-Never Know feat Wordsworth
7.Emskee-Get Ready(Here It Comes) feat Saint
8.DirtyDiggs and Kahali-Archie
9.Chief Rock-Jazzlistic
10.Melvin Junko-Praise Up Feat. Rock, Ruste Juxx & DJ Trickalome
11.Juelz White-Braille feat. Fashawn, Turbin & Planet Asia
12.Thirstin Howl The 3rd-Wake Up In The Morning feat Master Fuol and Dre Brown
13.Dolo Godbody-Set It Off (Sign Out)
14.Crucified Theories-Sometimes Featuring El Da Sensei
16.Cas One vs Figure-Lone Wolves feat. Del The Funky Homosapien and Carnage The Executioner
17.Dekishi - Kataban (Model Number)


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.25 2-7-17

1.Kuartz-Lordah Merci
2.Deheb-Rebirth Feat. Elaquent & Calicot Jazz
3.Awon & Dephlow-Street Jazz
4.Rooks and Royals (Kiel MC and DJ Immaculate)-Verbal Surgery ft Educ8
5.Propo'88-Knowledge of Self feat. Glad2mecha
6.Melissa Czarnik-Money
7.G THE VILLAIN-Drunk Flow
8.Shabazz Palaces-Shine ALight ft Thaddillac
9.Trek Life-Self
10.Vital-A Voice
11.Kincee-One Matic
12.Therman Munsin-Gold Plated Guns
13.Dro Pesci-Old New York
14.Sensi-Deadly Combo
15.Organized Facts (El Da Sensei & Tame One (The Artifacts) & Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)-Lyrical Experts
16.2nd Class Citizenz-32 Bars
17.MC Eiht-Heart Cold feat The Lady Of Rage
18.Junior Makhno-Reversal Of Fortune feat. Ill Bill


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.24 25-6-17

1.Mounika.-Smoking With Her
2.Tha Soloist-Good Morning Sickness (August)
3.Showbiz & A.G.-Take It Back
4.D. Begun-Get Down (Low Class Conspiracy)(Nasimoto Remix)
5.Paragon Squad-Ghost Midnight Remix
6.Denzel Curry - Zeltron 6 Billion Feat. Lil Ugly Mane
7.Anonymouz & Risskant-Bottoms Up
8.Jawn Raw-Out Of The Box feat. Big Poker, I-M-E, & L.E
9.Marcus D-Reverie
10.DJ Krush-バック to ザ フューチャー feat. チプルソ
11.Brain Sick Mob-Untitled
12.Random Axe-Everybody Nobody Somebody
13.K.A.A.N. & Klaus Layer-Sleepy Hollow People
14.Apathy-Rap Legend
16.Evil Ebenezer-Dreams
17.Rich Mahogany & Trilian-Lifestyle ft. Godilla, DJ TMB, & Pryme Prolifik


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.22 14-5-17

1.Salty-The Sea Came In At Midnight
2.Kieron Boothe-More Life. Ft Giorgia Lo
3.Devin The Dude-Can I
4.Thoughtz & 7th Galaxy-A Day In A Fool's Head
5.Slum Village-Forth And Back(Rock Music)
6.Dee La Kream-The Last Notes feat. Mattic
7.Ill Camille-Slip Away feat. Amaru
8.Frank Nitt feat Chali 2na and DJ Hedspin-Game Over
9.DJ Caique-Humanos
10.Tone Liv-In One Ear feat Pacewon and Mr Len
11.Rob Viktum-Presidential Bubble Goose feat Conway and Awar
12.Realz-Put Jewels On It feat Vast Aire and DJAfar
13.Jam Baxter-Chateaux In Toulouse Feat. Dirty Dike & Dabbla
14.Othorized F.A.M-Kwues Bodyshop
15.Your Old Droog-Help feat. Edan & Wiki
16.SK Invitational feat MOP-We Dont Stop


Monday, May 8, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.21 7-5-17

1.El Michels Affair-Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit
2.Sinks-Eyes Wide feat. DJ 2Buck
3.Milano Constantine-Rasclat feat Big Twins and Conway
4.Dirty Dike-Waste Of Beer
5.L.I.F.E.Long & Bunty Beats-Innergroove
6.Le Bon Nob-Chez moi
7.DJ Shadow-Systematic feat. Nas
8.Seven Spherez feat Merkules-Lights Out
9.Don Producci -Family Values  Feat. Solo For Dolo, Ren Thomas & Bully Snubbs
10.Czarface-Czarface Theme
11.Da Great Deity Dah-Assasinateem With The Rhythm
12.Natives In Black-Cant Come Close
13.Westside Gunn-No Face Dealer (Outro) feat. DJ Djaz
14.MTA-Vale Tudo
15.Silent Knight-Basic Training(Madwreck Remix)
16.MCskill ThaPreacha-Stay Shining (remix) feat. A-Q
17.Big Boi - Kill Jill ft. Killer Mike & Jeezy


Monday, April 10, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.20 9-4-17

1.Kirk Knight-Flexible
2.Blue Sky Black Death x S.A.S.-Orion Nebula Feat. Bigz, Skrilla Kid Villain
4.Rahim Samad-Tainted Love (I Love it) feat Blu & Georgia Anne Muldrow
5.Ren Thomas-Six Bad Bitches feat Twizz and Jade Gritty
6.Joey Badass-Super Predator feat. Styles P
7.Denmark Vessey-dr. Martin Lucid Dream feat. Tanya Morgan
8.DAREZ-Talking with my soul feat. Les Enfants de Morphée
9.Imakemadbeats-Imakemadbeats Too
10.Evidence-Throw It All Away
11.Tone Atlas-97 Shit
12.Tristate and Oh No-Custom feat. Hus Hus Kingpin, Lyric Jones & WestSideGunn
13.Micall Parknsun-Practice
14.June Mega X Roll Blunt-Kush Hennessey Remedy Melody ft. Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Salute Da Kidd
15.Your Old Droog-Sonic Youth
16.The Shield Enforcers feat Christ Bearer-Crash Course


Monday, April 3, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.19 2-4-17

1.Soul AM-Waltz For Brooklyn
2.Pete Flux and Parental-What They Need
3.Christopher Love-Authentic (So Real)
4.Pigeon John-Beautiful Day feat. DJ) Nobody & Opio
5.Heem Stogied-Smile feat. Keisha Plum
7.Mercury Waters-Gunshots
8.Stanza Blade-Jamaican Rum Ft Joe The Freakshow
9.Buck 65-Indestructable Sam
10.Waxolutionists-My Favourite Song
11.OC-In The Paint Feat Majestic Gage and David Bars
12.Ruste Juxx-Three The Squad Way feat Vinnie Paz and Rock of Heltah Skeltah
13.Blaq Poet-U Did It To U Self
14.Planet Asia-Silk Road Merchant
15.Chinese Man-Modern Slave feat. R.A. The Rugged Man
16.Denmark Vessey x DRXQUINNX x Azarias Are Doppelganger-CopAnO ft Cashus King FKA Co$$
18.Rated R & DJ Rhum'1-Whispers of Mortality


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.18 26-3-17

1.Arms and Sleepers-Can You
2.Noname - Diddy Bop Feat.  Raury & Cam O'bi
3.Corners-Used To Be
4.Raised By Seuss-Part Of The Skeme
5.The Cenobites-Kick A Dope Verse
6.Onry Ozzborn-Theyre There
7.Stik Figa-Oldtown 96 feat Bonzo Madrid
8.Damu the Fudgemunk-Hole Up (Goodby Vibes Vocal) feat. Raw Poetic
9.Oh No-The Trouble
11.Dope Knife-Fear and Loathing feat. Ceschi
12.Nolan The Ninja-Cotdamn
13.SmooVth–Winter Soldiers ft. Hus Kingpin, Big Twins, and Ali Vegas
14.Nine-Fuckin With Us
15.M-Dot-Shine feat. Method Man & Dominique Larue
16.Notorious B.I.G.-Suicidal Thoughts(Izzamuzzic Remix)


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.17 12-3-17

1.The Avalanches-Since I Left You
2.Oddisee-Digging Deep
3.CM Jones-Rays feat Georgia Anne Muldrow
5.Juju Rogers and Bluestaeb-Right On
6.Tha Soloist-Pulmonary
7.Venomous2000 x Trilian-Know Things feat. DJ TMB
8.Atmosphere-Windows feat. Prof
9.Don Producci-Mr Songwriter
10.Snowgoons-Steady Cloakin feat. the Doppelgangaz
11.Frankie HI-NRG MC - Quelli Che Benpensano
12.Smoke DZA-I Aint Scared
13.Born Unique-Wolfblood feat Ark Medina
14.Pearl Harba feat Juxx Diamondz-Dreams Die
15.Planet Asia-Chocolate Milk For My Niggas
16.Joe Young-Dirt feat Ol Dirty Bastard and Old Dirty Junior
17.Delinquent Habits-California feat. Sen Dog


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.16 12-2-17

1.Tall Black Guy-This One Is for the Ladies and Gents feat. Miles Bonny
2.Liam Looper-Seasons
3.Emanon-Yesterday feat Blu
4.A.Cain-Idols Feat. Trade Voorhees & Celphi
5.Fliptrix-Diamond Tone ft Life MC and DJ Sammy B-Side)
6.Swamp Thing-Gods Must Be Angry feat Wordburglar
7.Cab Cabernet-Harlem Vintage
8.Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra-Wordplay feat. Emskee, Audessey & Oxygen
9.Jenova 7-Moon Dance
10.Shabazz The Disciple-Im Breathing For You
11.Da Last Future-Livin In Hell
12.Hip City Swingers-HCS Invasion
13.M.W.P. & Senica Da Misfit-Shooters
14.Tay Jireh-Next Friday
15.Premrock and Fresh Kils-Feast feat C Rayz Walz and El Da Sensei
16.Your Old Droog-Sasquatch In A UFO


Monday, February 6, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.15 5-2-17

1.X-Ecutioners - Word Play
3.Systematik-J'attends feat. Supra
4.Rapsusklei-Canciуn A La Esperanza
5.Slum Village-Ooh Wee
6.Rouda-Le musée des mots usés avec Oxmo Puccino
7.Tone Chop-Back In The Days
8.AUTOMatic-Make The Place Jump
9.Leaf Dog-Some People Say
10.Killa B-Crash
11.Nacho Picasso-Trap Troll
12.Kenyattah Black-The Livest feat FBI and Vast Aire
13.Planet Asia-Savior Of Self
14.Unknown Mizery feat Rex Seshunz-Juggle Water
15.Hus Kingpin & SmooVth-Can't Complain Pt. 2 ft. Big Twins, SageInfinite
16.Roc C-N Da City
17.Akil The Mc-Riot Starter
18.The White Shadow-Monumental feat KRS-One,Bigg Limn,Raekwon and Immortal Technique


Monday, January 30, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.14 29-1-17

1.King I Divine-Things You Do
2.Prolyphic-A Bottled Message
3.TIS-L'œuvre Du Démon (Combat Le Monstre)
4.BROOKZILL!-Nascido No Ceu feat. Brian Jackson
5.Eloh Kush X Dus-B- Boy Bonanza ft John Robinson x EL Da Sensi x A.G. x Stahhr
6.Tone Spliff-Rap Time feat. Copywrite
7.Code Nine & Purpose-Goose Tatum
8.General Steele-Do Remember feat VVS Verbal,Marrz Atomz,Shabaam Sahdeeq and Stage One
9.Shlomo-11_9_10 Asleep On The 22
10.Termanology-Top Shotta feat. Joey Badass
11.Precinct Phantom-Pass The Mic Feat. Kiiing Scooby, Weezy Jefferson & Matthew Watson
12.Christmaz & Figub Brazlevič-Dat Hardcore Ish feat. Teknical Development, Dookie & Blabbermouf
13.Fatt Father-Shabazzs Gospel
14.Buddy Leezle-Kaboom!
15.DeeJay Element-Election Day feat. Q Unique
16.Mikey D-Horns Of Fury ft. Chris Rivers


Monday, January 23, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.13 22-1-17

1.Mr Brown-Mirage
2.Shinobi Stalin x Marz Mello-Planet Worth
3.DJ Joe Bodega feat Smiff n Wessun-Dream On
4.Chedda Bang-So High
5.Le Yu & L'indécis-Angola
6.Marvolus x Tre Eiht Special-Vaudeville Yorka
7.DITC-Its Cold Outside
8.Journalist 103-SAM(Starving Artist Music) feat Nolan The Ninja and Willie The Kid
9.Dominique Larue and J Rawls-I Gotcha
10.DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 1 (Prince Paul Remix)
11.Godfather Don-Bottom Line(Remix)
12.L'Orange & Mr. Lif-A World Without Music
13.Nutso-Life In The City feat Tragedy Khadafi,Craig G and Robb P
14.LegSweep Specialist-You Who Are Rich feat. Nottz
15.MF Doom-Hoe Cakes
16.Lex-MC Flex 101 feat Debonair P
17.Vinnie Paz-Herringbone feat Ghostface Killah


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.12 15-1-17

1.J Dilla-161
2.Ywill-Voir Plus Loin feat. DJ Jocker
3.NxWorries-What More Can I Say
4.Timbuktu-Falcore Smile
5.Lyfe Crisis-After The Hours feat Slaine and Big City
6.Chinch 33-Excel and Prevail feat Mars Mckinns and J.R
7.Amin Payne-The Sound Of The Prophets feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O.
8.Klaus Layer-Sleepy Hollow People (Vocal Version) feat. K.A.A.N.
9.Wax Tailor-Back On Wax feat. Token,A-F-R-O,R.A The Rugged Man)
10.Marc Mac-Summer Of 81
11.Zion I-Wings
12.Pearl Gates & Syll-NYSoC
13.UG-The Mystic
14.Whooliganz-Whooliganz (Feat. B-Real)
15.Dylan James and Rasul Allah 7-Crossroads feat. Lex Starwind)
16.L'Orange and Mr. Lif-The Scribe feat. Akrobatik and DJ Q-Bert
17.Edo. G, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Fokis-Yin & Yang
18.Ripshop and Reel Drama-3 For The Stripes


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Beatbox Radio Show Presents These Are The Chosen Vol.11 8-1-17

1.Dexter-Everyday Like This Beat Life (Only Life)
2.Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!-Technicolour Dream
3.Soloman and D7-Spring To Summer
4.Tiff The Gift-Me For Life ft. Awon
5.Taiwan MC-Money In My Pocket feat. Tumi and DJ Nixon
6.Creatures of Habit (Eric the Red, Sean Peng & Illinformed)-Hacked Gack
7.Leaf Dog-Some People Say
8.Linkrust-Long Time No See feat K.I.D Pro)
9.The DysFunktional Family-Break it Loose
10.Mononome & Kill Emil-Hazy Days
11.Professor P & DJ Akilles-Michelangelo
12.4 Owls-Old Earth
13.Buhay Cali-Punch Drunk
14.Run The Jewels-Everybody Stay Calm
15.Blastah Beatz-Goin All Out feat. Kool GRap,Goretex Elohim and Finale
17.Shadow The Great - Shinobi Warz